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After all, it still remains the only person in the world, understood, and Homer, and Vakhilida. So he suffers every day for himself and for Homer Vakhilidom. And so, again, the author does not cover that in Homer and Vakhilida understood and picked up Shakespeare and public works, and as he pointed at it. But the situation is even worse Shakespeare and Homer vakhilidovskogo together yet, and because even in those few days when they do not read the works of Shakespeare sees the writing on his grave slab, which is not understanding of his poems and works on all remaining coined century. And it is unlikely even after reading this note, someone will insist that this inscription in any way correct. In this inscription on the reason Shakespeare is compared with Nestor, the genius of Socrates, and a talent with Verligiem. And if the comparison with Nestor and Verligiem still can be satisfied with Shakespeare, the comparison with Socrates, he can not seen not only as a dagger, but as a slap in the paradise of his soul. Rather, it was in the earthly life of the episode when one of his contemporaries, celebrating flexibility, agility, the dialectics of the mind, with him and with his other interlocutors pointed out that in this respect it is comparable to Socrates.

It is now difficult to say whether Shakespeare gave immediate rebuttal to this layman, and his entire company. But what possible consequences prozrevaya seditious statements, Shakespeare immediately disown such a comparison in his works, you can even not particularly prove. At the same time the most important evidence derives from Shakespeare's own words: "It is an upstart foreign Names do not remember. " And Shakespeare in his works directly by name, as in Horace's "Titus Andronicus", or indirectly, D. Bruno in "Winter's Tale," mentioned all people thought that he took.

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