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Executive Search

The advantage of this method is 100% guaranteed Closing. Technology Executive Search has arisen in the U.S. in the middle of xx century. Later It has spread to Europe, and later appeared in Russia. This method was created during the emergence and flourishing of major corporations vying for market leadership.

Over time, increasing the role of information and human factor resulted in a need to bring in key positions of companies highly skilled employees, enabling the company to go to a higher level. Today, Executive search is widely used around the world. In Russia in recent years this method of exclusive gradually become the standard. High performance is ensured by the method of executive search due to the complex preparations that are primarily include the study of the real possibilities of the company to justify the need to attract staff. In other words, the customer must be a good understanding of search target, the reasons for which the candidate must take it proposal and determine for themselves the possible concessions that he is ready to go to get a valuable employee. To this end, the agency conducts executive search with the customer prior consultation. Also provides executive search drawing a clear description of the proposed post with a precise definition of the fee the future employee. This is necessary since the same position in different companies can vary dramatically in a circle responsibilities. The preparatory phase also includes preparation of a psychological portrait of the head of the company. This will help pick the top manager with the appropriate psycho and provide greater understanding between key figures of the company.

The Modern Maternity Clothes: Nice And Still Comfortably

During pregnancy, you need not to waive on an attractive appearance! The maternity clothes once consisted of little original dresses in oversize or unattractive Dungarees, among whom one embarrassed hid the pregnancy belly, pregnant women of today can choose from a stunning variety of clothing that appeals to all fashion styles, claims and individual preferences. The pregnancy can be glorious, but also a mental and physical burden for the affected woman. She must not only deal with physical impairments and some mental imbalance, but not rarely also has problems with the mandatory weight gain and the inevitable change in her body. This is however with the appropriate clothes very well. The maternity clothes once consisted of little original dresses in oversize or unattractive Dungarees, among which is the Pregnancy belly embarrassed hidden, so the pregnant women of today can choose from a stunning variety of garments, which appeals to all fashion styles, claims and individual preferences, and where you will be able to present the body without shame. Both dress and tunic, which offer space up to the last month of pregnancy for mothers and children are very trendy this year.

Comfort plays for skirts and pants that have a far stretch elastic or a plush stretch cotton Association, also in the foreground. Mini skirts, which are worn over leggings, but also dresses, where rests the belt under the belly are particularly keck. If it cannot be sloppy, so the wearer of the maternity clothes on the beloved jeans does not need to renounce and for a solemn occasion the little black provides a valuable service during pregnancy. Aspiring mothers Nitis online portal will find it no doubt fleet kindermoden “, that a comprehensive range of Offering maternity wear has something for every claim it is for business, leisure or any elegant occasion. In addition to interesting offers for the lighter wallet, prospective students find there is also a wide range of designer pieces from renowned brands such as Noppies and Linique.

Fatima Stone Private Equity Fund GmbH

ENTERED on the online booking platform can participation at the GLOVELER GMBH private accommodation, rooms of guest houses and small b & BS are booked directly online and it is usually cheaper than a night in a hotel. About 80 percent of the rooms provided on and lodging have not been previously still can be found on the Internet and very few were ever online bookable”, explains Dr. Gunter Kirchmair, Managing Director of the Freud stone group of companies. thus discovered a previously hardly developed niche within the tourism industry. The target audience for the new booking and reservation services are not only tourists, but also business, project staff, or technicians that deal very cost-conscious with their travel budget. gloveler will benefit also from trade fairs and congresses while such events many local hotels are overbooked out – or even. Speaks the idea according to Dr. Kamble something else for gloveler: young, three-person core team by gloveler does a highly professional impression, it can boast of already growing sales and is now fully on course of expansion.

The cooperation has been very constructive.” Fatima stone private equity fund GmbH a subsidiary and sympasis innovation capital GmbH & co. participated KG the current funding round, where amounted the total investment to a total of EUR 400,000. The funds offered by the Freud stone Group offer a targeted reason return of 6% to 7% per year. Freud stone group of companies for more information about that, see. Freud stone Gesellschaft fur marketing und sales mbH, Thierschstr. 11, 80538 Munich Tel. + 49 89 121100-0, FREUD stone company of gloveler GmbH based in Karlsruhe, Baden-Wurttemberg new booking platform in the Internet for cheap accommodation and private rooms new, barely developed niche in the tourism industry Company with increasing revenues, on expansion course high growth potential, especially in times of heightened cost sensitivity

The Fast Mode Of Delivery Courier

Courier service in Munster takes off – safe and speedy dispatch of additional shipping is free of charge and must be paid in any way. It’s not just the companies or businessmen to good, but also to private individuals who can write its own family or friends anytime and anywhere in the world. However, there are also very many documents, especially in the world of work, which can be sent online. Especially law firms or doctors have to deal with this problem. Because these documents are personal data and messages where the delivery via post would be too uncertain.

