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Bank AXA

Bank compares Court gutlich with an Immoselect of AXA investor the situation has been, that a Bankkundin had acquired shares in the originally open real estate fund Immoselect (WKN 984645) 2007 in the year. An investment advice went ahead through their local bank. The Bankkundin felt wrong advice, as already announced in November 2009 the AXA investment manager Germany GmbH, that closed the AXA Immoselect, i.e. that the issue and redemption of share certificates of the AXA Immoselect was suspended until further notice. During out-of-court negotiations, no amicable agreement could be reached with the Bank, the investor decided to take action against the Bank. In the course of the court proceedings, a comparison was closed after extensive negotiations.

The Bank is committed to pay a reasonable amount of comparison. The rescue of the open-ended real estate fund AXA Immoselect had failed. The AXA investment manager Germany GmbH had already on the 19.10.2011 announced that the AXA Immoselect is liquidated, after most November 17, 2009 the AXA Immoselect was closed. The AXA investment manager Germany GmbH is the investment company of the real estate fund AXA Immoselect. The AXA Immoselect was applied to the 03.06.2002. Office real estate in Germany, France and the Netherlands were predominantly of the investment subject of AXA Immoselect.

The shares of a mutual fund must always be withdrawn at any time request an investor by the capital investment company. A statutory exception case occurs when a so-called Fund closure when the liquidity of the investment funds it does not allow to pay all investors willing to return. If then within 2 years the liquidity situation of the mutual funds improved non-sustainably, the investment fund must be resolved. This phase of the dissolution of the Fund can last for many years. In a different matter and of other investment funds the higher regional court had already ruled Frankfurt am Main that the possibility of the suspension of the redemption as a Exception of the fundamental obligation of the capital investment company for the redemption a the plant in open real estate funds is defining structural principle, which is to show the prospective. see You also: author and contact person: lawyer Ralf Renner – a trained banker and lawyer – Tel.: 030 / 810 030-22 E-mail: firm hit the specialty of lawyer Ralf Renner are legal issues of closed-end Fund, where he has many years of experience. In these contexts, investors in a lawyer approach, if you want to check what rights and claims exist. Blanket statements prohibit themselves? In any case, an individual assessment is offered. Damages can claims against an investment advisor or a Bank, if was not sufficiently enlightened on essential aspects. An experienced lawyer can determine whether claims for damages are and how high the chances for a successful Enforcement are.

Managing Director Word

Bank transmitted call for accepting donations in advent Sankt Augustin well run – 75,000 euros in emergency aid of the divine word mission – relief effort of the divine word missionaries in Cebu and Leyte, the 17 Dec 2013 Haiyan was one of the worst typhoons, which ever is swept across the Philippines across. Over four million people are now homeless. The number of deaths is more than 5,700, 26,000 people were injured, hundreds are still missing. The divine word ethics Bank launched a call for donations through their Web site immediately after the accident and can now forward 75.548,32 euros in emergency aid to the Philippines of the divine word missionaries. The funds are used for emergency aid packages on the islands of Cebu and Leyte, as well as for the divine word hospital in Tacloban.

Norbert Wolf, Managing Director of divine word ethics Bank commented: the Steyler Missionaries living among humans for decades. For even more analysis, hear from Ronald O’Hanley . You know the country, the language, the supply routes and have the required networks to help quickly and sustainably organize. Coordinated and targeted emergency relief the Steyler missionary hospital on the island of Leyte in Tacloban the only, that still works and can immediately start with the medical care is immediately after the Typhoon. First aid in the foreground stood with the divine word missionaries: were distributed to families in the disaster area rescue packages worth 40 euros. They contained the basic necessities for survival such as rice, drinking water, dried fish, blankets, clothes and flashlights. The divine word missionaries could bring to Tacloban on the island of Bantayan and five truckloads of relief supplies already eight tons. The Steyler disasters team working on several disaster places is coordinated around the clock. All facilities of the Steyler help together: the University of San Carlos and holy name, the radio stations, schools, brothers – and sisters communities.

Munich Communication

TRADOS benefits for legal, technical, medical, and TRADOS is only a machine other translations. One incredibly useful admitted. But while machines per version is always working, terminology change occasionally. The same applies in law, medicine, and technology, but also on academic special expressions. The native of global communication Munich are technicians, physicians or scientists, either directly at the practice site at the same time. You can reject proposals to TRADOS and instead give a more modern version of the word. In turn happens when these changes, what is so valuable TRADOS above all for the price of the translation and the technical quality: only the first new Translation of the word is fully counted, then the percentage assessment starts down to finally more repetitions, no matter how often, not new or pro rata will be charged.

