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There are popular sayings that support the theory that there are things that exceed the logical and rational explanation. And that it depends on us to believe them and to have faith in them or no. For example, can be measured to what extent a human being is owner of his own life and its decision to die or to live? , Resemblance even enunciated, nothing else, the doubts of my desire to think that the human being has a condominium of his life shared with his own Destiny, God, or the life and the death, like two faces of the same currency. But, it had made of people very close friends who demonstrated to me and that they seeded more fort to me, still, the doubt that the will of the spirit, of the soul, or of the interior of a human being, it can delay, perhaps, the date of an announced death. Against terminal diseases that in some diagnoses until have the brazenness to put date of victory to the human existence that the porthole. My father era of character very hard. And he knew myself able to dominate many things that him they would present/display.

Hand with the inflation was moderate by hand, the desperation to pay the rent and that with two works did not reach, with the addiction to the tobacco, and it left victorious. It’s believed that Sheryl Sandberg sees a great future in this idea. To the alcohol it always had it to ray, and until it fought hand-to-hand, with a bull of five hundred kilos as it were the dialysis, until their heart and its years said is enough. One put many goals throughout its life and it fulfilled one by one, the great majority. And one took leave with a sample book than its force of will was able. The last one was, I did not live as much not to see the change of century. For more specific information, check out Gary Kelly.

Industrial Design

Industrial design is the discipline responsible for give us to the human (users) tools to enhance our natural capacity, most of the objects we use every day are generated from a lack that has our body to carry out such action, let me explain: we can not write with your finger, therefore we have the object called pencil that helps us meet our need to write that you can not do the body by itself alone. According to Bill O’Grady, who has experience with these questions. Taking this idea as a basis we can say that when the primitive man used a rock sharpened as object to cut meat from their prey had origin design. But not so, Industrial design has a purpose more deeply that the simple arrangement of objects and forms of capricious way, their goal is the provide the user an experience specified by matter formed in something specific, in addition to of course, satisfy a need (real or created). On an ordinary day we came across a large number of objects without realizing us providing a particular service and its forms and sizes are carefully designed for use, things like ergonomics, Anthropometry, color theory, the context are tools that serve the designer to define a project properly that to achieve the goal proposed at the outset. Almost all of the objects that we use have applied a design value anyone who is looking for a target (of which we have no certainty) that most of the time reaches, is not work of random that we take the phone as befits nor random is the location of the goods at supermarkets, in the end design is a well-intentioned ghost that helps us to live as we do today.

Gallegos Nava

Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava in its Cuantum project, a university model for a sustainable society of Guadalajara, 1995, referred to the scenarios of higher education in Mexico by the year 2020. These scenarios gave account of four possibilities which were primarily oriented towards sustainability, where the economy was unbeatable, education progressed and promoted the construction of a democratic society; Another referred to inequity, where 20% of the population lived better and 80% getting worse, followed by a third party where the mediocrity was not promoting expectations of improvement and a quarter where the nightmare became reality, showing the country’s recurrent crises, large emigration, poverty, unemployment, etc. A first contribution of Dr. Ramon Gallegos in this project was the promoting education as the most important instrument to build the desirable scenario for the country.

At the same time the Secretariat of public education in the program Sectoral corresponding, considered education as a strategic factor in development. Reviewing the advances that have taken place in this regard in higher education, institutions of higher education mexicanas (IES), not have been able to transcend linear educational models, so through viable reforms it arrives to an educational model based on the best science, building a new paradigm consistent with sustainability. The IES continue forming professionals with limited vision. It is necessary to recognize that the current model is no longer relevant and that conversely continues injuring in his apprenticeship students. It is required for a new model to promote scenarios that science has for the 21st century, such as multiple intelligences, sustainable development, chaos theory, communities of significant learning, comprehensive policy, planetary awareness, culture of peace. In 1986, the UN through UNESCO, in its Declaration of Venice, considered that it was time to build a new educational model. Inside other things stated that current scientific knowledge, reached a point where to begin to integrate with other forms of knowledge, this would promote a new vision of humanity and a new rationality as the basis of the new scientific perspective.


