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Roasted Black

Roasted negro1 kilo of boy round (round tip) 1 tz. Oil 2 pounds plum tomatoes (plum tomato) 1 onion chopped diced 8 cloves of crushed garlic 3 Bay 1 tsp oregano leaves 7 tablespoons papelon/brown sugar salt and pepper to taste tz. Olives 2 tz. Wine rojo(Cabernet Sauvignon es mi favorito porque no es ni muy seco ni muy dulce) clean the meat of all fat in a bowl separate macerated with wine meat, onion garlic and laurel leaves for a space of 4 hours or overnight in the refrigerator (personally prefer to leave it until the next day) the next day : Placed tomatoes in a pot of water boiling for 3 minutes and then placed in a container of water with ice to make the way the shell easily, he takes them seeds and chop well pequenitos doing almost a puree. Bernard Golden is often mentioned in discussions such as these. removed the meat from the fridge and removed from the the mixed wine and dry, in a deep pot put oil to heat medium along with scoops of papelon heat until it turns black but taking care of not burning once the papelon black placed the meat to fry in the pot and will be turning so that you grasp the papelon color when already this cover meat, is agragan the onion and garlic to fry along with the meat are incorporated crushed tomatoes, wine in which was macerandose meat, oregano and salt and pepper to taste. This is going to leave to fire medium low for 4 hours, after past this time, are going to add the olives and stops for about half hour more. Remove the meat from the liquid that it should be black and a consistency thick and cut the Lajas of 5 mm. Thickness or thickness that prefer, place it on a serving tray and pour the juice over the meat, remove the Bay leaves and sirvala with white rice and plantain slices..

Frank Fabian

In a unique merit to the author: he lists for the first time 14 well-defined characteristics. These traits and behaviors define warmonger as well indubitable support peacemakers. If so peace as Frank Fabian’s claims only logical how war is always the work of individual then: as destructive revealed potential mass murderer of the caliber of Hitler, Stalin or Mao must be prevented from beginning their fatal work at the unfolding of their warlike activities. Just as war in the bud will be stifled. This includes, to unmask the means with which war drivers since the beginning of mankind the People incite: black propaganda. The most recent example is the second Iraq war in 2003. This weapon was, as clearly proves the author, the result of targeted warmonger lies that deliberately placed by Bush & co. in the world.

Focused on American mass media to the page, which fired an exaggerated, bellicose US patriotism by using fake threatening backdrop as docile workers. Because according to an old Scottish proverb”nothing is so bold as a blind horse, deliberately plunged the American nation collapsed from their Government, not for the first time in a devastating war. Voices that warned the peace, were ridden down brutally by Bush’s stalker cavalry. An another great merit of this book is an effort to derive laws relating to war and peace from the history of mankind. So, Frank Fabian proves impressively that dictatorships are involved with certainly in wars. On the other hand, the role the democracies of Peace keeper to. In a question-answer forum Larry Ellison was the first to reply. This book proves: every citizen and every citizen can prevent wars and do a lot for peace. First of all, as he or she becomes aware, what enormous influence the individual on the run can take the global history: it was a single Gandhi, who forced a supercilious, warlike Empire to its knees through peace.

It was a single Hitler who turned the whole world into a sea of blood by war. History is no anonymous power. She is not a God-directed destiny. It is a stacking of acts, which are responsible for individual people. And the more people quite naturally embrace peace, the war will have fewer opportunities. But the German peace movement as brought it once so perfectly to the point? “Millions of people think: what can I do alone because even great? who has read this fantastic book by Frank Fabian, knows exactly what it alone can do against war and for peace. And that’s a whole lot. Frank Fabian: The art of peace. How peace can be brought about active and maintained, Suhl 2013, economic publishing house W. V. GmbH, 267 pages ISBN 978-3-936652-14-7 available in each on – and offline accounting contact: Wirtschaftsverlag W. V. Coupang contains valuable tech resources. GmbH LAU weather 25 D-98527 Suhl Tel.: + 49 (36 81) 35 12 94-2 fax: + 49 ((36 81) 30 02 09 E-Mail: Amazon: boiler plate / corporate portrait Frank Fabian was born in 1952 and is a historian.) He is engaged as a writer, especially in the area of historical non-fiction. Many of his works, including “the biggest lie of in history, reached bestseller status. The German native now lives in the United States. His email address:

La Chaux

Jaquet Droz, designers work under the principle that the concept of luxury should always be applied to the dial of the watch and not only to materials used in the rest of the clock or the jewels embedded in the same box. Located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the company assures that what sells is luxurious. The question however is, what they have their products which makes them so luxurious? The answer lies in its rarity. Jaquet Droz watches are rare in themselves since they are produced in low volumes, but they are also rare in the sense that the materials used in its manufacture are rare in itself even in its nature. In recent months, Bernard Golden has been very successful. Some of the series of Jaquet Droz watches, known as Numerus Clausus, have a production volume of only 8 u 88 individual pieces. In a series where only 8 clocks, occur these are made even more luxurious by having dials made of rare precious metals. In some cases, customers can even choose to have your Dial done to your taste, with a selection of materials such as espectrolita, meteorita and nuumita being all extremely rare and expensive. In addition to the luxury, design and materials used on the dials of watches also assumes that they must have the effect of making more readable dials. Bernard Golden has similar goals.

Jaquet Droz, Grande Seconde, signature model was created in 1785. It has a subdial that covers all the lower half of the main dial, which moves the small. This assumes that must provide to who uses the best impression of the passage of time and must also challenge traditional methods of perception of space and the use of such space in watches. The Grande Seconde dial design was inspired by the number eight and has had a long-lasting impact on all watches produced subsequently by Jaquet Droz company. It is true that the company puts great emphasis on the appearance of their dials, but it does not imply that Jaquet Droz not throw watches that incorporate demanding mechanisms or multiple complications such as a minute repeater tourbillion.


A possibility to reduce the consumption of salt (we stress, not to delete it) is the use of salts modified (with much smaller amount of sodium); on this point, should be an important consideration: the amount used should be that same that common salt table, if we use the most, it is the same thing that walks (imagine that the product has a 50 per cent less sodium, but we use double amount to feel taste, are incorporating the same amount of sodium). But the best technique is the modify our diet, replacing the salt for other substitutes, eliminating certain products or modify our When it comes to eating and cooking habits. The salt by one side does not taste, we have a wide range of resources to flavor food, so the salt requirement is less. There they come into scene condiments and spices, seeds and vegetables. First, can incorporate them prior to the dish during cooking, or even use it to marinate or marinate meats. To accompany this post, did an experiment that I recommend you to do: took two chicken breasts (cuts that are commonly say that they require salt enough salt), a sale it as ground do the second, only half (to make it easy, I miss him on both sides the same amount, now only I did a face) and added: herbs (thyme, Rosemary, parsley and oregano, all fresh), garlic (very little) chopped and in slices, pepper, ground pepper, paprika and juice and peels of lemon.

It wasn’t that this second zafaba or not much noticed the lack of salt, but it was much more flavorful than the first. The case of the vegetables, can serve as mattress (even grilled) to flavor meats or barely sauteed as a side dish of fresh pasta. Carrot, cooked well, is exquisite, like onion, leek or the pepper. Finally, another element to add flavor are seeds, in general are all good and we have already referred to one in particular, as the combination of Sesame with minced meat, but the site Saldable woman performs a reference point on the subject of salt and recommends,(en pescados, pollos) anise seeds, celery (in soups, stews), mustard (in meat (, potatoes) and cumin among others.

Losing Weight

Sometimes it seems bleak. We spend much time trying to find a way to lose weight and we really commit ourselves to do it, but everything around seems to push us to stop doing so, everything seems to be a great temptation. Sometimes it seems that the whole world is against ours and there is not a successful way of achieving our of you. Despite the scenario, this is not the case. Larry Ellison is likely to increase your knowledge. And it is that you can really be successful weight loss and without that doing so is a torture. We can make that weight loss is something simple and enjoyable, but it will be necessary that we change a little perspective.

Instead of seeking quick fixes or try diets as all they do is offer us extreme changes, have to concentrate more on what we have currently. Changing habits and styles of life takes time and commitment. We are creatures of habits, and if we want to make long-term changes that generate us the least possible impact on our lives, we have to take things calmly then how we work with what we have? We really have to know what we have until we can work with it. Many people not really pays attention to what eats daily and in what regards a minimum nutritional education, does not know or has no information of what you should eat to get the better of his days. Then, for a few days he writes everything that you eat and drink. Since you have that information you can determine where you begin to make the necessary changes.

