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German Pellets: Interest For Beneficiary Be Paid

Artist eight percent yield on German will get pellets for the second time in a row in 2012 enjoyment right subscribers pay an attractive yield. The prospektierter and thus maximum interest of eight percent as early as 2011 pays the Pelletproduzent from Wismar. The distribution will be made this spring. Investors benefit from the economic strength and the strong market position of the German pellets group. These include the production of wood pellets, the Pellethandel, the production of green electricity and heat, as well as trading with CO2 certificates.

The benefit law program strengthens our equity. For a growing company like ours, and in the face of the changes that has the financial crisis in the lending to the sequence, this form of financing is a strategic success factor for German”pellets, says Peter Leibold, managing partner. Since the beginning of the emission of the beneficiary in the year 2010, around eleven million euros were drawn. The German pellets-beneficiary program is geared towards continuous growth in drawing. The interest Investor confidence shows in our business model”, says Peter Leibold. The security of entrusted capital and long-term satisfied investors are also in the future at the heart of investment decisions. 2012 English will expand its market position in Central Europe pellets. The expansion of the dealer network will be further developed.

With the establishment of a subsidiary in Italy, German pellets reinforced its commitment to the Italian market. The construction and operation of power heat cogeneration plants in Northern Italy increases the Pelletabsatz and provides additional revenue through the sale of green electricity and heat. With the construction of pellets in the United States, German secures pellets long-term commodity and sales volumes on the European power market. Sales of animal hygiene products will continue to increase. The weather, crop rotations with less grain and the harvest of cereal as whole crop silage cut down on the straw range. Alternatives are needed. The expansion of production capacity in this segment is paying for German pellets. The Introduction of new animal hygiene products and product innovations will ensure a continued positive sales history. From this point of view German expected pellets that 2012 revenue and profits. This also enables beneficiary investors the prospect of high returns in the interest payment. More information at. German pellets German of the largest Pelletproduzent in Europe is about pellets. “In addition, German produces pellets of animal hygiene products, wood-based and green” power and green “heat. Since 2010, the company through its subsidiary German pellets beneficiary invites investors to the investment. Thus, the medium-sized company acquires capital for further growth in the rising market of renewable energies. 2012, the Group expects revenue of 325 million.

Meetings And Team Building Events In The Sports School In Hennef 2012

Meetings and team building events in sports school Hennef 2012 TAKE A LOOK events & incentives location is sports school in Hennef the school since its opening in 1950 a Sports Academy of great importance. Various teams of the DFB are often guest, such as high-class teams in the sports of football, basketball, handball, boxing, and judo. Latitude and top athletes find the ideal training conditions on 60 hectares. Since the year 2011, the school is the seat Hennef-Weisweiler Academy, which is responsible for the training of the football coach of the DFB. The school is also an ideal venue for meetings, presentations or kick-off events meetings and presentations with their quiet location lined with forest.

Premises are guarantee for a successful event to 500 persons, an excellent technology, excellent cuisine, friendly and service-oriented staff. For many years, TAKE A LOOK events & incentives conferences and meetings with the appropriate sports programme complements. Football and team events 2012 TAKE A LOOK organized on the premises of the individual school and events tailored to the objectives of companies and incentives: Teamday or outing with programme, kick-off event, product presentation, corporate football tournament, customer event or team-building for 20 up to 500 people. In the year 2012, the focus on organizing events around the theme of football is: three natural grass and three artificial turf football pitches, measured art lawn Hall (indoor soccer), Auditorium, a 1,300 square meters triple Hall, small field soccer field, sunny open air terraces with the possibility for a barbecue and numerous open spaces can be included in the concept of the event. Continue to a beach soccer or beach volleyball can be integrated in team events as well, like football human kicker, goal wall, – bows and other fun and team modules. A newly developed measure team building for companies with the topic business-teambuilding-HAKA, known from New Zealand rugby, has recently been success in the program. Authentic sports and football-like atmosphere: following meeting or presentation can be achieved with the involvement of sports personalities a motivational or talk round.

Overnight 119 rooms with 232 beds, divided between four category offer optional comfortable accommodation for athletes and Conference guests. Check best connection to Cologne (25 minutes by car) and Bonn (15 minutes), Dusseldorf, Ruhr area (60-80 minutes). Station Siegburg (50-minute drive from Frankfurt) and the Cologne-Bonn airport (20 minutes) are reached in a short drive from the ice. Over 180 parking. More information:

Head Office Rhein

Advantage 4: Faxing is fast. In contrast to a letter a fax must with an envelope not only be stamped, postage and transported to the post and from there to the receiver. The time saved is noticeable in particular for bulk mailers. And also here is the paperless fax advantage: with the fax server overhead for mass mailings is hard to track. With a powerful fax server, the fax goes within seconds – distances are irrelevant.

