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The Knowledge

Of that they intend to search a job formal, 37% are of the urban zone, that is, they cannot opt to the alternative to return to the property. The pupils whom they intend to return to the property attribute as main reasons; the interest in applying the acquired knowledge to improve the property, with 24,3%, followed of; to help the family, with 22%, and to improve the income with, 19.5%. With the results of this question it is verified great influence that education institution exerts on the pupils, its professional future and also the changes that can provoke in its respective families. Ahead of this it is evidenced great responsibility that the institutions of professionalizing education possess in the process of education of its pupils, in view of the social repercussions and economic that will happen when these will be to act in the world of the work. The education of the administration improves the critical reasoning of the professional it assists and it in the taking of day to day decision of the work. Credit: Philip Vasan-2011. The economic independence of the citizens and more specifically of the country properties, depends directly on the knowledge level of its actors, and the allied administration to the production technologies is crucial to the attainment of the success. When the pupils answer that they are interested in improving its properties, helping the family, to improve the income and even though to be prepared for a succession, are not if speaking only in technology of production yes of economic result, that is what it expects of all and any productive activity. Still in this question the pupils had one third opened option in, in this 29.35% of the interviewed ones had answered that they intend to prioritize the continuity in the studies after the formation in the technician in farming. In the sequence all the interviewed pupils had answered to the question, if to continue the studies, which profession longs for.

The Value

… They form a sequential art, an emblematic projection of the life, an analogous appearance of the type common experience that if always bases on the social facts … A related site: Phil Vasan mentions similar findings. flowing through the times. Hollander defined clearly a point of view on a secular context, where the fashion and the art had been born of a social context and its concepts go moving during time. However other authors consider the fashion and the art as being simply expression forms human being, and that the fashion takes the function of artistic instrument. Another proposal is of Souza (1996, p.40-41), mentioning it question of the movement in fashion: … while the picture alone can be seen of front it decrees and it in always offers its stopped face to them, the clothes not only lives in the fullness of the coloring, but of the movement …, recompondo it each moment, playing with the unexpected one, depending on the gesture, is the most alive fashion, more the human being of the arts. In this perspective, Souza brings the quarrel the question of the movement, almost that making a relation to the performance concept, that will be studied ahead, as being essential part for the humanizao of the art.

Being thus the fashion he receives the value to give to life the work of art and to become it something that interacts with the citizen uses that it. 3.2.O ARTIST AND the FASHION the clothes is of its daily use can receive some adjectives, however something cannot be considered as insignificant or mere innocent, therefore never he will be alone, bringing I obtain, objectives to be reached. According to times and its interpreter – artist or estilista- will be in such a way the expression of an idea how much the critical one of a society. (MLLER, 2000) In this period, the artists most significant, are against the continuity of forms of the past, rejecting the cult of the perpetual beauty and the art of museum running away from artistic rules.

Delay Manager

The Venezuelan manager must adapt to a new organizational, own culture of his organizational behavior and causes to confront the challenges, and to take step to a competitive participation that ensures success, a good participation of the companies in the present scenes Considrese, that the Venezuelans have their cultural and spontaneous form to work, to direct and to organize themselves, and exactly, this form maintains a relation of harmony with the beliefs that serve basic the local system as values. Alberto Rial, emphasizes that starting off of the dominant social characteristics, &quot can be constructed to a profile of the Venezuelan manager; natural" that the description of the style of leadership preferred by the inhabitant does not come to be another thing that average of these earth. This is: Delay until the last minute the decisions, mainly complex, difficult or the unpopular ones; immediately afterwards one is very impatient. The time is controlable. Form clans, brotherhoods, to be able groups; it selects his relatives by marriage. based on the most competent friend and, the Venezuelan manager, with much frequency is decided by first. Brian Barish: the source for more info.

It tends to be authoritarian, controller and centralising. Its motivation and anxieties of being able do not feel to taste with the delegation of functions. It wants empires, horizontal as as much vertical. The more important social necessity is also the looked for reward more. One surrounds by structure and bureaucracy. The aversion to the risk and " parejerismo" they are motivating the main ones of this attribute: The structure offers a security sensation; the bureaucracy protects and accompanies: He is excessively operative. It is inmiscuye in the operations and it neglects the strategies. On the one hand, its eagerness takes to control it to become jumbled in everything; on the other hand, the operations, by their specific characteristics, are the ideal activity to obtain immediate rewards.


