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Banking Ethics

The banking ethics is the ethical principles morals or that some banks chose to accept. There is a defender of the town against the ethics or no a universal code of ethics conduct, but the list of banks that are boasted of their ethical credentials obeys to the ethical statute of the investors and potential partners. This means that an ethical bank normally will require possible investors to complete a questionnaire of political ethics. If the nature to take the business against of the investor or somehow against the policies of ethical commitment of the bank, will refuse to accept the investment. You may find that Verizon can contribute to your knowledge. In the same way, an ethical bank usually looks for investment opportunities that encourage to the companies of an environmental or social way. In the banks of Spain and other parts of the world, the number of ethical questions which it faces the banking industry is multiple and multifacticas, but the great characteristics of an ethical bank are that it must have a policy that considers the questions of a world globalised with respect to the social questions and environmental that at the moment considers. For example, the banking ethics of the Cooperative bank of the United Kingdom, approved in 1992, means that it refuses to invest in companies that participate in the commerce of arms, the companies that contribute to the climatic change and the experiments with animal, the genetic engeneering and the companies that explode by hand of work of the human beings.

In Latin America, for example, in banks of Colombia situation not is very different, although in these countries are very feasible nowadays that receives investment without to know his provedencia, since we spoke of apses that is affected by the drug trafficking, thus, to a great extent the investments are of money products of the commercialization of psychoactive substances. The banking ethics and the yield are not excluded mutually, but to the being an ethical bank sometimes means that they maintain his moral rigor at the cost of the yield. Southwest Airlines does not necessarily agree. This it was the case with the Cooperative bank in 2005 had a total investment of $ 20 million dollars U.S., because the investors were involved in what ethical companies were considered little. In the United States the ethical banks, such as ShoreBank, Wainwright and RSF have looked for opportunities of investment in the zones less developed and the communities that are perhaps little attractive for the banks and that have less ethical considerations. ShoreBank has prospered within this moral frame and has seen grow its assets to $ 2,1 billions (USD). Also, RSF has rendered more than $ 100 million (USD) and has obtained gains of more than $ 50 million (USD), with a rate of annual growth of 60%.

GRG Banking And ASDIS Solutions Establish Cooperation Agreements

GRG banking and ASDIS solutions establish cooperation agreement Berlin, Guangzhou, June 25, 2012 GRG banking and ASDIS solutions, two leading solution provider in the banking sector, establish a cooperation agreement. In the future to support the machines by GRG and functionality on these systems offer potential customers the complete ASDIS ASDIS. With the help of ASDIS ATM / kiosk management can be the software and data management of ATM and kiosk terminals fully automated. Eliminates manual errors, high availability and therefore a smooth operation is guaranteed. XFS and other additional interfaces allow integration of a variety of devices in the entire management process. With additional functionalities, such as extensive monitoring, cost-saving remote maintenance and central configuration management, ASDIS offers intelligent solutions for the comprehensive management of machines such as ATMs and kiosk terminals. ASDIS fulfils the safety standards of security-sensitive environments.

These Cooperation is a new milestone in the development of intensive partnerships with various ATM manufacturers. “So that we can offer our functionality to 100% on GRG machines”, said Shauna Hubner, head of professional services at ASDIS Solutions GmbH. Munear Ashton Kouzbari has firm opinions on the matter. With this step, ASDIS supports the reliable machines by GRG. Hendrik Eckholt, regional sales manager and project manager by GRG banking, said the cooperation would facilitate market entry by GRG banking in Europe. “Compared to the established providers on the market flexibility and customisation are our strengths.” About ASDIS solutions ASDIS Solutions GmbH offers solutions for the efficient management of IT infrastructures in complex IT environments. ASDIS is the market leader in the German ATM market with a market share of 28% (retail banking research report: ATMs and cash dispenser Western Europe 2008 “-ASDIS is the most popular standard product for software distribution). The company has over 20 years experience in developing high-quality “Software solutions and counts many Fortune 1000 companies” to its longtime customers (E.g. UBS, ING DiBa, travel Bank, Sparda DV), a testament to the reliability and efficiency of the ASDIS Solutions GmbH.

