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Curtains Options

You want 2.3 room apartment in an area. Area of 60-70 sq.m. this is usually either good or average treshka kopeck piece. Agent, knowing your financial opportunities and assessing the situation, can you declare that you can rely on an apartment of a maximum of 45-50 sq.m. And this is average or kopeck piece, or a good odnushka. Or you can search for accommodation in another, less good and well located area in the old and dilapidated capital or in the suburbs. Thus, the bar is lowered customer requests, the search range is expanding, the number of possible options increases, and hence the effort for the selection of options should apply less.

So, try to analyze the situation on the market independently. By the way, the information on this page may help you. Well that, we go further? Will look flat, not pay attention to the curtains, color wallpapers and other such trifles. Fixated on it, lose time and miss the interesting options. Prices will rise. A wallpaper, curtains, etc. You all still be changed, because everyone is always doing repairs.

Of course, there is an unspoken opinion that need an apartment that came and lived not zamorachivayas for repairs. And if finances allow, then "oh." But such people are extremely small, and it is more belongs to an elite housing. Okay, I digress. So, be clear to yourself that you first buy a wall, rather than wallpaper. Of course, if you are offered a candid "bomzhatnik" with all the attributes (dirt, smell, broken windows, doors, plumbing, sewage, etc.), it is necessary to demand a discount.

Central Bank Bank

All this only goes to the benefit of the gold market to the extent that, as more investors understand why it played such an important role in the history of money "- predicts Julian Phillips. Metal accounts – a bank account into which the accounting of the funds is in precious metals 999,9 standard. In Russia at the present The bank provides the opportunity to open accounts in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. When you open a bank account is credited to the customer paid the amount of gold based on its current value on the world market (for quotations of the London market or the selling rate of the Central Bank). Because the gold does not leave the bank vault, the grounds for vat do not arise. When you close an account the bank pays the investor the value of gold his account at the current price. Opening and closing jms banks charge a commission that usually does not exceed 0.5 – 1% of the value of the metal.

Depersonalized metal accounts as regular ruble and foreign currency deposits are certificates of deposit and current. Escrow account is opened for a certain period. The owners of the accounts are paid not only on more expensive precious metal, but also due to interest that accrued on such deposit is not money, but in the metal. Escrow account is designed for investors who want to make a safe investment and are not going to use the funds for several months, and the current is more suitable for those who want to do short-term speculation in the market of precious metals.

Visual Effects

In order to avoid clouding of soap when working with this basis it is advisable not to use the fatty oils. 2) The white soap base. This basis is obtained by adding white pigment to a transparent manner and intended for the manufacture of opaque white or colored soap. When working with white base is allowed to use any supplements. Possible joint use of transparent and white basics for beautiful Visual Effects: divorce and curls.

Technology soap handmade simple. Necessary amount of soap bases are weighed in the balance and placed in a glass or stainless bowl. Capacity put in a water bath. Soap base is heated to 55-60C, and maintain this temperature throughout the entire process, and the need to constantly stir the soap base to its complete melt. Molten soap should be in consistency similar to a batter or a little thicker. In the liquid base is added in the necessary proportions of fat (2 tablespoons per 100 grams of soap) base oils.

While stirring gently, slowly pour should be (but not boiling!) Water / milk / broth coffee / cocoa / orange juice (juice can be diluted with boiling water). On average, a bar of soap takes half a glass, soap and cooking on an anhydrous basis. The melting process takes from 30 minutes to 2 hours. When the soap melts, it pour additives (plant extracts and vitamins. perfumery composition, optionally a dye) and a little more to keep the bath. The last thing added to essential oils (3 drops per 100 grams of soap) and a well-stirred rapidly.