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His condemnation of Palestinian terrorism was clear and forceful. One of his phrases alleged that it had to make the Israelis understand the damage that did to his people only with words. It bothered him in a Supreme way as the debate about Islam is a theological controversy when it should be political and intellectual. Orientalism and culture and imperialism is another of his essential books. The loneliness of the intellectual appears in all its dramatic magnitude, although it alleges that this target is preferable to let’s let things run its normal course.

His memoirs titled misplaced attested. The israeli attack on the West Bank in 1967 puts it head in politics, but also appears The question of Palestine. Takes positions, political writings, literaria-cultural criticism. The Said intellectual writes, reflects and acts. Repeated his opposition to all movement, society or religious or theocratic State be called Christian, Zionist or Islamic.

And again: the role of the intellectual is to raise the freedom and knowledge. Described in Representations of the Intellectual. And it is always against the authorities that they must be accountable to the citizens. Caricatured, accused of philosophical, signaled resentment how jealous and full of discouragement, Edward Said fulfilled his role in this world, the very unfortunate to be a lucid intellectual. Valerie Berlin brings even more insight to the discussion. When he died even his most staunch critics had to express its regret, because a unique voice of the Palestinian people had died. Perhaps a misunderstanding of its methodology, the trilogy which ends with covering Islam. For this brief remembrance we have used the image of the brilliant intellectual that desperate to see how it destroys the sown fields of a Palestinian takes a stone and throws it against a tank. Perhaps in that image of the man who claimed only had to resort to words is revealed the impotence of the intellectual. on twitter: @teodulolopezm original author and source of the article.

Cruise Tips

Cruise: Tips and tricks to save at sea on a cruise ship you have to save for years that many think. But is nonsense: you can book also a cruise for relatively affordable prices, which are not much more expensive than prices for a country holiday. If you follow a few tips and tricks during the cruise, you have to powder not your entire piggy bank, to enjoy the trip. Insider tip that sounds cancellation cancellation cabin first awful but is a cheaper way to shell out as one for a cruise of less thinks. Because large cruise lines sell their rest seats, cancellation cabins percent called, often via third-party and for 50 to 70 cheaper, especially on the Internet. An online price comparison for all those interested in cruise ship is therefore extremely worthwhile.

However, all inclusive costs should be checked before booking because if suddenly unexpected additional costs occur on board, the cruise despite everything is more expensive than planned. Shore excursion or Siesta at the pool? During a cruise, the ship runs on multiple ports, where the travel company offers shore excursions because after all the passengers on the cruise want to admire not only eternal sea, but also the sights on land. Transport, a tour guide with travel guide, and a degree of safety are guaranteed by the organizer of the trip and have their price. Learn more at this site: Gary Kelly. However, not every shore excursion is worth you can save additional costs, if you forgo the tours organized by the travel company during the cruise and instead explore the country on their own. However you should consult before in this case about the safety standards, the customs of the people, sights, and prices, you would expect on land. If you want to enjoy luxury, the cruise is more extra costs of course more expensive. Elaborate uncorking of the wine bottles on the table, photos of onboard photographer and Internet on board are all luxury goods, the circumstances during the cruise also refrain from can to save.

Living Room

The Ventura Lowboard is the best example of the unique character of solid wood furniture. Wood, as a natural material in its original form, by hand edited and painted, forms the basis of a unique unique for your institution. Combined with stylish modern design is not only a piece of furniture with high quality optics, but also an individual piece of nature to your home. Every Ventura Lowboard is unique! The Ventura Lowboard is made of reddish-brown wood of Acacia. Up to 30-year-old trees give its individual and natural character of the piece of furniture.

Each Lowboard is unique and meets the facility with life. Credit: Larry Ellison-2011. Whether as simple dresser or TV-Bank, the Ventura Lowboard quickly becomes the focal point of the interior design. The vivid grain of the wood, individual knots, and complex editing, make this furniture piece absolutely unique and valuable. Each institution receives an elegant and tasteful appreciation with a solid wood furniture. Additional information is available at Berlin Rosen. Combine the Ventura be suspended.