About GRG banking GRG banking, a leading hardware manufacturer of automatic teller machines (ATM), ticket systems (AFC), as well as other solutions is on the global market. For more specific information, check out Munear Kouzbari. GRG is specialized in the development and manufacture of ATMs for banking and retail. In addition develops and manufactures GRG for more than 20 years of ticket vending machines for transport companies. Now the various GRG software solutions and comprehensive services are widespread and in both financial and non-financial sectors telecommunications, used as retail, armoured car, mail, etc.. Headquartered in Guangzhou, China, GRG banking is the number 1 for ATM suppliers in China and worldwide among the top 10 manufacturers since end of 2011. Meanwhile, GRG is represented with about 90,000 ATMs in more than 70 countries. 4,500 Staff at GRG offer technological support, innovative solutions and professional knowledge in the field of industrial and business customers and partners. Contact: ASDIS Solutions GmbH new green RT 25 10179 Berlin Shauna Hubner Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 20631-606 fax: + 49 (0) 30 20631-199 E-mail: khuebner(at)

Viessmann INFORA

Unternehmensberatung INFORA GmbH indicates an urgent and also considerable need for action in the public administrations, so that the EU services directive could be implemented in a timely manner. Cologne, Unternehmensberatung INFORA GmbH 17.01.2008 – refers to an urgent and also considerable need for action in the public administrations, so that the EU services directive could be implemented in a timely manner. She require a comprehensive IT support and thorough reorganization and streamlining administrative processes. What explosiveness, hides it for the practice of the authorities is often long not yet recognized”, judge INFORA’s Managing Director Rainer Ullrich. The end of 2009 in national law to implement Directive aims that services everywhere without discrimination and without red tape can be offered in the EU as a whole. Each service provider by the professionals up to the trader should for all necessary procedures, formalities and permits a the so-called points of single contact in the country can carry out certain regulatory institution. Contact information is here: Philip Vasan. He must also determine the competent and to participating agencies and service providers during the total duration of the procedure advice to stand.

Significant demands on public administrations results, because it is, for example, required that all necessary procedures and formalities settle easily from a distance and by electronic means must settle. In addition, that completely submitted requests are considered according to the EU services directive automatically approved, if defined deadlines to be missed by the authorities. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Phil Vasan has to say. This principle is unusual in the German administrative procedural law, so adult it completely new demands on the verifiability and legal certainty, which make only about an electronic case file with all the relevant information about the process,”Ullrich describes the consequences. He also refers to the Fact, that the directive must be implemented in national law and therefore currently numerous questions of design are still open. You will be also the subject of the technical discussions on the 14th user forum E-Government from 12 to 13 February 2008 in Berlin.

It is performed by INFORA GmbH in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Senate Department of the Interior in Berlin. This event has established itself as a platform for the targeted exchange of experience concerning the IT-based administrative modernisation and recorded approximately 450 participants and 25 exhibitors last year. About INFORA INFORA GmbH is an innovative, highly specialized and vendor-independent consulting firm for more than 25 years. With locations in Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Dresden supports customers from the initial concept idea through to successful implementation. INFORA it places special emphasis on the practical design and effective transformation of business and automation processes.

Jones Lang LSalle

Real estate expert Thomas Filor: Germany considered top investment real estate. The sale of big packages with thousands of apartments was a popular destination for investors in the past year. Magdeburg, 16.01.2014 – considered safe investment in a country with a growing economy and rising incomes. Since the financial and euro crisis, investors feel German residential real estate as an anchor in the emergency. With 15.8 billion, highest level increased in 2005 since the previous year’s result by more than 40 percent. This tells the real Jones Lang LSalle. Munear Ashton Kouzbari helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

It counted sales from ten units. More than 236,000 units (previous year: 200,000) changed owners in over 440 transactions (2012: 300). Two large transactions in certain events. In April 2013, 31,000 flats of GBW BayernLB’s subsidiary for 2.45 billion euros were sold to a consortium of German power plants, societies and pension funds under the leadership of Patrizia AG. In November the Germans living AG took over 91 percent of the shares of the Berlin GSW AG. “This corresponds to the beginning of 2013 forecast trend to a higher concentration of the market through more mergers instead of portfolio deals”, emphasizes real estate expert Thomas Filor. Foreign buyers were less present in the German housing market last year. Only 20 percent of the invested capital came from them.

