Sun Waters

Arriving at the Lake, the crowd desparramaba by riverbanks and came to form a living wall around the sacred waters. Hacianse large bonfires, where consumed resinous plants of penetrating aroma; floated one as a cloud of incense in the air. For more information see Southwest Airlines. They resonated horns and trumpets, and the area sacred chants are dilated. Stripping of their robes, the King anointed is the body with a vegetable oil, extracted from certain plants that grew in the plain. Then revolcaba repeatedly in a bed covered with a thick layer of gold dust. These adhered him to the body, agglutinated by the oil which was anointed; so as to lift the Prince seemed a living statue of gold, which refulgia in the light of the Sun. You may want to visit Verizon Communications to increase your knowledge.

Not to see it, because it was serious sin that human eyes settling on the Golden monarch, people returning back to the King and the lagoon. Acercabase the Prince to the waters, where awaited a raft made of reeds that grew around the Lake. On the raft had plenty of charms, bracelets, earrings, Dickies and idols of gold; There were also large number of emeralds, that came from some mines close to the land of the chibchas and which they acquired by traffic or in their wars with the bordering villages. The King went up only to the raft and rowing slowly inside waters. Reached the central part of the lagoon, he was throwing, one by one, the offerings of gold and precious stones, to the bottom of the waters.

Meanwhile the people of la ribera, always with the backs turns to waters, threw back their own offerings consistent also in gold and precious stones. When all the offerings had been thrown into the Lake, the King immersed under water, and leaving them dust that covered the body, returning then to the raft. The place where the King was immersed was signaled by a spot of bright yellow, which made shine the waves as if they were of molten gold.

William Shakespeare

Brevity – the soul of the mind. William Shakespeare is probably the main obstacle to full disclosure of the wealth of the soul of the mind of Shakespeare was the lack of precision, flexibility, agility, imagery, emotionality of English compared to Russian language. So, with all the richness of his vocabulary, he could not find the words, which would, as in diamond, magically played all facets of his talent as a poet, playwright and scholar. More information is housed here: Gary Kelly. Express the same word should have been the main content qualities of Shakespeare's monument without hands which is presented in his Sonnet 85: I think good thoughts … I think a good (right) thought …

in the line, followed immediately by the key of the sonnet, Shakespeare said that these thoughts preceded by his words of love to man. So in this sonnet Shakespeare shows that he actually follows the rule on which he drew the attention of readers of "Hamlet" with the words of Polonius, converted to sailing for France Laertes: Keep away from the idea of language, a hastily thought from action. (Translated by M. Lozinski) In general, the sonnets – is in some way, Digest of Shakespeare. They have a line that represent direct quotes from some of the works, and the "dark lady" in general, directly carried over to them from the play "Fruitless efforts of love", or vice versa. Therefore, short-line sonnet 85 have their own more detailed colleagues. This is most clearly seen in the words of Shakespeare in the second part of the chronicle, "Henry IV: Having decided to build, we will investigate the first stage, then draw a plan, when are ready to figure at home – should calculate how much construction will cost us, but since our estimates will exceed means that we will do? Draw a plan of homes smaller than venture il cast.

The Window

There were cases when the tool is located downstairs, poured neighbors. Typically, the owners of such piano promptly contacted me and I'm postponing previously scheduled visit, went to "save" their piano. Unable to save just one tool. There was the following situation, an aquarium (5litrov) mounted on the piano, gave a small leak. The hosts at the time did not notice, but when applied to me, it was too late, verbilbank gave a few cracks and restoration of such a tool, alas, without the expensive cost of replacing the basic units piano became impossible.

My next decision was to rigorous clarification of the circumstances and facts flooded and their negative consequences for the instrument. Thus, according to the hostess, I learned that the tragedy occurred on the night of 13 to 14 April. In beginning of the third hour of the night to knock on the window and MOE officials insisted that all immediately left the house, taking the documents. It should be noted that the 13 day master went ashore to look at the rise Chagan and that neither were no signs of the tragedy. April 14, the entire house and surrounding area for many miles were flooded.

The remaining notch higher than the windows. The owner arranged for the next day expedition on a boat. House, property and "Petrof" disappeared under the water. April 15 still managed to get into the house, the piano stood in the water, although the water level was still slightly below the keyboard.

Sofia Butella: One Of The Best Break Dance !

Sofia Butella (Sofia Boutella) – one of the most sought after dancers in hip-hop and break dance in the world. Sofia started as a street dancer in Paris, stands out on the best stages in the world. What do Dle her dancing? She started to dance at an early age. Initially had a classical choreography at home, then, when she was 10 years old, her family moved to France where he became involved in gymnastics Sofia and even took part in the championship France. At age 17 she began to study at the sports school, then decided to try his hand at hip-hop, and, as time has shown that the decision was correct. Her physique quickly allowed her to win a few battles (competition) on hip-hop. Some contend that Gary Kelly shows great expertise in this. After that, everything has evolved quite rapidly: Sophia managed to work with renowned choreographer Bianca Lee (among her works staged choreography for the video Daft Punk 'Around the world') and to star in the film 'Le defi' (2002). This was followed by two more small role in the 'Permis d'amier' and 'Les Cordier, juge et flic'.

