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Two Forms To Feel

Two forms to feel Real the fungible touchs, that are passed of others for us, as manifestation of feelings of any species, the acts as the kiss and the blow of the shot To feel the weight of the conscience that intervenes the body without making to bleed it in fact, becoming shaped on the inside it when it affects the reason, in them compels the sensations I silence that it and the shout if it opposes Of the individual wills, to express almost without if allowing in fact to carry through, of the behavior In I silence it of good days that is not transparent ties, who in fact if only becomes unattachable, that it dies, for dying in account drops, who creates barriers for feeling in excesses what it reaches more the soul that the proper meat, that affects the spirit and provokes more pain that the unjust blow of the courageous one that it makes right and it pulls out the life of another one What it makes to fire the body, loaded of obligations that suffocate, only for in fact existing It is just when nothing more it is excellent, when air suffocates the eyes already do not enxergam truth When to deceive itself if it becomes rule, and the truth a consequence, when the deceit is more beautiful than the reason, and the lie a door of exit to save itself, when to delude itself is the form more close to reaching the body and to make the mind to dream. When what it is enough is distance to prove that exists exactly, of lie in the head of who only lives of the expectation that teach, and the failure that perhaps Liberte On the everything or nothing, it enters and it has left, it closes the doors and it cries, you have body as well as you possess soul, you have feeling, that of them it tries to annul, to annul the proper nature for existing, supplicating not to feel for in fact not existing, and not to think, and without that felt it would make the text, who of it reads and it does not feel.. Carter Holdings may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Types Of Ladders

Stairs, in addition to that it has a functional load is a very important element of interior design. Cylance: the source for more info. In its appearance and constructive solutions can be connected to a variety of design principles and materials performance, a combination of stairs and gives exclusivity and quality. External stairs diversity is mainly due to the peculiarities of their design decisions, according to which all steps divided into several basic types: the stairs to the Bolza, ladder-type cruise and vintovye.Marshevye lestnitsyLestnichnaya design in the form of a march is the most popular and widespread. This ladder is designed with taking into account the biomechanical characteristics of human movement in an upward direction – down. FLOATING optimal in cases where there is enough space and it is not necessary ekonomit.Marshevaya ladder consists of marches, it is structure and defines its name. Each flight of stairs may consist of no less than three and not more than fifteen steps, otherwise it is meaningless or installation steps to lift on it too hard. Usually when designing ladder provides ten or eleven steps in the stairs.

Too long staircase design requires the intermediate areas, whose width should be equal to or be slightly wider than a flight of stairs, the dimensions of these areas must be multiples of the length of the pitch man. Open staircases are of two types: closed, at which stage podstupennikami equipped, and open (in the absence of podstupennikov.) Construction of stairs and can be kosournymi tetivnymi. Kosuorami or bowstrings, that is, carrying beams, which pass obliquely across the length of the march, due to base flight of stairs. Many stairs prestigious and richest modern houses are tetivnymi. Bowstring closes end of march. In stairways with bowstrings attachment levels produced in wide grooves, which are provided within the load-bearing beam thickness of more than 60 construction ladders mm.Kosournaya tab provides the steps in the so-called saddle.

Stolen Kiss

To give a kiss is the thing more tedious than we make. Observing same me I evidenced that kisses exist that in fact are not changed. Perhaps E, this pointed the existence of a kept kiss, that agent nor of the account that exists, but only perceives its refusal. That intentions were these mobilized in the practical one of one economy sculo? I perceived that being ahead of a world of superficial and temporary apelos we resist in the attempt to establish a daily one of sacralidades. A shy kiss can say many things, to occult desires not confessed, fragile it if acanha when appearing.

It has fear of the refusal. It has fear of being rejected is more easy to follow in the mesmice, the known one, in previously tateado and constructed. Mundane, tiring and interminable things that we need to make, but that we act in the same way, never finding time to decide or to finish. The time of now is the time of the gift, the time of making that it eliminates pendencies and it leaves new space to enter it. Esbarramos almost always in the time to delay, in the time that if repeats, the time of the mesmices. For some reason we forget in them to make those actions more basic human beings, who we learn since that we are born as to see, to feel, to listen, to touch, to love, to risk, to take care of with the roots tied to the gift and to live each day, as one day new.