An international Web presence can prepare themselves by this tool several target markets. Because price all target languages versions remain equally favourable. Real people behind TRADOS and error prevention through the”four eyes-principle translators are only human. People make mistakes. Screw up is so spoiled, like today, the target audience, the smallest mistakes can a successful market entry at the initial presentation. But also during permanent market presence products and services, first the company, tie the translated presentation, only from here constantly a very critical scrutiny. Therefore both TRADOS and the double control are after the”four-eyes principle at global communication essential.

A native of equal professional and linguistic Qualification knocks off any translation according to the rules of the language and thing art on inaccuracies or omissions. This costs time. This is used for the date designation to the customer before accepting a translation job in the effort included. Take the three components is in global communication Munich the good recipe for success in each target country: patience for thorough work skills for correct translations and TRADOS for manageable costs calculation. Sympathy when the target audience is the final product, because it “simply nothing to complain about”is.

September T-Online

Recent survey from titled financial customer service Darmstadt, September 16, 2013 the global economic crisis has badly damaged the image of banks and lastingly disturbed the trust of customers. The News editorial has launched a poll on this topic. The result: Nearly half (47.7 percent) currently 5.226 participants feels badly advised by their bank. 45.5 Percent rate the advice as serious, but still see no benefit for themselves in the offers. You assume that these alone will the banks be good.

Just 6.8 percent of readers feel well advised by their bank. You will find here the complete article on the topic of customer service in banks and the ongoing survey. (As opposed to Deloitte Consulting). At polls take place regularly, awarded current opinion images. Daily write approximately 500 articles in one of the Europe’s largest digital newsrooms at 140 editors and deliver to the latest news via PC, Tablet and Smartphone. The result of this survey is not representative.

Assume no liability for the correctness, completeness and topicality of the results. About news, email, weather, and shopping: is the digital medium of Deutsche Telekom AG. 140 Editors write daily about 500 articles and offer readers to the latest news via PC, Tablet and Smartphone. With a range of 26.6 million unique users per month, is Germany’s strongest range network (AGOF Internet facts June 2013). Thus, is the leading ad-funded digital services in Germany. It offers advertisers a unique combination of reach, high-quality and trustworthy environments as well as innovative marketing solutions for all distribution channels.

The Archer

My path It is not yours, and however, we walk together, caught hand your children your children are not your children.They are the sons and daughters of life, wishing to perpetuate itself.They come through your, but they do not come from you. And although you are at your side, do not belong to you.You can give him your love but not your thoughts.Because they have their own thoughts.You can shelter their bodies but not their souls.Because their souls live in the House of the future, which is closed to you, even to your dreams. You can strive to ye be similar to them, but you do not seek to make them to your likeness.Because life is not stopped or become distracted with yesterday. Ye are the arch from which your children as living arrows are driven towards the far. The Archer is one who sees the target in the path of the infinite and you hastened with his power that your arrow go fast and far.

Leave, happily, that the hand of the Archer you flexing; for, as he loves the arrow that flies, also loves arc stability and their perseverance. MY soul I speak my soul I He spoke and said: you not happy with the compliment and you do not h with reproach. Until my soul advise me I doubted the merit of my work. Now I realize that trees bloom in spring and bear their fruit in summer without expecting praise, and dropped its leaves in autumn and remain naked in winter without fear of reproach. My soul spoke to me and made me see that I am not more than the Pygmy nor less than the giant. Until my soul I speak I saw mankind divided into two kinds of men: a weak, in which typical me, and a strong, which followed or resisted challenging. But now I learned that both and I am made of the same elements.

My origin is their origin, my conscience his conscience, my claim their claim and my pilgrimage his pilgrimage. My soul spoke to me and told me: the flashlight you carry is not yours and the song that you sing was not composed in the depths of your heart, because although light you sostengas you’re not light, and even if you’re a lute with tense strings you’re not the performer. I spoke to my soul, brother, and taught me many things. And your soul has also spoken and also has taught you. Because you and I are one, and there is no difference between us, except that I do proclaim that there is in my being intimate, as long as you keep it as a secret of your intimacy. But in your booking there is a kind of virtue. Original author and source of the article.

