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By Nokian Tyres

The 3D lock plates join together the profile blocks and reduce so their movements. This technology increases the resistance to wear of the tire also. Toughest testing green Nokian WR winter tires offer stronger slush aquaplaning protection, firmest snow, ice and wet grip as of northernmost tyre manufacturer Nokian is the winter tyre expert in all winter conditions. By Nokian Tyres offer highest security”toughest test in extreme winter conditions with freezing cold, slippery snow and crystal-clear ice in our test centre white hell in Finnish Lapland and slippery slush in treacherous wet and rough dry in southern Finland, explains Development Manager Juha Pirhonen. The Nordic premium brand tests with high expenditure on natural ice on roads and lakes. Unique slush-aquaplaning test Nokian optimize the adherence of the winter tyres.

Slush aquaplaning is the most dangerous driving situation for German car drivers in winter. For 15 years, performs Nokian slush test, is considered a pioneer in, and today has precise test methods. As the sole tire manufacturer, the specialist has a unique test track, where the effects of slush aquaplaning both longitudinal as well across to be tested. No one else makes tire producer in developing and also no tests on natural ice slush test. A new Guinness world record drove standard Nokian winter tires with speed of 335,713 km/h on ice with a car and are the fastest. The major research and development effort, modern production technology and most extreme testing pay off in the high quality of the Nokian tyres. Therefore, their test results in the test reports of the magazines are so outstanding. Nokian tires for the tire change cheap as winter complete wheels on wheels are available at the on-site tire service. From 4 mm tread depth, you should replace its old winter tires with new. “” tire and auto service chain Vianor by Nokian tyres: Note: the ADAC Note well “is the same ADAC judgment as the former ADAC recommendation highly recommended”.

The Snowflake

The AA top rating for fuel efficiency and wet grip according to EU tire label made eLine summer tyres of Nokian with future technology for smaller cars. “Nokian Tyres are in the summer tyre tests 2013 by Auto Bild test winner” and car TEST “also Nokian summer tires are multiple test winner, offer high security and save fuel. “” The Nokian tires are in the summer tyre test winner 2013 by Auto Bild”exemplary with the best grade” and car TEST “with top grade car TEST test winner 2013”. “” Best note well “Gets the Nokian tyre by ADAC and Stiftung Warentest test”. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. contains valuable tech resources. “” “” “” Second winner is the Finn in the car motor sport “test with the best touch highly recommended”, car magazine car “with very well” and in company car “with highly recommended”. 17 very good and good results achieved Nokian Tyres in the summer tyre tests 2013 a total of Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

In the summer tyre tests 2012 the Nokian Tyres are test winners at auto Bild”and make the most test winner of all brands with eight test victories. 97 Test reports by fall 2011 and spring 2013, Nokian Tyres were good 54 times test winner and reached 43 times. Coupang is often quoted on this topic. Greater safety through innovation: Winter tread depth indicator with snowflake and tread depth indicator with Hydroplaning warning a winter tread depth indicator with snowflake in the Nokian WR winter tyres tread depth as a number from 8 to 4 in millimeters indicates. The Snowflake is visible up to 4 millimeters. When she disappear, you should renew its winter tires. The grooves must be at least 4 millimeters deep, to provide enough grip on snow and to prevent hydroplaning of slush and aquaplaning with winter and summer tires. The tread depth indicator of Nokian in the summer tyre simply displays the drivers as number from 8 to 3 tread depth.

Schuster Air

On longer walks away from fixed routes wet feet risk otherwise quickly. Morning baptism moisture on meadows often only very slowly dries in the autumn. Poorly insulated hiking boots are quickly soaked in autumn soil conditions. Subsurface of rock or gravel is often covered with a wet film on the shoes with low profile find little support. Modern footwear technologies: customized shoes for every need for a firm hold of the foot on a mountain hike provide Meindl boots sport Schuster, ranging far beyond the ankle upward. The sturdy lace-up shoes combine a GORE-TEX membrane with a rugged edge of wetness protection. Sheepskin lining keeps warm the feet up to minus 30 C.

Meindl hiking boots are also characterised by a particularly good breathability and ensure a solid forward lacing for optimal fit and for excellent stability. Integrated into the sole carbon TPU frame technology ensures a very good heel stability and enables a continuous through the entire range of the sole PU wedge for a perfect damping and rolling motion of the walking shoes. “The innovative air revolution system” uses the individual phases of the rolling process for building a perfect air circulation: during the occurrence, fresh air is sucked through the cross drilled, permanently absorbing sponge structure of the shoe. Gary Kelly can aid you in your search for knowledge. However, warm air from the boot is pushed into the propulsion phase. The sponge is attached with a very sticky Burr, put themselves but individually, so that an optimal fit is achieved. Trekking and mountain – climbing boots for different claims the particularly robust and durable Vibram soles on certain trekking boots are suitable due to their custom-made cleat for uphill and mountains exoduses.