Advantage 5: Fax is secure – and even in two ways. A dispatch using a fax server is more secure than the E-mail, because faxes get not stuck in a spam filter. They are also free of viruses and Trojans. In addition, a fax offers greater legal certainty. The original document can be changed afterwards from the transmitter or the receiver. The transmission protocol is shipping and receiving information quickly and automatically. Because it is superior to the fax machine in many aspects of eMail and the letter, the fax is still day-to-day business.

Modern solutions, such as the open text fax server also offer advantages over the traditional paper fax machine. One conserves resources by sending undocumented migrants. An important fax can be routed to as many employees paperless without effort. In addition, open text offers an archiving software as innovative document management system. This saves time in the company and helps to get a better overview. The net Z GmbH is open text Platinum partner and expert. A strength of the company is the customer-specific analysis, advice and care. Each company gets exactly the solution that needs it. A high-performance fax server, quick access to documents and the required security for sending fax. More information about fax server, fax over IP (FOIP) and archiving software, document management systems and multi function devices there are on the Web site of the net Z GmbH: company description the net Z GmbH offers experience and expertise in the IT-based corporate communication since 1998. As open text Platinum partner team advises companies in all over Germany in the implementation of fax servers and software solutions for sales, production, financial and company customer service. Company contact: net Z GmbH- Head Office Rhein-Neckar Werner Haggenmiller of Birkenau Talstrasse 101 69469 Weinheim Tel: 06201-29088-0 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Ursula Martens Word child Catherine-GAL-Strasse 85356 Freising Tel: 081 61 – 86 27 67 E-Mail: Web:

New Version Expands Functionality With Lavid F.I.S.. 4

Companies accelerate internal processes with a new version of the business information software Lavid F.I.S.. 4 Monchengladbach, June 10, 2009. The new version 4 of the ERP software Lavid-F.I.S.. is now available with optimized user interface and several new features available. To accelerate internal workflows of the user the Lavid Software GmbH in Monchengladbach underwent their corporate information system upgrade. For example, users when preparing offers can now deposit for each item more fringe benefits or other appropriate article. With position detection suggests Lavid F.I.S.. well before the possible additions, so that sales can offer these directly with the interested parties.

Thus, the applying company can optimally to advise his clients and significantly improve the service. The software performs all fringe benefits after entering the main article directly into a document, so that all options be designated for the customers. At the same time the fringe benefits no longer serve as a calculation aid for preparation of a quotation, because the employees calculate all possible options with must, but see them directly. This saves time and makes transparent invoicing. The user receives orders by different customers, it is now possible to trigger a collective purchase order for all necessary materials and services from suppliers with the new version. The software saves the user additional work steps. Documents can be easily book and clearly manage open items with the new version. Lavid F.I.S..

4 now recorded statements and to any payment of any invoices. Also, a bill number for multiple payments can be deposited. The accounting officer expected this software so no longer manually together, but left. Incoming payments are now imported from the CSV files of the Bank or posting lists of the accounting program, so open items are booked very quickly and save time. The complete manual booking process is eliminated. When importing Lavid F.I.S. Bay. to clearly associate debits or payments directly from vague reservations must be associated with only the appropriate account number.

Painted Menger

Continuing the family tradition in 4. Generation with effect from January 1, 2012 was appointed additional Managing Director at the Hamburg of gay insurance broker & Berns Homann GmbH Menger’s Malte. The 35 years of personally liable partner of acting as a holding company of the Group Max was at the same time gay & Berns Friedrich Homann KG. The Board of Directors of the well counted 220 people and founded in 1899 broker on five persons has been expanded with the appointment of Malte of Menger’s. Apart from Malte of Menger’s Andreas Taka and Michael Borger belong to the Menger Gunter’s, CLAAS Menger’s, body. Malte of Menger’s, its ur-Grossvater Hans-Martin Berns is one of the founding fathers of the company, a family tradition in the fourth generation is its continuation now, after his grandfather, Hans of Menger’s, and his father, Gunter Mengers.