Viva Romance

Divorce is not the end, but it is important to know how to recover from a divorce. When we know overcome divorce, this marks a punto y aparte for the beginning of a new life. How long have you been divorced? You are already divorced legally? And emotionally? When we talk about divorce, we can refer to different aspects, but three of the most important are: the physical, which refers to the moment in which the couples living in different places. The emotional, which can be still married couples or not might be never, although couples are legally divorced and have new pairs. The legal, that is when the papers are signed and before the law, the marriage ends. Divorce recovery refers to the emotional aspect, since it means to heal the wounds and pain resulting from a marriage that ends, usually difficult way and the process which involves such termination. This process is almost always extremely painful. That is why it is so important that you avoid being trapped in pain, bitterness or depression, for You can find the way out strengthened and you can start a new life.

Regardless of the point at which the legal divorce is signed, the emotional divorce ends when: we can talk about our ex, without courage, resentment or desire for revenge. We no longer complain about what happened, our misfortune, etc. We stop: being depressed, angry with ourselves, blame us, pity us, etc. We cannot accept that both were responsible for what happened, acknowledging our mistakes and seeing them as what they were: errors. To think or talk about our marriage, our children or friends, we can do it being quiet. When the previous features are given, we can be sure that we have fully recovered from the divorce.

However, recovery is a process that does not occur by itself alone. Our behavior and attitude can help us to make progress or can keep us anchored in hatred and resentment throughout life. Each person is different and requires a different time to recover physically and emotionally from a divorce. When not us We give the necessary time and do not learn from what happened, is most likely: we maintain our negative emotions (courage, bitterness, depression, etc.) for many years and these have an impact on all areas of our life, if we establish a new relationship, we will have big problems and probably end up divorcing us or separating us. The negative feelings and little desire to fall in love is what leaves a divorce, especially if the reason was an infidelity. In this regard, psychologists explain that the reactions are very diverse, but among the most common are anger and bitterness, which are expressed to avoid feelings of pain and frustration. Specialists explain that it is an emotional barrier that contributes of consciously or unconsciously and prevents to fall in love again. Overcoming a divorce can take a long time and, usually, causes depression, low self-esteem and difficulty for developing emotional relationships. But that does not mean that love does not again to knock on the door of the heart, it is only a matter of time and overcome the bitter drink to give step to Cupid and be carried away by the emotions of romanticism. To do so, psychologists recommend complete well things of the past and turn the page to live new experiences. More tips at: other resources original author and source of the article

A Work Of Painter El Marbling

Doing work of painter we can find, at times, against tables, commodes and old consoles marble Board who have lost, or who have it cracked or chipped. While it is possible to repair cracked marble boards and remodel the chipped, not worth buying a new Board: the cost is prohibitive and the weight of the workpiece may break old seals. It is worth learning, following the advice of a simple DIY manual, to mimic the finish of this material with paint if you want to keep the decorative spirit of real marble. Imitation of the veins of the marbled art is divided into two distinct techniques: imitation of the drawing of the veined and dispersion, in which solvents (alcohol, white spirit or water) for fracture or marbling paint are used. Stuart McClure brings even more insight to the discussion. Always have, so it serves as le Guide, a sample of authentic marble or a photograph. Bigger, better, since it will allow you to make a clear idea of how would be willing streaks and shapes aguajiradas in a zone of the same size. A tip: you must first practice on a test Board; the plywood is ideal. Green black marble is important to choose with care the colors of marble, especially if we start from scratch, so they combined with wood or painted base.

Here combine the two techniques for marbling to obtain a dark marble suitable for a dark wood base. Amount to an area of 2 m2: base layers: 200 ml of black silk painting (two layers) coating of enamel. Oil paintings by artist: a little green terree, a little green chrome, a bit of zinc white, a bit of black and a hint of natural shade, one tablespoon of linseed oil, three drops of secant to varnish, a tablespoon of white spirit. Addition of streaks. Oil paintings by artist: a bit of titanium, a pinch of black white.

