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The Plastic

No less convenient to use them for sports facilities – solariums, swimming pool with sauna and entire health systems with the inclusion of the upper floors or attics. With to the roof of the modern multi-storey house just filled with various utilities and all sorts of add-ons: here and television antennas and skylights, and the completion of elevator shafts and ventilation hood – not so easy to find here a worthy place for a garden. We must not forget that the roof at home – while an important part of its architecture, its emphatic conclusion, the size and artistic appearance which depends on the silhouette of buildings, the overall impression of the architectural ensemble. Not without reason it is often called the "fifth facade" home. This applies particularly to small houses and cottages. Therefore, it is important how to combine visually combine the architecture of the building, conceived and built for a long time, perhaps for centuries, interior design cottage with the plastic, constantly changing living material like plants on the roof and courtyard.

And generally, that "Threatens" the roof of a modern building as a result of landing on her plants, especially its transformation into a garden? The first would have to reckon with the need for a soil layer of plant life, with its constant moisture conditions, creating the conditions for microbial growth and mold. In addition, humus (topsoil) and fertilizers have oxidative effects on the design of coatings, and can cause metal corrosion. Necessary to ensure biostability of building materials of the roof, which separate the topsoil from the surface.

Dead Sea Mud

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Company MANUFAKTURA completely natural and certified to the highest European standards, is extracted from the best sources in Israel. Dead Sea mud is renowned for its unique healing properties. Salt and Dead Sea mud are useful for face, hair and body and have no contraindications to its use, since it is completely natural product. Masks from the Dead Sea mud cleanse the face and body, remove toxins, strengthen microcirculation and metabolism in the skin. Also, natural mud rid of acne, edema, and vascular network, strengthen the skin through the action of healing minerals. Dead Sea mud is ideal for hair treatment product, which will strengthen both the hair itself, and the hair follicle, healthier scalp and get rid of dandruff. Dead Sea Mud effective remedy for cellulite, they penetrate deep into the skin, warm and split cells deposited harmful radicals.

The result is noticeable after the first application. Many people have cured psoriasis and other skin diseases due to the fact that superimposed on the damaged areas of the Dead Sea. 90% of people confirmed the efficacy of this method. Application: Dead Sea Mineral Mud MANUFAKTURA sold in bulk form it is ready for use. Apply the mud on the problem areas: skin, hair and body. Hold 5 to 30 minutes and rinse warm water.

To enhance the effect put on dirt polyethylene film, thereby creating thermal bath, you can wrap a warm towel. Natural Cosmetics “manufactory” – the most popular and beloved brand in Europe. Produced in conjunction with doctors and specialists resort and spa treatment in Karlovy Vary and used for recreational SPA procedures. Only here you can buy natural Dead Sea mud in a comfortable, ergonomic packaging that preserves all desirable properties. Our product has received excellent reviews for its effectiveness, expressed therapeutic effect and low cost.

Public School

It swims more than what this! If to make an experience and to place all the pupils of Are Bento (better average in the Enem-2010) to study in a public school per some years and we will apply the same formula to the inverse one, that is, we will place students of public education as pupils of Are Bento, would have the first ones getting best notes, without a doubt. I explain. What it makes the pupil of They are Bento to take off higher notes today are not ONLY the fact to study in a particular college. The professors of Are Bento are not magical in transforming any one into genius.

They all receive a great aid from a context that involves the life of its pupil? access to the information (books, magazines, TV for signature, Internet), the cultural good (museums, theater, cinema) the courses (English, computer science), study in integral time, a family whom it charges (after all of accounts, not it spends 2,000 Reals for month almost, paid value in Are Bento, to leave the son to play in the school), at last, exists a universe of factors all conspiring for the success of this pupil. In the other face of the currency a young lives that passes 4 hours in the school, has that to work (in many cases, over all in Average Ensino), does not have money or I did not possess an environment that stimulates the access to the museums, theaters, libraries, etc. It lives completely in a family without structure. The parents do not have study, are used badly remunerated and he does not have perspective of the son to tread a different future. Some of these pupils are in the school obliged, since the parents do not want that the son is in the street or has that to show the presence of them to continue to receive the Stock market Family. This public school if transformed into a deposit of children and young. It is distant of a place of promotion of knowing. It gives a pupil to me of Are Bento and I will not have any problem with it.

