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Poll: Investors See Positive Development Of DAX

Skeptical mood still felt the stock market year 2010 has mid-term. At the beginning of the year recorded the Dax just above the psychologically important mark of 6000 meters. After that was the brand again, and exceeded. The Exchange Portal asked its investors, therefore, how they classify the current developments on the financial market or what career they 2010 forecast the Dax for the second half of the year. “The concrete question of the survey was: where do you see the Dax end of 2010?” The evaluation of the vote suggests generally an optimistic assessment of trends within the German stock market: 36 percent predicted a level of 6000 to 6500 points the Dax at the end of the year. 26 percent of the signaled saw a score of 6500 to 7000 in their forecast and expected at least ten percent of the vote with a year-end of over 7000 points. However, 29 per cent saw the Dax to the end of the year less than 6000 points.

This can be a significant scepticism with regard to the despite of the positive tenor of the basic realize economic development. In September 2008 the stock market barometer experienced a dramatic collapse of us Investment Bank Lehman Brothers after the collapse, the shares of many companies rustled in the basement. The Dax slipped in March 2009 to 3600 points, but recovered again significantly until the end of 2009. The economic Valley seems so bottomed out, nonetheless remain doubts as regards the sustainability. Stock market experts speak in this context by a possible economy of corrugated iron”, because the cyclical upturn compared to current labour market developments and the current debt. More information:… / where-is-the-dax-end… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Individual Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is outsourced the infrastructure for the information technology of company and Kreuzlingen on a hosting service, 29.01.2013: everybody’s talking connected cloud computing repeatedly from the cloud, the so-called cloud and so, but many do not know what is among them. Cloud computing infrastructure for the information technology of company is outsourced and a hosting service. This model makes it possible that you demand, at any time and anywhere easily over a network to a pool can access. This pool of configurable computing resources includes for example networks, server, storage systems, applications, and other various IT services such as Web domain hosting. The advantage for the company is on hand. With cloud computing, you can enjoy a great flexibility in which access is guaranteed at any time and anywhere.

Quickly and without much management effort the entire IT infrastructure, computing power, data storage or even software as a service is the company provided by an external cloud provider. All we can on the customers individually vote and align as needed”, Thomas Prandini explains GmbH from Kreulingen of the cloud ch. Many even already working with cloud computing without knowing it because it has long become an integral part in the lives of many young people. For example, it already uses a cloud when one is in social networks. Send photos by mail or online sites also uses a hosting service and you are located directly in its personal cloud. Specialist for private cloud Switzerland is the cloud-ch gmbh based in Kreuzlingen, Weinfelden. The company has focused in particular on small and medium-sized enterprises.

With the hosting service we offer the opportunity to concentrate on their core business and to put any unnecessary force in information technology these companies,”explained Thomas Prandini, specialist in virtual hosting cloud ch GmbH. In addition, smaller companies can this using comprehensive hosting services use technologies which are otherwise reserved for only the strong economy companies. With the private cloud we offer business communication solutions, that always and everywhere available are first and foremost but also very innovative and particularly forward-looking,”, so Darren. The private cloud Switzerland is ideal for the individual software of company. This is provided gmbh hosted and the companies on the ch cloud data centers. The software is regularly serviced and updates will be installed automatically. This solution is also still absolutely sure that bank conform to the data centers are located in the Switzerland. All standards for IT security outsourcing of the Swiss financial market supervisory authority FINMA”Urs Bernold confirmed. Finally still a decisive advantage of private cloud Switzerland. Considering the rising prices of energy and it places great emphasis on sustainability, as Manager of a company can by outsourcing Information technology in the private cloud Switzerland, in addition to reduce the energy consumption in the company permanently. Company Description: The cloud-ch gmbh based in Kreuzlingen, Weinfelden is the Swiss private cloud provider. The company offers business customers innovative, high-availability, and future-oriented communications solutions in the private cloud. Our data centers are located in the Switzerland will allow us to offer you a wide range of services. In terms of security, availability, and quality of service for private cloud, housing and server we can meet highest demands with the modular components.

Edmund Frohlich

So, the social economy have increasingly to face same challenges that are top in other sectors of the economy for a long time on the agenda: the qualities of interim managers in the context of normal vacancies were needed in addition to the already mentioned acute failure of leadership. The reason: Serious growing lack of suitable executives passes on the social economy as little as on companies that earn their money in other sectors. That this problem in the social economy is gaining importance, he not only watch as the expert for interim management highlights today. Edmund Frohlich refers to a often underestimated fact: “If in the social economy management positions need to be filled, we have to do it already with notice periods of half a year under normal circumstances. But even in this months choices; not everything can be moved later.