Malte of Menger’s, which began 2006 as a customer service representative at GBH, will focus on Managing Director sales/business development, Offices, marketing and computer support. The new Managing Director as well as in promoting the exchange of knowledge within the Group of companies and the development of new sales areas provides a focus topic of his work. “I want”, so Malte of Menger’s that promote creativity of employees and make it clear: it is worthwhile to think with and to get involved. ” Important was, moreover, that targeted existing know-how is used to address sales opportunities. Malte of Menger’s graduated 2001 Business Administration at the European business school (ebs) with degree Diplom-Kaufmann. Before joining GBH, he graduated from different stations at insurance companies and brokers in the country and abroad, in Madrid, London, Berlin and New York. Born in Hamburg and also resident, the married father of two family has adopted some also Socratic engagements. Malte of Menger’s is also very devoted to an avid Jogger, but also sailing, skiing and golf. Founded in 1899, is the gay & Berns? Homann GmbH with over 220 employees in 12 locations to the few still owner-managed, large and independent insurance brokers in Germany with a very wide customer base from diverse industries. Contact for the press: press & more GmbH, Jurgen Ronsch Nottulner road 90, 48161 Munster Tel. + 49 (0) 2534 8001-120, fax: + 49 (0) 2534 8001-24

Canada Canadian

Save now at high school stays in the French part of Canada up to 800,00 euros experience a unique culture in more than one language knowledge and skills, expand and improve, vibrant cities and a high school discover impressive landscapes targets stay in the French-speaking province of Quebec on the optimal development of foreign language skills in French and English. Who now for a high school stay in the French part of Canada decides to 800,00 euro when applying for a year’s stay and save 400,00 euro for a half-year stay. The promotional period expires February 29, 2012. The question which arises usually when deciding for a school abroad, is what language in the country of destination should be spoken. In most cases, it’s one or the other, but not the combination of two languages, as it is for the traditional countries of exchange of is not crucial. A school stay in the French part of Canada, however, allows the Visit a school, where French is spoken primarily, the expansion of foreign language skills in English.

Is language high school offers stays in the Canadian province of Quebec, aimed with French as the national language and English in the classroom on the optimal development of the two languages. With its French flair and its cosmopolitan atmosphere, the province in Eastern Canada belongs to one of the most popular regions in North America. In addition to lively cities such as Montreal and Quebec city, the province offers also idyllic small towns and impressive landscapes. To optimally prepared to be on the stay, participants attend a multi-day language and preparatory seminar in Montreal or Quebec, so that the entry in the new environment and the unusual speaking not too difficult. The participants are placed in regions and at schools of different sizes. There are schools with over 1000 pupils but also small schools, which are all types of schools under one roof.

With ice hockey as a Canada Canadian national sport and the ability to exercise other sports, such as volleyball and basketball all year round, offers plenty of leisure and sports activities. Outdoorbegeisterte have the opportunity, activities such as canoeing, rafting, go skiing and snowboarding. For more information about the program in the French part of Canada see or is pin mill, 69080 Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Tel: 0 62 21 89 00 0. ist.sprachreisen high school in Canada is also presented courses on the business page on Facebook”live”reports of participants in Canada.

J.P. Morgan And Company (Morgan Bank)

On Feb. 19, 2003, and Duane Nelles joined Westcorp’s Board of Directors, and also as the Board of Directors of Western Financial Bank, as of Feb. 19, 2003. Westcorp (NYSE:WES) is a financial services holding company, and its principal subsidiaries are WFS Financial Inc.(Nasdaq:WFSI) and Western Financial Bank.

has served in a number of various positions at American Assets Inc., which is a privately held financial & real estate conglomerate; currently serves as chief investment officer. In addition, is also the chief investment officer as well as a director of the private property casualty insurance company, ICW Group.

The Mattresses

Burned televising bad refrigerator or. Dirty preservatives or hidden papers of suspicious viscosity in the mattresses or under the beds. Caught centers day and night until one returns to extinguish them if they are not fused; accounts of telephone by calls of hours of duration or long-distance or to hot or esoteric lines. Sweepings bags forgotten or investigated by the dogs, materas broken with the flowers and the Earth in the ground, the cloth of the billiards broken or stained of egg and young milk to seat a to eat in him. And everything without the possibility of making no reclamation, because when doing it, are solely refusals, resentments, rages and nothing is solved. If one humbly asks that they give back the property to him with two days of advance, after to free lend it by two weeks, the wife of the friend of all the life decides that she does not support to such short humiliation and of edge a friendship of twenty years. If one considers that in defense of his privacy it does not seem to him comfortable to lend the fourth private one of the marriage, the friend of the childhood had requested that it to go only with the family and appears with twenty friendly, twists of the indignation, owning of at night leaves it to the rage in half and ends the friendship, forgetting that the owner had invited always it free considering his precarious condition economic.