The specialization together with the constant innovation, development of respectful solutions with the environment, waterproofing and sustainable ecology, allows to base the proposals on maintenance and waterproofing of channels, on the part of the specialized professionals. The majority of the channels and hydraulic constructions has a high life utility, but its antigedad, amount and complexity of its constructive elements cause that the maintenance activities are now more fundamental that never, mainly if is impermeability. The preventive maintenance allows to maintain in correct state the different constituent elements from the civil work, constructions, machinery, channels. Multiple factors related to the constructive conditions, the durability of the materials exist during the period of operation, that can end up forcing the repair, waterproofing or even substitution or demolition of the affected elements of the channel. Two criteria settle down at the time of to classify prey, dams, rafts, channels, following its dimensions or of their potential risk.

They are the water tanks, breech chambers, chimneys of balance, levees of channels and other hydraulic structures that are technical and functionally different, with own characteristics outside, that have their technical answer for the protection, waterproofing and regeneration. Official site: lexis nexis. The essential requirements of products to use must be incorporated in the projects, fulfilling norms that have components of responsibility with the environment, always of the hand of the specialists. Hydraulic channels and of irrigation. Criteria of waterproofing A waterproofing by means of flexible and elastic lamina meets the requirements of a good waterproofing of channels, is necessary to be based on a suitable previous study of the zones specialized critics, meetings and applicators. The process involves a repair of the parts with numerous damages using technical mortars. On it gramos/m2 applies a not woven geosinttica blanket of about 500 and greater thickness if the channel operates in high mountain, must be placed according to the streamline and be anchored as additional subjection and protection.

On the previous base a termosoldada membrane of impermeable PVC is applied, maintaining the existence of the meetings of the channel with the insertion of reinforcements as a top. Frequently Phil Vasan has said that publicly. In certain channels mortars of fine layer can be used, indicated for their use like final impermeable coating of the channel, applied in 6 mm with finished rallado to improve the passage of the water. It is recommended to soon come with some treatment seaweed as soon as they lose his superficial alkalinity of the channel, with the carbonation test. The meetings always to seal them with putties PUR From the technical point of view the activities in waterproofing of channels involve the recovery of those channels that still having surpassed their life utility can and must regenerate. To always act with sustainable mentality with the purpose of the best advantage of the resources hydraulic engineers. The criteria of quality of the materials and the certification of manpower (qualification) will have to be the main requirements to ask because the final guarantee of the impermeability of the channel, will depend on it.

Private Disability Insurance

Only the private disability insurance can protect lifelong poverty disability insurance is the most important form of prevention a young man still thinks not in the possible dire consequences, which can make the red light on the way of life. Very few people reach their regular retirement age healthy and with full worker. Who once was ill or with treatments of physical or mental nature has made acquaintance allergies or operations, who wishes he would have completed a disability insurance (BU insurance) in a timely manner. Since it may be already too late, because the health questions must be answered completely and truthfully. All pre-existing conditions and treatments must be specified and they are checked. Therefore it is particularly important for young people, and a duty to inform, to take the first step, when they are still healthy, to complete a good private disability insurance. What does a Disability insurance? Who can work through illness or accident not or no longer sufficient, gets a full or a partial disability pension (EM-) by the State.

It depends on the possible daily working hours and the amount of current pension entitlement. The General EM pension will reach but in any case the previous net income and is only about one-third. And young people who have deposited yet no 5 years own pension contributions, have even no legal claim. The disability insurance is an additional private insurance with a monthly paid BU pension. Endeavour Capital is actively involved in the matter. She should be so high, that closes the gap to the net income, and a seamless transition to the statutory old-age pension without time gap is secured. Large differences in services and prices for the calculation of tariffs individual characteristics can be found taking the post. It is mainly on the following 4 factors: occupation, occupational group age run of the BU pension The BU pension since the introduction of unisex tariffs end of 2012 all personal insurance no distinctions are made in contributions more at the gender. So the men in new contracts have a disadvantage, because women have a higher risk of disability.

