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Stuffy But Freaked Out

The FAZ with Florian Kohler of the Buttenpapierfabrik GMUND spoke about him and his company the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote an equally entertaining as interesting article about GMUND am Tegernsee family operation, which authentically represents the company and its values. An interview with Florian Kohler, owner and Managing Director of the Buttenpapierfabrik GMUND, gives a good picture of what stands for the head of the company at the Center and what you can expect when buying paper products of the company at the Tegernsee. In the FAZ interview, Kohler says that his father was completely in his work. He now leads the factory in the fourth generation. He did not so much interested in but the aesthetic aspect. Florian Kohler even had his children’s room on the first floor of the administration building where he now receive customers suppliers and visitors.

He put other priorities and have not taken over by father business caution, the course. Former commodities trader, today brands, be freaked out they always still stuffy, but the products. This would cost the company but incredibly much money, but the operation save the life. Florian Kohler put itself much work time in the development of new patterns and embossing. Paper quality of Bavaria the Buttenpapierfabrik GMUND at the Tegernsee is nationally and internationally for high-quality paper products. Florian Kohler leads the factory now in its fourth generation. In addition to local shops in Munich, GMUND, Bremen, Hannover, Innsbruck, Tokyo and Sibiu, the company operates several online sites, including the main site, which contains the entire selection of papers from GMUND and the Gmundboutique, which offers mostly paper products for private customers.

Meyer Logistics: Top Management Extends

Florian Entrich new QSL Manager Matthias Strehl strengthens management of Ludwig Meyer GmbH & co. KG Meyer logistics has expanded its leadership. Since early October, Florian Entrich of new Managing Director of Meyer is quick service logistics (QSL). His predecessor, Matthias Strehl leads together with Heinz Meyer and mark Babic the Ludwig Meyer GmbH & co. KG.

Friedrichsdorf, November 03, 2010 – come from the QSL customer Burger King, Florian Entrich has excellent contacts with companies in the foodservice and quick-service industry. At the Hamburger chain, the 38 year old native Bavarian presided a total of eight years the areas of purchasing and logistics. Edwards brings a broad background including qualifications as forwarding merchant, Economist, Chamber of Commerce and supply chain manager DLA and has in the past both in large corporations such as Kraft foods and the P & O group as well as working for the family business. Heinz Meyer, managing partner of Meyer logistics, is pleased that so profound expert of catering and logistics expert strengthens the company.” For his task at the top of the quick-service provider Florian Entrich has made is to expand the network of the company through additional growth in the country and abroad. With our nationwide Multitemp distribution and storage network we are excellently positioned to tap other segments of the industry, such as hotels, catering, and professional kitchen logistics”, explains Florian Entrich its medium-term goals. “Full service logistics is interesting for almost every industry: we bundle the purchase, deliver in the one-stop-shop system and also manage the cash flow”, the new QSL Manager highlights the range of services.

“Florian Entrich would like to develop further system solutions and space offered together with medium-sized partners also in other European countries: an exciting task, which gives me much joy.” Press contact: main views Agency for public relations work Tobias Loew Wilhelmshoher Strasse 35 60389 Frankfurt phone 0 69 / 40 56 29 54 company contact: Daniela Bappert Ludwig Meyer GmbH & co. KG Otto-Hahn-str. 11, 61381 Czemins village phone: 06175 9345-0 Ludwig Meyer GmbH & co. KG: established in 1949, specialist for fresh transport and food logistics is an owner-managed medium-sized company. With 1,500 employees and a fleet of around 1,000 vehicles at locations in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands, Meyer supplies the European food retailers, foodservice and catering. The sister company Meyer quick service Logistics GmbH & co. KG”organizes the full supply of around 850 quick service restaurants in Germany, the Switzerland and Romania. Its largest customers are Burger King and yum! Restaurants international. For more information see.

Meaning Full Christmas

Christmas seminar at the monastery of Benediktbeuern Munich, November 03, 2010 all years back we want to enchant us by Christmas. But some are alone, and others suffer from frozen holiday traditions in your family. The secularism of our society doesn’t change the fact that the candles, the Christmas tree, the creche, gifts and festive music to create the framework for the quiet peace, after which we deeply long. The increasing commercialisation of the Christian festivals robs the people but a sense for the deeper meaning of these holidays. For many, Christmas is only welcome leisure, which stimulates to skiing, or other activities. And yet! -Especially in our times with its major economic crises and the louder call for ethics and values in the society, it is useful to reflect on his own life in the light of the Christmas message.