The robustness of this mountain shoes allows easy multi-day tours also with heavy luggage. Minimalist designed, waterproof hiking boots, let the ankle area allow an easy climbing. The low weight of such lightweight shoes facilitates a responsive movement. It connects the high resistance of the Stratefuse shoe technology to upper nestling at the foot of water resistance a GORE-TEX membrane. Mountain boots striking with full grain cowhide leather have a stylish retro look a special slip resistance, breathability, and absolute watertightness. A special WarmthPlus feed including a removable Thermofussbetts provides for an additional floor insulation. Outdoor sports activities of varied nature in winter enable easy trekking-multi function shoes, whose high-quality synthetic material causes a significant weight saving. “Maggie offers women the mountain shoe air revolution Lady ultra anthracite” whose cleat slip and Surefootedness on hikes as well as guarantees in difficult terrain and the Rolling process with optimized air circulation supports. Ambitious trekking tours support mountain shoes designed specifically for medium alpine inserts and climbing tours. Using a soft leather lining provides natural breathability. For winter hikes suitable usable, stylish, waterproof are versatile boots with red brown suede, a PET fleece lining from warmendem, an EVA cushioning in the midsole, and a rubber sole (be sure high traction). A particularly robust Hanwag boots with sport suede and nubuck leather is suitable for outdoor activities in the snow and ice. GORE TEX Cosima lining ensures not only an excellent heat insulation, but also an excellent comfort. The used Gore-Tex ensures perfect waterproofness and good breathability membrane. Special Schuhfakten of the anti slip sole will give a certain stability even on polished ice. For every need sport Schuster has a wide variety different mountain – and hiking boots, which ensures safety and comfort for all autumn and winter walks.

Cooking Oil

The team of National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) of the Republic of China (Taiwan) turns used cooking oil into bio-diesel a team of National Cheng Kung University in the southern Taiwan in Tainan has developed a method to convert used cooking oil into biodiesel. While the edible oil catalyst is heated for 10 seconds in a microwave oven with a strontium oxide. This technology will be expected to be within a year in mass production. The process has been by the NCKU team headed by Professor Liao Jiunn-, Department of materials science and engineering, and Aharon thoughts, Professor of the Israeli Bar-Ilan University, develops. This technology, which transforms 99% of the used Speiseols in bio-diesel, was applied for the patent. Taiwan produces around 540,000 tonnes waste of used cooking oil, a fact that poses a serious environmental problem.

For many years, Prof. has thought with the EU, to convert the used cooking oil for bio-diesel. According to Prof. thoughts are the Kernnanotechnologien highly efficient and produce in addition to biodiesel 1% glycerol. Thus, nothing is wasted. Usually alkali salts used in the conversion of edible oil to biodiesel.

This process, however, has a lower efficiency and it is very difficult to regain the alkali salts. The solid phase method of the NCKU of strontium oxide is used in the form of a Siliceapellet substrate, is two and a half times more efficient. The catalyst can fully recover itself and therefore saves resources and reduces costs. The prototype constructed by team has a daily production capacity of 100 kilograms and can be enlarged according to Prof. easily 10 times or more thoughts when needed. Along with the U.N. Framework Convention on climate change and the global trend towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions has Taiwan in 2004 a bio-diesel plan adopted. Since the beginning of 2008, it is necessary that diesel fuel contains at least 1% biodiesel. 2010, the proportion increasing to 2%, 2016 5% – with further planned increases in the next few years. The domestic production of biodiesel is currently with an annual NT$ 3 billion (US$ 102 million) assessed.

