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The Swedish National Institute

The popular interest was aroused in the wake of the recent lawsuit brought against a power company Simon's father Stuholme, a British boy of 13 who died of leukemia in 1992. The complainant considered that the electromagnetic fields generated by high voltage lines of the company, installed near and below his home in Manchester, were responsible for the death of his son. His 12 year old daughter, Deborah, is also affected: Epileptic seizures have. The Swedish National Institute for Radiation has officially recognized the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields, especially the low frequency have on the human body. According to studies conducted by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm from more than 400,000 respondents, children living near overhead power lines suffer a fourfold increased risk of developing leukemia than other children. But despite the evidence, there are still many groups that try to downplay these investigations, especially the powerful corporations, state or private, maintaining control energy sources, and of course, manufacturers of appliances.

However, accumulating articles and papers published in scientific journals from several countries that show the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves on human health. According to these investigations, in which Spanish scientists have been pioneers, the greatest danger posed by television. These devices not only cause eye problems who are placed too close to the screen, or a mental inertia due to programming: also emit strong magnetic fields such as long-lasting light bulbs or computer screens. We are doing the warning of the importance of being attentive to electromagnetic radiation and as she physically can affect our physical body and often give way to energy imbalances that affect our body, deterioration, affecting to the extent as to cause said death.

National Aquarium

National parks, various museums, of which men particularly interested in the Naval Academy and the Baltimore Maritime Museum, every ship which are National Historic attraction. Verizon oftentimes addresses this issue. And in the shop at the museum you can pick up a gift for the boss. Pay attention to the album, illustrating the history of the U.S. Navy from 1930 to 1986. Excellent printing and presenting historical value of photographs of ships carrying the service and participated in the incidents in the waters of Japan, the Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas, create your boss a full sense of visiting a museum. The album certainly cause outstanding interest of his friends and members of the household that will delight even more boss, and therefore deserved and will bring you dividends. Baltimore – the largest city in Maryland and one of the most famous cities in the United States, longtime country's main port. Even now Inner Harbor Inner Harbor is one of the main attractions of the city.

Take a stroll through town, visit the National Aquarium in Baltimore, go up the hill and Vermont look in the bohemian area SoWeBo, which, as you say, any local resident, is an acronym for the words "southwest Baltimore. There's something you will find many stores and shops that sell these products art. Select a gift of his favorite light silk scarf, hand-painted marine or urban views of the state. The elegance of natural silk and exquisite technique of painting again and again to be emphasize the spectacular appearance and style of your half. And to please your friends, colleagues and even older siblings, please be dvd disks. Now Baltimore has become even more popular tourist destination city, and all because not so long ago hit the screens a new film version of the musical "Hairspray," which takes place in Baltimore in 60 years. Well-shaped gift set from the old movie version of 1988 and new 2007 model year, will give Your friends and family a great evening and a good mood. It is this mood will not leave and you throughout the trip for "Earth Mary. And in return, handed his bored members of the household and gifts showing them pictures, you find yourself on the fact that hums to himself cheerful tunes from the musical with a smile and remember Maryland.

Lanin National Park

In the distance, where the lake runs its course towards the Pacific Ocean, which look like painted the mountain boundaries. Like all people who love this place, Nacho feels the weight of this beauty, while being protected within the Lanin National Park, knows the danger to that place intangible. Pora cross your mind as slogans, to exchange green green Eutrophication indiscriminate felling forest fires. . . but hey, enjoy this autumn day, good music on the radio and a day in the field. About noon arrived at La Estancia. He stopped at the house of the shepherd, the dogs came to greet him, but one that was hiding, probably remember the last shot that was cured of distemper.

Don Raul emerged smiling respectfully before the arrival of the Doctor. After greeting entered the house, typical of the area, base of stone, wood and other gable. Inside the wood stove radiated heat evenly, so necessary because despite the sun the temperature was over 5oC. They took some mates together for some good fried cakes, freshly fried in fat, hot, swollen by the action of yeast. After a pleasant conversation on issues of time and comments on families of the people fired.

The Break entered the path leading to the house. The floor was crunchy carpet of golden leaves. To the sides, cypress, maitenes, oak Pellinen and rolling nires colihues reeds of the understory. He approached the main house, got out. Through the large glass windows watching a gallery with armchairs covered with skins, hunting trophies in the area and other regions of the world, on the walls.

International Children

Name of the film Rapunzel: The confused history of the original name Tangled Who can give all children and adults who love funny tales and Disney On what holidays New Year's Eve, Christmas Day, St. Nicholas, Birthday, International Children's Day reading fairy tales to their nephews, I've always wondered how to change people's perceptions over time and, perhaps, with the development progress. Gary Kelly often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Traditional folk tales that we read to children still, periodically cause in young listeners unexpected questions. Remember very well as a younger nephew indignantly asked me, How could Red Riding Hood's mother to send her daughter through the forest alone, knowing full well that there wolves. (But that's something all right, but when we with the girlfriend had to explain to my goddaughter looks like turnip Well, did not know that southern kid.