I transfer a typical pupil of one of the 3 public schools that leciono for a professor of Are Bento and it will find some difficulties for the front. What I defend here is shared by Fernando Veloso, specialist in education of the IBRE/FGV. It says that the difference of notes between public and private schools ‘ ‘ although they can reflect management differences, the public net pupils of and particular’ are related to the differences in the socioeconmicas conditions of; ‘. Finally, I do not want to leave an image of that I find the school public a wonder and that it has not resulted only because pupil is devoid. I DO NOT AFFIRM THIS. The idea only wanted to display a counterpoint of that any pupil who studies in a particular school will have success. I have pupils in the public net who possess the structure that I mentioned higher up, therefore, present an income well above average. Meeting incredible pupils to each year that passes. This text especially is written for them and all the ones that believe a public school of quality.

How To Attract Customers? The Formula Of Happiness …

Endless unsuccessful attempts to use a variety of advertising to attract customers left a bad feeling in my soul. There is a certain disappointment and questioned the effectiveness of advertising. There was a distrust advertising agencies and their staff You know the feeling? And why is this happening? Is it time to tell the whole truth about what needs to be advertising. The first postulate. Advertising is only effective when the income from sales at higher than the cost of such advertising on it, ie, advertising must sell! sell, not entertain! The second postulate. Advertising should convey to consumers a message that what is unique about the product. Click Sheryl Sandberg for additional related pages.

Why buy it your product and not some other? And it was you and not your competitors. And what is your competitive advantage? If there are no benefits, you have to compete only in price, and this is the path to ruin. The third postulate. Advertisement should be unobtrusive! It should appear at the moment when the client himself wanted to find information about a product or service and at the place where he is looking for her. Here then, advertising is very useful! In other cases it is just annoying and even infuriating, or to stress. The fourth and final postulate. Marketing, including advertising should be the responsibility of the firm. Would not you bigger and better all know about the goods and services? Would not you agree solutions and determine pricing? Only you and decide who and how to work on the development of your business! And now you're ready to learn the formula of effective advertising? "Marketing" site + Contextual Advertising = New Customers! Is not that happiness is a businessman? And that's what the 'sell' the site and how it is done, you can find only here! However it will be interesting and useful only to those who need a client

Microsoft Student

Disassemble the structures of language, logic and conventional systems of consciousness was one of the objectives of the avant-garde of the 20th century. The accepted belief that the world makes sense is subverted and replaced by a world where the words and actions can be completely contradictory. However, what is being proposed is not the nonsense as a perpetual extension of meaning, but show a reality hides and bitter that it underlies the idea of happiness and comfort of the way of life of modern society. For even more analysis, hear from Facebook. 3. What we have built has been lifted by the concept evolved or not, we have similar things that surround us. Today’s society is submerged in a mottled, dark and contemplative conception of what what we’re made. Piet Mondrian, father of the simplification of abstract art and avant-garde plastic who led to its ultimate consequences challenged artists come to say I desvesti the canvas, now is up to you to dress him again.

The way in which we conceive and structure the universal concept of similar things through the creative or artistic fact will always be flexible and is in our minds where resides its versatility and malleability. Contradict is not disrespect. Questioning is not denied. We then walk the fine line of absurdity and fantasy. My field says Goethe is time. Here is the absurd Word. What is, in effect, the absurd man? The one which, without denying it, does nothing to the eternal.