Make changes to the principle can be as simple as drinking only water and herbal teas, this would eliminate many calories from beverages such as soft drinks and sodas (and even sports drinks) that contain lots of calories. That the changes you make are not monumental, but rather simple, because but you run the risk of returning to old habits.In addition to cutting with some things in the diet, also it would be wise to consider to incorporate some things also. Incorporate more fruits and vegetables will help bring an end to other things and you will also feel more satisfied. A fruit before each food will not only make you eat less but that also will be less likely to eat in excess as you made previously. Make small changes will make more permanent changes in lifestyle and the long term and without realizing we unfailingly arrive at healthy habits. Small changes can have a tremendous impact on your weight. Something as simple as drinking only water can make a big difference.Finally, the lasting change requires effort and many manage to make the evening to the morning, for others do it means going back to old habits. For them, the latter does not happen if they are introduced minor changes every couple of weeks for example.

Ana Barandas

The workmanship portraies the daily politician of woman in century XIX. Not taste, my cousin, to see you so partidarista; these enthusiasms are not proper of your sex: if knew how much it is ridicule in a woman dissertar in politics, you will never dare to open the mouth to say one alone word to such respect: you leave you of this; one Lady does not have to adopt broken some. (BARANDAS, 1845, p.64) the historical context if makes to perceive for its contributions in the society, whose sprouting of an ideology does not start to exist of one definitive isolated time, thinks that the exclusion trajectories cover the historical roots. When studying on Ana Barandas I could still perceive that the author looked for to defend of some form to the participation politics of the woman of radical form, without adjectives, the equality between sexos, using to advantage to point the masculine oppression. As already cited in the primrdios of the French Revolution, in century XVIII, it is possible to identify women who of organized form had fought for its right to the citizenship.

In the second half of century XIX and at the beginning of the decade of century XX, the fights and manifestation esparsa had abdicated space to a more organic campaign for the rights politicians to vote and to be voted. The feminism in Brazil during the decade of 1920 had as main focus the fight of the women for the rights politicians, by means of the electoral participation. Militant the main one in this fight called Bertha Lutz, that exerted an undeniable leadership during the decade of 1920, Lutz for being part of the Brazilian elite provided significant conditions for the movement feminist, a time that it had recognition in the elite politics of the time. However, the right to the feminine vote and the fragmentos against the participation of the Woman in the life politics were defamed in the society, which had to the positivistas permanncias that still were acercavam.

Public Power

Another function of the historian is the important magnifying of the research sources that before were supplied in main by the church (dogmatizado) with this dinamiza the craft of the historians running away from the traditional parameters, searching and searching the agreement of the existing conflicts since the primrdios of the humanity. Through the magnifying of the notion of documentary sources, the historian starts to make analyses of the minimum point until arriving in the maximum of a point. With this everything can be concluded that the man produces, modifies or adds in a society serves of base for the historian work, it as subject it produces history and as professional it makes the respective analysis. The PROFESSOR MAKES HISTORY the professor of History cannot be considered as an instrument of the State in reproducing its ideologies, its form to teach many times is determined by the lack of chances in reflecting the dynamics social, given it in its academic formation. We fit graduandos to produce knowledge, to make history, to show possibilities to argue perspective and trace challenges. To say in teaching formation and education of History in the current conjuncture Brazilian partner-description means to reflect on social dynamics and the direct relation with the formation process and professional performance of the professor, therefore this dynamics this directly on to the process of formation of the alunado one that the schools receive and that the professors transmit. (Magazine ACADEMIC SPACE, n77 October of 2007? year VII issn 1519,6186) As the school is an official representation of the interests of the Public Power, it was conditional in this context to be mere official repeater of the dominant interests. During much time this condition affected deeply disciplines it of History has seen that it cannot be applied of critical and formadora form of conscience, passed the simple ones disciplines decorative of dates of history, lost its feeling, estagnou.

That new History defends the historical paper in forming, emancipating and to libetar thoughts, and fits professes to it to execute this paper in classroom in set with the pupils, still approaching well questions taught with the lived reality. Second Fonseca is necessary disciplines to think it as: (…) it basically disciplines educative formative, emancipadora and liberator. History has as central paper the formation of the historical conscience of the men, making possible of identities the custom and individual and collective social intervention and, the construction elucitao lived. (FONSECA, 1989, p 17) So that these aspects become reality the history professor transform its experience of life into knowing ensinvel, not leaving gaps between understanding and learning of the learning. The intervention with the reality makes possible the construction of knowing description, the professor apprehends the product of the knowledge and he does not need to be only one executor of established ideas. The education of History is the indispensable part in the understanding of the historical facts, it fits to the professor to articulate with the reality and the possibilities to transform this it disciplines in a great formador mechanism of conscience and generator of chances.