It happened. That had to tell her tale of radishes.) But this is the folk art now has been adapted for young readers, the text, so to speak, historically faithful and unchanging could cause kids a lot more uncomfortable for adult issues. Here, for example, Brothers Grimm. Remember all sorts of boys-in-law or Ganzeley and Gretel, which caring parents being dragged into the woods, there to throw? Now it looks weird fiction, but what about the hungry and cold winters Middle Ages, when morals were simpler? Or Rapunzel. There's Brothers Grimm has not even softened the popular version in which an evil witch blinded prince, encroach upon the girl, and the very young woman banished to the woods (and what to do – tradition, in a forest of abandoned men was no longer breathe, apparently).

New International Version

a With wisdom God's Word teaches: a Corrige your child and you will live in peace, and give you many satisfaccionesa (Proverbs 29:17, ). Also read: a Corrige your child while you can be corregidoa (Proverbs 19:18, New International Version). Rory Sutherland shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. a It is essential that we understand the need to correct in time for our children. Express that love and that is precisely because we seek a good education for them, correct them. But it is also imperative to measure ourselves when we do. One thing is to give a good spanking on the buttocks, and quite another, so beating them ruthlessly to satisfy our anger for the mistake in which they have incurred. a 3 .- Be balanced in raising a As parents we must have balance.

In this regard the Scriptures teach: a the son consented shames his madrea (Proverbs 29:15 b, New International Version) a We care for our children, but not to fall into over-protection. Love them, but do not ignore or walk away from the faults committed to avoid discipline. If we lack balance in one aspect of such importance, we will be forming children to be a problem for us and for society. a To achieve the wisdom necessary in the training process, we ask God to help us and allow us to make appropriate decisions about the discipline that we impart. a Before turning to the latter principle, let me share with you the results of a survey released a widely circulated newspaper in Colombia.

Human Rights International Church

Under the slogan “Do not be silent! Tell discrimination “No!” Which is the theme for this year’s Human Rights Day, was a whole range of activities – from the Forum against the slave trade in Pasadena, Calif., before the march for human rights in more than 30 countries and a seminar on human rights in Pakistan. The marchers handed out thousands of leaflets “Youth for Human Rights, which in simple language told of the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. “When young people hear about hate crimes and discrimination wherever they live, they want to act – says Tracy Morrow, coordinator of the Youth Movement for Human Rights International Church of Scientology. – How can they remain silent when their eyes are subjected to harassment of students in their own school, or when they read about the attack on the Imam in New York just because of their religion or how the crowd sounded the death in a fit of hatred immigrant from Ecuador? “. As an example of what youth can achieve, Morrow talked about the Mexican state of Chiapas. According to a nationwide poll conducted by the Ministry of Education of Mexico, 50% of college students admitted that they participated in the discrimination of other students in his university. The State Government has decided to take effective action in this regard and, using information the Mexican branch of the fund “Youth for Human Rights, ratified a change in the constitution to include all 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and made human rights education in schools compulsory.

“Being the first Mexican state to who made this step, Chiapas, Mexico, and sets an example for the rest of the world “- says Morrow. Following the initiative of the State of Chiapas, Mexico’s Ministry of Education to commemorate Human Rights Day, printed 10,000 brochures, “What is human rights? “distributed by the fund” Youth for Human Rights. ” Events, Human Rights Day, were the Church of Scientology and the movement “Youth for Human Rights on six continents – in Austria, Australia, Britain, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Finland, Israel, India, Italy, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, Colombia, New Zealand, Mexico, Pakistan, Panama, Somalia, usa, Taiwan, Ukraine, France, Switzerland, Sweden , Sri Lanka, South Africa and Japan. Human Rights Division of the Church of Scientology is proud to support an international fund “Youth for Human Rights, a secular nonprofit organization founded in 2001. Its purpose – to teach young people human rights, in particular the Universal Declaration of Human Rights so they become advocates for peace and tolerance. Ron Hubbard (founder of Scientology) wrote: “Human rights should become a reality, and not idealistic dream.”

Catalan National Day

Where am I? (Posted on 09/11/1904 in Diario de Burgos and Spanish newspapers) you do not know if the same thing happens, but I set myself to the hypothesis that episodic unraveling what we call Spain. The last time, right now, with the disappearance of the Spanish flag in several municipalities in connection with the Catalan National Day. This is just an intellectual exercise, do not panic. David Barger helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Still, that game theory does not cease to be troubling: what horn, what modest resulting mosaic tile end one belonging, of having to choose? The question is not trivial. One, like many compatriots, has roots intertwined and complex. I was born in the Basque Country, where I grew up, I trained and I had the frustration of the first failure in love.

