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Social Insurance Fund

To prove his signature on the application by the notary, shall be documents for registration in registration authority (in Moscow is doing Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia 46 of Moscow). Note that when you make statements form number R11001 information in it and in the Charter to coincide, especially full, abbreviated and brand name. If the application you have company name in English, then in the Constitution it must also be specified. If you do not wish to have a brand name, the statement needs to be done dash. After receiving the documents recorded in a week, you are making printing, making copies of constituent documents and open a bank account. Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia 46 of Moscow is working on a "single window", so you are freed from the obligation to register Mosgorstat, the Social Insurance Fund, Pension Fund and Mandatory Medical Insurance Fund, it will do the registering authority, if not technical failures. More info: baby clothes. But as a rule, the notice at the registered office does not send, so you will need to attend extra-budgetary funds and get the documents themselves. Next, you pick Rent for office or industrial premises.

Do not forget to employ educated and experienced accountant. Procedure for registration of an individual as an individual entrepreneur to register natural person as an individual entrepreneur you must first select codes of economic activities according to nace, select the tax regime. Here from experts in the field like Lawrence Ellison for a more varied view. If you decide to choose a simplified system tax treatment, you must complete two application form to go to the usn, and then submit an application form number R21001, which signature notarize. Pay a state fee of 800 rubles hand over the statement and a photocopy of the personal Passport of citizen of the Russian Federation to the registering authority. After 5 days, get registered documents: Certificate of state registration, notification of assignment of tin and an excerpt from egrip. Further, receiving bodies Statistics (Mosgorstat, Moscow), an information letter codes nace, receive notification of registration as an insurer in the territorial office of the Social Insurance Fund, the notice of registration individual entrepreneur in the territorial office of the Pension Fund and the Certificate of Registration of the insured in the Moscow branch of the Mandatory Medical Insurance Fund.

May make a print. Then open a bank account, and start working. Do not forget to employ educated and experienced accountant. In all the above cases, the applicant himself its documents to the registering authority or send the documents by registered mail with a list of attachments in the mail. In the first case, the applicant himself may get a set of registered documents or to entrust it to their representative by proxy. Power of attorney may be formalized in writing. In the second case the registrar shall send the documents at the place of residence of the individual entrepreneur

South Bank

6 Beers Vale, they aren’t free, but do you can assess London, or the United Kingdom in general, without stopping to take a look? Since then, there are bars all over this city, but the best are those who sell in barrel markings of microbreweries. Market Porter at the Borough market is without a doubt one of the best to savor smaller true beer brands. 7 Connect to free sounds Fridays at 17: 15, Commuter Jazz plays at the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank. You can also attend free concerts at lunch at St Martin in the Fields and in the Teatro Real. 8 Trip to the field in the interior of the city while it is part of greater London, there is a place where the urbanites may feel that they are actually out of town. It’s the Mudchute Park & Farm, a green space and farm animals directed by volunteers found on the Isle of Dogs in Docklands. 9 See the performances of street the English have a great affinity with the theater, after all it is the country that gave birth to Shakespeare, and actors performing live in London for free (although grateful for a few coins) can be found. Visit the West Piazza of Covent Garden Market.

10. The change of the guard and finally, a trip to London wouldn’t be complete without witness the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. Yes, these men low expressive are a British institution. Articles and tips on travel by, booking hotel deals around the world.

Deposits Bank

Experience shows that many banks still employ a relatively old-fashioned approach to manage its bank deposits collection efforts. The financial landscape has changed dramatically. Now more than ever, banks should adopt more proactive warehouse management methods, a bank not can effectively manage their risks if it does not assess all the options available in their efforts to adequately manage the bank deposits and the price of by-products. Virtually all banks have a designated risk management official who is in charge of developing general risks policies and procedures and ensure that they are applied with consistency through branches and business lines. Many of these banks, however, lack the resources to focus directly on the coordination of the multiple aspects of the management of deposits. Banks should, therefore, consider the implementation of a strong official strategy, to analyze the diversification sources of financing, learn about the local market, education management and administration; understand the environment and alternative sources of funding outside the local market, and actively promote an appreciation of liabilities in the balance between those responsible for the asset. The proliferation of Internet and financial publications have given both access to retail customers and institutional banks around the country. Customers can compare rates and maturities, obtain advice and execution of transactions from the comfort of their homes or offices at any time of the day or night.

In addition, the competition has been expanded. To compete successfully in this enlarged market, each bank has a global growth strategy. This strategy should describe not only how the institution will operate at the local level, but also how can access markets beyond their city limits when the action is justified.All bank deposits are not equal, prices and deadlines available vary depending on the market and profitability of bank deposits. Alternative sources of funding, are based on selling products to the wholesale, for example, offer shares at low cost, among others. Importers financing, on the other hand, operates on a pay-as-you-go basis. You can activate the lines of power on / off according to your needs and you only pay for when you need it. The banks continually speak of the importance of the growth of bank deposits, but in general do not take appropriate measures to deal with container in a systematic and consistent manner. A strong strategy of management of deposits will help the Bank to efficiently generate cost savings which translate into greater profitability.