Therefore advisable for example shipping with a courier in Munster. The courier can reach by phone always comes immediately to one in the Office and immediately sent the documents to the intended recipient. Usually the courier in Munster with the bike is thus one saves much time, one must not stand in traffic jams. If it is but a difficult delivery,. can you send via motorcycle, car or truck.

About the courier in Munster offers also other services. For example, the broadcast can be traced from your mobile. Thus we know exactly where the own program is located and when the shipment is carried out. In the Internet you can from home very easily research the different offers of the courier and inform themselves about. Simply entering the desired search terms in the search engine of his confidence, and already you will reach the various providers. So you search today on the Internet. Christian long

IBM Banks

IBM introduces new banking framework: better infrastructure and reduced risks Armonk-16 Sep 2009 IBM (NYSE: IBM) introduces a new, intelligent banking industry framework in the form of a software platform, currently in helping banks, to be able to more easily adapt to changing business requirements and regulatory requirements. At the same time it can help in the future, more flexible and more cost-effective IT operations. As part of the IBM smarter planet strategy, the new platform enables banks, modernization, to simplify management and monitoring of their systems and to reduce operating risks at the same time. The new IBM banking industry framework offers banks an alternative to the traditional and risky RIP-and-replace approach. The framework relies on a progressive transition with industry-proven data and process models, which are already deployed by more than 250 financial institutions worldwide. As a result, banks can renovate their infrastructures more secure and modernise. One of the outstanding features of the new framework is that it aims at the core of the IT infrastructure.

Maintenance and management of core banking systems typically comprise more than half of the total IT spending. These costs are not only at the expense of budgets, which should serve the actual innovation and improvement of infrastructure, but also still continuously – increasing complexity to rise as banks need to continually modify their core systems. Banks often hesitate with the consolidation of legacy applications, because this process can be often extremely difficult and associated with possible service interruptions. “There is a central need in the banking industry for a unified platform that can cover various task panes in a financial organization and helps harmonise silo systems, caused by merger, acquisitions and partial modernisation of infrastructure,” says Eckhard Bilitewski, IBM global business services, head of financial services industry business development. “Banks are looking for ways to work smarter. The IBM banking framework provides a flexible, unified software platform, the banks can help anticipate future customer needs organizationally and to reduce the cost of development, operation and maintenance of systems.” The new platform breaks through the silos that often exist between the departments of a Bank, and allows higher data transparency and Anwendungssharing.

For example, a Department of transactions between different business units can track identifying for example fraud incidents before they occur, while colleagues can use the same analytical tools in another Department, customer behavior and preferences to examine. The IBM banking industry framework addresses four key areas that consume the vast amount of resources and attention from banks, and provides a path to accelerated transformation. The areas addressed are: integrated risk management to support a holistic approach to the management of financial, operational and IT risks, the detection and prevention of fraud and compliance issues customer support and analysis to provide a basis for the creation of a unified analysis of customer banks for more efficient and effective service and sales payments and securities sector, to help banks here to make their payments more flexible and efficient core banking transformation, which allows banks to modernize existing systems, the Corebanking functions to maintain, and at the same time to adapt to changing business requirements. The IBM banking industry framework integrated IBM middleware and important ISV-(Independent Software Vendor) applications. A number of market-leading ISVs works closely with IBM, so that banks can best cope with the current tasks. The combined solutions from IBM and ISVs, which provides the IBM banking industry framework, allow banks to a higher return on investment and more flexibility. IBM Austria

Austria Integrated

Assentis 20th Finance Forum, 2 until November 3, 2010, at the Kongresshaus Zurich: 1st floor, stand 3.06 Rotkreuz / Saarbrucken, October 26, 2010. This year’s Finance Forum from November 2nd to 3rd in Zurich, the most important meeting of the Swiss IT and financial industries, is unveiling its new certified adapter for users of the core banking system Avaloq and Finnova the Assentis Technologies AG. The adapters are integrated in the output management solution of Assentis: DocFamily. The Avaloq is the main focus of the adapter, a new solution for interactive business correspondence for the Avaloq core banking solution. The solution integrated in the business processes allows users, audit-proof directly in the Avaloq smart to make simple and their correspondence GUI. The software offers the possibility to check documents such as business letters and credit agreements from the core banking system out very comfortable or to add components at defined points. There are data between the two systems via the bi directional adapter is replaced, thus ensuring a high consistency. The integrated solution for authoring for Finnova presents at the Finance Forum Assentis.