We lose this infantile look on the life and we plaster in them in our certezas and our fears. We collect ourselves in our pains and our amarguras and start to have the opened eyes, but we do not see. The refined ears, but we do not listen. there, the heart stops to receive and to donate.


Functions and types of hedges. In hedges several functions. If you look at this element of the garden, in terms of landscape design, this is one of its main elements. Hedge separates the site creates harmony, comfort and the geometric rigor. In terms of gardening, hedge is to protect fruit crops in your garden, from the icy winter winds and the scorching summer sun. Do not forget to protect from dust and noise. What is not little importance in our time. Hedge, itself acts as a decorative composition, but it can also serve as a backdrop for flowers and low shrubs giving it extra charm emphasizing the details.

External and internal hedges vary in height and have a different purpose clear from the title. There is a fence of one or more species of plants. The first requires more care and look more beautiful and more severe. The second type of hedgerows will save you time, but usually they take up more space. -Species of evergreen hedges, clipped plants the most popular with garden designers. It will look great round year.

In forming the hedges, must take into account the penetration of sun rays on the lower branches. If they will not be enough light, your composition will have a different hue that will look bad when panoramic view. In addition, with poor penetration of light, there is likely to be infected plants. It is also necessary to consider the degree of oppressed among other plants. This will be discussed in the articles section – gardening.

Brown Stones

Add that to enhance the vitality and energy concentration to its blue tones, they can wear the yellow stones – amber, citrine. Dark blue – the color of the artists. You may wish to learn more. If so, baby clothes is the place to go. Fans of dark blue, as a rule, it is easy to achieve success, its purpose and wealth. They love life, energetic, love children. In life, as well as on stage, they feel the actors and so very fond recognition. If the work they love and pleasure, they succeed. Love travel, often play the role of conductor. Their stones – blue, but the aspirations, or for relaxation they need white stones.

Fans of the blue can choose their own stones of the same tones, and blue – lapis lazuli, sapphire – not bad, and white coral to emphasize femininity. Brown Brown characterized by balance, thoroughness, orderliness of their actions, craving for knowledge. They prefer the solitude and tranquility. Their is extreme, endurance, frugality. Fans love the brown tones of power and tend to her, they stand firmly and soundly on their feet. As a rule, they do not produce a brilliant impression on others, but at a difficult moment for They can rely on and 'go with them to explore.

" In active love and devote her time. Many have pondered the issues of peace and quite afraid to lose control of himself. With great perseverance to pursue their objectives, regardless of what those goals. Brown – the color of mature age and mature decisions. Lovely jasper brown shades and agate – their loyal aides in the implementation of their quality.

Chronic Fancy

By times we are surprised by the life or we are trados for our feelings. We are led to believe that we have yes a possibility, despite small, but that we have a chance to show to the others, for being who we are truily, without needing to hide no part of our history, or without needing to suffocate our feelings, or the best part of them. Exactly without attractive bigger terms. this is so deep and intense that makes in them to feel that hope if confuses with the rising of a new day, a new morning after a long night Long nights Candy illusion Illusion candy that leaves an Acre flavor in the mouth, a bitter taste and a sensation of frustration and prostrao. But what the fancy of the mistake is the illusion seno. Therefore it is yes an error to believe that it is better to suffocate the love instead of declaring that we love more to each day.

