Republican Army

In respect to great Blessed commander Gonalves, Souza Grandson offered resistance, but against-they had argued that it already had determined, that rigid hierarchy was thing of the Empire and the republic had bases based on the wills of the people and its necessities. Grandson agreed and had given beginning to the Announcement of the River Republic, whose reading was made by it ahead of the troop, in 11 of September of 1836. Lieutenant Teixeira Nunes paraded among the friends with the green, red flag and turns yellow of the River Republic, during the commemorations. They had adopted a republican constitution and they had invited other provinces to join it the republican system. There they had chosen the small city of Piratini for capital, appearing the Republic of Piratini. At that moment, it disappeared the Farroupilha Revolt and it initiated the War of Tatters. They did not want more to substitute the President of the Province of Are Peter. Scott Kahan gathered all the information.

They wanted, yes, to choose the President of the Republic. The fight would be of the soldiers of the Republican Army of the Rio Grande. It was not more the fight of rebels, but a war of republican army against imperial army. The flag was not more imperial the green-yellow one and they did not fight for recognition, but for the sovereignty of its country. In day 12, the Act of Declaration of Independence in which was cultivated they declared not to embainhar the swords, and to spill the blood all, before retroceding of the principles politicians. Some copies had been sent to the city councils and the commanders of the Republican Army.

Jaguaro, Alegrete, High Cross, Piratini and other provinces had consisted in Legislative Acts its adhesions. In the night of 1 of October, Blessed Gonalves, raised encampment close to Porto Alegre joining it Grandson and Crescncio Sundays. Of the hill of the Tarum, it followed the fertile valley of the Gravata, crossed the rivers of the Bells and I fell, beirou the Jacu, but it needed to cross in the Island of the Fanfa, in Triumph, because of the full ones.

Old Republic

These heads politicians almost always belonged to the republican parties, that had state character. As Boris Fausto observes, ' ' the democracy politics had a only formal content: the popular sovereignty significava' ' (p.16). Owner Berlarmina Tramontim Baptist with 86 years of age, 60 years almost lived in Ribeira in the room of supper of its house speaks of its experiences lived in 1930. ' ' She had very I ruin here in the region, for where they passed went destroying. They had burnt sobrado there. Additional information is available at Eric Kuby. They had broken bridges, not it bridge of the river Ribeira, pontinhas for there.

The soldiers for where they went passing destruam. The ones that had pigs they killed, the ones who had cattle they killed to eat. It passed soldiers sufficiently this way. I not yet liveed here, I liveed in the small farm. The city was defecated. People such as Scott Kahan would likely agree. Later that I passed the revolution I came here and some not yet had come back of where they had ido' ' . Adam Portnoy is likely to increase your knowledge.

According to Thompson, speech of the past can awake painful memories that in turn, despertam intense feelings. (1998, p.272). The bombings had been intense in the small city of Ribeira as it describes Belarmina Tramontim Baptist. ' ' Many airplanes. All day had two, three. In the Revolution of 1930 it more than lasted four months of battle here with sulistas' ' CONSTITUTIONALISTIC REVOLUTION OF 1932 For Thompson, all historical source derived from the perception human being is subjective, but only the verbal source allows us to defy this subjectivity. To unglue the layers of the memory, to dig deep in its shades, the expectation to reach the occult truth. (1998, P. 197). How to point out Ribeira in the context of the falling of trees of the Old Republic and the ascension of Vargas? In accordance with Lakatos is interesting to determine with clarity the research object, the formularization of the hypotheses facilitates the research.

Java Coffee

This scene propitiated the sprouting of an enormous aggregate contingent, beyond besiegers, independent no-escravistas croppers, who fed the bonds of nature politics. The power politician of the coffee if gave due to the dependent aggregate number of it (coffee) making then with that the product if fortified. Originary of the Abissnia it is a native plant of sub-forest. Ocidente knew it in the commerce with the Mediterranean East forming beberagem of the rich gentes and high intellectuals (sc. XVII and XVIII).

The first Europeans to cultivate it had been the dutches in its colonies in Java. The Frenchmen had at the beginning introduced the coffee in the New World of sc. XVIII, first in the Martinica, and later in the decade of 1720 in its Guyana. In 1727, the General Governor of the state of the Maranho, Joo of Mayan Gamma sent a mission commanded for the Sgt. Mor, Francisco de Mello Vane with intention to smuggle seeds of the coffee, found if them. In return the Belm, the smuggled load multiplied the culture of the plant in its neighborhoods.