It is not that nostalgia is strange to you, but that he prefers her courage and his reasoning. The first teaches how you to live without appeal and be content with what you have; the second, teaches its limits. Insurance of their liberty term, his rebellion dead-end and their perishable consciousness, continues his adventure in his life time. It is your field, is its action, which subtracts all view except his own. 4 1 Aristotle. Poetic. Monte avila Editores Latinoamericana. 2 Cappelletti, Angel J. author of the preface to Aristotle’s Poetics. Monte avila Editores Latinoamericana. 3 Microsoft Student with Encarta 2009. Article: Theatre of the absurd. 4 Camus, Albert.

For Kleiman

Lopes underbrush (1998) places that the independent model eliminates the social life of the citizen and, for consequncia, separates the language of partner-history. What it represents to say that the individual does not exist socially beyond the necessary cognitivos limits for the reading of a text. If it does not consider everything what it is related to its existence as to be social, as if this did not influence and/or it was not excellent for the processes that involve its letramento. When pupils in alfabetizao process, the example of Valtemir, pupil of 3 series of the school of the Escoval Farm, say in them: ' ' The school is important in my life because it to me reads teaches it and escrev. People lack reading and without sab escrev we cannot be arguem in vida' ' , its you speak are impregnated by an independent conception of letramento, that is, he is ' ' natural' ' for them if to feel inferiorizados, therefore the hegemonic speech, of the privileged classrooms, affirms that not to know to read and to write in agreement the pertaining to school culture he is ' ' mancha' ' , ' ' grass daninha' '.

In opposition to the independent model, the ideological model of letramento (STREET, 1995) considers the writing and the reading as ' ' practical on to the culture and the structures of being able of one sociedade' ' (KLEIMAN, 2003). As Kleiman (2001), the ideological model establishes that practical of letramento social and they are culturally determined e, therefore, they assume meanings and specific functionings of the contexts, social institutions and spheres where if they develop. For Kleiman (op.cit., p.21), the ideological model does not estimate … a causal relation between letramento and progress or civilization, or modernity, therefore, instead of conceiving a great divider between verbal groups and scholars, it estimates the existence and investigates the characteristics, of great areas of interface between practical you pray and scholars.

The Stability

Not raised pledges will be auctioned off in accordance with the regulations within 6 months. Through the low loan amounts, repayment of the Lombard loan including interest rates and fees is secured also in this way. Learn more on the subject from Facebook. The risk of fluctuations in the value of the pledged property limited due to the short maturity of credit, and if necessary, quick auction on only about 10 to 12 months. Also, the income situation of Lombardiums represents another safety aspect. On the basis of legal provisions and requirements, high revenue are generated in the industry of pawn shops and Lombard houses. Lombardium generated on the handed out mortgage loans 1% interest per month plus a handling and management fee of 2.5%-3.5%, also per month.

As a result an annual total return of at least 42%, based on the credit amount. With this total, it is possible to cover the annual costs of refinancing, whose main share the 7% represent interest for investors, without problems. The fact that it has never occurred that a member of the Association of German mortgage banking industry, which includes all reputable deposit and Lombard houses, has gone bankrupt, the rest speaks for the stability of the entire industry. To make the investor money to refinance the mortgage credit first, Lombardium must first of all many funds use criteria (E.g., lending limits, limits for Lombard credits, proof of ownership, etc.) meet. Only after proof of compliance with these criteria, the money paid by the subsidiary on a use-of-funds account is released. By processing all payments resources using account, one is subject to the allocation of investor funds to Lombardium current control, and this in short intervals. In the event of a sustained decline in the income from mortgage lending, the agents use controller has the ability to stop further payments to Lombardium and to make any premature repatriation of funds to investors.

Affordable Building Materials

People always take a responsible attitude to the choice of building materials as well as their quality will depend on the quality of housing in general. However, the prices of construction materials also play a significant role in the selection process. You may wish to learn more. If so, Larry Ellison is the place to go. Man is always trying to find the optimum ratio of the parameters of price and quality. Bent profile is by far one of the most popular and commonly used building materials. For its production applied Forming equipment.