Bad because and yes bad because no. is always lost, with face or seal. One is always villain, H.P., damn the rich one. And the jewel of the crown is the butler. That yes it is a race aside. Because for advantageous and marrulleros, farmers our. To all hour plotting, trying to remove advantage, thinking that the natural thing is that the poor men try whatever the cost to remove benefit to him to which they consider that he is rich.


Outrossim, the understanding of these Inter-relations entresociedade versus landscape is a central vector to choose ours corpode investigations concerning the possibilities and restrictions of human comogrupos (with different strategies/survival choices esubsistncia, adaptability symbolic-cultural universe), was semovendo, assuming themselves and defining its partner-cultural space, since ' ' To understand the Geography and the Environment of one determined area is, thus, umimportante aspect of the archaeological research. It allows, outrossim, that olharisolado in the past can be inserted in an ample context and melhorcompreensvel' ' (Moral, 1999, P. 32), therefore: ' ' (…) to understand entornode ambientao where if it inserts an archaeological small farm, constructed and reconstrudoem function of the use and the occupation of the ground, aid in the task to understand vidapregressa and cultura' ' (Moral, 1999, P. 32). In all the case, still the North American naacademia trend is very current the use of the concept of Landscape Ecology and suasramificaes (evolutionary ecology, forangig ecology, behavioral ecology, for example), as well as the known source as Evolutionary Archaeology, that as Kelly says respect to ' ' an evolutionary science concerned withthe diffetential persistence of variability in behavior over teams (Kelly, 2000, P.

64). Thick way, the evolutivo ecological approach has primordial comopreocupao the understanding of the space use of the environment for diferentesorganismos. As the ambient factors and the 0 variable that affect the sucessoevolutivo of definitive species they are distributed in heterogenia way napaisagem, these organisms must be moved through these spaces to make usoda energy and nutrients, in a definite continuous as salvatory movements (Stafford & Hajic, 1992, p.139). Thus, many archaeologists had assumen of these concepts emsuas research for understanding of mobility, technological organization and aprpria variability of the artefatuais sets of prehistoric groups, leaving of the estimated one that the mobility standard is intrinsecamenterelacionado to the component elements of the landscape, that include plants, community of animals, hdricos temperature, humidity, ground, resources etc.

Credit Mutuel Guarantees Citibank

L Allemagne a-t-elle besoin d une banque Cooperative supplementaire? En ligne avec les celebrations you 14 juillet, Fete national francaise, Etienne Pfimlin, fils d’un ministre de Charles de Gaulle, annonce le rachat de Citibank et l’Allemagne declare comme etant une seconde patrie pour son groupe: vu de Strasbourg l ‘ Allemagne est toute proche, on veut se renforcer dans le Credit ala consommation et se refinancer abas prix. Que peuvent attendre les consommateurs allemands you deuxieme groupe bancaire Francais, qui a plus de 13.3 millions de clients prives en France? UN verre de vin blanc et un morceau de munster at the time de la conclusion d’un Credit avec la banque of aqui parler \”? Le Credit Mutuel, Centre en 1882 Watzenau Pres de Strasbourg, est une banque qui sait calculer au plus juste, et qui a jete par-dessus l ‘ ideal bord de son Pere spirituel Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen, selon l ‘ Association officielle des victimes you Credit Mutuel. Selon les Statute of the Caisses de Credit Mutuel approuves par la Confederation Nationale you Credit Mutuel article 3C \”La Caisse s ‘ interdit tout but lucratif et la recherche d ‘ aucun poursuit profit, ni benefice.\” \”Dans la mesure ou ils ne sont pas ristournes les excedents de gestion realises sont of affectes ala constitution de fonds sociaux indivisibles qui ne peuvent etre repartis entre societaires les cours de l ‘ existence de la Caisse ni au, ni en cas de dissolution\”. En 2007 les profits you Credit Mutuel atteignent 2.7 billion. L’esprit of statute stipule que les activites doivent locales et solidaires.

En 1998, le Credit Mutuel rachete la banque CIC et devient active de fait dans le monde entier. Apres une speculation r.a.