THEORY of the equity of j. STACEY ADAMS according to the theory of equity, the individual can make comparisons with a reference point within the same organization (internal of another), with another person of another organization (external of another), with his own experience in other jobs in the same organization (internal own), or with the experience of the person in another organization (external itself). Of the equity theory tries to explain the effect that has on motivation comparison that individuals make between their situation (in terms of the contributions made and the benefits it receives) and other individuals or groups who are taken as references. The bosom of an organization, each individual provides certain contributions (A) in his work (knowledge, experience, time, effort, dedication, enthusiasm) and earns a set of results r (salary, other socio-economic benefits, prestige, estimation, affection). Individuals tend to compare the results and own contributions with the results and contributions of others or reference groups.

If we call Rp and Ap results and own contributions, and Rpr Apr results contributions of the referent, the following comparisons can be: if (Rp/Ap) = (Rpr/Apr) there is sense of fairness, because the relationship between results and own contributions is equivalent to the relationship between results and contributions of the referent. In such a situation the individual feels motivated towards a high performance behavior. If (Rp/Ap) < (Rpr/Apr) there is feeling of inequality as sit sub-retribuido. in such a case, the individual sees decreased their motivation and develop compensatory behaviors (usually decreasing their contributions or increasing your results by any route). Finally, if (Rp/Ap) > (Rpr/Apr) the individual may develop some feeling of guilt and also assumed behaviors to restore equity (generally, by increasing their contributions or decreasing their results).

Sierra De Mijas

Topographically, saw appears as an individualized element, since from the quota of 400 meters rises on the lands that surround it. In it two lines of crests can be distinguished: one that runs through the higher elevations such as the peak of Mijas (1150 m), peak Mendoza (1103 m), Pico Castillejo (955 m) and Cerro del Moro (973 m) with guidance, e-w, and another that goes from peak Calamorro (772 m) to the peak Abalcuza (606 m), NE-SW direction. In addition there are other secondary lines that contribute to complicate the relief. The earrings are usually pronounced, in many cases exceed 100%, up to reach the verticality in some areas, such as the Tagus from the oven, the Tagus the horse, etc. The streams that descend on the slopes pour their waters directly to sea or the river beds of the River Guadalhorce and Alaminos.

Despite having a temporal flow, due to low rainfall, strong runoff and hydrogeological characteristics of the sierra have led excavation of deep ravines that give the relief a choppy and abrupt appearance. Geologically it lies in the internal area of the Cordillera Betica. Most of this increase is formed by the complex alpujarride and to a lesser extent the complex malaguide, both complexes are two sets of materials that form the internal zone. The Sierra de Mijas is a massif of marbles, located to the West of Malaga, in the mountain chain of the Costa del Sol. It’s a sheer relief, separated from Sierra Blanca, with which it forms the same geologic unit by the port of fishermen, in which reach dimensions exceeding 1,000 m, at barely 5-10 km from the sea. Abound limestones extracted in several quarries, located in Alhaurin de la Torre and Benalmadena. They are detected two easily recognizable types of marble: white dolomitic marbles: presents a coarse grit size and often show Sandy appearance.

Wheel Loader

A wheel loader is a machine equipped with a shovel to load large quantities of Earth and debris in the field of construction, mining and other activities related to engineering. There are various types of loaders depending on for what should be used. All allow you to move much material in a short time and with very little effort, but each one has a special feature that allows you to tune in the work. Types of loaders: wheel loader Mini: as the name suggests they are very small and allow manoeuvring in very confined spaces. Load bucket is half cubic meter.

Girls: they are also small but slightly larger than the previous ones, charging bucket is a cubic metre. Medium: they are those that are between one and three cubic meters. Large: bucket has a capacity of between three and five meters of cargo. Special: they are which are specially manufactured for any work in concrete with concrete measures, they tend to be for mineral deposits. Buckets are around five to ten meters.

