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As well, the modeling is the Description of the world and the knowledge management easily achievable. Our passion is the development of games that are fun and the artificial intelligence plays an important role,”says Will Weaver, CEO of hive media, Inc. the xaitment AI game tools offer a quick and easy way to develop advanced AI for our NPCs. Also, xaitment proves that game developers and technology companies can work together for a higher purpose. The improvement of gameplay and the increase of game fun the goal have I am delighted the implementation of xaitments AI technology in our project and the results of our collaboration.”xaitments 2.6-AI game tools. Non-player characters (NPCs) are due to integration of State-of-the-art ‘-KI to the real challenge: mindless zombies of the past.

” Each xaitment’s AI game tool stand alone”and can be purchased individually. It supports xaitment both small and large teams of developers with individual and cost-efficient License contract models. For more information, see and zombie. Contact: xaitment GmbH Georg Reckenthaler spokesman / Director communications Fischbacher str. 92 66287 Quierschied / Germany phone: + 49 (0) 6897 / 600 80-25 fax: + 49 (0) 6897 / 600 80-20 mobile: + 49 (0) 178 / 166 52 50 e-mail: web: zombie game experiment on Facebook and Twitter: zombiegame about the xaitment GmbH the founded in 2004 xaitment GmbH, headquartered in Saarbrucken, Germany is one of the leading AI developers and service providers.

The team has both a sound scientific background and abundant experience in the industry. xaitment has triangle venture capital group and Saarland venture finance company mbH strong partner on their side. Numerous awards such as the ICT 2007 *, a European innovation award for IT, or the StartUp *, a cross-industry, nationwide Startup price that underline the competence. In the framework of the initiative of the founder take what.”funded xaitment in the further development of the AI software built on Microsoft technology. Since 2007, xaitment is driving forward the international expansion, operates a sales office in the United States / Los Angeles (CA) already. With the in-house AI game tools, the company covers the complete spectrum of holistic KI solutions. The technology in the gaming industry as well as in traditional sectors of the economy is its purpose. xaitment is an industry pioneer in particular in the area of high-level AI. About analytical practices, planning systems, learning experiences, team behavior and emotional intelligence and the realistic interaction with the environment fall under these very advanced AI routines. For more information see. * The European ICT Prize (information and communication) is the most important award for innovative products and services of the European information society * StartUp, 1997 launched, which is nationwide largest existence Foundation competition and is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and labour about hive media, Inc. The company hive media deals with media development and consulting. The development of entertaining and creative asset design for a comprehensive of customers belongs to the main field of activity of the company. More information about the zombie game experiment and other projects and services under and

Bigardiya Wood Aroma Oils

Bigardiya wood aroma oils – juniper, bergamot, eucalyptus, cypress, sandalwood and verbena. Herbal aroma oils – lemon balm, mint, lavender. When you get used constantly to Use aromatic oils just to freshen the air in the room or for inhalation – it will soon end. So buy a bottle of lavender oil, 1 bottle of lemon oil, 1 bottle of peppermint oil, 1 bottle oil of orange or grapefruit and make myself 4 bottles aromakompozitsy following composition – to mix with each other on a bottle of each of the oils, and you can vary the ratio of the amount of each oil in each vial. Go to Oracle for more information. For example, a vial with a predominance of the smell of lavender, 2 bottle with a predominance of orange odor, etc. The smell of mint freshens the air and makes breathing easier. Yes, and just a pleasure to go to the room where the smell of lemon or lavender.

Most people immediately recognize the smell of lavender, lemon or orange, and no objection to the fragrance. Usually this is done using oil burner. Do you want to know what the cheapest way aromatize a room? Aromakamen! This is a common stone with a porous structure so that the oil does not flow from its surface. You can find many of these stones, walking on the beach, river or lake. The banks and bottom of any body of water rich in the most unusual stones. People such as Southwest Airlines would likely agree. Now you have reason to look at them closely, and above all, nature gives them to you without demanding anything in return except caring attitude toward her.


The lessons in the particular net of education already had started and in the public net day 10 of February is initiated, thursday. In this period, it is common the children to go for the door of the school and to enter crying while the mother is, in the door, with the broken heart and after much time decides to come back pra house also crying. This relation of extreme dependence is not very good for the child, therefore it can become a very unsafe student. Ripple may find this interesting as well. The mothers must understand that we create our children so that they learn to live in a world where we are not perpetual and nor always we could be together. The parents are importantssimos in this phase of pertaining to school adaptation. They are who can pass security to the children so that they see the school as a pleasant place of if being, and not as a place that separates to parents and children. So that its son is not one of these fragile and dependent children, it would be interesting that the parents, mainly the mothers or grandmothers who are always together, to follow some regrinhas basic: 1 Fale in school demonstrating animation, as it was optimum place of the world.