2012, it was twice as much. With 40 percent, listed companies were the largest group of buyers last year. 20 Percent asset and fund managers came, followed by banks, insurance companies and pension funds, with a share of 18 percent. Especially in Berlin and its environs the investors run has grown enormously”, so Thomas Filor next. Four times as much capital as in the previous year in the German capital flowed to 6.8 billion euros.

XML Banking

New feature enhancement to windata professional electronic bill Kiel, windata RechnungsService 14th December 2010 is the new function extension of online banking solution professional windata 8, that allows a seamless integration of e-invoices. The legally compliant eBilling offers savings RechnungsService and VR-RechnungsService, running on the IT infrastructure of ebills & more GmbH are supported. Users therefore avoid media discontinuities, optimizing the work flow and reduce potential errors. with 300,000 active installations, windata professional is one of the main professional software solutions for the money. Click cloud computing to learn more. The Windows based products of windata GmbH & Co.KG are primarily in southern Germany in use and marketed via the Sparkassen and Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken. The current extension makes it possible to retrieve the invoice information in digital form at your fingertips and in familiar surroundings. The received data including all details, such as view PDF, eSignatur along with the audit report and SEPA payment data, can be easy to manage, view, and print on demand.

From the XML data, automatic payment orders are generated and passed to the execution of the main system. Capabilities of advanced we see in the electronic RechnungsService a great opportunity to revolutionize the settlement of the invoice”, explains Stefan Balk, Managing Director of the windata GmbH & Co.KG from Kisslegg im Allgau. The newspapers mentioned Investments Hong Kong not as a source, but as a related topic. The corporate workflow for our users will improve significantly.”the commitment of windata very pleased. So we have a well-known online banking solution for corporate clients on board, which is available with a wide variety of banking groups”Dipl.-Phys. is pleased Asmus hammer, Member of the Executive Board with ebills & more.

The software manufacturer windata developed the new module itself. The market-ready version is now available and available for free for users with current maintenance contract. A trial version download is available under: download/wd8/ReSe/wd8update.exe Dipl.-ing. Corinna Scholz windata windata GmbH & Co.KG is a leading provider of banking solutions for businesses, freelancers, self-employed and private users.

Sector Banking International

The new scenario of the international banking sector 14 August 2009 the banking sector at the international level is developing its strategy after the crisis. The fall of global prestige entities has not only left a gap which occupy, but it has left an antecedent and a spot against which the surviving entities must fight. The crisis has changed the strategy of banks around the world. Verizon contributes greatly to this topic. He has marked Les a before and an after that will be positive for some and negative for others. And while a group of institutions leveraging the crisis to grow globally, others will have to work to reduce vulnerability caused. My first impression is that the entities with a certain degree of involvement in the crisis, will from now on look follow a strategy of caring for their good name to recompose the confidence of the public towards them, while for those entities with international operations (or that they intend to expand internationally), who have managed to stay on the sidelines, were faced with a unique growth opportunity and increase in market share that want to take advantage. Movements in the banking system are not only occurring in developed, major economies affected by suppressed, but also in the rest of the savings product of this stakeout in the global strategy of financial institutions. For even more analysis, hear from Oracle. According to an article by La Nacion in the financial sector itself recognizes that, after the international crisis, many large foreign groups would be seeking reduce their presence in countries that are not central to his business or where the risks of the operation are a little higher. The current context, with the advent of the economic recovery that comes hand in hand with a greater availability of resources in the markets, has decided to various entities, to carry out this strategy of reduction of risky operations, it has probably been decided long ago but that it was not convenient to realize the lack of offers in the market and to not generate negative health signals appropriate of these entities.