But the real success came later, when the people of Nike (Nike) noticed Sophia. She was cast and became the face of Nikewoman. The girl tried and a lot of hard work, and now it has become a sensation. After the infomercial Nikewoman 2005, all talking about it. Sofia has worked with famous Hollywood choreographer Jamie King, famous for video RockStar Workout and traveled almost all over Europe. Since then, she is a dancer of Madonna, you can see her in such videos as 'Hung up' and 'Sorry'. She also worked with Rihanna, Mariah Carey and many other celebrities. Her athletic form is only work in the studio and not a public gym is now her career is on the rise, it reached a peak, but there is no doubt that for many years it will work for dancing!

Rainbow Cranes

Spikelets scattered beads on goryushko, "Mom! …" – Dropped his lips, heart sank. Called the mother that she was praying for him in svetelochke, Ile said goodbye to the homeland – we can not know. Tell everyone Rechenka, Do not be silent Birch – How many Simons were killed in the fields. God would give us Silushka, put all the crosses. God gave us memory would recollect all! And let the boy svetlenky under little white birch tree with a penknife Dudu carpentry. And let the sky forever. Flying in Rainbow Cranes sad song they sing. *** Raven croaked on the fence, in puddles champ signs.

In the dark, dirty old man sat transition leg. He did not ask for alms (copper infirmity can not be saved), was only one desire – to get up and go with all. The parade copper pipes enthusiastically shouted, rhythm and structure of their checked the trouble. Warriors primer then read when there were more recent fights. Applauded asphalt drums bellow. Aside no see. Like a homeless dog, whining circle the medal "For Courage" – on a shapeless heap. Wiping his cheeks with traces of old grief.

There was a little drunk, to the same leg. All went by and did not notice, and his friends somewhere all gone … Inattention – AS GUN powerless sting night when the fireworks lyutuet. As amphipods scurrying newcomers: Do not remember, are not paid, do not miss about those who give a tribute to guns. And the last, and new wounds ache. They are nostalgia, as a fetish.

Photoshop Templates Angel Wings

If you do a little work in Photoshop, you have probably faced a situation when the same part of the image you want to use over and over again in his works, and sometimes moved to another computer, which, for example, is at work, at the same time I would like to get on another computer exactly the same image, consisting of the same layers and with the same effects. For this campaign Adobe has its own format psd, which allows save templates Photoshop – an image with all the settings, layers and effects that you used in the program. It can be very useful to keep some finished work as a template in the first place, so that you can be use out some developments, and secondly, that would be if something does not like you can quickly change. The World Wide Web has a lot of work lined amateur Photoshop, which greatly facilitated the work of newcomers, but and leading figures of the program is not averse to using other people's work if they are made accurately. In this Photoshop templates can be downloaded free of charge, of which a lot of useful. For example, there are templates wings.

Dobavivi such an angel wings on the pictures to the man, you get an interesting collage, such as this course, you can draw in Photoshop, such wings themselves, as the video tutorial photoshop angel wings but why is tormented when need only download the template and paste it into the picture. Thus, this work does not take much time. Of course, this format has its drawbacks, such as file size. But should not forget that in this file saved several images on different layers, as well as keep all effects applied to these layers. Besides this disadvantage it is worth remembering that this format is to understand only a limited number of programs, as it campaign was developed by Adobe for its prodktov. In conclusion I want to say that if you have a creative streak and a little imagination, help to create in Photoshop is very interesting work and to please family and friends.


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Shakespeare Even

After all, it still remains the only person in the world, understood, and Homer, and Vakhilida. So he suffers every day for himself and for Homer Vakhilidom. And so, again, the author does not cover that in Homer and Vakhilida understood and picked up Shakespeare and public works, and as he pointed at it. But the situation is even worse Shakespeare and Homer vakhilidovskogo together yet, and because even in those few days when they do not read the works of Shakespeare sees the writing on his grave slab, which is not understanding of his poems and works on all remaining coined century. And it is unlikely even after reading this note, someone will insist that this inscription in any way correct. In this inscription on the reason Shakespeare is compared with Nestor, the genius of Socrates, and a talent with Verligiem. And if the comparison with Nestor and Verligiem still can be satisfied with Shakespeare, the comparison with Socrates, he can not seen not only as a dagger, but as a slap in the paradise of his soul. Rather, it was in the earthly life of the episode when one of his contemporaries, celebrating flexibility, agility, the dialectics of the mind, with him and with his other interlocutors pointed out that in this respect it is comparable to Socrates.

It is now difficult to say whether Shakespeare gave immediate rebuttal to this layman, and his entire company. But what possible consequences prozrevaya seditious statements, Shakespeare immediately disown such a comparison in his works, you can even not particularly prove. At the same time the most important evidence derives from Shakespeare's own words: "It is an upstart foreign Names do not remember. " And Shakespeare in his works directly by name, as in Horace's "Titus Andronicus", or indirectly, D. Bruno in "Winter's Tale," mentioned all people thought that he took.