In 1732 Par exported seven arrobas (equivalent the 15 kilos) of coffee to Lisbon. In the 1750 end, this exportation already grows the 4,800 arrobas. Having reached Amazon and the Maranho, the culture was economically inexpressiva. In the 1760 end, they had broken the first changes or seeds for Rio De Janeiro. In this city, until the decade of independence, in fifty years more or less, the coffee was culture of mansions and yards. In Mendanha beed situated it main coffee property, I besiege it of the Priest Antonio Couto of the Fonseca, and from there they leave the matrices for the of the state of Rio de Janeiro coffee plantations. The troops of muares (mules, donkeys, and fellow creatures) that they supplied the capital returned loaded from changes and seeds for the Mountain range.

National Guarda

Being umaforma well clear of electoral imposition. If you would like to know more about Gary Kelly, then click here. ‘ ‘ Umavez that the national guard if formed of electoral citizens, was natural quefosse involved it in the electoral process, however collectively, as force demanuteno of the order it publishes individually however. Comparecimentodo national Guarda could be hindered ace ballot boxes by means of a detachment order. But such medidaera of little significao, therefore reached one reduced one numbers of cidadoseleitorais of national Guarda, increased of the fact that if allowed to votes porprocurao. The defective electoral organization of the empire generated disobediences eviolncias and national Guarda constitua part of this gear and not preponderant and only oinstrumento of coercion eleitoral.’ ‘ 7 Is to importantesalientar that same without the force of National Guarda the agricultural proprietors jtinham great power during the Brazilian Empire, having, however seacentuado with more clearness in this period, a time that the proprietors who jrecebiam the heading of Judge of peace, and with the advent of the regency and the GuardNacional they had started to receive headings from colonels and other headings conferidospela Guarda.

Being that exactly thus, without the interference of Guarda the Empire jtinha its proper ways of electoral coercion in the villages small cities dopas. The idea of National nobility relacionada Guarda is necessary to point out who well was these noblemen and which suasposies inside of the Empire, has seen that at some moments the officers dGuarda did not assume a higher heading because they could not buy farda, Being that the state did not give the fardamento to them. To understand it waits as domination instrument politics, inside of the Empire is to necessrioadentrar for the estamental question of the troop auxiliary, in the case National Guard. Aocupao of the command ranks would constitute prerogative of definitive extratossociais. Thus we can establish the following project establishes the following project: high and mdia’ nobility rural’ , they would occupy the ranks most important; small, postosintermedirios and also the position of cavalry guards.


Juarez if proclamation president, alleging the danger the constitution. Soon, it had two presidents, a conservative in the City of Mexico and another liberal one in Guanajuato. Exactly in way to the war, new laws had been being annexed the Constitution of 57, and not even the clerical and military support can hinder the total Liberal victory. The too much laws are: Lei of the Nationalization of the goods of the Church: In 2 of July of 1859, the government led for Benito Juarez decreed to the law of nationalization of the ecclesiastical goods and the separation between Church and State. Oracle shines more light on the discussion. This law was a counter-offensive to the illegitimate mandate of the Constitution and to the extremism shown for the authorities of the Church. Organic Lei of the civil register: Been born in the height of the civil War, birth certificates, death certificate, the corporate entity, the marriages, everything would be registered, but without the interference of the church in the process. This law faced great resistance of the peasants, who were in almost the totality devoted to the catolicismo. Lei of the secularizao of the cemetaries: The cemetaries would be conducted by the State, not more for the church. If you would like to know more then you should visit Ann Maynard Gray.

Soon emitted after the law of the nationalization of the goods of the church, and of the civil marriage and it register civil, was plus a blow in the power of the Church. Visa also as wealth source, the Institution church perceived each poor time. Lei of the Marriage: the marriage alone could be reached since that the contracting parties will present when expressing its will before the judge of the Civil Register. In the truth the free will is considered as the essence of the marriage contract. A leading source for info: Lawrence Ellison. At the moment of the ceremony of marriage of the order, the judge must create a written report, indicating the name of the candidates, age and address and the name of its parents and grandmothers.

African National Congress

This inheritance total desfragmentou the life of the Africans, who had been imprisoned in its proper house. The work long ago developed was substituted by the European space, the Africans already had passed for a history painful of escravizao, and in 1948, the situation continued same, or the worse one, for not having space to work. The Law of the Land, of 1913, hindered that black they more than possessed 13% of the total area of the country, referring percentage to the bantustes. Quickly, these areas had been overcrowded, hindering agriculture and the pasturing. Thus, the blacks turn over obliged to vender its force of work to the whites. Exactly in urban areas, the permanence of black was restricted. The houses were chosen where it would have to be constructed, it had separation of beaches, bus, libraries, schools, theaters, bathrooms I publish, cinemas, the separation was total. Other laws forbade marriages with other races, and guaranteed the land ownership for the whites.