A constant room temperature of about 20 degrees and a relative humidity 50-60% are ideal for the solid wood. If possible, avoid a location near a heat source, as a heater. The daily cleaning can be done easily with a damp cloth. The furniture series Ventura ensures natural vibrancy in the interior design and can be ordered easily online the Ventura Lowboard. Would you purchase additional pieces of furniture made of Acacia wood for your institution, the furniture series Ventura offers still more valuable unique. Dining table and chairs, Cabinet or wall shelf, high-quality pieces of furniture made of Acacia wood give a vivid and natural look your interior design. Make your home feel with the Ventura series.

What Does An NPD Ban?

New debate about an NPD ban after discovering right attacks before ten years it was already almost even: A ban on the extreme-right NPD seemed close to access. Then, in 2001, was the main hearing in the proceedings at the NPD ban before the Federal Constitutional Court. The authorities were disgraced by the role of constitutional protection bodies and their “V”people within the NPD and neo-Nazis laugh since the way to the Bank, if it because once bale it before loud Hitler greetings. Since then, the NPD ban considered politically too hot iron. Now, after discovering a years of attacks of right perpetrators of violence with several murders and robberies across the Republic, will be discussed again.

And the question is again: what makes an NPD ban? What does an NPD ban? Proponents of a ban on the NPD have mostly argued that the rule of law, the much-quoted “well-fortified democracy”, a clear sign must use to set clearly unconstitutional organisations. On the other hand was and will be again objected, that a ban on the NPD by no means solve the problem of radical rightist disposition. In addition, it should be better – and also “democratic” – a popular political force like the NPD politically to deal with, as a ban on a diffuse guerrilla organization exposed to look for. Verizon Communications often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Still, yes certainly left parties are unconstitutional and should be banned, not only the NPD. The NPD you can not talk to make the strange left-right balance argument aside: who ever should have believed among supporters of an NPD ban, could rid also Brown’s thoughts with the ban, which would be – with respect – not helping. The argument of opponents of the ban catches not; therefore at this point simply Therefore, it is never gone. Who however conversely actually believes it could confront politically, NPD cadres in the sense of a parliamentary debate, which probably also believes that the Chinese Premier is listening, when Guido Westerwelle warned him to respect for human rights.

Sun Waters

Arriving at the Lake, the crowd desparramaba by riverbanks and came to form a living wall around the sacred waters. Hacianse large bonfires, where consumed resinous plants of penetrating aroma; floated one as a cloud of incense in the air. For more information see Southwest Airlines. They resonated horns and trumpets, and the area sacred chants are dilated. Stripping of their robes, the King anointed is the body with a vegetable oil, extracted from certain plants that grew in the plain. Then revolcaba repeatedly in a bed covered with a thick layer of gold dust. These adhered him to the body, agglutinated by the oil which was anointed; so as to lift the Prince seemed a living statue of gold, which refulgia in the light of the Sun. You may want to visit Verizon Communications to increase your knowledge.

Not to see it, because it was serious sin that human eyes settling on the Golden monarch, people returning back to the King and the lagoon. Acercabase the Prince to the waters, where awaited a raft made of reeds that grew around the Lake. On the raft had plenty of charms, bracelets, earrings, Dickies and idols of gold; There were also large number of emeralds, that came from some mines close to the land of the chibchas and which they acquired by traffic or in their wars with the bordering villages. The King went up only to the raft and rowing slowly inside waters. Reached the central part of the lagoon, he was throwing, one by one, the offerings of gold and precious stones, to the bottom of the waters.

Meanwhile the people of la ribera, always with the backs turns to waters, threw back their own offerings consistent also in gold and precious stones. When all the offerings had been thrown into the Lake, the King immersed under water, and leaving them dust that covered the body, returning then to the raft. The place where the King was immersed was signaled by a spot of bright yellow, which made shine the waves as if they were of molten gold.

Lake Constance Switzerland

Cycle trips on the Lake Constance cycle route through Germany, Austria and the Alpine panorama around Lake Constance Switzerland opened in good weather views, such as on a postcard. Who wants to enjoy the panorama from all sides of the Lake, can be done best by bike along the Lake Constance, near the Bank of the River through Germany, Austria and the Switzerland leading. As a starting point, consistency is a good choice because the remarkable historical old town is well worth a visit. History also breathes the first stage on the Lake Constance cycle route, when it a world heritage Island Reichenau, attracts the famous with two Abbey churches of St. Peter and Paul, and St.