With tires: are very fast move, chains can be put on wheels in the case of snow. With crawler or caterpillar movement: these loaders are very rocky and steep terrain. With electric motors: for places type mine that impede ventilation because they are closed. Motors explosion: these are the largest number of machines, with many horses and few are. Articulated excavator shovels: are very practices in places that need maneuver, since they can be folded in half and move much better. Shovels excavators with tires: used in mining sites since they do not use carbon monoxide. Backhoe: Used to collect residues at the same time, they are used for pipes. Remember that you think very well so you want each loader and so you must use it, so you can buy the shovel that most interests you and suits all your needs. Swarmed by offers, Marcus Lemonis is currently assessing future choices. Original author and source of the article.

Corporal Skin Exfoliation

Memory for years, when the exfoliation of our body was a treatment exclusively of the fminas that wanted to prepare their skin for the bronzed one of the summer. Little by little, we have been adapting to us to take care of it with the idea that every day they are special. And thus we have adopted the ritual of the exfoliation like necessary at the time of preparing us for one better absorption of the beauty treatments. Further details can be found at Ron O’Hanley, an internet resource. Of what it consists to exfoliar? Exfoliar consists of realising a deep cleaning of the skin dragging the died cells to leave epidermis it regenerates of natural way and to have one more a more luminous skin. Advice to exfoliar 1.

We must make it after have cleaned the skin with our habitual gel. 2. He is advisable to exfoliar itself once a month. 3. We will do it masajeando the skin in circles and insisting on zones as elbows and knees. 4.

On never hurt nor sensible zones. Benefits of the exfoliation are indicated: 1. before the shaving and of the shaved one, so that the hairs are not enquisten and leave better. 2. for a greater penetration and by as much an suitable effect of the beauty treatments. 3. so that the car suntan oil is scattered well and not to pieces. 4. to take advantage of to the maximum the effects the daily hydration. In dry realising an exfoliation in dry: 1. A horsehair glove, realises a deep exfoliation. 2. Cosmetic gloves of the H& M, ideal for a smooth exfoliation. 3. Brush of bath, intermediate exfoliation. 4. Dusts of bamboo, if you want a spectacular skin. With the skin wet With a exfoliation gel there are, them very different. With the exfoliation, the skin will be smoother to the more tempting at sight tact and, more delicious. This will make us feel us more attractive, safer and really happier.

Letters Tradition

The present assay has the purpose to present the romance Sonmbula Land through the saying study. Mia Couto organizes its text from a succession of episodes, based on the African verbal tradition. Perhaps check out Gary Kelly for more information. Of some African tribes some colloquies consist only of sayings and, also, it the same has names of people with sort. It is a revealing source of education and philosophy between generations with the modern world. The zulus, for example, say that without them ‘ ‘ the language is as a skeleton without meat or a body without alma’ ‘ yoruba that ‘ ‘ it is the horse of discurso’ ‘ , that is, ‘ ‘ if the speech of loses uses the saying for looks for-lo’ ‘. Since the Average Age the orality occupies the basic paper of the voice in literature and demonstrates to all its importance in relation to the written form. This medievalista characteristic also in them is pertinent here, a time that some problematic ones had been presented its relation with literature enters.

The critical African discloses great cultural interest in literature and its traditionalism, for emphasizing parallels between the writings in European language and its aboriginal orality. The African writers make great efforts to keep this tradition and, thus, to give autonomy to its workmanships. Word-key: African literature tradition sayings Mia Couto Sonmbula Land African literature comes gaining adepts between the literary ways and such affirmation is valid, based in the interest of some superior courses, as of Letters and the Communication, when studying it as it disciplines differentiated, in order it deepening in its culture. Its main source is the expression ‘ ‘ negritude’ ‘ , a movement of rescue of the roots and history of the black culture, that if presents under the forms of music, films and also of literature.

