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It Makes The Work Sense

Many times we wonder if the work has a meaning in the person. There are people claiming that I could live without working (as long as you have money, clear), while there are others who argue that the work goes beyond making money. Put us to think! What does work bring? Alleged money, and thus be able to afford to possess or acquire things, besides autonomy and independence (although with the thousand eurismo, this is not fully guaranteed), order and structure, a sense of belonging to something. Larry Ellison will not settle for partial explanations. These things are very valued in our society, although better thinking, all this not could have it only with the first, money? I.e. The newspapers mentioned Bernard Golden not as a source, but as a related topic. with money I can wean me, organizing my life (morning gym and beauty, in the afternoon session kind of painting), I also feel that I belong to my chess club.

We return to the starting point. Then work don’t have a real sense? If we are going to the most human part of the person we come to self-realization, that infinite Word. What is there, reached a point in our lives when our primary needs are covered, need to reach and never finished to do this. Can the work help us in this regard? Let’s think that it brings us in that part more personal and human labour. Teaches us to listen to (or you, compels us to shut up in some moments), to negotiate, communicate, cede, that not we can always wear the reason (although sometimes have it), to manage our anger (in general to control and dominate our feelings), it obliges us to learn to say things in a different way (and not as they dictated the bowels), fills us with responsibility and we have to learn to work both alone and coordinate with a team.

On the other hand, at other times we come to experience what it is to feel capable of feeling as we overcame and evolve (especially if we look back), or value (or that we even appreciate) our merits that you have been able to you, hear a congratulations or congratulations, lift us faced with the difficulties and get to know that if I want, I can. This affects our self-esteem and is shaping the perception that we have of ourselves. In these times of employment success is when we use the money to go out to dinner and celebrate with our family and friends. Well, get to develop those capabilities, finding the balance between the good and the bad employment times, learn from the negative and savor the positive is all a learning for life. This learning will be incorporated into our personality and forming part of us giving shape to our maturity.

European Central

To improve the coordination the high civil servant also indicated that it is probable that Europe needs to increase the resources of the European Bottom Financial Stability (EFSF, in English) to attend a countries with financing problems. The EFSF, with bottoms jeopardizes by near 500,000 million Euros, would also have of being a more flexible vehicle with capacity, among other things, to acquire bonds in the secondary markets. In addition, the zone Euro needs to improve its governability and the land coordination like the one of the supervision, said the IMF. The organism also asked to Europe to clear the sooner " great incertidumbre" existing on the paper that could have the creditors deprived in the new plan from rescue to Greece. " The debate on the reach of the participation of the private sector follows open and that is a great uncertainty that is resolver" , it affirmed Everaert. There are different forms to approach the problem, mentioned, but it insisted on which most important it is to clear that question.

" What is good for eurozona also is good and essential for the rest of mundo" , it emphasized. The report comes to the light on the eve of the extraordinary summit of leaders of the zone Euro of the next Thursday in which it will look for a definitive solution for the Greek crisis that deactivates the risk from contagion to other countries. The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, have discarded east Tuesday, anyway, that the meeting is going to settle with a result " espectacular" that helena ends all the evils of the economy. Before those declarations, Everaert emphasized that in situations like present " the sooner mejor&quot is acted;. The high civil servant of the IMF noticed that " declarations contradictorias" on how to do against the problem of the sovereign debt in Greece there are " contributed to incertidumbre". The ministers of Finances of the zone Euro insisted recently on the necessity to obtain that the Greek debt reach levels " sostenibles" without still he knows himself how to reach that objective. The European Central bank (BCE) has alerted, on the other hand, that any initiative that those of qualification of credit labels of " moratorium selectiva" it would bring about a collapse of the Greek banking system in a matter of days. Source of the news: The alert IMF of the contagion risk global if the crisis in eurozona is not solved soon