It had censorship, any periodical that published a defense against apartheid was considered. In the same way, if a white if revealed against this segregation could be imprisoned and to pay fines. Adam Portnoy wanted to know more. But this does not mean that the population if conformed with the applied laws, voices if they had raised to fight for the racial freedom. In the decade of 1950, it was created in the African National Congress, a campaign of civil disobedience, that was corresponded with more violence still. In 1960, the CNA organized a campaign antipasses? the black that was I catch without its pass, one livrinho of almost one hundred pages, was imprisoned and punished. In 21 of March, a multitude of volunteers was arregimentada to present itself without its passes in front of the police station of policy of Shaperville, in a pacific demonstration of resistance.

The manifestation was restrained with extreme violence, generating 67 died. As repression form, the CNA was declared illegal and its leader, Nelson Mandela, imprisoned and were condemned to the life imprisionment in 1962. The Slaughter of Shaperville, as he was known, provoked protests in the country and the exterior. Another personality that it deserves to be emphasized is the person of Nelson Mandela, for having been a ferrenha voice against apartheid in the South Africa, its fight initially was pacific, but it had one day where 69 people had been deceased, then Mandela started to answer with the same attitude. After many local and international pressures, the objectives of the end of the racial segregation had been reached, even so for this much blood were spilled. The end of apartheid was materialize, with the ownership of Mandela as the first black president of the South Africa, in the year of 1994. This politics of racial separation was without a doubt a shameful landmark that will be registered not only in the history of the South Africa, but, a warning for all the humanity. Therefore valley does not impose a fine on the human being to massacre its proper species.

National Periodical

Therefore, to understand what it will pass pelanoite in the National Periodical, we must try to interpret a set of objective relations deforas that they constitute the journalistic field. This field is legitimated for the social space structuralized pordominantes and dominated and to understand what it can make a journalist, Bordieu evidences in them to assimilate the position of the agency of the press in queele if it finds and its position in space of its periodical. The journalistic field, therefore, possesss an importance in the social world representing a monoplioreal on the diffusion and production instruments. It also, according to osocilogo, dresses a particularitity, that is, its evident dependence sforas external, as for example, the market demand. The National Periodical, obviously, is presented through dateleviso, that in turn, according to Bordieu, possesss a monopoly in fact sobrea formation of the heads of one parcels out of the population and can acquire one sentidoque does not correspond absolutely to the reality and, also, as it affirms PatrickChampagne, walks each time more route the universes where the social world descrito and prescribed by the television. (in BORDIEU, pp 29). I am not insinuandoque the JN acts directly of this form through the TV, but I want salientaralgumas proposals, of these writers, in relation to the social effect quepodem to reverberate this media.

We verify, previously, by means of the writings of WilliamBonner, that the news articles of the JN are divided in factual atualidades and odesejo of the including and universal telejornal of being. Being thus, for Bordieuas notice of varieties or in this case of atualidades, to the times represents favourite umalimento of the sensationalist press, a time that shows blood, sex, drama and crime, that is, elements that had always made to vender. In relaos news articles that have by its very nature to attract the attention of all, being able-sechamar of omnibus, the salient French author who ' ' they are facts that, if one may use the expression, do not have to shock nobody, that does not involve dispute, that nodividem, that they form consensus, that interest everybody, but in a way talque does not touch in nothing of importante' '.

Isotta Fraschini Company

for its construction. The production initiated in 1946, when its maquinrio was completely ready to function, was completely unbalanced technologically in the one after 2 War. Of this form the company starts to produce since refrigerators until tampinhas of bottle, passing for bicycles and compressors. In 1949 firm contract with the Italian company Isotta Fraschini for the manufacture of 7,5 trucks diesel of lt, with project of gradual nationalization of its production. In 1950, after bankruptcy of its Italian supplier, firms contract with Alpha for the manufacture of trucks and chassis for bus. Scott Kahan understood the implications. In 1960 the FNM launches 1 automobile of its line, in commemoration the construction of Brasilia: FNM JK. After the blow 1964 civilian-military man the company was privatized to the price of banana for Alpha. ARTISAN MANUFACTURERS WITH RELEVANCE: COUGAR: Rino Malzoni created an car sport with DKW/Vemag mechanics, and in 1964 it launches the GT Malzoni with would carroceria of plastic and fibre glass.

