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Provides Privacy Protection

The issue of espionage is booming, and not just since the NSA spying. The ultima ratio GmbH confirms the steady increase of economic espionage and therefore now offers a mobile eavesdropping protection. The ultima ratio GmbH belongs to the detective agency of Lentz Group ( and has focused on the defense of eavesdropping and the tapping protection in this group. Already several years ago, the ultima ratio GmbH has begun a “special team tapping protection” education and training and be equipped with appropriate professional, technical equipment. The high quality standards is the ultima ratio GmbH ( itself, reflected among other things is, that the ultima ratio GmbH is so far the only detective agency in Germany, in defence of listening and tapping protection since the year 2010 TuV-CERT meets the further requirements of the quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. Active and passive tapping protection In the framework of privacy protection technical arrangements are made and the objects and spaces make sure to prevent the interception of calls and data traffic.

Passive eavesdropping protection rooms, vehicles, communication channels are hedged, not only to allow an interception. Active eavesdropping protection searches targeted existing monitoring techniques such as bugs and the like, usually by technicians who also recognize the bugs their experience richer and accordingly identify. These measures is usually the case that the ultima ratio GmbH is charged spaces, in which regular and/or important, secret take place to hold meetings, to check their special team with the appropriate technical and professional equipment on possible eavesdropping. Micro RF detector case this “classical” field has the ultima ratio GmbH now added for those who travel for business are much result in confidential meetings at different locations and suspected of being in the Hotel rooms, to be listened to in an Office Center or by the customer. Also here can the ultima ratio GmbH as a specialist for listening defense Tapping protection now professionally used help high level. In this case, not the entire team of the ultima ratio GmbH with mobile X-ray equipment, instruments, endoscope camera etc will March on.

This is also not necessary, previously unknown locations is also severely limited the possibility of Lauschangriffes. For effective protection against such eavesdropping, the ultima ratio GmbH now offers a very high quality (made in Germany ) micro-RF-detector in absolute high-end quality for the frequency range 10-12000 MHz. at. After a short briefing the users in the location of the hotel rooms or other spaces is for example in Office centers, etc. interceptions reliably and quickly to search for and if the device reports a bugging to interrupt the meeting immediately or not even to begin. The micro-RF-detector is designed for mobile use thought at once, or not regularly visited places, replaced to detect spontaneous eavesdropping, but not thorough, professional listening defense at its permanent headquarters or in private rooms.

Forklift Snow Shovel

Winter road maintenance in comparison: snow shovels or snow plough for forklift truck – when choosing which forklift attachment? Often these terms snow shovels are used snow plow interchangeably for forklift trucks and forklift truck -, although there are significant differences between the two attachments for forklift trucks and not both types of forklift truck Anbaugeratefur the winter service can be used for most applications. This almost synonymous usage is justified in the identical at first glance look of both trucks Anbaugeratefur professional winter service. In addition snow blade is used frequently even the terms for forklift trucks with snow blade generic term for fork-lift trucks – Snowplows and. Snow pusher for forklift truck is. A forklift snow pusher has no auto-leveling, so a snow pusher for forklift Planar is the first choice.

Recorded as the most attachments for fork-lift trucks are also snow pusher for forklift truck with the forks of the forklift. At almost all snow pusher for forklift trucks the Auger housing can left or right double be adjusted to adjust various space angles and be adapted to the respective room conditions. With cutting edges made of different materials (rubber, polyurethane or steel) there is the matching cutting edge; also here for every need the cutting edges for forklift snow shovels are interchangeable, so that wear easily according can be created here. In contrast to the snow pusher for forklift has a snow plough for forklift trucks an automatic levelling making it perfect for rough uneven, because a Gabelstapler-snow plow. This compensation consists of a special suspension and adjustable skids, which guarantee the regulation of ground clearance. The use and adjustment of a Gabelstapler-snow plow is very similar to the possibilities of a snow slide: multiple to the right and left, adjustable and also the shot is taken at a forklift snow plow easily with the forks and one Bolts.