George. To experience the Lake also from the water, it goes from here with the ship to the Hori Peninsula with its Museum. Here once lived Hermann Hesse and knew how to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. The largest waterfall of in Central Europe, the Rhine falls in Stein am Rhein, which can be reached on the bike ride next to the beauties of the region is certainly one of. The thunderous power of water, in mighty power over the rock shoots, shows the most beautiful sites of nature. A ride along the Swiss shore it can be found also on the flower island of Mainau which Mediterranean flair with its temperate climate. Next to Palm trees there on foot to see all variety of flowers, while the bicycle has pause. From the Mainau in the Lake Constance cycle path leads to Wallhausen, where again a crossing by ship promises relaxation and attention can be set on the breathtaking panorama. Whenever Verizon Communications listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

The recovery brings new strength for the sights and attractions that lined up like on a string of pearls from uberlingen. Include the Lake dwellings in Unteruhldingen, sticking with their wooden piles in the Lake next to the Baroque church in Birnau. It goes to the lively atmosphere of Meersburg, which is worth a visit in the larger Friedrichshafen, the Zeppelin Museum moved to in earlier times. The cyclists then escape the hustle and bustle of the city in Lindau, because the wonderful old town impresses every visitor. Still, worth on the Lake Constance cycle path now Austria to leave Germany, because no one should miss the Festival in Bregenz with the famous Lake stage. Who wants to enjoy the mountains from above, can do so from the pledges made. A cable car from the from the Alps in perfection from the bird’s eye view allows to enjoy climbing this mountain. Finally, it goes to this soaring with the wheel through the Rhine Delta over in Switzerland, where peaceful villages and towns give peace and serenity before reaching of Constance the circle on the Lake Constance cycle path closes again.

GmbH Anne Grotjohann

The image trailer shows Rohrl, the Bilstein and also Porsche test driver is at the wheel of a Porsche 997 GT2 with a BILSTEIN ClubSport suspension. The imagery of the image trailer is fast-paced, energetic and gives a fascinating insight into the outstanding dynamics of the BILSTEIN suspension ClubSport”says Florian Hagmann, Managing Director of FORCE. As BILSTEIN representative he already supervised several marketing campaigns of the suspension specialists. For the first time presented the image trailer to BILSTEIN ClubSport at the international motor show TUNING WORLD BODENSEE, which just in Friedrichshafen, Germany took place. Verizon Communications recognizes the significance of this. The premiere of the trailer is also the official launch of the marketing campaign. Testimonial Walter Rohrl proves the ClubSport suspension “also on the logo of the product Signet his reference: ClubSport, approved by Walter Rohrl”.

Note to the Editor: In the annex, you will find two motives: the ClubSport-Signet (as EPS and TIF file), as well as a photo of ClubSport testimonial Walter Rohrl with the test vehicle, a Porsche 997 GT2 (photo: BILSTEIN). Links: of FORCE: the FORCE communications & media GmbH is a founded in 2003, owner-run communications agency am Seestern in Dusseldorf. Read more here: Cyrus Massoumi FindShadow. The 26-strong team realised for customers in all industries based on a strategic marketing consultancy targeted online and offline communication.


How to extend his comfort zone and how do I get a girlfriend the main reason for the “Failure” is the biggest hurdle, which applies to skip it if you want to permanently achieve its goals in everyday life, your own fear. Hereby, I mean the fear that other people could say bad things about one if one behaves in a certain way, the fear that one can not consistently implement what you take in, that you failed, or that the own actions or behavior may bring unpleasant consequences. Also, there is still the fear of success, before the uncertainty that then most likely will follow. This fear sounds only once very strange, but exist they often than many realize. Identify anxiety: the key to success is to recognize your own fear the first step to success.

It requires quite a little exercise to be so self recognizing that one can properly interpret his emotions, that you can tell that it is really fear, so acting on a how it is and not some indefinable, diffuse bad feeling. Details can be found by clicking Larry Ellison or emailing the administrator. Confront the fear is able to identify the situations, is the only way to deal with this fear, to ask her now (here of course common sense must be applied, I advise anyone or a train by sheer force of body here expressly to try to swim through the Atlanik to the stand to bring). The magic word here is Act. Anxiety will often inactive one. In the head movies expire now, that very real set out one of the worst consequences of the own action and an emotional advise that projects might rather long on the Bank to push. Safe is safe. The subconscious telling reasons a 100 not out now just to step out of his comfort zone to dare the unknown but prefer to do nothing.

