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Automotive Group

As a result, in May, has sold 206 387 new cars, which is 11.9% more than last year. In general, the first five months this year, the French car market has been sold 896,318 new cars that, according to preliminary data, 1.4% less the same period last year. In Italy, in March, has adopted a package of anti-crisis measures, which stimulates the purchase of new cars. As a result of increased sales of cleaner cars, noted in anfia. Among the best-selling models in May on the first and second place was Fiat Punto (17,044 pcs.) And the Fiat Panda (1916 555sht.). In total, over 5 months in Italy, has been sold 918,100 passenger cars, which is 14.7% lower than last year.

On growth automobile market began to affect public support. For European markets, without the incentive programs by the authorities, it will not end soon. In Ukraine, there was 'shock' of the market decline because of similar actions in the economy and the banking sector. European countries have actually come to pakazatelyam recession in 60-65%, but it will take them 13 months. In Spain, in May, sales of new cars fell by 38.7% to 71,161 units. Spanish car market falls for the 13 th consecutive month, but decline gradually slows down.

Since the beginning of the year in this country were only 336.4 thousand new cars, which is 42.7% lower than last year. We emphasize that in Last year in May in Spain have already recorded a 30% drop in sales, so the numbers fall just stunning. And the fact that the decline has continued for the 13th month, says the protracted nature of the crisis. In the U.S., as well prefer to save 'Drowning' by providing funds to pay off debt and saving the stock markets. Trade in air led to a domino effect it: the sales are falling rapidly, automakers go bankrupt, unemployment is growing. Sales cars and SUVs in the U.S. market in May, according to Ward's Automotive Group, was 923,346 units, up 31.2% lower than the same month last year. Sales of the automakers, "Detroit Three", which share has 46.6% market share in May decreased by 28.9%, slightly more successful than 31-percent decline of the market as a whole. The biggest negative trend, and this time showed Chrysler – on 44,8% to 78,777 vehicles. General Motors sales declines beginning to slow down – in May implementation of the Group amounted to 190,930 units, down 26.3% lower than the same month in 2008. As in April, smaller than the other American brands has reduced sales of Ford Motor – by 21,1% to 159,174 vehicles. Leading Japanese brands in May slowed down the fall in the U.S. market. Toyota has reduced the sale at 38.4% to 152,583 vehicles (April – 41,9%), Nissan – by -30.5% to 67,489 units, Mazda – by 37.8% to 16,718 vehicles and – to 56.7% to 4,352 units. But Honda, which is the second volume of sales of Japanese brand after Toyota, increased the fall, realizing 98,344 vehicles – by 29.2% less than the previous year (in April 2009 – 25,3%). Hyundai sales in May decreased by 17,4% to 36,937 vehicles. At the same time, Kia sold 26,060 cars, which is 12.8% lower than in April 2008. These facts eloquently that the best way to save the economy is about people. Subsidies to the population when buying a new car dramatically increase your sales. Maybe our government so it is worth take the example of Germany and instead of imposing a tax on imports, allocate subsidies to buyers of cars produced in Ukraine?

American Indians

Over the next several centuries, other European explorers followed suit. The word "rubber" appeared in the 1770th year, when an English chemist named Joseph Priestley discovered that hardened pieces of rubber can be washed inscription in pencil. By the end of the eighteenth century, European scientists have discovered that a solution of rubber in turpentine forms a liquid that can be used for the production of waterproof fabric. However, until the early 19 th century, there were some technical difficulties associated with the production of natural rubber. It was a clear understanding that the rubber has a great potential, but no one had ideas about how this can be used for commercial purposes. Rubber quickly becomes dry and brittle during cold European winters. Worse, in the heat he was getting soft and sticky.

American inventor Charles Goodyear was experimenting with methods of purification of natural rubber (for almost 10 years) – before the accident enabled him to overcome problems with unprocessed rubber. Once in the 1839th year, Goodyear has left some raw rubber on top of warm oven next to the sulfur and lead. Having discovered his "mistake" in Goodyear with admiration understood that rubber became much more useful to use the properties and structure. Over the next five years, he perfected the process of converting to natural rubber, suitable for commercial application of the goods. Following the example of the Roman god of fire – Goodyear has named this process "vulcanization", which was the starting point development of the modern rubber industry. The first rubber band was formed in 1843 it was, when an Englishman named Thomas Hancock cut up a rubber bottle made by American Indians. These rubbers are used in As the belt, and their capabilities were extremely limited (as they were not vulcanized). In 1845, the year of his compatriot Stephen Perry patented the rubber band and opened the first factory to produce it.