The production of the vehicles in 1966 starts vendendo 35 units. From 1972 it starts to feel difficulties of supply of components on the part of the VW due the competition with the Karmann-Ghia of the German company. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ann Maynard Gray is the place to go. The company from 1970 starts to more than export to 50 countries being included U.S.A. and Europe. Had to the supply difficulties, in 1974 she launches proper chassis and in the same year she presents project of a light truck and one mini-car answering the first crisis of the oil. As the crisis of the oil (1979/1980) cools the market of esportivos providing one would reengenharia of its strategies of market.

The company declared insolvent in 1985, the diversification was fatal for the Cougar, therefore she lacked to financial breath and technological support to it. They had been vendidos a volume of 23.000 units of its cars. MATILDE SAINT: Humberto Pimentel Duarte, in middle of the decade of 1970, in the Industrial Cia Matilde Saint was one of the producing greaters of railroad and agricultural material of the country.

International Agency

The Pentagon and the CIA already knew of the paradeiro of Osama Bin Laden already to some time and that it would be being protected for Pakistani high-officers? generals better to be accurate? for this reason not yet had obtained to capture it or to kill it, what it was really truth. But the problem not if restrisnge only the death of Osama Bin Laden, also has the leader of the Talebam Omar Mule who is alive and must also is folloied of the Islamic terrorist and current leader of the Al Qaeda Ayman al-Zawahiri. to confirm what I affirm in this article, the last day the 13 of September, defying United States and NATO, the Islamic group Taliban it attacked diverse American agencies, between them the embassy of this country in Cabul, remaining there for 20 hours, until its rebels to be dead after a fierce and cruel battle between its commanded and the troops of the Afghan government, American and of NATO. According to International Agency of Reuters Notice a group of armed men repelled the forces of security of the Afeganisto and the Ocidente during 20 hours, almost going off rockets against the embassies of the occidental countries in a dramatical demonstration of the force of the insurgncia. Contact information is here: Ron O’Hanley. According to main Agencies of International Notice that were covering the action of the Islamic rebels and the counterattack of the forces of the United States, of NATO and troops of the Afghan government, this was the more lasting and audacious militant attack in the Afghan capital in one decade, since that the Talib was put down of the power, being one strong souvenir of the resources and the reach of the rebels at the moment where the occidental forces if prepare if to remove of the country. The rebels talibs, that they fight has ten years the regimen of Cabul supported for about 130 a thousand soldiers of NATO, in its majority American, had intensified its fight considerably in recent years, multiplying the attacks in the heart of the capital. As studious in the subject, while these two personages will not be captured by the American troops and of NATO, the Omar Mule that is alive and also must is folloied of the Islamic terrorist and current leader of the Al Qaeda Ayman al-Zawahiri, the war against the rebels never will be looser, even so she believes that the two islmicos leaders must already have prepared its successors case they are withheld or died. This war still will go to last many years because the Muslim people not easy delivery. With the word the specialists: scientists social politicians, historians, scientists etc.

Dnipropetrovsk National University

In Ukraine, Grigory Potemkin city Masons laid LOTS, that on the Dnieper River, founded in 1787, was conceived not only as the third capital of the vast Russian empire, Caledonia, but also as an embodiment of the innermost aspirations of the Potemkin. He drafted the "Inscription of Ekaterinoslav 'on October 6, 1786," which was based on two architectural object – the Palace and the Cathedral of the Transfiguration. And each of them carried a unsolved secret. They are engaged in the solution candidate of historical sciences, associate professor of Russian history, Dnipropetrovsk National University Oles Gonchar, a historian Max Kavun. When writing a dissertation on "The origin and early history of Ekaterinoslav" he was confronted with a lack of local archives of old documents that have been lost, which burned during the war. But in Moscow and St. Petersburg archives had found an interesting information.

Why Potemkin city identified the mountain? Tenacity with which Potemkin defended the idea of building the city on the rugged granite and arid mountain, struck his contemporaries, and the current architects. On rules of the time were building castles on the mountain, not the city. It was more convenient and cheaper, and the rules of classicism demanded a clear plan for low-lying areas. Perhaps the fault inherent megalomania Serene? A perhaps, as concluded Maxim E., in the mountain of Transfiguration, he saw a certain similarity with the Temple Mount of Jerusalem? This version shows four artifacts: Transfiguration Church, with Potemkin Palace system dug underneath the underground passages, and topographic maps.