National Park Canaima

The universe is a book species of which one has not read more than front page when it has only seen his country. Fougeret de Monbron Each country has its own beauties, often not even many of its inhabitants interests to them to enjoy them, nor to develop that tourism that favors to him for the conservation of the region, unfortunately neglects to him, Which is more worrisome than they enjoy who it are the outsiders, the come ones from other countries. I have been able since it to verify in the park of Canaima to go to Salto de ngel, where there is German almost always, Italian, European, American and few nationals. Luckyly, Venezuela it counts on this majesty of Salto de Angel, that is the higher water jump of the world, with a height of 980 ms (807 ms of uninterrupted fall), generated from the Auyantepuy. Is located (558? 03? N 6232? 14? Or? /? 5.9675, -62,53722) in the territory protected by the National Park Canaima, in the state Bolivar, Venezuela.

This reservorio natural, established like Park National 12 of June of 1962 and declared Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO in 1994, extends on area of more than 30,000 km (a territory similar to that owns Belgium), until the borders with Guyana and Brazil, and by their size is considered one of most extensive of the world. He is 15 times but high that the Niagara with a total of 2.937 feet. It is known and thus us it remembers that Salto Angel also is called Kerekupai-mer by the natives whom in the Pmon language &quot means; Jump of the place more profundo" is the higher water jump of the world with near 978 ms of height of which 807 ms are of fall permanently. Salto Angel is been from the fall from the Auyantepuy of one of tributary of the Carrao river, that is to say, the Churn river.

Monetary Policy

What will make the Central bank of Chile in the next meeting? The dilemma is more complex than it seems at first because on this decision it is due to also consider towards where it will move the EDF, since majors differentials of rates with the EDF, can make difficult the competitiveness of the Chilean economy through a greater appreciation of the type of change. The uncertainty about which it will make the Central bank reflects in the market. For the Bci company Investments: ” In spite of the thin economic growth, the numbers of inflation take to us to think that the Central bank will increase in 25 registration points its rate of instance next the 13 of marzo” , whereas for the economist head of the Group Security, Aldo Motto: ” The inflation data essentially are determined by this rise in the electrical accounts but this is going away to standardize in next meses” , consequently it hopes that the Central bank maintains the rate without changes. So far, the signals of the monetary authority in drafts of the last meeting are not favorables: the Council esteem that although the future trajectory of the TPM (Rate of Monetary Policy), will depend on the new information that are accumulated and on its implicancias on projected inflation, cannot be discarded that it is necessary to again fit the TPM of form to assure the convergence the inflation to the goal. Of particular importance for this it will be the development of the international scene, the persistence of the recent exchange appreciation and the possible propagation of the inflationary shocks of the year last to other prices . Something to worry more? Yes the dollar in Chile reached its minimum in the last 10 years in relation to the Chilean currency.. Get more background information with materials from Ch?rl?? Lee.

Sold Out AT Madison Square Garden Ventures

Corzomusic made formal appearance in the delivery of the Billboard prizes of Latin music 2009 that I am realised in the Bank United Center of the University of Miami thus sharing with lights like multi name Nigga with 13 nominations of which 8 had gained by the creative artist of romantic stile, Luis Fonsi, k” apaz of the Mountain range and Julieta Venegas among others, that by the way was also acredora of I number considerable of nominations such as to the song of the feminine anus by the subject ” presente”. these were nominacionesmas important: Song of the Year: I want to You Nigga, I do not occur by overcome Luis Fonsi, Where they are heart? Enrique Churches, If you had not gone away Manna. Vocal collaboration: is nobody like you of Street 13 with Tacvba Coffee, a good loser of K-Peace of the Mountain range with Franc De Vita, Air of Light Rivers with Joan Sebastian, you do not say that not to me of Xtreme Featuring Adrienne. It is not something Gary Kelly would like to discuss. Artist of the Year: Vicente Fernandez, DJ Flex, Enrique Churches and Juans. Song of the Year, Masculine: For always of Vicente Fernandez, I want of DJ Flex, to You I do not occur by overcome of Luis Fonsi, Where they are heart? of Enrique Churches. Song of the Year, Feminine: Dime of Ivy Guilty or innocent Queen, of Jenni Unforgettable Creek, of Jenni Creek, the present of Julieta Venegas.