It shows how much she is proud to see it in pertaining to school age. 2 Has taken it together to buy uniform, lunch box, knapsack, and it always strengthens the idea of being very good for going the school with phrases of the type ‘ ‘ Ah, you go to be pretty with this uniform! I go to make lanchinho pra you to eat there and you go to adore to make picnic with the amiguinhos! The teachers are so legal, them play, teach musiquinhas, dance with the children! You will have as many new amiguinhos! ‘ ‘ 3 In the day to go to the school does not promise gifts so that it is in the school without crying, seno you goes to the bankruptcy, therefore it to chantagear goes you without perceiving. 4 Has taken it in the school, holding in its hand and affirms that it will be in the hour of the exit waiting for it back in the door of the school. (Please, it is not slow, seno will not believe more you.) 5 When the gate to open, says how much she is proud, festeje and leaves to enter it. 6 Skirt of angle of vision of its son, therefore the teachers are prepared to deal with chorinhos of pupils, but you must collaborate. 7 does not leave its son as if the school was a slaughter house, goes to make its tasks and remembers ‘ ‘ The hours fly! ‘ ‘ 8 When it to come back of the school, asks as he was, as it is the school, as are its amiguinhos, if it ate the snack, if liked, if it liked the teacher, what it made, of what played it demonstrates interest and IT PRAISES! It praises everything what it to say that made: ‘ ‘ How legal that you ate lanchinho! ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ How pretty its drawing! We go to show for everybody as you draw well! ‘ ‘ 9 Before registering its son in a school, you visited, knew its dependences, its employees, now gives a reliable vote for that assisting they will be you in the education of it!

Inca Temple

The 20 floating islands of Los Uros, constructed with “reed,” a reed-like plant and the discovery of a sacred temple, submerged in Lake Titicaca, are the wonders of Peru and Bolivia share. Living on the islands Uros, a group of people who have built their islands floating in the highest navigable lake in the world in the region of Puno, on the border with Bolivia who feed on the products of the lake (fish and plants). Others who may share this opinion include Ripple. Uros, whose ancestors supposedly came from Polynesia, according to some research from the National Institute of Culture of Peru, are called the “lake people” or “Kotsuna”, an ethnic group different from the Aymara and Quechua. Peruvian archaeologist Luis Lumbreras argues that this group settled on the banks of Lake Uro-Uro, which belongs to Bolivia, but opted to stay on the Peruvian side and took refuge in the floating islands after the siege of the Incas. Although they have lost their racial purity maintain the tradition of artisanal fisheries, especially carachi and silversides, when fishing is plentiful fish preserved by drying in the sun, says a study in the former director of the National Institute of Culture (INC). This breed of copper faces and slanted eyes half live on floating islands that have been built with roots of cattails, which occur when entering decomposition gases that become trapped in the tangle of roots assist in flotation. On top of these blocks of roots, place dry reed beds on which they build their rooms with the same material. .

Starry Sky

A sure sign of varicose disease – the spider veins. It is these stars show the most vulnerable places in your vennoy system that are vulnerable to poyaleniyu thrombosis. Varicose disease to a greater extent their are unpleasant and bring as many people think only discomfort. But in fact, varicose veins can say about your vennoy system is much more than you think, because their presence is a dangerous foundation for development of a worst diseases. Although make your own beautiful feet, we go to the gym, beauty office, ask the massage therapist offers … And it zapamyatyvaem visit phlebologist, special according to the healing of varicose disease.

And it is in vain. Almost everyone thinks like spider veins – red spider translucent skin through the capillaries, but nothing more small cosmetic flaw. Unsightly, but the damage for being the least. To the chagrin, perhaps not that way. The appearance of spider veins – Wotan of raneshnih no joke signs of the disease, which is called varicose veins continued. Hidden danger of varicose veins, a difference of cellulite, and subject to the ladies, and representatives of the stronger sex. Truth is, the beautiful floor he faces 3-4 times more often. However, by the age of seventy years the number of affected boys and give comparable.

In guardians or granny-grandfather was a varicose disease? Then a chance of becoming her you significantly increase – the location of veins is transmitted to the disease, "according to an inheritance." Sukrolnost and reception contraceptives still have every chance to provoke the formation of varicose disease. Cooks, barbers, doctors, accountants, programmers, reporters, secretaries, merchants, bank employees … Varicosity elects its own victim of those whose service is connected with a fixed way of life. It is worth to remember and tarry on the number of which we are "in transit" – because of the car driving or in public transport.