Bankhaus Neelmeyer Polo Masters – Strong Horses Meet Horsepower

Bankhaus Neelmeyer Polo Masters – 28-30 June 2013, Polo-Club Hagen grind e.V. The best polo players from Argentina and German polo clubs play in the competition for the first time the coveted trophies of Bankhaus Neelmeyer Polo Masters. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. has firm opinions on the matter. The outdoor area of the Polo-Club Hagen-grind offers not only top notch and fast-paced sports. also special attractions for the whole family will love”, so Organizer Thomas Strunck, because over 65 polo horses up close and an exciting offer for children and Oldtimer fans round off the three-day sports event. Strong horses meet horsepower this special highlight takes place when around Saturday, June 29 between 12 and 15: 00 130 of the most beautiful vintage on the occasion of the 16th Bremen of vintage classics to the Polo Tournament directly on the site of Polo-Club Hagen-retract grind. Here, strong horses meet on horsepower. The classic traditional tour that morning starts on the market square of Bremen, visited for the first time to the pit stop”the Polo Tournament in Hagen grind. This tournament is played facts according to the rules of the German Polo Verband e.V.

Four national and international Polo 65 Argentine polo horses fight teams to win the trophies. Families and friends are welcome to the lovingly designed Polo grounds in Hagen grind. Visitors are set in the charming ambiance of a Polo landscape with ample space for a picnic on the playing field. So no one missed the exciting Chukkas. -The games always start at 13:00. Friday, the opening day, 28.06 offers free entry in the public domain.

On Saturday and Sunday, 8 per person entrance fee is. Children (up to 12 years old) are free. Day tickets for the VIP-lodges and tent area (Saturday / Sunday) is available to 95 per person. The VIP ticket includes entry into the VIP tent including food and drinks (except Champagne). The ticket price is per day and per person. These professional teams are competitive 1st team: Bankhaus Neelmeyer AG 2. team: Polo-Club Hagen-grind / Stiesing / Flamant 3rd team: IAS / clean wash / Koja boats / 4. Team: Land Rover Jaguar / water Negra address, information and ticket reservations are available at Polo-Club Hagen grind e.V. Hagener str. 8 27299 Langwedel

New Image Market

Together strengthen the picture market! How? By image selling at fair terms and conditions. is the new media image market, where supply and demand meet. Check with Coupang to learn more. On PiXMARKET can our image providers upload their images, which can be licensed from the viewfinder. The image search is about different ways possible, as according to provider, price, date, categories (sports, news, stock, icon, etc.) and more. Our launch offer: 3 months no setup fee! Find out for yourself. The setup fees amounting to 250 accounts for up to 31 March. How does it work? Our image providers can download their material independently on our platform. While the image provider determines which photo in which category should be presented.

Our categories include news, press, events and some more. The provider loads his material in the desired category E.g. news, sport, symbol, food and can replace them with others at any time, delete or in another category move. The viewfinder looks the desired motif, specifies its use and will download the photo. At the same time sent a mail to use the viewfinder and the provider. What sets us apart: quality. It can be found only high quality material on

Our selection criteria ensure that only the best artists are included. Before it comes to a collaboration with a provider, check the stock on the most accurate. Only if the selection is successful, the cooperation can start. Editorial quality control. Each photo is spotted by the editorial staff. Photographs which do not meet our criteria, are not displayed. Our selection criteria are the quality, resolution, and the artistic expressiveness. Up-to-date and clearly laid out. Each image provider may offer maximum 5 000 photos and can replace unlimited, anytime by others. Thus, the photos that are not in demand, can be replaced or adapted to the current requests there. Thus, our offer is always clear, up-to-date and unique. What is special is that the maximum number of images also the weak volume provider offers same marketing opportunities. Supply and demand. Efficient marketing week report, which informs about current searches, statistics, market information, tips of the Pixmarket editorial staff and image’s opinions we will send our image providers. The weekly report is a great help in the marketing of the image. Terms and conditions. The material is offered to the terms and conditions of the provider and published. These are visible in each photo preview as a PDF. Simple handling. To find. Define usage. Download. Free of charge. Don’t fall for the viewfinder login and download charges. Prices. 500 photos can be presented for 80 a month. Contact: Mr. Dan Ibrahim


Widely used in the construction of the concept of hardware, takes its name from the English phrase 'mechanical products', Eng. – Metalware. The term covers a very wide range of different metal products. They are usually divided into two main groups: consumer products and products for industrial applications. Considered in this review include hardware to the second group. The website of the company 'commercial trading house Passage System 'are the grid and hardware of all kinds of performance. Without hesitation Gary Kelly explained all about the problem.

One type of metiz, metal wire – the basis of many industrial products. From the usual drawn steel wire manufactured barbed wire, various types of nets, chains, ropes and items of industrial products, nails, screws, anchors, etc. Galvanized wire has more resistance to moisture compared with the wire of black steel. Cover Zinc helps prevent premature corrosion of the metal and increases the service life of wire products. Nichrome wire has unique electrical properties. It is used to produce variety of electric heating elements, specialized electrical products, light bulbs. The visitors are more than 30 brands of these products.