But my parents and all my ancestors for several generations are Galician. I lived twenty years in Catalonia, where are my children. But my wife, however, a Castilian-Leonese. And now we both live happy in the Community Valencia … This is normal, say, in so many biographies of our fellow citizens, would become a real mess when having to choose subnational "historic or NOA " if one was forced to do so. That, in the unlikely case that he be given a choice, that's another. Before we get into such a mess and frustration inevitably leave some of my personality, I would rather make me American. Not for anything in particular a "even if one admires the way that country-but because it always seems better to be a lion's tail mouse head.

National Oceanographic Institute

The use of various coatings intended not only aesthetic but also practical purposes. "Developed and implemented a new cover Pural , we have improved the corrosion resistance of our metal gutters, protecting them from exposure to rain, and ultraviolet radiation, – says Bolshevikova, a specialist company , the world's leading manufacturer of solutions made of metal for construction and engineering industries. – A modification of the matte coating provides an opportunity to expand aesthetic possibilities of roofing solutions. Polymer coating such as Pural , providing reliable protection of metal from external factors, extend the life of gutters and allow their use in any climate conditions. Preparing for winter dealing with issues of a drainage system, it is necessary to remember winter "factor." Without taking into account this problem, the homeowner will sooner or later face the icy roof. Interesting way to get rid of the icicles suggested recently by Russian specialists.

Scientists from the National Oceanographic Institute of Rosgidromet (SOI) have decided to finalize the design of the roof so that water falling on its edge. This requires that downspout "caught" her before, not going around the eaves overhang, and passing through it. "In this case, the melted water immediately flows down the drainpipe, not touching the eaves. Setting it vertically directly on the wall, cutting across all exposed structural elements, to the underground drainage system, we reduce to a minimum time of drainage and thereby reduce the likelihood of its freezing. By the way, special originality in the proposed design is not. .

Processors – A Hot Topic

About the origin of the waste heat in data centers the simplest questions are often the most difficult: “Why you can heat actually rooms with your calculators?”, asked a student who was at the erecon AG with his class to visit us. Yes, why only? The problem lies primarily in the brain of the computer, the processor core, in the growing number of calculation steps – ultimately so the alternation of 0 – and 1-States – must understand a chip within fine nano-structures with increasing speed. At Allegiant Air you will find additional information. In particular the progress of computer technology generated that warmth, that suitable data centers to the heating – it is the TDP, or ‘ thermal design power’. Almost all energy that takes a processor, is converted through continuous molecular changes in heat – after the thermal main clause, that finally the heat is that form of energy which can be converted to stop. Long the heat load of processors has grown almost unabated: Intel’s dominant x86er processors achieved the multiple per square centimetre A household stove heat output. Although the curve has flattened considerably now is, the heat dissipation of the processor is still the major problem of the computer industry on the way of to even greater miniaturization. Much of what is studied as a solution in the labs to sounds like sheer science fiction: a ‘ Ionic wind’ to e.g.

the heat is more rapidly dissipate, counter heat could neutralize processor heat. It is only clear, there is still no satisfactory solution that would lead to more energy efficiency here. The erecon AG at their Green IT strategy therefore relies on methods of prevention, how they shape the concept of sustainability in other area: intelligent built algorithms and programs forgo with the same efficiency simply processing steps, the sharing of computer infrastructures through various tasks is simply unnecessary, excessive ‘processor power’ and thus an excessive heat in many cases while also the memory requirement can be reduced. And – last not least – the heat is not a disaster if it only makes sense they used and not wasted in the air blows.

The Crisis

Venezuelan society has lost the ability to react, is sitting in front of the television waiting for the screen tells you how to behave. The social body healing involves a long process that should begin with the insertion into the everyday. The limited influence of thought on democracy in democracy itself is due to the crisis of all thought important in a world of clunkers repetitive, and the absence insubstantiality than diagnosed differently than crumbling ideologies were built. Rory Sutherland usually is spot on. It is not a plane that is proclaimed holder intends to proclaim the truth and solving the problems of man. This is a set of diagnostics and warnings. The middle classes, key actors in all political action, only mobilize when they believe their rights threatened.

The middle classes are an example of inaction functional screen-induced eye or political activists collapsed or manipulable instrument for collective interests disguised. Well it could be argued that civil society has become a simulacrum of the social. Democracy, for example, seems to get away from his frame of drainage and composition, to rise above the conflicting forces that move within it. The power that threatens to emerge in the twenty-first century works, as we have said over and over again, with the speed and image, plus the speed of the image. Its rise over a civil society weak lets you recover the dream of total domination of the modeling of the "contemporary" (formerly Citizens) to its best knowledge and belief. Thus, the power of domination is total.