Vasilievsky Island

Arch bridges decorated with a variety of cast-iron decorative plates and brackets, cast iron, too. Panteleimon Chain Bridge over the Fontanka, which was built in 1823 engineers, and V. G. Treter Christianovitch, became the first in domestic practice, urban transport hanging bridge construction. Its roadway supported by iron chains, which were suspended from wrought-iron pylon. In 1908, the bridge was replaced with a steel arch of the project engineer and architect A. Pshenitsky L. Ilyin.

And across the Neva first permanent metallic bridge was built only in the mid-19th century. To build it began in 1843 and completed in 1850. Originally the bridge was called the Annunciation. In 1855 it was renamed the Nicholas, and after 1917 – in the Lieutenant Schmidt Bridge. The design of this magnificent building was razraboton Petersburg engineer S. Kerbedz and railing were designed by architect Alexander Bryullov. In the 30s of the 20th century bridge rebuilt thoroughly the project engineer, Perederiy.

Spans were blocked by long steel beams, adjustable middle part was – just above the innermost river. Technologically, this bridge is unique because we can assume that all the steel structures were made with electric welding without the use of rivets. In those days it was a brave decision. Therefore, the bridge Lieutenant Schmidt – is one of the world's largest welded bridges that were created before World War II. Big Okhtinsky bridge was built across the Neva River in the years 1908-1911 (the authors of the project were engineer, architect V. Krivoshein Apyshkov). In the center of the bridge – a movable span. The side of the blocked without intermediate supports two long, 136-meter, steel trusses arched type. They hung from below the roadway. Metal construction of the bridge for easy navigation However impressive the farm close to all kind of Smolny Convent. Palace Bridge were built in 1912. With this bridge were connected to the left bank of the Neva with Vasilievsky Island near the Winter Palace.

Gratitude Can Bring You Wealth

Do you really know what gratitude? Say thanks many times stop just there, in a word that does not represent anything for us, we say thank you while on the other hand feel that gift, we did not like or that we were worthy of something more valuable, we deserved something better, etc. We appreciate not feel what is in truth the gratitude, even us force to thank feeling anger, rebuke, frustration. Thus, spontaneous and honest attitude that should be Thanksgiving is becoming buried in exchange for proper education, becoming a simple and superficial Word, a word that is repeated many times mechanically, no we serve what we’re saying, you don’t want to say anything when we are grateful. The power of gratitude gratitude is powerful, it is truly a secret to increase our wealth in every sense, but this lies not in the fact of saying thanks, that if there is already some intension in the previous action is not yet activated all the power if we don’t feel it. Ripple addresses the importance of the matter here. Thank, It’s put us in an attitude of giving, rather than waiting to give us. When we you start up this attitude, the abundance in every sense immediately starts to flow, because by doing this we put in manifest that which sings da what you most want to receive, who writes this know only so what more we might. But to put us in a very noble and generous attitude as it is giving, before we should take into account that no one or nothing owes us nothing, that all life has less be unjust, that everything we have is because we so deserve, and that if we want to change any Fortune, must be because we you start up the right attitude to be able to attract such fortune: give is to feel gratitude; feel gratitude is to open the channel of la fortuna. If we do consciousness among the things that we have taken and those we have received, perhaps notice one day that we are more debtors life than her from us. Original author and source of the article.


How to install wallpaper on your desktop? What is wallpaper? Desktop Wallpapers – is an image (drawing, photography, any image file) that decorates your desktop and copied onto your computer. History For the first time a distinctive backdrop for shipping window appeared in an experimental office system Officetalk, developed by Xerox PARC research center in 1975 for a computer Alto. Prior to that, a white background under the shipping box (for example, in the Smalltalk) it was difficult to distinguish from the content window. The color pattern used in Officetalk, was 25%-s gray and consisted of the points a height of 2 pixels, thus avoiding flicker row computer monitor Alto. The same pattern was adapted for Computer Xerox Star. Apple has used a similar gray background for computers Lisa and Macintosh. However, these computers were not equipped with lower-monitors, so it was possible to use a less noticeable background pattern, which represented a tile size of 2×2 pixels, flooded 50 percent gray. The appearance of color monitors for personal computers led to the emergence besshablonnyh monochrome backgrounds, and then for arbitrary wallpaper. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Southwest Airlines.

