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Trade Management

When purchasing goods from a trade organization may have miscellaneous amounts payable under the contract to the supplier (seller); duties remuneration payable to the intermediary organization through which purchased Products cost of procurement and delivery of goods to their place of use, including insurance costs. Costs for bringing goods to the state in which they are suitable for use in the planned purposes. Other costs directly related to the acquisition of goods. Including these costs in the cost of purchased goods will generate the most complete and cost to establish accounts and selling purchase price to allow a profit from trading operations. In the 1C: Enterprise 8 "Trade Management" operation on the acquisition of goods reflects the document "Receipt of goods and services." Customs duties are reflected document "GTD on imports." All other expenses are the document "Receipts ext. costs ".

It should be noted that the documents "GTE import" and "Receipt dop.rashodov" should be entered on the basis of a document "Receipt of goods and services." This allows to fill a table of documents "GTE import" and "Receipt dop.rashodov" on the basis of which the distribution of additional costs on the cost of purchased goods. A separate focus on the distribution of incremental costs based on the cost of purchased goods. In a typical solution of 1C: Enterprise 8 "Trade Management" implemented 3 methods of distribution: the sum, for Total, by weight. Depending upon the commodity nomenclature may need to use other methods of allocation of additional costs. For example, if your company sells large-scale household appliances, transportation costs it is more expedient distribution of proportion to the volume (cubic) unit of the commodity. For these companies we provide revision mechanism for distributing additional costs depending on the assumed in company procedures. So, after entering all the required documents, the system will be set a specific cost of shipment.

Income Statement

Further, the auditor should consider the organization of the current accounting of biological assets, establish the correctness of their reflections, compliance with accounting principles and practices of accounting policies businesses on current biological assets, to Ukrainian legislation, II (c) BU 30. Also, the auditor should check the approved work plan accounts of current accounting of biological assets, the availability of officers Accountant instructions on their account and the timetable of their workflow and t.p.Neobhodimo of inspection of primary documents, which are made such basic household livestock operations with current biological assets as income, transfer, cancellation and pr.Krome this source of information for audit are Ledger movement of animals and birds, book shepherd, gurtoprava, Statement of animals and birds on the farm, Report on the incubation process, Journal of the order and reverse bill of analytical accounting, general ledger and reporting companies: Balance, Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flow Notes annual financial statements. On the basis of documents the auditor has the opportunity to test and compare the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of the reflection of business transactions in the accounts and subaccounts accounting analytical accounting. David Fowler is often quoted on this topic. As a result of the audit the auditor may determine how consistent the actual credentials of the rules and methods to reflect current biological assets livestock referred to in Order approving accounting policies of the enterprise and the current legislation in the field of accounting. On the basis of the audit the auditor is the auditor's report, which gives an estimate of the accounting system in the enterprise, indicating possible violations found by the reflection of the current biological assets and business transactions with them, and establishes the degree of their relevance and impact on Indicators of financial statements of the enterprise. The verification process is tedious and the auditor to optimize its operation should be used such working papers, as – the Register of data held inventory – to reflect the data set in the inventory; Register correctness of transactions on the current capitalization of biological assets livestock; register correctly reflect transactions internal displacement; register correctly reflect the current operations of disposal of biological assets livestock; register correctly determine the initial (fair) value, the correct Registry of transactions with current biological asset accumulation in animal husbandry departments documents; register correctly reflected in accounting registers, register reconciliation registers accounting with indicators of financial statements for the current accounting of biological assets and livestock etc. The implementation of an audit of current biological assets provided by the method of application form developed by the working documents will allow to fully cover all the features of transactions carried out with the assets, as well as provide an opportunity to audit and provide auditor's report to the optimum time.

Charisma Business Coach

Discussing with members of the little-known coach training, as a rule, is one opinion about him – Coach wonderful! But, addressing the topic of a certain coach or business consultant, quite often hear the term ‘charismatic Business Coach ‘. What is charisma and how does it come from? That’s the topic we have touched on one of his meetings with fellow coaches. Helen (coach): Amazing theme! Many quality coaches that make up the charisma, are produced. I I think that charisma – a sum of its parts: experiences, work, continuous learning, love of the audience, a desire to share our experience and openness to the perception of the experience of its members … One of my ‘chips’ – it’s remembering names participants, literally from the second hour of work, I know everyone by name (even if 35 people) and by offering the participants ‘answers during the debate, saying:’ Yes, please, Mr (Mary, John …..)’.