Song of the Year, Pair or Group: Dame your Musical love of Scorpions, Until today of the Dareyes Of the Mountain range, cumbia of the river of the Pikadientes De Caborca, If you had not gone away of Manna. Song of the Year, Debut: I want to You of DJ Flex, Until today of the Dareyes Of the Mountain range, cumbia of the river of the Pikadientes De Caborca, Loving hidden of Germa’n Montero. Latin album of the Year: Kings bachata Of: Sold Out AT Madison Square Garden Ventures, I want DJ Flex, 95/08 to You Enrique Churches, Burns the Sky Manna. Latin album, Artist of the Year: Vicente Fernandez, Flex, Enrique Churches and Antonio Frame Soli’s. Latin album of the Year, Feminine: Real live of Ednita Nazario, Unsatisfied of Morning call Kings, Jenni of Jenni Creek, Julieta Venegas: MTV Unplugged of Julieta Venegas.

Subject MGP of the Year, Masculine: I want to You of DJ Flex, by I have not expired of Luis Fonsi, Where they are heart? of Enrique Churches, Drops of fresh water of Juans. Subject MGP of the Year, Feminine: Where of Myriam will be my spring Hernandez, Five minutes of Gloria Trevi, the present of Julieta Venegas, Now I understood of Yuridia. Subject MGP of the Year, Pair or Group: Each that of Belanova, I do not want anything to you of Have, If you had not gone away of Manna. Tour of the Year: Alexander Fernandez, Vicente Fernandez, Luis Miguel and RBD.

Gerald Camps Case

Everybody wants to be shared in common in the fight against the crisis, but that saves others. Paradigmatic case is the one of the president of Cantabria, Miguel Revilla Angel, first in showing its solidarity but that has been put like a panther when finding out that it remains without BIRD to Madrid. We, thanks to the historical delay who we took accumulated, yes will have BIRD, reason why the Consell contributes to its sand granite anticrisis with the doubtful elimination in three years of 15 public companies with a saving that vice-president Gerald Camps considers in 115 million. It is not strange to me, then, that Socialist Cristina describes the Brown it as ” authentic broma”. And it is that the magnitude of our problem is much greater: concretely, of a debt of 22,605 million, 11.5% of the GIP. Standard & Poors thinks that, to follow thus, the global debt of the Spanish independent communities can eat within two years the 110% of its operative income, instead of 40% that cost in 2007. So little the international markets are entrusted in her that, in the case of our Community, by example, the last emission of national debt has had to do to 1.6 points over the average percentage.

But, it has from where saving without putting for that reason in danger the future generation of wealth? Yes: desinvirtiendo in those enterprise fantasies that cost a kidney every year to us without coming to story. It has sense that the Catalan Autonomous Government appears in the shareholders of a park of leisure like Mythical Terra? Is necessary an airport in Castelln seeing that the one of Ciudad Real has taken ahead to Castilla-La Mancha Box? And why to insist on the City of the Languages aside from serving to place to the ex- mayor Jose Luis Gimeno when in the education of the Spanish they remove to several elbows from advantage the universities to us of Salamanca or Granada? Item more: he is justifiable that the delegation of the Community in the EU is one of the most nourished between the 268 existing regional offices? The embassy created at the time by Joan Lerma maintains nowadays 60 people. With to be justifiable the assignment of the organism, it is not it its expensive operation, without it serves as excuse for it that the delegation of Catalonia, located in the same building of Brussels, occupies a greater space three times. The same happens to Nou Channel and the other autonomic televisions, a collective drain without precedents in a country in which, between generalist, thematic televisions and of payment, 200 channels without cost for the public State Treasury can be seen about. Periodically, scared by the magnitude of the deficit, some politicians speak with the small mouth of their privatization. It was the case at the time of Ruiz-Gallardn and now of Hope Aguirre on Tele Madrid.