Depending on the need for different plate widths are available, ranging from a clearing width of 1500 mm both for forklift snow plows and snow pusher for forklift trucks up to 2700 mm. Whether snow plough for forklift truck or snow pusher for forklift trucks – with these winter service attachments for forklift trucks also large areas are no longer a problem and the snow is quickly cleared. Also offer the snow shovel and snow ploughs for GLa-Bauer the possibility as a welcome option, to use a lucrative addition with an existing vehicle (forklift, front loader, etc.). Just strong onset of winter, these winter services of the service provider are very much in demand from private individuals, companies and also municipalities like rely on support in the winter service, to better do the accumulated room service just for the strong winter slump.

National Police

Reports: The captain of GIR, Patricio Galiano, who by example showed the unique level of effectiveness of this system for the detection of explosives, winning 1st place in the International Professional Competition K-9 Indiana, USA, for police and security forces, which involved canine units selected U.S. (CIA, Pentagon, Department of Defense …) Canada, Latin America … The Method Chest has demonstrably enhanced efficiency in the Canine Unit the UPMA, Environmental Protection Unit of the National Police of Ecuador, for search and location of protected species affected by smuggling in National Park of the Galapagos Islands. Reports: Edgar Maroto, Captain Environmental Protection Unit of the National Police of Ecuador. BODY OF NATIONAL POLICE COLOMBIA Chest The method has demonstrably enhanced effectiveness in the Canine Unit of the Police Operational Nacional de Colombia, who have known and applied as an exceptional tool for searching and locating mines, explosives, narcotics and people buried. In the department of Narino, Mr. superintendent Albeiro ROSERO Villota, re-trained your dog Noran, enhancing their effectiveness in detecting mines and explosives, excelling in high-risk operations in the coastal highway, allowing the safe movement of police units, military and civilians, until his last day of work, the 02/21/1908 when died naturally, having faced death many times. After many days of risk, stress and satisfaction for the accomplishment, his guide exclaims two sentences that summarize the great contribution of Chest Method for detection canine training: I thank God, have had the preparation and the opportunity to take the course Chest, and apply this knowledge which was created to rescue people buried alive in the detection, signaling and location of mines and explosives.

National Revelation

But in reality, the prophet Isaiah in chapter 53 of his book goes directly to the subject of Chapter 52 describing the exile and redemption of the Jewish people. The prophecies are written in the singular because the Jews ("Israel") are considered as a unit. The Torah is full of examples of the Jewish people considered as one single entity. The prophecies of Isaiah prosecution relates in part to the eleventh century when Jews were tortured and killed by the Crusaders who acted on behalf of irony … Jesus.

Where did these mistranslations? St. Gregory, Archbishop of Nazianzus in the fourth century wrote: "A little jargon is all that is needed to be imposed on people. The less understand, the more admirable." In that Judaism is based then? 1. Unlike nearly 15,000 religions that existed in the history of humanity, Judaism is based on a National Revelation, ie: God spoke during the giving of the Law on Mount Sinai to all the people. If God is going to start a religion, it makes sense that you tell to everyone, not just one person.

The revelation on Mount Sinai, we saw with our own eyes and hear with our own ears, without relying on the testimony of anyone. As it is written: "Face to face, God spoke to you …". or as it is written also in the book of Deuteronomy 5:3: "God did not make this covenant with our fathers, but with us – we are all alive today." 2.

National Appreciation Month

“The Miz goes to Europe” A multiple winner of Slammy 2008 and one of the stars of “The Dirt Sheet, The Miz’s face is well known to the WWE Universe. European fans got a close look at the self-proclaimed “future world champion” last week, when the superstars of Raw went to a fast European promotional tour. “May is Military Appreciation Month” The WWE recognizes May as National Appreciation Month.According, “The National Appreciation Month, designated as Congress provides a period encompassing love of history and recognition of the U.S. military with a deep look at the diversity of its individuals and achievements.This allows Americans to educate each generation with the historical impact of his army through community participation with those who serve encouraging patriotism and love for his country. “International release dates ’12 Rounds’ While John Cena’s movie “12 Rounds” and hit U.S. theaters, the action film from 20th Century Fox in association with WWE Studios, debuts in theaters on various dates around the world.See the list below for the release date