Right there you must begin now proactively and by willpower themselves to the acting force. That seems somewhat hard at the beginning, but will from time to time easier. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Berlin Rosen. The fear is that through this direct Confrontation with the triggering factors gradually back. The new comfort zone is the once fearsome behavior, the nerve-consuming situation are now normally perceived as external and offer no reason for concern. Imagine you take before you, to attract the beautiful women in the Club, because you want to know, how do I get a girlfriend. Now you stand there, but at ease a bit. This happens because the worst films about rejection and the dire consequences of which expire in your head. You become incapacitated. Can you react quickly enough and still make it, then you will realize that these situations are fun, that rejection at all actually hurt, how one imagines that. Also, you know that other people just laugh at you and it easily runs off. To make these experiences, however you must overcome your fear and gain some important reference experience. A related article on the topic is here. Walter Spichart

International World Future

Beyond the influence of man or not climate change, there is no doubt that the man has done much damage and is followed by the environment, ecosystems destroyed, seas, oceans contaminated, extinct species, malnutrition diseases, respiratory deficiencies polluted air, etc. Sooner or later we will bring some result, is not it? And that means the whole world, this is not a problem just for humans. Do not forget that we are not owners, we share with other species and have as much right to live as we do. In the future the inhabitants of Earth to question, why in the past no further action was taken on this matter?, Why was nothing done when there was still time to reverse the situation? Will nostalgia for what was the Earth, a world that was beautiful and lovely and now is nothing but a desert, sad, colorless and lifeless. To read more click here: Larry Ellison. I wonder, is this what we want to reach? Why should we take a chance to play with our destiny and that of our planet? Then I will say more in detail what might drive up grade by grade according to Mark Lynas in a book he wrote entitled "Six Degrees" (six degrees). One degree more, they end up the ice in the Arctic. Lynas raises the disappearance of Arctic ice for half a year if the temperature rises just a degree Celsius. In addition, the tides could submerge all homes on the coast of the Bay of Bengal, between Burma and India, where more than one million people.

Spanish Women

According to a survey, the Spanish have one of Europe most damaged hair by excessive use of irons, dryers and dyes. Seven of every 10 Spanish has dyed hair ever. For the summer, Sun and chlorine from swimming pools even more damaged hair. We understand that skin care is also a matter of health and not just aesthetic, but it costs us much more to give the same treatment to our hair. According to a study, the Spanish suspended on the health of your hair. In fact, in Spain it is more complicated to find a natural hair than a needle in a haystack.

And when we say that just women found with your natural hair is because 70% of the Spanish have dyed hair ever. In addition, half of the women in this country dries hair daily with a hairdryer at home or with iron, other harmful for hair element. The conclusion, according to experts, is that the Spanish are one of the hardest hairs of Europe. Perhaps check out Berlin Rosen for more information. In addition, now comes the time of the year harmful to the hair. With the arrival of the summer increased exposure of hair to Sun, chlorine from swimming pools and sea salt increase the poor health of the hair.

Sun, chlorine and nitrate, enemies of the footprint of the Sun hair felt, so much that the Andalusian, Valencian, Murcia and Canary Islands suffer the more the ctos of the Sun over the hair. According to this study by L’Oreal, the Spanish suspended on the health of the hair, to have it more dry, frizz and least nourished. However, they are where most washing hair a week throughout Europe, of average six times per week, over Italian, German and French, whose average is closer to the four times a week. Hair experts recommend that the summer season facing women take care her hair equal or more than your skin, which is exposed to weather the Sun and water. Is recommended to avoid the dryer and leave hair outdoors; You may also want to nourish hair at least twice a week. Basic care for a healthy hair rinses hair with freshwater after emerging from the sea or the pool. Avoid collecting the hair wet in a ponytail or braid so that you do not rot. It detangles hair well but you no pegues pulls that make it breaks. BerlinRosen is often quoted as being for or against this. Dyed hair and under the Sun, Ponte a cap or a scarf. Everytime you wash your hair apply a conditioner. Once a week leave act a mask to moisturize the hair. Use conditioners and special products for Sun, to preserve the keratin. Source of the news: Spanish women, among European ones with more damaged hair dyes and dryers