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Placa Catalunya

Who did not have the bracelet or vest color orange with the word written press had almost nothing to do. It is the Protocol, repeated Moss, choosing what journalist had the right to move and who not, thanks to hallmark that made them easy to control blank. The silence lasted about eternal seconds, until a police command, headed by PA to concentrates. They were the 2.15 hours. The competent authority has ordered the eviction of the Placa Catalunya, reported, you will have 15 minutes to collect their belongings and leave the place or its objects will be tapped.

The warning was clear and many did not hesitate to begin to pack their belongings. No will to give clubs, really?, asked a middle-aged man a couple of MOSS, who did not respond to him. In the center of the square, a boy tried to harangue some of the campers so they resist. Other leaders such as Ronald O’Hanley offer similar insights. We can not go with this political repression, he snapped them so that they were not. Some stayed with him, but most had already decided to vanish. I prefer to my bitches, shouted a girl to your partner. And what are you doing?, insisted to convince him that wasn’t worth staying because it was clear that society, as I explained, I had not understood.

And if a whack drop your bitch, what?, he insisted, while he picked up to two cachorrillos and hugged them. They are 2.30 hours. Someone in one of the stores, turns on the radio. You can hear the song that tinguem sort (that have luck), Lluis Llach, but in the mouth of another interpreter. Two indignant attempt to break the encirclement by the zone of el mirador. Below, below, indicates them a mosso, pointing them the way out. One of the puppies escape, jumps a fence and gets into the empty fountain of the plaza, behind the police cordon.

Regional President

The first question about the mess of boxes should be: who benefits these financial institutions? My response, cynical, I know, it is quite simple: the political class. They have well read: non-citizens, even to the depositors, less still to this so abstract called the region; But politicians. Who lend face a million euros to buy shares of a major infrastructure company and become the second investor with large capital gains? Neither you nor me, but yes to the President of any box, named, of course, by political parties. Who the payment of unpaid loans forgive? Neither you nor me, but yes to happy parties. Who have accumulated a party provincial Secretariat, the post of Deputy and counselor of any box? Neither you nor I, but some lucky political. We arrived in mergers or confusion. Are they necessary? Of course the merger, not the current confusions that boxes have reduced its net interest income, suffer more delinquencies, are charged for buildings and solar overvalued and refinancing has become more expensive. You have been together before, they would have diversified risks and would today have more financial muscle to deal with the crisis.

And jobs to do so, both the Bank of Spain and the experts recommended that the union be interregional: thus synergies would take advantage, would avoid duplication and, above all, sortearia use and political abuse of the respective regional governments. Paradoxically, in a State where there is no a central bank this different taifa Governments lies in Brussels crave having regional stools where settle their buttocks. As evidence, because they have put a former Regional President in front of Bancaja, they wanted to do the same in the BBK and can claim the same merger of Caja Duero and box Spain. Do you not? Because we still have to see much with-merger before finish this tortuous serial serials. You must necessarily return upon him.

Garage Construction Gates

Construction of a garage at the cottage. All who were building, constructing or planning to build a cottage for a loved one, of course, do not forget about his friend Iron-car! He, too, must be close to nearby from home. There are several options for building the garage: the structure of the house, built the attached and detached. Each option has its pluses and minuses. One of the most important moments of the construction of all the above variations in the harsh Siberian climate Krasnoyarsk Territory is certainly heating the garage or the creation of energy-efficient environment for maintaining the required temperature. If the built-in garage, so it is necessary it also included in the layout of heating system, since it is part of the house. If you built the attached, as a rule, so it is desirable to hold back heat.

In these two ways of heating does not require more resources and cash injections. Only in one embodiment, the holding of heating would be very costly. On the other hand, this option of building the safest to stay in the cottage. In this regard, and there question how to build all these? The answer is simple: How do you like best! The main thing to remember in addition to the basic design premise put energoeffetivnye gate. It will help us to sectional doors of sandwich panels. The gates of the domestic manufacturer on its effectiveness are two masonry brick.

At the moment the market is the gate of the Belarusian production, domestic and Chinese, there are German, but very rare. Here we will focus on the gates of domestic production for several reasons. First remove from the list of Chinese, by virtue of the fact that they have not been certified and reviews do not serve more than a year. German by a low prevalence. It remains to choose between the Belarusian and Russian. As for choosing the last say several factors: first, it's patriotism, and secondly – what the production is here made and certified for Russia, all the necessary configuration is always in stock throughout Russia, the manufacturer warranty, the quality is comparable to European producers. Choice of color is also very gates important, your door can be brown, blue, green, etc. There's also a collection of gates with wood colors. In Krasnoyarsk, the gates company sells and installs Krasvorota

Investing In Real Estate

Investing in real estate for sale has become a new trend. Private and commercial land for sale can be a major source of profit. Different types of properties for sale include near the lake, hotel, rural or at home. A thorough investigation of the real estate market before making any investments. As you begin to purchase, sell or rent your property? You can find property for sale or rent on the Internet. It would be ideal to connect with local real estate agencies and get their quotes. It may be hard to find good features for sale at the right places at reasonable prices. Make your investment in real estate after checking all the legal documents. Make sure that you can sell or lease property in the right places. These plots not only bring you good tenants, but will give high return on your investment. Companies will be interested in your property as a rental, if the object is close to key areas such as schools, offices, restaurants, or academic institutions.