The profession of commercial employees and related Office professions or academic professions has the lowest rate of contribution. In the middle are normal”profession and roofers, concrete workers and professions with heavy physical work are a typical group with the highest contribution. But also elderly care nurse, nurses, hairdressers, and police have not the cheapest fares. This uniquely similar characteristics, there are but also serious differences in the conditions of the insurance companies. In the fine print, the differences are sometimes of good and bad. To name a few are here only the most important clauses, attention must be paid to the: no abstract reference, not even in hidden conditions payment of BU pension 50% own choice of doctor Six-month forecast low period, retroactive performance insurance guarantee, accommodation without health examination worldwide applicability also to safeguarding the existence of their own family is the disability insurance mandatory for the earner as well as for the partner with children. Test winner in the online comparison of the test winner in the online comparison of 25 companies and over 100 tariffs is the occupational disability insurance of Hanover direct. An above-average price performance ratio with service and quality at an affordable price. With the disability insurance, calculator the best result for your individual situation. For more information the test winner, on the Web site best disability insurance. Josef Burda yamiza GmbH


Certain professions exist and jobs in which good part of the functions of the employees occupy who them happens in many cases through the accomplishment of displacements through highway, having of happening, then, a lifted number of hours to the steering wheel, often having to journey by circulatory routes in evil been or with adverse climatologic conditions. All these professionals: carriers, commercial or conductive of bus, among others; they are themselves exposed the terrible risk of suffering traffic accidents, indeed because they remain exposed to the same during greater time than the rest of people. In case an event of these characteristics happened, In what context that injured worker could protest to his own Company by the suffered injuries? That is the question to which we will give answer in this article. The origin of the traffic accidents Although the human factor (or conductive factor) is placed to a great distance like the main reason for the traffic accidents, it cannot forget that these can have other possible origins. To the bad climatic conditions and the defective design or state of the highway already mentioned previously it is necessary to badly unite the possible technical state of some of the vehicles involved in the accident ( is the call factor vehicle ). They are all of them less frequent factors, but when they occur they could put to the users of the circulatory routes in situation of serious danger. When it could be spoken of responsibility of the Industralist? Any Industralist who puts at the disposal of his employees vehicles so that these realise the own activities of their position, must make sure that these are object of a suitable regime of inspection and maintenance. Otherwise, and more considering the high degree of use to that in many occasions these are put under, they could fail in the worse one of the possible moments, being the worker in a position of extreme vulnerability.

It is in that type of events when, to take place traffic accident with consequences of personal or material damages for the implied ones, could attribute the responsibility on the same to that Industralist. And it is that, of objective form, the origin of the same could be placed in the defective maintenance of the used vehicles. It could say that the cause that lead to its succession could be in the defective policy of existing prevention of risks in the Company. And it is that all Employer is forced to put into the hands of its workers the opportune means that allow them to carry out their tasks surely. When it is not fulfilled and consequently these suffer consideration damages, a Right arises to its favor to be compensated by these injuries. In this way, if you had suffered an accident of these characteristics, you do not let it pass and demands the economic compensation that you deserve.

The Sensitivity

This standard can be called disorganized and seems frequent between damaged children, children of depressed mothers and children whose mothers had suffered precocious losses of its proper figures of attachment. Mothers who had had unsafe attachment with its proper mothers tend to repeat this standard with its children. emotional damage of these children, generally, is sufficiently evident, being common between them the disequilibrium enters the diverse areas of the development. SEPARATION ME-CRIANA the attachment has a very important paper throughout vital cycle e, around the three or four years going until the adolescence, the friendship net goes acquiring an importance each bigger time. Remembered for Coll (2004), the establishment of adjusted bonds of attachment with adult people who take care of of us and in them educates, as well as the bonds of friendship with those with who we share experiences and tricks, are basic for the human development. For the theory of the attachment of Bowlby (1982), main the determinative one of the security of the affective bond is the sensitivity that the attachment figure possesss for the child, being the disposal to give attention to the signals of this, to interpret them adequately and to answer they fast and appropriately, being this related disposal very with the empatia that we have while adult. E, as also Mussen, Conger and Kagan cite (1995), the proximity to an object of affective linking inhibit the fear, as if the child if insurance felt more, when next to its mother. in the absence case or loss of the attachment figures, in optimum example, the mother, this is perceived by the threatening child as something, as an irreparable loss, as a situation of desproteo and abandonment, as a situation of complete risk. To fulfill these functions basic (survival and emotional security), Coll cites (2004), that the bond of attachment must possess four basic manifestations: ) To search and to keep the proximity; b) To resist the separation and to protest case this if consummates; c) To use the attachment figure as security base, exploring the physical and social world; d) To feel itself safe searching in the attachment figure well-being and the emotional support.