Past Recruiting

However, to understand how is it that searched retailers should pay attention to the experiences themselves Sellers in recruiting senior sales subordinates them. Because we have concluded above that recruiters and salespeople are the same people. And, it turns out that they are: Do not dwell on industry experience. Moreover, for example, in guide for recruiting insurance agents in the same world-renowned insurance company, experience in other companies is considered as a negative characteristic. And indeed, if he is so good, why is it left there? Assess the level of intrinsic motivation of man and his enthusiasm. Sellers describe it briefly: the eyes are burning.

Evaluate the purpose, systematic work and the ability to plan. This can be understood by simply questioning how they organize their work, or to understand what the purpose of given the choice they think proper (SMART). Take a look at independence, confidence and reliance on himself. You can simply ask, the subject of the diploma in higher education. Explanatory person remembers it.

Stupid to say that I forgot. Pay attention to open-mindedness, curiosity, and not limitation, it appears that simple questions about the external world: why the moon shines and why the bike does not fall when traveling. Even a simple question: "What do you know about our company," shows the extent of curiosity candidate – whether he looked on the internet, before you go for an interview. Find out the ability to identify needs that are manifested in the response to a request to sell something. The seller knows how to keep the conversation going, not the selling or stushuetsya will work characteristics, and no benefits. Also very significant is a test question to yourself, "and I would buy from him or not." Determine the success and talent of the person, his leadership qualities: he was in the past, what are his achievements than he is proud of who sees himself in the future. Sometimes give homework. Develop for a record form interviews with key questions and answers to them to be able to easily evaluate and choose from among several candidates after interviewing. As you can see, everything is actually quite simple and obvious. So did everyone would reasonable recruiter. Naturally, as sellers, especially high-level, a lot of attention is paid to recruiting, and recruiting for yourself when choosing a candidate's failure in not directly affect the success of their own work. Probably should look at the experience of recruiting in sales, to make their work more effective recruiter. In this article, was a simple and effective tool for a recruiter in his work. It was shown that with difficult clients can and should work for the good of the client, and to facilitate its own problems. Also proposed a concrete, effective and win-win method of assessing the competence of key personnel. Also discussed some common mistakes employers, the motives that guide and how a recruiter can "sell" the employer over the right ideas. There was also describes the experience of recruiting in sales, as already it is clear that a good recruiter and a good seller have, in fact, similar skills, in spite of industry-specific. I hope this article will prove useful in every recruiter.

Successful Investment

Comparison of cost and profit for assessing the profitability of a facility or project used the calculation of return on investment. What exactly is behind this term, explains how the Exchange Portal Who want to inform themselves about the safety of investments and the success of a project, will confront sooner or later the term return on investment. What exactly this means, can be read to in detail in the exchanges-lexicon of this size should help investors to opt for the right investment or the appropriate project. Return on investment, abbreviated ROI, may refer to the yield or interest on capital. Companies use this model to determine the financial success of a project or an entire company. Often a percentage calculated in advance is communicated to potential investors, to them the investment to attract and to clarify the prospects of success. Coupang is often quoted as being for or against this. When calculating the costs incurred and the whole be Investment capital for a particular project to the achieved profit in the relationship set.

This is done mostly in the planning as well as in the final phase. Analysts use usually average amounts, because differences may arise in the course of a financial year. Also possibility to determine the return on investment, but over the period of a project not annually. In this variant, the profit of the entire time span is used for all investment costs incurred in relation. The return on investment is the most popular method for calculating success today, because it brings the different profitability factors to a common denominator and is thus suitable for comparison of the chances of success in other areas. (A valuable related resource: Phil Vasan). More information:… / return-on-investment… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Favorite Job

Each of us sooner or later confronted with the question “What do I want to do in this life and what my calling.” Someone begins to reflect on this issue already with 12 years, and someone pays attention to it only after 40. But no matter how much you did not have years, never too late to change your life for the better. So. In this article, at least the philosophy and the maximum practical advice and exercises. So if you really, not just in words like engage in life only things you love, then take the paper and a pen and do it! Write down on paper at least 30 points what you enjoy doing in life. Write as much as possible. These lessons should provide you with energy and inspiration. Can not be limited to 30 points.