The solemnity of the Christians would like to invite to pause to trace the personal sense of these days. Order for this need an opportunity to offer, Magdalena, Unger has developed her Christmas seminar. Since 1999, it offers peaceful days every year from December 22-25. This year is for the first time in Benediktbeuern, the oldest monastery in Upper Bavaria. With various elements such as E.g. spiritual impulse, singing Christmas carols, music, choir prayer and others a Merry community arises in the shortest time among people who didn’t know about until then. The Christmas Eve celebration and the Christmas mass are a celebration of loving encounter, of attentive listening to and sensitive perception for themselves and for others.

More information is available at or phone 089/62747610. information about Magdalena Unger: Magdalena Unger is a native Regensburgerin and lives in Munich since 1988. Her Catholic parents was formative for them, but your resurrection experience”she had in 1973 in Israel during the Yom Kip-pure war. Again in Germany, she found her spiritual home in the Cursillo Munich. The 15-year involvement in this Erneuerungsbewe-gung within the meaning of the second Vatican Council their Christian Le ben had a decisive influence. Today, Magdalena is working adults senenbildung Unger volunteers in the Church. In June 2010, she received an award from the Munich-based education movement e.V. and the city of Munich for citizens economic commitment. Her professional career led her on a commercial and psy-chosoziale training to their actual vocation as breathing and voice teacher. Since 1996, she has breathing courses at the Abbey Frauenworth in Chiemsee, Germany. Personality coach supported as individuals to develop their potential, the power of the approved breath their vocal possibilities to develop, to improve your rhetorical skills or personal/professional upheaval to bewalti – gen. Publication: Magdalena Unger: breath. Stress reduction and management in the workplace (Pro BUSINESS 2008, 170 pages, bound, 16.90 euros, ISBN 978-3-86805-094-3)


For glamorous appearances boots in blue are you an absolute must-have in the latest autumn and winter fashion season: Blue women boots. There are reasons for several such as that color belongs to the current trend colours blue and at the same time presents itself in the most diverse nuances. And as a result, you can combine the boots blue to many fashionable outfits because they fit for the casual jeans, sexy miniskirt or the cool business costume. An absolute diversity is also reflected in the different designs of this special kind of boots because in addition to the classic version it is available also as trendy Overknees, stylish short boots or trendy boots. Tip: also platform soles and high heels are up-to-date (both going should thus necessarily in advance at home practiced”are). So versatile no autumn and winter season has presented technical boots still itself. Why you not pass currently just this footwear: Womens boots blue. As so often in life, and also here It depends on the decorative details.

Such as metal rivets, hot eyes, shiny chains or sparkling sequins are in the trend. “Tip: absolutely trendy is if the boots strapped” are also still as striking (E.g. on the sides). A further trend are fur and Pelzapplikationen. Because without this hairy”anything goes in this Fashionsaison in accessories. In the current season, wedge heels are speaking of also super hip and they make eye-catching blue boots. Conclusion: With those at the bottom, you are always right, guaranteed.

Blue boots also put colored highlights in often dreary gray of winter you should decide for one or more of the trendy models (E.g. in light blue, Royal or a taupe-tone). Another big trend, which prevailed in terms of women’s boots is the stylish Krempelschaft (these boots have a wide shaft, which can simply turn up). If you like it, as this can perfectly to all flat soles worn be (also trendy). People who like it more rustic and also global, which can show up in this Schuhsaison including hiking booties (hiking boots) fashion-interested public. Tip: You can be super stylish combined themselves with a pantyhose, a sweeping skirt and tight top. Much fun. Jan Peters

Technology and Physical Activities

Lately due to the advances of the technology and alterations in the life habits, we reduce each time plus our corporal movements and in consequence our daily energy expense. It is understood as physical activity, any carried through corporal movement that increases its vital functions, as cardiac frequency and metabolic tax, above of the rest levels, as, for example, to sweep, to paint, to wash, to walk, between as much other activities. Educate yourself with thoughts from Sarah Perot. Then which are the damages associates to the reduction of the physical activity? The reduction of the physical activity is related with diverse metabolic alterations, that the increase of the corporal weight in adiposo fabric form has as precursory. Currently the Obesidade is considered an illness, which had to the diverse alterations that occur with the increase of the corporal weight. The obesidade favors the sprouting of other illnesses, as Diabetes, Hipertenso and Dislipidemias, that increase the risk of cardiovascular illnesses and reduce the quality of life. the benefits? What it is gotten for practises of physical activities and changes in the life habits? If to substitute some habits of life, we can very improve and our quality of life and our health.

Simple alterations as to use less the car and the remote control and to carry through some domestic tasks can help to give a great step in the contrary direction of the sedentarismo and to improve our health. The benefits of practise of physical activities well are told by literature. Increase in the physical capacity, control of the glicemia and the triglicerdeos, maintenance of the force and muscular resistance, increase of the quality of life and among others benefits are obtained through practise of physical activities. Then it does not lose time and it invests in its health! It is put into motion!