The solution allows documents such as account statements, a scalable solution to create assets directories and payment indicators and prepare with the integrated postprocessing as print-ready files. In addition to the standardized interface, DocFamily clients of Finnova offers also the possibility to customize the templates to their needs. Interested parties can register at Adrian Birrer, since October responsible for business development at Assentis Switzerland at the stand inform 3.06. “The practical part is supplemented on 2 November at 15:15 clock in the speakers’ corner New York Finance Forum by a lecture by Urs Tanner, Chairman of the Executive Board from Assentis, titled flexible document production with core banking systems”. About Assentis Technologies AG: Assentis Technologies AG is a software house and innovative partner for the Optimization of communication with documents.

It opened its customers new ways to collaborate with customers, partners and suppliers. With its proven software solutions, the complexity of business communication is efficiently managed and maintained a high degree of individuality for the users. Assentis is represented by affiliates or branch offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Canada and the United States. The company counts among its customers as well as the leading supplier in the field of telecommunications, insurance, trade and production well-known big banks in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the United States. Contact: Assentis Technologies AG Adrian Birrer (Business Development Manager) Blegistrasse 1 CH-6343 Rotkreuz telephone: + 41 (41) 790 91 92 fax: + 41 (41) 790 91 93

Banking Crisis

Diversification in the financing structure ensures the SME liquidity and creates scope for investments liquid despite the banking crisis: diversification in the financing structure ensures the SME liquidity and creates scope for investments Munich, February 12, 2009 – the German medium-sized companies was Bank and that bank overdraft in the past decades. But since the onset of the financial crisis and in the context of Basel II trust in the two standard solutions is clouded for the financing. In many cases, the medium-sized entrepreneur can no longer rely on cheap lending rates. Banks became so more and more a factor of uncertainty not only for investments. Because even healthy companies with good, innovative products and a reliable customer structure can quickly from the financial crisis be obtained. If the Bank can grant no attractive credit conditions, the equity position is getting shorter”so Claus Durr,. Managing Board of the Munich Vantargis, then tight it will even for these businesses. That’s why the middle class must diversify its financing structure!” In company financing not only to a card “Of course, it makes no sense to abandon the long-standing business relationship with the Bank for a reputable contractor”, emphasizes Durr.

At the same time he should but look around in the market, and in addition to Sparkasse and Volksbank seek also financing with commercial banks and independent financial service providers.” “Liquidity and investment margin make themselves through proven, flexible solutions: sale-and-lease-back or the factoring to sales finance are just two of the instruments offered by us, which reduces the balance and thereby better conditions in the lending reached”, explains the Vantargis Board of Directors. Action, before it’s too late yet the German middle class against the crisis tackle themselves. Many companies expect a slowdown, but hope that “they themselves spared this hope will prove but often a deceptive”, Peter has English, partner at Ernst & young for the conclusion of the current SME barometer 2009′ the audit and consulting firm. That is why Claus Durr advises especially medium-sized companies, to act now: we analyze the financing situation together with the entrepreneurs and develop tailor-made solutions for our customers. Because the medium-sized business financing instruments, permanently securing the continuity of its operations will only through an honest, personal, and geared to the actual needs of advice.” Profile Vantargis AG Vantargis AG, Munich, provides intelligent capital market-oriented financing solutions for SMEs and investors.

Bank independent and a separate ABCP program amounting to EUR 200 million are asset-oriented long-term financing solutions as well as allows the capitalization of intangible assets. The Vantargis AG Group comprises currently 6 subsidiaries: below are the medium-sized leasing companies AML Leasing GmbH and Sigma Leasing GmbH, and the factoring company Vantargis factoring GmbH. Furthermore are essential investments in the Vantargis Wabeco finance GmbH (funding and grants), the SFC structured finance consult GmbH (structuring of financing projects) as well as on the active) lease Vantargis finance GmbH (leasing of power and commercial vehicles). Questions or more information: Vantargis AG Widenmayerstr 28 80538 Munich Sebastian Seibold phone: 089 2429373-17 E-mail: Web:

Elixir Services

Money and capital for acquisitions and investments employs worldwide all private individuals and companies in times of the banking and financial crisis financing purchases and investments. Money and capital serve the exchange of services and thus are the existential life Elixir. Dr. Werner financial services AG ( has devoted three decades ago this subject and helps in financing and capital raising from the micro-financing from Euro 50.000,-to much financing about the investments and capital markets with a volume of up to EUR 200 million Focuses on raising independent capital mezzanine financing is free of creditworthiness and rating alone aligned on a good business model. Dr.