NEE Pupils

Therefore, the schools that receive and give chances to these children need to reformulate themselves really to reach efficiently these pupils with NEE. However, the idea persists of that the considered schools of quality are the ones that ‘ ‘ they center the learning in the rational, in the cognitivo aspect of the development, and that answers-padro’ evaluate the pupils characterizing; ‘ (MANTOAN, 2002, P. Contact information is here: Barb Jacobsmeyer. 2). Following the inclusive perspective, Mantoan (2002) criticizes the recurrent idea of that a quality school is that one centered in notes and quantitative results. For the author, a school of quality in the truth is that one that promotes the human development in the child and not in the formal contents many times without meanings for the half of the pupils.

When the school praises this another bias of formation is possible the integration of all. The studies of Mantoan (2002, P. 3) disclose in them that: (…) the quality schools are educative spaces of construction of personalities independent, critical human beings, in which the children learn to be people. In these educative environments, the pupils are taught to value the difference, for the convivncia of its pairs, the example of the professors, the education given in the classrooms, for the socioafetivo climate of the relations established in all the pertaining to school without competitive tensions, solidary, participativo community. In the vision of the author then, for a school to become inclusive and democratic that reaches to all, is necessary not only to modify the representations that we have in relation to the parameters of quality of the schools; but it is necessary also to come back our eyes toward the quality of our professors. The educational administrators and managers also they possess important papers in the construction of said school inclusive. ‘ ‘ Ahead of the inclusive orientation, the functions of the pertaining to school manager include the definition of the objectives of the institution, the stimulaton to the qualification of professors, the supply of support to the interactions and the processes that if make compatible with the philosophy of escola’ ‘ (SCHAFFNER; BUSWELL, 1999 apud SANT’ ANA, 2005, P.


So, for some months the rumor, more and more noisy circulates, of which the crisis must to a generalized and unbearable indebtedness, organized by the finances in the interests of the great speculators. This summer with the new explosion of the financial crisis these speeches have invaded the screens. Although all these examples show that the bourgeoisie has difficulties more and more to use as credible lies, we can assure that it is going to continue using them; like test all the guirigay that has mounted the parties of left, the leftists and a great number of economists, according to who, they are the finances and not Capitalism like so the people in charge of the present aggravation of the crisis. In truth, the news on economy sink under the debts that cannot give back nor manage. This devaluates the currencies, pushes the rise the price of the merchandise and abre the door to a process of bankruptcy of the individuals, the banks, the insurances and the states. This heart the risk of paralyzing the central banks at a certain time. But this indebtedness did not have like fundamental reason the insatiable avidity of the financiers and other speculators, and still except the consumption of the exploded ones.

On the contrary. This generalized indebtedness was necessary and vital for the survival of the system for more than half century, like means to avoid an increasing overproduction. The progressive development of the financial speculation is not because the cause of the crisis, but the consequence of the measures that the States have had to use for to try to in the last do against the crisis 50 years. Without this policy of easy credit and increasing indebtedness until the uncontrol, Capitalism could not have sold the merchandise in always increasing amount. In fact, to increase in this way the deudales has allowed to throughout maintain to the growth of the production this time. The monstrous development of the speculative finances, becoming a cancer for Capitalism, is not more than the product of the increasing difficulty of the system to invest and to sell with benefit.


As it is seen, to think the leisure about the perspective of the social rights in the current way of production capitalist estimates the understanding of that the specific quandaries involve that them have its gnese in the social order and politician. The intention to deal with it as practical social integrant the cultural patrimony of the humanity demands the construction of a project politician contemplates who it as well cultural, whose ownership is indissocivel of the improvement of the quality of life of all the Brazilians. In this direction, one understands that the development of public politics in this area demands the reflection on different parameters of those currently adopted by the capitalist State for the sector. Considering the picture of contradictions, the fight of classrooms and the context of sistmica and structural crisis of the capital, it constitutes main problem of this research to know which the categories of the politics of social development in the area of the leisure for the region of the pertaining to the state of Cear Cariri that effectively contribute for the positive and conscientious use of the free time and the cultural development of the laboring classroom. This is the challenge of the present study.

The hypothesis social classrooms and private property economic, legal, cultural, demographic and ecological that affects the order and functioning of the politics directed toward the social development of the population. Therefore, the necessity, also, to describe as the leisure has been treated while right social legally instituted. The attention to these 0 variable will be able to result in action effective that lead practical of leisure in the Region of the Cariri to a situation each time next to the yearnings and necessities of the caririenses masses. From there, the necessity to treat, in this study, of the problematic ones that they are disclosed simultaneously with the epistemolgicas questions of the knowledge of the leisure.