To each different form that we find of looking at with predilection. That it is more easy to say that we are not giving account of the life instead of trying and Despite let us fail (that it is failure, but that it has fight) By times we are led to such mistakes, then, we are judged by these things that we make, these attitudes that we take and these crazy feelings that come and do not leave in them in peace. A compound of pleasure and agony. The others judge in them therefore, but we judge in them, itself proper, for what we consider in them to carry through. for times we commit our injustices, we are severe in trying to give name what the others are not imported. But the least we have that importing in them. why then is fancy? Because we delude in them excessively in the concern with the others and forget that none them, them others, are leaving of side some thing for us, or are hugging or if becoming attached something for our welfare. It is fancy of the mistake to cry and to feel to ache in the soul the prostrao and the frustration one more time to be being who never we would have to be, simply for the fact to look at who does not need to be looked at by us, to help who is self-contained excessively to be helped by us, or to love who rejects our love. Candy illusion, that in them leaves with this flavor bitter taste in the heart makes in them to place this called fancy mistake

Cheap Jewelry

Flower beds, which are also called beds usually have a regular geometry (circle, oval, triangle, ), and the area from 3 to 30 square meters. The small flower is usually made flat and planting one or two grades plants. If your flower garden is small, it does not aspire to an excessive diversity of plants in it. Raytheon Technologies Corp. takes a slightly different approach. Large beds a few lifts in the center. At large blooming flower beds and ground cover plants are planted on risunku. new flowerbed, delineate its borders, open ground at bayonet spade, poured onto fertile soil. Plants are planted after the ground settles – one to two weeks. Landing starts with the center of flower beds, moving toward its edges.

When you create a drawing on a bed of flowers, you should avoid small details. Eco-friendly baby clothes has many thoughts on the issue. Should take into account the compatibility of plant and requirements of taste. The principal axis of the flower bed must pass through the south-north. If it is do not plant should be placed so that on the north side of the flower garden were tall plants. Strengthen border flower bed with bricks, turf, and the like decorative elements. Beds can be to organize even a garden vases, flower pots, which are of different species.

Such vases, you can set a track, on the terrace, verandah or gazebo, or even on a summer kitchen and bedrooms. Plants in the beds of pick up time flowering. There are flower gardens in spring, summer and autumn, and continuous flowering. Beds can be arranged as from annual plants and from long-term. Perennials make sense to grow those that already after flowering all still beautiful. Include such plants as chrysanthemum, phlox and peony, primrose, iris, astilba. From annuals and biennials should pay attention to plants that are well tolerated by transplant, as well as long time and bloom beautifully. These are plants like nasturtium, petunias, aster, Alyssum, calendula, and others.

Iris Flores

The lily or also known by the scientific name of Iris germanica, is a species of common garden plants, others are used according to this plant are blue flag, iris blue, common lily, iris purple, Easter lilies, bearded iris. This flower is part of the family Iridaceae. The origin of this plant refers to the European continent. Speaking of Lily, you're referring to a bulbous, perennial grasses also presents a thick, creeping rhizome, accompanied by several rootlets. The iris is composed of an erect stem, which has a green color, has a thickness of about 2 centimeters, similar to the thickness of a finger, which is perfectly suited to this plant, since its height is between 50 and 70 cm. Lily leaves are strap and have a long ranging from 30-40 inches, accompanied by a width of 1.5 to 3 centimeters, which gives an elongated image, like a sword and very shiny, and they're leaves basal green half to clear. The presence of flowers in the lily, is given from the terminal stem, complete with leaves at the base and moves forward is going to approach the naked showing apex.

The flowers have three sepals ovate extended form, managing to reach a length that ranges from 8-12 inches by about 6 inches, so you can say that the flowers of the lily are large. The lily has a fragrant flower, generally its colors are shades of purple or violet, but may be white and yellow parts. Keep in mind that there are certain varieties of lilies that go beyond the usual violet and lily flowers are white, yellow, blue and red, accompanied by a fine marbling. Lily Flowering occurs with the arrival of spring and extends until the last days of summer. Throughout this period the lily has flowers rare. For people who want to have samples of the lily in your garden, take into account that the ideal is to make the planting of the rhizome in summer must be accompanied with a deficient irrigation, a rough measure of once a week during flowering, since excess moisture can lead to health problems of the plant where dried flowers, these should be cleaned.