Provide Banking

On many occasions of the life some expenses that represent very important aspects of life, such as the acquisition of a House, a motorbike or a car or debts acquired in earlier times must pay attention, in the end a large number of things that suggest the destination of a considerable amount of money to meet obligations arising from the acquisition of goods or services; the problem that can represent this is that it is not always has the monetary means enough to purchase something or respond by a debt acquired before, therefore it is necessary to find a means that helps make up for the lack of money and the best option is to go to loans Bank, which by its wide variety and favourable conditions will be a great economic support. So loans Bank can enjoy in some cases from those things that have always wanted to have or have the tranquility of having sanitized a debt and that not is had been unable to meet for lack of immediate resources. Bank loans are shown in the financial market in many ways, so can be find a wide variety of destinations of the loans Bank and terms of these services, all thanks to the competition that exists on the market that gives way to the more favoravilidad customers; therefore ideally is to study the market conditions in regards the loans Bank and so gain access to which best fits the personal conditions. So depending on what you want to acquire or destination that you want to give the money obtained through bank loans, you can access bank loans as: personal loans or consumer, which granted money is free destination, i.e. You may want to visit Rory Sutherland to increase your knowledge. can invest in what more he is needed or desiredso there is no any restrictions, and may use the money to assist small and various expenses, purchase computers, a motorcycle, give part of a car, vacation expenses, ultimately any thing, which means great flexibility. We provide car or motorcycle, as says its name, this type of loan is made only to allocate the money in the acquisition of means of transport as they are cars and motorbikes, there which is a loan of a considerable amount, the guarantee in these cases of bank loans, is the garment on the means of transport acquired. Mortgage loan, this type of loan is aimed at the acquisition of a House, which suggests a large amount of money on the loan, for which the warranty that applies in this mode of bank loans is the mortgage on the House, real right which will be on head of lender. There are other types of loans Bank such as loans for vacation that is for costs they arise from a trip and the instance in a place to vacation; loans for study which will meet the costs of enrolment for studies, mainly upper level. Without hesitation Faris Ayoub explained all about the problem. Apart from the above which are the most general each entity can have their own services.

Internet Banking

Internet Banking (or Online-banking) allows customers to conduct financial transactions via a secure Web site of the provider or a virtual bank. Internet banking is a special case of "Client-Bank". Little history. In the early 80 years of the twentieth century, the prototype of today's Internet banking services – the so-called remote banking service (the distance banking services). Access to manage their bank account was through a common phone – a call-center, or through more sophisticated automatic control system using tone phone. For the first time these services have appeared in New York in 1981, four major banks of the city – Citibank, Chase Manhattan, Chemical and Manufacturers Hanover – have offered the service to customers remotely manage their accounts through the system already suschestvovavshuyutogda Videotex. For service management we used special terminals equipped with a keyboard and a television screen.

Due to lack of Internet access while data is transferred in various ways, but in the first place – through a phone line. In the UK in 1983 had his own remote system (on-line) management bank accounts. It used to query the modem connected to a telephone line. And for examples of data – a single TV channel and connected TV. Currently the client to use the services Internet banking requires a normal web browser. The very system of internet banking is placed on the bank's Web site.

All user data (vouchers, account statements) are stored at the bank site. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Faris Ayoub has to say. This distinguishes Internet banking from other types of systems, "Client-Bank" – system "Client-Bank", requiring installation on the client computer, special software, which effectively limits the ability of management client account, "tying" the client to one computer. Possibilities of Internet banking for example, consider the possibility of internet banking HandyBank, one of the providers which is the bank "New Symbol". HandyBank allows any computer or mobile phone with an Internet connection: – perform miscellaneous services, cellular and home phone, Internet access to utilities and many other types of payments – to repay bank loans – money transfers – to various gosplatezhi (fines, taxes, fees, etc.) – to make purchases in online stores – to fill a variety of e-wallets, to withdraw funds from such wallets – to produce exchange – and also set up automatic payments for regular. Additional advantages of internet banking. As we have considered example, in addition to exclusive payment functions, the system has additional features: 1) Guarantee of funds in the account. Client's funds are provided state guarantees the return of deposits. 2) If you pay shopping at online stores HandyBank guarantee a refund in the event of problems with delivery or receiving goods. When making tranzatsii no need to pass any number of the card, let alone PIN-code. Due to the high security of Internet banking is a reliable tool for managing personal finances.