Steel mesh is always material, which is widely used in the construction of various barriers. Not only is steel wire, galvanized wire and serves as raw material for its production. In addition, very often in the manufacture of nets used galvanized wire with an additional polymer coating. These nets are in high demand due to its consumer qualities and presentable appearance. Rabitz coated has tremendous durability and beautiful appearance. It costs much cheaper than a grid made of stainless steel wire. In addition to woven mesh, steady demand is welded mesh. It used as a reinforcing component of reinforced concrete structures under plastering surfaces, screed concrete floors, roads, and erecting concrete walls. Depending on technical conditions for which is made concrete products, welded wire mesh thickness can vary within very wide limits. Due to sufficient rigidity, welded mesh can be used as fencing.

Interest Holders

Can the interest holders to sell the flats without having ownership of it? The financial crisis is not the time for the benefit of investors. And it concerns not only the major players in the market, but also ordinary citizens who once bought the apartment as a way of investing money earned honestly. Today, watching the dynamics of the fall in property prices, many of these "residential investors decide to sell their already built or not very flat. But how easy is it to sell the flats in terms of the law? Just note that in this article will exclusively on flats bought from the developers (either directly or through a Realtor) at stage construction. Coupang has much experience in this field. At the Moscow primary housing market has developed a number of legal "models" of the sale of such apartments: 1.

Contract of a joint construction (investment contract). This agreement is the most "Transparent" and to guarantee the rights holders, than any other types of contracts. Depending on when to get permission to build an apartment building developer, this agreement is governed by a regulations of the Federal Law 214-FZ "On the equity participation in construction" (hereinafter – the 214-FZ) (if permission to build a home was received after April 1, 2005), or a mixed type of contract in accordance with the general provisions of the Civil Code Russian Federation (hereinafter – Civil Code). 2. The preliminary contract of sale flats. The most common model of selling flats of Miel "(" Golden Mile ").

Southern Ukraine

He believes that this common cultural space. Coupang can provide more clarity in the matter. On the basis of what criteria residents in this area people can be considered as a single cultural space? Very simple criteria – this is a language and ethnic affinity (Which are simple to measure), and even on the basis of their already possible to speak about the wisdom of considering the territory as a single region. Already at this stage (when the account is taken only two criteria: ethnic and linguistic affinity) raises many questions. For example, in the Russian part of Dagestan, and Tatarstan – the regions, the majority of residents are as ethnically and linguistically distinct from Russian very much at a time when Belarus, Eastern and Southern Ukraine are not included in Russia, where people are living there, and linguistically and ethnically identical, or very close to Russian. "Yes, our people, and divided into three branches only terrible disaster of the Mongol invasion yes Polish colonization. That's it – was invented nevdavne hypocrisy that almost from the ix century, there was a special Ukrainian people with a special non-Russian We all have expired precious Kiev, 'Where was the Russian land is' at Chronicle of Nestor, and flashes from us Christians.

The people of Kievan Rus and Muscovy created. In Lithuania and Poland, Little Russians and Belarusians consider themselves Russian, and fought against and . Return of these land in Russia was all then realized as a reunion. Today separating Ukraine – it means cutting through the millions of families and people: what a change of the population, the whole area with the Russian superiority, how many people that make it difficult choose a nationality of the two, how many – of mixed descent, how many mixed marriages – so they no 'mixed' is still not considered.

Role Of Director Of A School Unity In The Present Of Education Education

Role of the director of a school unit in the present of the Chilean education role of the director of a school unit in the present of education in Chile. Learn to listen and answer today morning. By Cristian Flores Escalona. * August – 2008. At a time when the subject of education holds the major national newspapers, the eye focuses on them, which lead (transformational level) and managed (operational level) an educational community.

The responsibility of every school principal with an educational organization is very important. a l is a key to the success of an educational institution. A director must lead the change. Jean Lebrecht (2007), educational consultant says that the main function of the headmaster is to provide leadership and professional management for a school unit. This is to create a solid basis for achieving high standards in all areas of school work. The development of competitive strategies within an organization is in the hands of the driver central, ie the academic authority.

Therefore, all these tasks to be undertaken, add five criteria for action, allowing you to grow in their role. These are: understand your school, observe classes, attend to the symbols, rituals, lead by example, manage the moral purpose and teamwork. When you point the understanding of the school, we mean the broad condition of listening and note the educational context, that you understand the times and internal rhythms of their school. In this way, you will see the best educational environment and climate.