To grow in a good way to be taken into account that the lily resists both sun and semi-shade locations, plus can withstand frost. The soil should be fertile, limestone and that this stagnation of water must make a renewal of the soil every three or four years. The lily can be given to applications other than ornamental, among which are: lily root juice can be useful as a purgative. Removing the rhizome and roots a fine powder, it can be used as a fragrance fixative for potpourri and as a filler in scented cushions.

Salaries In A Crisis

The crisis has really shied away from Men will start dating for marriage, if there absolutely can not be sure that tomorrow you will not reduce or delay the salary is not. But here at least kompensiruesh lack of communication, and even eventually meet its not very capricious companion, who make out your broad mind and serious intention to start dating for marriage. Even if all the girls liked to begin to invite to coffee, so you can just ruined, so many prefer to simply restrict onerous communication. But someone pursues a similar purpose. After all, not everyone needs those same acquaintances for serious relations. It is possible and just so nice time to conduct a frank and sincere conversation, and even with some inhabitant of the local dating site. What could be more reasons for this method of dating? For example, lack of time … Too busy people simply can not afford to spend precious time on the uncertainty.

After all, there is no guarantee that you will see a lady in real life, which corresponds to the laid out on her page photos. Or in exactly photo made so that certain defects cleverly disguised or simply hidden from observation. And then again! In general, the evening promises to turn this into a romantic date, and suddenly begins to weigh on rapidly shortened to the first excuse. Again in this case, dating is a good opportunity to repeat his attempt, taking into account not very successful experience. Dating is quite suitable for people are not too burdened by official duties – it is possible to pass the time for cute flirty conversation.

Malignant Tumors

Of all malignant neoplasms in the proportion of upper respiratory tract accounted for 23% of men – 40%, with predominant laryngeal cancer. 65% of all tumors of upper respiratory tract revealed in disrepair. tyn here. 40% of patients die without having lived, and 1 year after diagnosis. In patients with laryngeal cancer was misdiagnosed in 34%, throat cancer – 55%. In patients with localized tumors in the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses misdiagnosis is 74% of cases. Thus, it can be conclusion, as must be large oncological alertness, especially in ent practice.

Neoplasm of the nasopharynx. Benign tumors – warts, localized, usually on the back surface of the soft palate, at least on the side and rear walls of the nasopharynx. Treatment – surgical. Juvenile angiofibroma. Located in the arch of the nasopharynx. Through hoany often penetrates into the nasal cavity. Consists of connective tissue and blood vessels.

Has a rapid growth. Malignant tumors. Are more common in men older than 40 years. Accompanied by a diagnosis of sinusitis is why very often . Appear bloody discharge from the nose, the closed nature of the nasal, the process usually one-sided. For surgical treatment of access there is little, therefore, applied radiotherapy. Neoplasm of the oropharynx. Benign. Include papilloma, hemangioma. Malignant. Mostly cancer. Secrete differentiated radioresistant tumors occur at a young age and rapid detey.Rost quickly ulcerate, often metastasize. The clinic depends on oishodnoy tumor. By the symptoms connects cachexia as disturbed swallowing. Treatment: in benign processes – an operation that can be performed through the mouth or subhyoid pharyngotomy. In the case of malignant tumors – radiation therapy + surgery. Before the surgery required tracheotomy and ligation of the external carotid artery on the affected side. Neoplasm of hypopharynx. Laryngopharyngeal cancer usually develops in the piriform sinus, less frequently on back and pozadiperstnevidnoy area. The most typical form of exophytic growth. Complaints: In the early stages of dysphagia, if the tumor is located at the entrance of the esophagus and difficulty breathing when locating the entrance to the larynx. In further align the pain, hoarseness, coughing up blood, a foul odor. As surgical treatment and radiotherapy is ineffective. Operation – laryngectomy with sleeve resection of the cervical esophagus + resection of the trachea. Formed farnigostoma, orostoma, esophagostomy, tracheostomy. If possible, continue to pursue plastic ways.