Termoenergia Laser

It is not true, there is nothing real in these claims. It is very easy to quit smoking, for that so we have proved when we help those who want to leave it with an open mind and with interest; Similarly, it is very easy to perform with decimal divisions or remove any engine piece by piece by reassembling, just have to know how to, understand its operation and learn how to do it in a way correct, that when he knows how everything is easy, when information is only wrong was the failure. If you choose the wrong help system and not sharpens the problem adequately, it is normal to pass it very badly failing in the attempt, but that does not mean that it is difficult to leave it, it will be difficult to stop it doing things wrong. Surely you have a special skill, may have some that many people are not able to perform and that when he teaches it is others for you to see it, your words are very difficult for me; Not be if I can; You see it easy because you know; I could never get him… those very words are those of smokers when they propose to leave it, as part of its justification to continue smoking. The simple fact of denying the possibility of getting it, is sufficient for failing.

If you knew the potential that is on your mind to direct any aspect of your life, you asombrarias. To understand well what I try to explain, don’t confuse the physical addiction with psychic, since the physical addiction is the need for actual continue smoking by that need your dose from time to time, which can cover 100% with the Termoenergia Laser, so it is a part of the problem that I am not concerned. What I try to help you is, the correct way of channelling the psychological problem that makes it so difficult to stop smoking or better said, making that smokers create that is so difficult to leave it.

Fixed Internet

Then he began to receive orders are rare, but because he and his staff were not particularly qualified – costs, marriage and conversion were tremendous. Then, again, like mushrooms began to grow their own produce in the region – prices were falling, began to dump, as rent, salaries and other ops! Where to go? Need to eat – became a "sell ruble 80 kopecks." Orders are delayed, the farther away the more, built a pyramid, overlapping long hanging with new orders. In general, the hooked "on the financial needle, scored loans. As a sad result for the year of more than one million of debt, the courts have gone, and so on. Ownership was a sole proprietorship, providing for the responsibility of personal property, had to sell the apartment. That is so sad history. Why am I telling all this? The benefits of Internet business! Because, launched an internet businessman, so did not really get into, usually risking nothing at all! So, in order: 1) Virtually no need starter capital. Of course, when money is available is excellent, and the presence of basic knowledge – will give a great start, and forcing the event, but you can get by without it.

2) The market is not local, but global. Being bare-ass – you already have possibilities of transnational corporations, the Internet has no boundaries! 3) Fixed costs are close to zero. To start earning online, no need to rent office for rent, hire 50 people to have inventory, even taxes can not pay (I hope I will not plant for the last argument in jail -) if you are just starting a business on the Internet a little thing like nobody has yet noticed and his hands are not nastuchit). Over time, all this can get hold of, if need and necessity. 4) Next to no partners or investors who want to steer in another direction. You are the captain himself, and truly master yourself and your business. 5) Flexibility of marketing. Even if we choose a bad niche – this is the case corrected.

By the way, about the niche as well have always respected me, Sergei Zhukovsky. 6) Endless possibilities of cooperation. You can always find partners throughout the world with which we can find common ground. 7) Plus so that we can continue ad infinitum, is not above a little, the rest still talk! I hope that my image was quite clear and bright, well for those who have no ideas about your own business invite discussion.

Printing Office

What should be stamped? Our company has been working in this direction for about 5 years old at the time when we started out, we can provide the client with 2.1 of the sample print layout, and ordered and subsequently received the seal, the customer was simply happy that his original tail, or a font with curls. And such is always moving, and soon emerged as new methods of making printing (laser engraving, Photopolymer technology, printing made in flash technology). Began to appear more sophisticated types of stamps, all kinds of patterns, grids, borders, colorful printing press to the defense. If before you could use it to print 5 standard colors, Now you can offer to the existing colors in nature, all their shades, also happened to snap, it became more convenient and comfortable. But the conversation we have now is not about that, but what about when you get to our office at once lost when we, in your question about printing, we offer you a large flow of information and how it can be made on what, in that it should be and what should not. For us this is routine work, we do it every day, just like you, their work, for you to view the same print is different when you see all sorts of samples of seals, and once you have a question on how to choose a pattern or print that's what this stamp is different from this, and what the right to choose. Someone just wants more tempted to decorate print logo. Why do we write this article? The answer is obvious to us that, coming into the office, you realize that now you can use in print, why can produce printed with a logo, or edging, which means protection of the press, how many actual multicolor printing. In most cases, we hold a full consultation for the production of print, and yet not all the nuances negotiate, and receiving a large amount of information you can get lost.