Modern technologies allow to create high-Forming equipment. These machines have a very high performance. One unit roll forming equipment for the shift is able to handle the huge amount of metal tape. Forming a modern equipment can be equipped with additional functions, such as perforation of the bent profile, or if the roll forming equipment installed guillotines, it may itself carry out cutting curved profile of the desired length. In addition, one machine can perform bending profile of different radii, give bending profiles of different shape and work with sheet metal thickness. There is of course highly specialized and Forming equipment, which produces only one type of product.

Such Forming Equipment advisable to acquire for large enterprises, which require different Forming equipment. Forming equipment currently used for manufacturing building materials such as siding, decking, metal. These materials have high aesthetic quality, durability and reliability – with one hand and relatively low prices – on the other. Low cost and, accordingly, reasonable price of building materials for high performance of roll forming equipment and low power consumption of such equipment. In addition, Forming a modern equipment will allow to minimize the percentage of materials that go to waste. All this makes Forming equipment best option for the production of curved profile. Today Forming the time the equipment is in demand in many countries around the world.


In innumerable occasions ' ' jeitinho' ' Brazilian already was sung in verse and chats and to a great extent our form of being, coexisting and to produce directly is related to the image that makes of us in the exterior. But, after all of accounts as it is this peculiar skill? What it makes in them different of our international partners? As the foreigners see ' ' jeitinho' ' Brazilian of being? What he is ' ' jeitinho' '? For some studious of the human behavior jeitinho Brazilian it is that imposition of the convenient one on the certainty. It is the philosophy of that, if he is giving certain, he is because this is the certainty to be made. Since that to give certain means ' ' to decide mine problema' ' , despite not definitively. Read more from Sheryl Sandberg to gain a more clear picture of the situation. But, what this skill of being Brazilian provokes in the career of an executive in the exterior? The Brazilian managemental profile does not pass unobserved in U.S.A. and in the Europe it is for the ad-lib, charisma excess or affection the Brazilian professionals have called the attention the analysts in management.

Therefore, in the truth another side of this exists ' ' jeitinho' ' that they are some qualities very appreciated in the exterior: Solidarity: we are recognized in the exterior for our solidarity and, optimum example of this, is the campaigns of donation of agencies carried through for Brazilian executives who live in U.S.A., in order to keep a bank of compatible agencies for donation in Brazil. Assertividade: it is the behavior that if characterizes for the firmness of opinions of a person; that is, for its positioning in relation the determined subject, with clear positions and consistent arguments.


We can see the process of Marketing as a process of two major fronts. 1. Attracting users to its web site (outside of your web site promotion) 2. According to Ed Bastian, who has experience with these questions. And, perhaps most important, convert to its users at Subscribers, and then click clients in this installment we will try the second point. On the contrary that many entrepreneurs believe, so that their users decide to take action on its web site (either subscribe or buy), must first be persuaded to perform an action. The Act of persuasion is the most important thing that must carry out its web site, I adelantare the following: your users will be not persuaded by a fantastic design on its web site its users will not be decided to take action on its web site because this was quickly loaded in your browser your users do not buy your product simply because it is a fantastic product, excellent quality at an unbeatable price.

No, they won’t. Of course it is important to have a professional design, a hosting service quick and efficient and is also very important that the product is excellent, but the reasons why their users if they will buy their products is as follows: your users if they decide to subscribe to your website or buy your product if they can feel identified with you and your services. Its users if decide to take action if you unable to establish trust with their words, their testimonies and narrating his own experience with the product or service offered. And above all things, its users if they will be eager to buy your product if you show him the benefits of buying it. This means that your product you must know with sufficient depth (how can selling something if we don’t know that we are selling?), if you are the owner or the creator of your own product I don’t have to remind you of this, but if you are offering affiliate programs, I recommend to you, strongly, strongly, to purchase the product that you are offering, otherwise you will not know the benefits of the same and will therefore be very difficult to realize a sale of the same. Also I must convey that the that really makes a sale, they are the words that you use in your messages, in your emails and on your web site, so it is necessary to attract, motivate, stimulate, and call to action to its users in the correct manner.