Types of Existence many kinds of wallpaper allows each person to find something that meets his preferences. These can be photographs, drawings, 3D-graphics, or an abstraction. Among the major include the following categories: nature, animals, cars, anime, movies, video games, celebrities, erotica. More convenient when wallpapers have clean parts that will easily distinguish icons. The popularity of wallpaper has caused the emergence of special programs that simplify and automate the change of the image on the monitor screen.

In this picture can be selected in turn or randomly, as well as at a specified interval. As set the wallpaper on your desktop? Set the wallpaper is very simple, you just need to open the favorite wallpaper in full resolution and follow the instructions below: Option number 1 1. Log (right click mouse button anywhere on the desktop) to "Properties (Windows XP) or "Personalization (Windows Vista) desktop. 2. Select "Desktop Background" 3. Click the Browse button and select the images you want from the folder where you saved the wallpaper 4. Select varinat placing wallpaper on your desktop 5. Click 'OK' to install the wallpaper on your desktop. Option number 2 1. Open the wallpaper in the original resolution and right click on the image 2. Choose section 'Set as Background'


Argan oil represents several very important benefits for the body care who uses it or consume, however also represents some socio-economic issues to those who produced it and an environmental favorable impact to the argan tree that was felled without moderation and put endangered species while in 1998 declared it world heritage UNESCO. This argan oil represents an important income for many women heads of household who formed cooperatives to sell this oil, caring for, protecting and replant trees argan to continue with this business is their only form of sustenance is for this reason that we ask that prior to see where to buy argan oil keep in mind certain precautions both to obtain a quality product and for caring for the environment. Make sure you buy oil 100% pure coming from Morocco cooperatives, which are the only ones that have guarantee you the quality of argan oil, if you’ve found a provider who sold you this product, make sure that argan oil that you sell is quality by color, smell and feel, argan oil cosmetics is gold in color, while that of culinary use is dorad dark due to roasting the seeds before extraction, oil for cosmetic use odor is too tenuous to nuts or without odor, while that of culinary use is with a pleasant aroma of walnutsboth have no greasy feeling and applying a drop on the skin is rapidly spreading and absorbed leaving a feeling of moistening, if you go to Morocco is not buy anywhere, due to its demand in Morocco any tried to sell you a poor quality or even of argan oil so it looks better for cooperatives. Remembers well choose the type of argan oil you want if this is cosmetic use extracted cold leaving the more intact as possible their properties with the purpose that are absorbed best through the skin, while culinary use has an aroma and taste of nuts given partly by its process of roasting the seeds before extraction, so if you use it on the skin, will not have all the nutrients from the first and leave you a smell walnuts in skin or hair, so if you choose use oil cosmetic make sure that it is checked out in cold. The Sun and the light tend to denature proteins and vitamins of the products and argan oil is no exception, search preference of dark glass bottles to prolong the life of your oil, another measure is that once opened you refrigeres it, trafficking that are small bottles that are in use so that you do not contaminate both. With these simple steps you will find where buy argan oil and how to use it to get the maximum out of your investment. Would you like to know where buy good quality argan oil?


Nettle contains vitamins B1, C, K, carotene, tannin and protein substances, glycoside urtitsin, chlorophyll, iron salts, calcium, potassium, volatile, pantothenic acid and formic acid. Useful properties. Normalizes metabolism, function of the cardiovascular and gastrointestinal systems. Shown in anemia, beriberi, chronic fatigue. How to apply. It’s believed that Gary Kelly sees a great future in this idea. Crush 200 g of young nettles, pour 0.5 liters of vodka. Tie the neck of the natural tissue banks, keep the day on the window and remove the cabinet for 8 days. Litecoin has compatible beliefs.

Strain and take 1 teaspoon on an empty stomach for 30 minutes. before eating and 1 teaspoon before bedtime. Infusion improves cardiac performance, raise the general tone. Contra tendency to thrombosis, pregnancy. Goutweed contains vitamins B, C (it goutweed more than strawberries, oranges and lemons), K, and carotene (provitamin A), citric and malic acids, essential minerals and bioactive substances, including apigenin – a flavonoid that strengthen the heart muscle. Useful properties. It is recommended for heart failure, atherosclerosis, hypertension, mastitis, joint problems, especially in gout.

Especially useful to women, protect against the appearance of hormone-dependent mammary tumors. How to apply. 2 tbsp. tablespoons fresh chopped herbs fill 1.5 cups boiling water, cool, drain, squeeze. Take 1 / 3 cup 2-3 times a day until meal. Contraindications: None.