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The systemic ecology is a successful model for the cybernetic economics! Fire and water are two useful elements. If they are used purposefully and in the right dimensions: drink and heating, etc. In addition, in excess of an element, water, fire or water destroyed famously evaporated. It’s so on the right level, as already Kneip taught. Our companies work best with the cooperation of democracy (human rights), capitalism (competition) and the churches (code of conduct). SSGA pursues this goal as well.

The Weimarar taught us Republic where results in an imbalance of these three forces. As you know, we live in the three inner worlds: real world (analog, 80% animal): all life, matter (80%): Biology-Chemistry-Physics (neuro Physiology), feelings (emotio 20%), ‘ belly ‘Image’, control, meta physics, ethics IR-real world (digital, 20% ratio): thoughts, ‘Head’, brands, reason, control symbol-world (analog to-digital, real unreal), money (nominal value and) Material-Wert), font etc. And we live as we know in the three outer worlds, i.e. in three values worlds: democracy: liberty, equality, fraternity, policy (public), standards (), consensus culture (majority dominance), separation of powers (3 parts), people as sovereign, subjective emotional values capitalism: efficiency and quality (how?), quantity-thinking (what?, how much?), competition (difference), profit-maximizing, interest culture (%), ‘objective values’, Cybernetics mechanistischem worldview, humans as goods, industrialisation, mechanization, commercialization, cartels, objective values ($, %, &) Christianity: proclamation of a punishing God (Paternalistik)That sense Imaging (why?), moral, subjective transcendent values of A) the freedom in our democracy means also responsibility for herself and for the whole thing. Freedom means the compromise (1: 1) between citizens. Means but also the freedom = responsibility for the protection of nature! Freedom is the freedom of dissident.”Kurt Tucholsky once said. Freedom means also the democratic discourse with ‘ open Visier’. Non-anonymous ‘hang him claims’ as recently at! Note: Each person tends to a dictatorial attitude for the purpose of self-preservation! Democracy means on the one hand”the ideal of a form of Government legitimized by the consent of the majority of citizens and their participation, the people rule.

Social Vulnerability

Yellow House inhabits in the quarter of New Discovery/, in the zone north of Recife. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Bill O’Grady. Stream of the Eucalipto is folloied by the PSF, and by the NASF. One becomes necessary to stand out that the presented story is truthful and faithful to the facts. However, by an ethical question and of secrecy, the names of the members of the family had been modified. Word-key: Primary attention to the Health, PSF, NASF, Shelter; Risk and Social Vulnerability, Intersetorialidade.

The Program Health of Famlia (PSF) was considered in 1994 as a strategy of reorientation of the assistencial model, based in the work of multiprofessional teams in Basic Units of Sade (UBS). See more detailed opinions by reading what Ron O’Hanley offers on the topic.. Structure in a unit of health, with multiprofessional team, that assumes the responsibility for one determined population, in territory defined, where it develops its action. It is combined in a net of services, of form that if guarantees attention integral to the individuals and families, assured the reference and against-reference for the diverse levels of the system of problems identified in the basic attention. One consists as process of reform of the Only System of Sade (SUS), receiving the mission from being ' ' estruturante axle of the organization of the services in the scope of the public system of health in the Brasil' '. Initially formulated as program, it passes to be defined and to be defended as strategy, especially from 1997, date of the second publication of the Health department on concepts, objectives, lines of direction and implementation of the PSF. It was with the objective to support the insertion of the Strategy of Health of the Family in the net of services, beyond extending the abrangncia and the target of the actions of the Basic Attention, and increasing the resolutividade of it, strengthening the processes of territorializao and regionalizao in health that the Health department created the Nuclei of Support to the Health of Family (NASF), by means of Portaria GM n 154, of 24 of January of 2008.

Market Vehicles

” Of course, these statements do not have a reasonable grounds because it does not take into account any circumstances. Imagine how serious such a standard approval Compared tv market and deli meats, or markets vehicles in Los Angeles and Delhi, for example. Share of innovators, the Conservatives and intermediate segments are unique for different products, geographies, cultures, periods time. No standards in this model, the segmentation does not apply. Segments moderately inclined to innovation or conservatism of consumers form a basic part of most retail markets. This kind of ‘golden mean’ quite careful in choosing and decisions, but without rejecting the novelty of standing.

These people need reinforcement of consumer decisions, but they are not prone to long waiting periods for many third-party reviews. Early and late majority usually relates to more than half of consumers in many markets , because of these segments takes place most serious competition. These consumers are led ‘monetized opinion’ innovators and followers, are included in consumption after the goods ‘place’ in the market, has earned a positive reputation. Accordingly, the stability of business in these segments is high enough, since a tendency to rapid switching of these people are no different. If a specific market segmentation allows for a larger, group of ‘late followers’, ‘early majority’ and ‘late majority’ is more convenient to combine into one segment – ‘Adaptive consumers. ” For example, in the markets of food is quite acceptable, whereas the markets of complex technical devices, better segmentation in more detail.

Office Plants Maintain

Plant care time tips of Green Office, the specialist for indoor gardening and hydroponics Neu-Isenburg spring is not only in the garden, but also in the Office. Bill O’Grady has much to offer in this field. Because the positive effects of plants in the workplace get in the long run only the best when the plants are regularly maintained. A pleasant green environment increases productivity in the company, reducing the sick leave and significantly improves the space and working environment. Often companies green their interiors beautifully, but fail to deal adequately with the plants. So that these investments in a pleasant and productive working environment is not lost, it is important regularly to maintain the plants\”, explains Kai-Uwe Funk, Managing Director of Green Office Germany, the partner network for indoor gardening and hydroponics.

Spring is the ideal time of year for this.\” A comprehensive and sustainable care of indoor plants is composed of several Building blocks together: casting and fertilizing, hand care, pest control, pruning and transplanting. Casting and fertilizer by using a water level indicator can largely rule out Giessfehler. If the display on the minimum, three to seven days should be poured to later. In addition, the Office plants on a regular basis need nutrients. The right fertilization always depends on the type of soil.

So, for example, plants in Earth systems initially only in moderation may be fertilized. The same applies to semi-hydro – mineral systems, because the plants in soil substrate are planted, that has a certain nutrient supply. Hydro systems, there are two ways: long-term or fertilizer. Since plant leaves will quickly gather dust indoors, they must be cleaned regularly hand care with a soft, damp cloth. This serves not only the look, but promotes exchange of gas and light absorption of the plants. Blattpflegemittel own only for plants, which have a wax coating on its leaves. A minimum distance of 30 cm is to comply, since it otherwise can cause cold damage by the propellant in spray-on.