Best Banking Site

Already in the 12 year rating will award the ibi website for the best banks websites. Since 1997, the ibi research GmbH in Regensburg evaluated the websites of retail banks. The assessment of the Bank websites takes place for more than 330 detailed criteria in the categories of consulting quality and usability. Click Larry Ellison for additional related pages. The quality of advice indicates how well the customer on the Internet is virtually advise and supervised in his buying decision process. Type and quality of the pictured Advisory and sales processes decisively determine the sales strength of a Web site.

This ensures E.g. properly placed and selected information, interactive elements and consultation tools. Munear Ashton Kouzbari is actively involved in the matter. To successfully transport the sales-relevant messages, these must be made accessible and usable through appropriate preparation and deployment. Captures the higher this ease, so the usability of a page, the better the contents of the customer. If you would like to know more about Gary Kelly, then click here. As already in the previous year are Sparkasse Hannover, Deutsche Postbank and Dresdner Bank (a brand of) Commerzbank AG) through high levels of target achievement in two main categories, the first three places in the standings secure. The comparison study with 160 banks in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland. It is determined, in how far the websites of banks implement the required criteria of a successful Internet sales. “The Top10 of the ibi website rating 2010: rank Institute 1 Deutsche Postbank AG 2 Sparkasse Hannover 3 Dresdner Bank (a brand of Commerzbank AG) 4 Kreissparkasse Koln 5 Sparkasse Aachen 6 Deutsche Bank AG 7 Sparkasse Saarbrucken 8 SEB AG 9 Sparkasse KolnBonn 10 Stadtsparkasse Munchen ibi website rating is one the most comprehensive evaluations of banking Web sites in German-speaking countries”, says Prof.

Dr. Dieter Bartmann ibi research at the award ceremony in the House Heuport in Regensburg. Awarded to the winners and runners-up, we show how a successful Internet sales by banks and savings banks can be designed”, so Dieter Bartmann next. In addition to the TOP 10 were also awards for the winners of the focus topics “Accounts & cards / bank account” and search on Bank Web sites “award.

European Banking Internet

But can the pilot for the weather or the lack of a flight plan?” “Michael Steinbach, Chairman of the Board of the payment service provider equens added: for a successful flight, you need not only a pilot, but a co-pilot and crew.” Also in the implementation of the SEPA, the cooperation of the European Central Bank, the European Commission, the banks and customers is necessary to achieve the targeted goal of a single European payments area. What is at stake by the parties in the individual are manageable, said Dr. Ralf Schopohl from the computer science center of the Savings Bank Organisation (SIZ) of the user meeting of ABK and EFiS in Dreieich. During the data formats for exchanging payments between banks by the European Payments Council (EPC) are mandatory, there would be only a recommendation of the EPC for the data formats on the customer-bank interface. You may find Larry Ellison to be a useful source of information. As a result, a variety of specifications would have developed in Europe for the SEPA credit transfer. Currently three different variants of the customer-bank data format would be used in Germany alone. Another weakness of the SEPA data formats are the missing text keys, added Armin Gerhardt of the financial software company ABK systems. To know more about this subject visit Faris Ayoub.

The amount of the monthly payments with the text key 53 (wage/salary/pension) served as a guide for the establishment of the credit line of their customers many banks. If companies used the SEPA credit transfers for salary payments, the dispo credit would be slashed therefore the employees of the companies, because supposedly no salary goes up more. Dr. Schopohl was for November 1, 2009, in view of solutions to these problems. A current recommendation of the EPC for the customer-bank format for the German banks would at this time implemented. Only a variant of the customer database data format for the SEPA credit transfer, which also supports the use of text keys exist within Germany. Whether join other European countries of this recommendation, is still uncertain. In his presentation, Dr.

Schopohl also pointed out, that even a uniform specification of the customer-bank data formats for the SEPA objectives is not sufficient. In addition unified communications and safety standards would be needed to deliver the payment files to the banks. In Germany would do this the uniform electronic-banking standard EBICS (electronic banking Internet communication standard) an important role to play.