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National Association

The Andalusian director stated that they had two aspects in mind when beginning the study
., as the situation in which these foods are in Spain, and their order in the shopping cart. Then went over to see first hand the most important conclusions obtained from product to product. The round and was responsible for study in Andalusia, Juan Bolanos. ste argued that he chose 68 samples of wine, olive oil 22, 28 samples of fruits and vegetables, 8 bread and six of fresh green. First, organic tomato analyzed scored 67.1 points out of 100 and a qualitative category of good to very good.

The experts pointed out that organic tomatoes fairly homogeneous quality characteristics and which generally has a very good visual presentation, a good degree of uniformity in color, shape, size and maturity and good aromatic intensity, clean and high power acid / sweet. Similarly, organic tomatoes have a thin skin, persistent, pleasant, meaty texture and excellent juiciness. Experts advise the organic tomato producer to conduct a presentation appropriate to their good quality, conservation processes oscillate between 8 and 10 degrees and the tomatoes ripened on the tree can be consumed even at 5-6 days after being collected; also is a tomato rich in vitamin C and lycopene and low in potassium. Then there was talk of wine, from which important conclusions were obtained as was given by the National Association of Tasters, a score of 75. Thus, the experts stressed the organic white wines perfect clarity, powerful and intense taste just a touch of acidity to provide a sense of freshness. As a young red wines, the report highlights its vivid colors, high color intensity and aromatic notes and balance between fruit and secondary aromas.

Virgin olive oil, for its part, can be considered good to very good, and that 31% of assessors so defined. And, as experts said, EPOR example, Almeria has a special taste fruity and smooth which makes it different from Restoue. Finally, the rest of the products evaluated were the apple and organic bread. Green apple, his score was only discreet while bread was “good.” With all this, it was concluded that organic products are on the right track. Author’s website dedicated to all sorts of online and shop.

Management Of International Transport And Customs

YHA noted that globalization is one of the new terms set being identified the consolidation and structure of the most successful companies in the world? This phenomenon may you live very close, at airports, where large modules airport charges come from around the globe, and are also exported from the meeting point where you stay. Call it progress, planning, opportunism, depth of field as you like: just remember that if a company has not trained in handling and customs management, you are lagging behind in the capricious winds of trade preferences. Just think of the amount of money that moves daily flight by plane, from terminal to terminal, from client to client, represented in all kinds of items for mass consumption, and exclusive. Understand that if you are in order or already immersed in the field of international marketing, you must open your logic to reason and leave aside speculation that promise an agile but not detailed, but not committed cheap, convenient but not influential. Already on this part of the story, now the objective is to locate the firm can realize those dreams of opening of markets, obviously taking into account the experience in the management of international transport and customs.

But before that, And why not realize the ease with which the company captures the beneficiaries? First, a service such as temporary storage facility will allow you to entrust their goods under the care of a professional group that is aware of the latest successful and responsible care of commercial products. In addition, you need not pay extra for the service and everything is included in the promotional package for the settlement agreement with which this company has arrived. On appeal, the customs warehouse gives the opportunity to link their business processes to the legality of the constitutions of the market, so that you can take notice of all delivery reports as anywhere else you can do in the management of international transport and customs. YY where you find all these wonders? Simple: in the email address of AGL Logistics, where you can realize the various services offered by their quality and experience.


But if we choose a serious and reliable company, we can reduce these problems to almost zero. I will cite a few categories, of which You can choose products to sell: clothing, jewelry, audio-video equipment, computers, office equipment, cellular phones and accessories, children's goods, goods for sports and leisure, furniture, furnishings, food additives, etc. A list of just a huge, and the cost of the goods by 20-40% lower than in stores Runet. Not to mention the fact that many goods there appear to sell more in a few months before they officially hit the Russian market. This advantage and enjoy many of the entrepreneurs, because in the U.S., the number of intermediaries between the manufacturer and the buyer is much smaller than ours, and there is almost no customs duties, as in Russia. A the prices of goods from China even can not speak, and they are every year becoming more high quality. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the Drop-Ship companies do not send their products to Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries.

Furthermore, until recently it was not possible, as a mutual use of the payment system PayPal – the basic system is the most popular in the west. But thank God, the service began turn to us to "face" and gave the right of citizens of Russia and Ukraine to pay through it. This means that now, when purchasing goods, you can not use the services of mediators and, accordingly, pay less money. Although Now we can pay via PayPal, but take it the payment is still there.