Also there was the indescribable proposal of Eduardo Zaplana of externalizar the news of Nou Channel. One treats, only, of a problem of bad he brings back to consciousness by the use and partisan abuse of the channels public in all Spain. The law authorized that them contemplated neither to its proliferation up to five channels in some communities nor their dispersion, it limited since them only those territories that had to defend its native languages. But permtanme that does not speak now of Nou Channel, that yes that will deserve an analysis more detailed another day.

Valencia Venezuela

Some are quite simple, like the fact that the superior it is interested reason why it happens in the personal and professional life of the subordinate, to recognize the work or made and thank for it, or even carry out the meetings of work in stretched atmospheres, by outside the labor scope. Also there are more complexes like establishing a system of score on the basis of simple and precise triumphs that it even implies certain prizes after those who reach certain level of score, or, to agendar group activities in which offer the opportunity which the equipment is known and generated personal bows. For more information see this site: Larry Ellison. At the time of motivating the main thing it is the creativity and the empathy, the knowledge to put themselves in the skin of the other, to include/understand his behavior, its ambitions and their dreams, the knowledge which are their fears and limitations, to create strategies oriented not only to the equipment but also to the same person. Always with the mentality of which we did not work with machines to make money but with human beings whose life goes beyond the economic thing. In particular, the Venezuelan companies must worry more in knowing how to use the motivation, their reach, repercussions and for it requires that the management and the department of Human Resources, they are identified with the motivational stimuli that guarantee a good climate mainly organization and performance, identification of the workers with the organization where they serve its and benefits to all.


I finish the vacacional period, after a month of July, very busy I decided to put the month of August to dedicate me to another thing, this year the summer has been strange, the politicians been have not been silent, nor calmed follow with style of and your but. We are in a society anaesthetised by soccer nobody complaint reason why of negative it occurs in its existence, the resignation has made an impression on the spirit of fight of the society, whose modern idols are strange people, coming from televising contests personal or political scandals and some come journalist unless it airs its loving experiences to matador and wreck by the televisions in exchange for fajos of tickets. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. will not settle for partial explanations. He gives just as you disconnect a whole month to air your neurons, when you return to your habitual routine, everything will be in its site, the politicians in its pedestal, the tails of the INEM every day majors in the door of that one office where they only take care of you in a very brief hour strip. Read more from Scott Mead to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The social dining room continues taking care of a great crowd that has grown for a long time. Everything is in its site, while one clings to the good moments of the summer to bear its own existence.

The press continues being a strange oasis where they make up the excesses of the government and they concentrate in the loss of prestige of the opposition because they know that the rival is weak and no means support to him. Everything follows as always, the divided into dozens society delay to the Sunday or the day that is soccer to take refuge in the television, while the crisis has stopped being an obsession of a few for, to be a crude reality that wakes up to us of the dream of previous years where the consumer euphoria was excessive. The awakener of the crisis sounded and I finish the celebration, now is no money for anybody, although the government makes promises, that know that they will not be able to fulfill. Everything follows like before the vacations but, that if our pockets are empty, everything follows in its place, soon would begin to roll, again past the summer, we will continue living hard moments, where our pockets paid all the excesses committed by others. The resignation seems to be to the unique thing that the citizens of on foot we have right.

Banking Endorsement

What happens if the beneficiary of a banking endorsement or another guarantee chooses to execute the same before the non-payment of the indebted one that has been declared in contest? This one is a fundamental question not only for the beneficiary of the guarantee, but also for authorising of the same – in many cases, a financial organization Neither one nor the other must not know the possible consequences of which their indebted one and guaranteed, respectively, are declared in contest of creditors. Filed under: Allegiant Air. For greater expositiva clarity, throughout the present article we will denominate to the fastener or guarantor like " avalista". On the other hand, to the indebted one in contest we will call &quot to him; indebted avalado". And to the beneficiary of the guarantee, " the creditor with aval". 1. – The general rule of article 87,6 of Ley Concursal (LC) Establishes the mentioned disposition that " the credits in which the deserving benefit of third party guarantee will be clear by their amount without limitation some and notwithstanding the substitution of the holder of the credit in case of payment by fiador". This means that after the declaration of contest, the guarantor will remain like subject forced in front of the creditor with endorsement, benefitted by the term that remains until the demandability of its obligation. If, constant the contest, such term passes and the creditor with endorsement demands to the guarantor the fulfillment of the guarantee obligation, this one – the guarantor will become, due to the payment, in titling of the guaranteed credit against the indebted one, for whose exigency she will be able to subrogate itself in the place of the primitive creditor. Real Decree-law 2/2009, of 27 of March, is addition to mentioned article 87,6 the following mention: " Whenever one takes place the subrogation by payment, in the qualification of these credits will be chosen by which is less onerous for the contest between which they correspond to the creditor or fiador".