With the unification of efforts Goodyear, Hancock, and Perry – the efficient production of quality rubber bands was possible. In the late nineteenth century, British manufacturers have started to promote the development of rubber plantations in British colonies such as and Ceylon. Rubber plantations thrived in the warm climate of Southeast Asia, and the European rubber industry has also flourished because it became possible to abandon the expensive imports from America, which was outside the British political and economic control. Many experts called the modern banking gum "mature product", as this market is not growing as fast as it There were several decades ago. However, the demand for rubber bands is stable, and it is highly unlikely that he could fall in the foreseeable future.

Legal Services

If you can do without it, do not hesitate to cut. Many leaders such as baby clothes offer more in depth analyses as well. We must remember that as long as possible will be preserved at the expense of his chair to keep warm for a loved one comfortable existence, the clerk will lay oneself out, proving to be indispensable. Than it is now so attractive chair clerk? That's right, the opportunity to cut the budget, to take bribes for "services", guarantees immunity. It is necessary to deprive the officer of these privileges! Let's start with the budget. Today, as a working state (read bureaucrats)? First, the multi-million army of civil servants in the sweat of working on the invention taxes, then over their collection, recording, storage, and then on redistribution, then on bringing cash flows to the consumers. During such a long road, but the natural legal costs for work of all bureaucratic mechanisms involved in this chain, yet there is some "shrinkage and outage, reaching half the value of all transferred budgetary funds. There should be a constructive approach (is a description of options out of the situation). The state must remain a function of external and internal protection of citizens and the rule of law, to ensure generally accepted simple and clear rules of coexistence among different layers civil society and legal entities, representative functions in the global community, the fundamental science of the economy and the existence of society. The following proposition, which I think just need to allocate a separate paragraph – the fight against corruption.

The Population Of The Earth

Winter of 2006 world population topped 6, 5 billion people, while less than 20 years ago July 11, 1987 the figure stood at 5 billion the entire second half of the xx century was accompanied by rapid population growth, the so-called "Population explosion". According to most scientists, the earth is overpopulated, and a further increase in population will lead to a global ecological catastrophe. Some experts believe that the increase in the number of population of short-term nature, and in 2010 will decline. It is known that for many centuries world population was small and grew slowly. The most likely his number at the beginning of our era – 230 million, of which 2 / 8, lived in Asia. Over the next thousand years it has risen to 288 million growth was inhibited extremely high mortality and often interrupted by wars, epidemics, famine, which led to a balance between births and mortality.

Growth rate of world population sharply accelerated since the mid xviii century, especially in Europe, which was due to the development of capitalism. Ry rapid population growth in America and Australia was caused by migration flow, mainly from Europe. The rapid acceleration of growth in population occurred in the middle of xx century. If during its first half it increased at 1, 5 times, then over the next 37 years – has doubled. After World War ii everywhere dramatically reduce mortality, which was mainly due to the discovery and widespread use of antibiotics.

Fertility declined quite slowly, and in some places is temporarily increased. This led to "Population explosion". But it is characteristic only for developing countries, in developed countries, however, population growth has decreased, and in some – has stopped. The share of developed countries in the world population is rapidly decreasing: from 33% in 1950 to 23% in 1990 recent years, population growth rates are highest in Africa (about 3% per year) and Latin America (more than 2%). In some European countries (Austria, Hungary, Denmark, Germany, Sweden) is a natural decline in population. See more detailed opinions by reading what baby clothes offers on the topic. Now, more than half humanity lives in Asia. Most populous countries – China and India. This is followed by the United States, Indonesia and Brazil. Russian Federation within its borders in 2009 occupies the number of inhabitants (142 million) in ninth place in the world.

The Result

This situation occurs in the first place because entrepreneurs are not engaged in the business. They were too lazy to define their mission, their talents and abilities, and began business in the direction to which they have no soul lies. Read more about it you can read the article "Creating a business (part 3). Why choose a favorite thing. " And secondly, such grief entrepreneurs expect the prospects and profitability of their businesses, using only their logical thinking. But! Logical thinking can only speculate with facts in its possession at the moment. Our minds can not see what will happen tomorrow or the day after, as will our business as customers respond to our product, which will demand, etc. And besides, if we consider that before you did not have experience in creating a business, you can make your own business plan based only on their fantasies, more than that.

Even if you think that a win-win deal, it only seems that way to you. If you could talk to people who have long engaged in such business, they would probably tell you another story. That is, you do not have the experience, knowledge of the market, dating, a large supply of money. And with all this pulling down luggage you are trying to organize a profitable business using only his logical thinking. What do you think you have something happen? Of course not. You are just wasting their life savings, completely disappointed in the possibility of establishing a business, and the result will be back in mercenary work.