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Guido Mantega

Mergers in Brazil: the formula for success? 19 Mayo2009 the international financial crisis continues to deteriorate the picture of the Brazilian economy much or more than what you are doing with the rest of the economies of the region. Precisely on the day yesterday, the Minister of finance, Guido Mantega, acknowledged that economic activity accumulated two quarters with negative growth, with which Brazil has entered technically recession. Economic deterioration, came into Brazil primarily through the door of the external sector where the impact was felt through the fall in sales of the manufacturing sector causing a sharp rise in unemployment in a vicious circle that deepens the fall. But how to have them mentioned in previous articles, the economy of Brazil is an economy that has been doing his duties with a healthy economic and monetary policy which prioritised objectives of long-term growth. Is why the Brazilian economy maintained in spite of the location, very good foundations to achieve a quick recovery as soon as the context global soothe. The fortress perceived by private about the Brazilian economy is causing those companies that have the ability to continue carrying out its investment plans without putting at risk their financial health, do so to achieve position itself strategically in view of the new global economy that surpassed once the crisis looms. It is that the fears of the short term are overtaken with amplitude with the possibilities of the medium and long term that open to Brazilian companies in the domestic market (which anyway, won’t have an easy recovery), both in the external market. Product of interesting business opportunities that the Brazilian companies perceive is that they have been very active in carrying out its investment plans.


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