Here, a company may not second Act. A ship needs a captain now. And a company needs leadership and who knows just to offer a qualified interim management. In a sense from the State. Interim management can often be the Savior in the staff need this circumstance makes the rescuer in the personnel emergency Frohlich Management GmbH for many companies in the social economy. Where this normal case in itself can have it as already said. Edmund Frohlich and his team do not hesitate but to lift even heavier chunks in the case.

About then, if a company operating in the social economy has fallen into a lopsided economy. The restructuring measures, which would then essential, be with the old management staff usually not into action to implement finally just this management is often not innocent’s plight: “then the lens acting interim management with his independence and impartiality can afford valuable help, says Edmund Frohlich. We must take into account yes no personal feelings. But what happens when it comes to the crunch and is no longer to save a company from the social economy? Then, so Edmund Frohlich, the interim management take the necessary management tasks up to the sometimes inevitable bankruptcy.

Anis Castellana DYC Whiskey

Nicomedes Garcia Gomez (Valverde del Majano, January 8, 1901 – April 19, 1989) was an industrial segoviano, founder of Marks and Anis Castellana DYC Whiskey, the Auto Res bus company, the shipping Nicomedes Garcia, advertising agency Azor (famous for its design of the Toro Osborne) and the General Bank of Commerce and Industry which sold Rumasa in 1977. He was a Gold Medal of Merit in Work.
There is a foundation that bears his name, Nicomedes Garcia Foundation, which awards prizes in various areas. Now his memory lives on in the foundation that bears his name as well as on the industrial estate, which promoted in his hometown.


Seventh Continent

Than surprise them? Over time, our society is becoming more and more improved, and consumption patterns are believable due to trends. We no longer make money, create less families, more talk, more relaxing, more travel, eat less fat, less exercise, less smoke, less interested in politics, go to the cinema more often, more fall in love with a hobby. All this talk about changing our attitudes, tastes and traditions, which is immediately reflected in consumption. Buyers will thank you very generously loyalty, if you are able to change in unison with the trend, thus expressing respect for the opinions and values of the target audience. Do not forget that the trading floor of the buyer – the visitor, and you – the owner. No matter how friendly the atmosphere was not in the store, the buyer still feels the share of confusion, especially in emergency situations. That dictate the standards of retail chains in case of unintentional damage to the buyer? Nine times out of ten buyers forced to pay the cost of a broken beer bottle by accident, not even thinking about that for a month he gives more detail on hand than the cost of this beer. The friendly owner must be compassionate, or precipitate a guest in my soul will be very bitter.

Error will be assumed that the relationship between seller and buyer are built exclusively at the store. About ten years ago in the courts of the areas where stores have opened 'The Seventh Continent' There are new children's playgrounds, beautifully and lavishly decorated. So far in these areas, 'The Seventh Continent' is associated with generosity and caring, despite the very uncaring prices in the shops. Moscow squalid outskirts of the times were a serious problem for residents, and those who volunteered at his own expense to solve this problem, caused genuine respect for the target audience. In the loyalty of young parents 'seventh continent' no doubt. Today the town looks much better, but still there are many common problems that the use of fantasy can turn into a very fertile ground for loyalty. This work the relationship with the buyer to 'neutral territory' has a very high chance of success.

Special influence on customer loyalty providing comfort, convenience and service in the store. Product packaging box office, dressing fresh fish, sliced meats and cheese, a compact truck, easy to find products on the shelves – everything that makes life a buyer can influence the strengthening loyalty. In addition, the results of the agency Quans Research market research retail, very positive impact on customer loyalty has any interactive: sampling, wine tasting, demonstrations and other ways to engage in consumption. Probably contained reflections do not need a resume, but because the material is devoted to loyalty programs in retail, I would like to summarize what has been said the main message. Proper loyalty program – is not a discount card. This particular style of thought leaders and teams, a special culture relationships with their customers. Probably, customer loyalty begins with your internal business processes, on your own 'kitchen'. Believe me, berated the morning of a store manager or cashier seller – one of the major threats to the loyalty of your customers and therefore further your financial success.