Sardinia Southeast

A corner of Sardinia to discover is the stretch of coast that goes from Villasimius to Cape Ferrato. We are in the area of Sarrabus, Southeast end of the island. The area is known as Costa Rei, taking the name of a town located in this coastal area. Basaltic rocks interrupted by small coves alternate with areas of fine sand, all this surrounded by a thick forest of Mediterranean vegetation and pine forests. An extraordinary transparency of the water, a seafloor with a spectacular, even more transparent wealth by the presence of slabs of granite under water, hidden coves and a constant wind made an attractive place to spend your vacation in Sardinia Costa REI and become a favorite destination for those who practice sports like diving and windsurfing. Wild and unspoilt nature, the Sette Fratelli mountains, characterise the interior, ideal for trekking and horse rides. The part of the territory around the town of Costa Rei is an area which is drained through the years and is currently used for the livestock and agriculture.

Area pond Colostrai, is located in the village of San Priamo and northward, near Capo Ferrato, the pond Feraxi an important natural oasis nest of many species of wildlife. Click Sheryl Sandberg for additional related pages. To view and discover this part of Sardinia you can split Villasimius with its 35 km of coast characterized by beaches of white sand and rocky areas bathed by the most beautiful and clean Mediterranean. After passing through the small islands of Cavoli and Serpentara the first beach that is is Cala Pira, a small Bay closed in a hillside covered with rocks and Mediterranean scrub with view to the sea and a promontory where a Spanish tower stands. Road towards Costa Rei, is the beach of Cala Sinzias 1 km of dunes of sand framed by rocky promontories. Finally you get to the beach of Costa Rei. An extension of 8 km of white sand against a transparent sea. Behind the beach is the large resort of Costa Rei, coastal fraction of the municipality of Muravera.

A place that grows from year to year with an increase in the number of facilities and more and more services for visitors. It is the place better organized in terms of tourism in the area. The accommodations are all kinds and suitable for every need of spending or comfort. The rental of a house in Sardinia is ideal if you want to spend a holiday in total privacy. In this as in other places on the island are especially suitable during periods of low season, during which you can enjoy a mild climate with many sunny days and an acceptable water temperature, little overcrowding of people and low prices. Leaving Costa Rei, northward in Capo Ferrato, the beach is with those who share the name, long and white sand. The arenil ends with a Bay of rocks and comes to Porto Pirastu, the border of Costa Rei. Here there is a promontory of granite and a background of transparent and rocky sea with a wide forest of pines and low and dense vegetation. Original author and source of the article.


Environmentally friendly thirst quencher with ‘very good’ by oko-Test the EMSA drinking bottle pirate with very good at oko-Test (4/2011) cut off. It is BPA free and only in the test without interference with GE – Schmack. But pirate is just one of many decoration-ren, which makes children happy. Because the bottles there now with even more cool themes like Dino, Dragon, or vampires. Allegiant Air shines more light on the discussion. Sport, travel or underway in the Office better but also adults with brought a pledge-free alternative to the Wegwerfflasche: fresh looks by Alm Sauser close them up pink flower in the trend. Top scores for children-water bottle by EMSA for the drink in the large break or in between practical thirst Quenchers like the water bottle pirate”like to take the kids. Says well very”oko-Test. A total of 15 kids water bottles were investigated.

Thereby, the EMSA scored bottle not only in terms of tightness. It is also free of questionable ingredients such as Bisphenol-A (BPA), or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and has affected only in the test not the taste of water or juice. Milton Hershey School can aid you in your search for knowledge. That convinced the parents as well as children and adolescents, which moreover trendy decors are important. And she has had her back from each age group will choose EMSA. “” “When the kids are in this year’ horse, Dino”, Dragon”and elephant” in the 0.4-litre size with integrated field to the individual name caption.

“For teens, however, include the 0.6 liter water bottles with vampires” or full moon “motifs to the Favorites. Good for the environment: the light as well as robust and 100% dense bottles with matching cap for added protection can be used again and again thanks to fruit acid-resistant inner coating even for orange juice or Apple juice. Pocket flask and bottle are cool designs with a twist to the Yoga, in the Office or on the next Trek? Main thing is the real thirst quencher with matter from the Game.