Werner financial services AG operates raising independent capital for companies of all industries from small silent participation with competence and experience to industrial loan corporations ( Founder and start-up entrepreneurs we provide Ready stock companies to the immediate start of company. On request this new company with additional capital to finances further. We carry out the further fund-raising activities. The investors yields are expected p.a. from 8% to 9.5%. The profit distributions contain an appropriate risk premium that they make risk capital without any protection available.

The terms of the capital are regularly between 5 to 20 years. Shorter periods are possible. With maturities under 5 years of age, but not as equity capital can are accounted for. Regularly, notice is also agreed by 2 years as this is account legally required. In a crisis or facing insolvency will be Auffanggesellschaften with new credit to the immediate restart and corresponding remediation capital. In a given situation, we help fend off insolvency. This can be caused E.g. by a conversion liabilities into equity. This is called a Debt-equity swap. We make available the conversion contracts. It is so helpful as shareholder loans in silent capital or profit participation rights to convert because it significantly improves the equity ratio of the company. Interested parties can free the 64-seitige brochure for capital supply and capitalization strategies of companies’ request of Dr. Werner financial services AG.

SafetyPayAustria Twitter

SafetyPay includes international cooperation providers a secure international online payment method for online shoppers, online merchants and banks with PlaySpan Vienna, April 11, 2012 – SafetyPay, has expanded its worldwide presence to Austria and now offers a secure online payment solution via their own online banking account, in its own currency customers throughout Austria, even if they go shopping in international online shops. With SafetyPay, the Austrian online customers can now purchase products such as the gift certificate and Facebook credits that can be used for the purchase of online games, downloads, movies and many digital goods. During the entire purchase process with SafetyPay, the online customer needs to specify any confidential financial information (credit card number or bank account details). An international cooperation was signed with PlaySpan, a company of the group visa (NYSE: V) and leading provider of payment solutions, online games, social networks and Online videos. Under the agreement all dealers by PlaySpan’s UltimatePay as a payment option for their digital goods and services can offer now also SafetyPay. SafetyPay allows players of online games their virtual goods and credits for online games such as EverQuest, fallen Earth, sure to pay more rift, world of tanks, FarmVille and many. We are continuously expanding in Europe and through the development of the Austrian market, SafetyPay offers the opportunity to shop in a secure environment for online retailers in the world,”reported Manuel Montero, founder and Chief Executive Officer of SafetyPay. consumers in Austria For more information about SafetyPay and a list of all partner banks of SafetyPay in Austria, visit at about SafetyPay SafetyPay is a global and secure online payment system, which online banking customers allows worldwide dealers to buy from.

Customers can directly through your own bank account in your local Pay currency. The company was established to meet the growing demand for secure payment methods on the Internet. SafetyPay offers an innovative and patented online payment solution, that acts as a global clearing house. It provides added value for all partners involved banks, dealers and consumers. SafetyPay eliminates the risk of online fraud or impersonation by a third party for consumers.

It provides another source of income and opportunities for cross of promotions banks and increase the customer base of retailers on over 250 million pontentielle bank customers. Customers must never provide your confidential financial data. More info at. Press contact: Mr. David Munch eMail: Web page: at Facebook: SafetyPayAustria Twitter: SafetyPayAT

The Secret Of Wealth

The secret law of wealth is only one: the law of creation. That is all that exists. Many people that the law of attraction is a law. That is a mistake. The law of attraction is only a misconception. Since you do not attract things, you create them. As explains Andrew Corentt, in his book I’m happy, I’m rich, you’re not an attractor. You are a creator.

There is a me and a not – I. There is an I and a world, not there’s a me and others. Everything that exists is an I am. The universe is just your body. You believe it. The universe is your creation. How are you going to attract it? No, you do not attract anything, since you are everything. You just decide to pay your attention to something.

It is as to when, suddenly, you see the Palm of your hand. You not atrajiste your hand. You just decide suddenly paying attention to the Palm of your hand. So everything in the universe. You cannot attract, you see only them, perceive, to give your attention. You believe everything with your attention, or, better, you experience everything with your attention. Everything you enjoy is thanks to your attention. You already have everything. You are only experiencing what is yours. To yours you experience it through care. Therefore, there is no limit to what you can experience. You should only pay attention. You forget other laws. You should only concentrate on what you want and your attention. You create it as easy as thinking about it. If you do not lend him your attention, you will not experience. The Act of creation gives you everything. You must learn everything about this law. I recommend that you read the book cited above, since it is the only one who speaks openly of everything to do with your abilities and gives you simple tools to convert you into a successful, happy, rich, and all free.