More often call members by name – it the most powerful positive anchor (as they say NLPery) and I can confirm that his long experience. Basil (trainer and consultant): Helen, I think that you are the most important – like the group to get away approval. But our job is first and foremost goal of the training. Just change the priorities. Business coach must not like it, it should help the group achieve a result, they planned and expected.

They us the money We do not pay for what we are charismatic, handsome, intelligent … and for what we can really assist in achieving the goal. Julia (coach): Regarding the charisma … Extremely personal conviction. Charisma – it’s not something that man has, and what that occurs in the other person, in response to the first. In some, it turns out: look, talk, breathe, move, ‘create image’. And it’s done so seamlessly, so pure, that is visible to the master’s hand – charisma. Someone else learning. In my opinion, do not bother to charisma. This is – a logical extension of your work on technique of business training (training on sales, negotiating, etc.). And exactly – it vyrabatyvaemo. So, my colleagues tried to find out what a charisma coach. And it’s worth noting that the market for training services, the client is willing to pay quite often it is a charisma .. Just do not confuse charisma with show training. No matter what conducts training coach: team building, sales training, guerilla marketing, or training on taymmenedzhmentu need a final result. The result is not the same admiration for the trainees, and how skill he mastered after completing the training. Perhaps the ability to transfer specific skills training to more participants – is the skill and charisma serves as a tool to transfer?

Regional Energy Company

The advantages of CHP is: Low cost of produced electricity and heat efficiency of the CHP far exceeds the efficiency of traditional steam turbine CHP multi-fuel: the possibility of using waste as fuel, associated gas in oil extraction, wood waste during the sanitary felling flexibility in the design, execution and use a wide range of technological schemes to generate electricity and heat in the form of steam or hot water cooling (water with a temperature of 12.6 degrees) for air-conditioning as possible to bring the production of energy to consumers, and consequently, reduce the length of networks, reduce the cost of their construction and maintenance of ecological safety advantages of quick payback Cummins piston units in the construction of mini-CHP is a low fuel consumption, a large engine-service life, reliability and durability. One of the difficulties that accompany the introduction of small power facilities, is the lack of customer service experience of similar equipment. (Source: David Fowler). CSB-offers a comprehensive approach to project implementation, including the maintenance of property by qualified personnel. References power utilities Diesel generators based on engines Cummins VTA 28 (five DGS) unit 500 kW. Diesel-based generator engine Cummins QST 30 of 800 kW.

Diesel-based generator Cummins KTA 50 engine capacity of 1 MW. Gas-generating sets based on engine Cummins QSV91G (2 GPEA) unit capacity of 1,500 kW, operating on natural gas. Emergency and standby power supply utilities Megion, Beloyarsky, Nefteyugansk, Surgut, Yugorsk, etc. Birch, Mr. Pyt-Yah. Customer Khanty government. Two diesel generators in Kotlas for the main Housing supply-Cummins 660DFGD and Cummins 651DQCC. Stand-alone gas-piston power plant, modular design with heat recovery system, such as CSB-II 17506.3 KN31" based on engine Cummins 1750GQNB-50 for power utilities, etc.

Birch, Khanty Diesel generators Cummins (12 DGS) capacity from 8 to 400 kW. Backup power supply utilities and industrial companies in the program of modernization of energy supply in remote areas of the Arkhangelsk region. Localities Arch. Region: Mamoniha, Novolavela, Verhneozersky-Cummins C440D5, Red Mountain, Red-Cummins C15D5, Sogra-Cummins C440D5, Loban-Cummins C11D5, Meghri-Cummins C22D5, Tiglyava-Cummins C11D5, Paloschele-Cummins C22D5, Syuma-Cummins C22D5, Cummins C55D5. Customer "Arkhangelsk Regional Energy Company." Social responsibility in its operations, the company focuses not only on the achievement of business results, but also on the main priorities of society, including science, education and charity. Social responsibility for our company is: Relevance high standards of business ethics Ensuring employees decent working and living participation in scientific conferences and exhibitions to exchange experience organization of training programs for staff and training seminars in the partner program Charity Under charitable by CSB were transferred to the Savior-Transfiguration Valaam Monastery diesel power and Cummins Cummins C70D5 C55D5.Stantsii supplying electricity to churches and business premises of monks. In 2005, the company's staff has solution to help those who are deprived of parental care, and the company took over the patronage of the House of Babies Tikhvin.