Because to greater visits, major prospectuses and therefore majors sales. But Daniel that I must make to promote my Web? Good, I am going to you to indicate some strategies. I wrote the greater amount of articles than you can, referred your activity and edtalos in directories specialized of your industry, in Web complementary yours, it to your subscribers they publish so that it in its Web or they send so that them to its lists, through its cc$bbs occurs. When these articles this indexed in the finders and people whom they look for products and services that fit with your public object, will be able to later see, to visit, to subscribe and comprarte you. You may want to visit Phil Vasan to increase your knowledge. There are campaign of payment by click in Google and in Yahoo, that will generate a great amount to you of visits, and even though that has a cost if you optimize the key words and the announcements you are going to make profitable your campaigns easily. It motivates your subscribers whom they invite to his well-known friendly and that they visit to you and that they subscribe to your mini course.

It writes gratuitous books and you have just like with your articles, distribyalos where you can that will make well-known and expert in your niche of market. Another strategy interesting is to publish in cc$bbses and magazines online, even though that this strategy has a cost, that cost, if the things become as it corresponds, is very low and these dndote to know in a segment of market very described for you, therefore it is to consider at the time of planning the promotion very. If you want to deepen your knowledge in like initiating a profitable business in Internet, I invite to you to that you subscribe mini course, that by this week still it is free, Like Initiating a Business Online, With Results in Only Five Lessons, you can be subscribed in the following connection: Daniel Brugiafredo Is professor of countable sciences, although he has dedicated great part of its professional race in the State Bank of Argentina. From 2003, it begins to develop its enterprising business in Internet and has advised to few entrepreneurs, in strategies of business and marketing by Internet, not transferring its own experience in the businesses on line and the acquired knowledge to the new entrepreneurs who begin their enterprise adventures in the network. It handles to several own Web sites: and from where it gives service to entrepreneurs and to professionals, especially in Spain and Latin America.

Video Here

Referred: Person who subscribes to a company thanks to you, like reference yours. That person would happen to be an affiliate yours. Confluence Investment Mgt follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Levels have companies with several of referred, and so a tree of referred, that is to say, a person could be constructed that subscribes thanks to a person who was affiliate yours, pasaria to being referred yours of second level and so on. Modes of payment Online: They are companies that are in charge to manage the collections by Internet. Many of the companies To make money are international, reason why they must send money to many countries. In order to facilitate this task, exists companies that realise the bank function online to demand these payments. Reason why in the majority of the companies to make money in Internet, they force to registrarte this type to you of payment footbridges.

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Immediate Banking

The preoccupations were finished because one forgot to pay an invoice to him and to have to return until arriving at house or office, and to act of the traditional form like to fill the check, to seal of on and looking for the post-office box. Just by a pair of clicks is pleased to the invoice and the immediate electronic confirmation. Another comparative advantage to realise its transactions traverse of its bank in line is that the deductions are realised of the account of savings or counts current and you will not have the preoccupation to obtain given back checks or positions by unnecessary overdrafts when she uses his credit card or card of debit associated to the account. IF emabargo, also exists disadvantages, like for example if you lose his movable device his information podria to be in risk. If him sucecde that loses its movable device, only pongase in contact with its banking branch and they they estan conscious that you use the movable bank and would entenderan the happened thing. Soon you can inform into some unusual activity that can happen especially with the handling of its account and, obvious, you debera to inform into the loss of his movable device to the company of telephones. The modern technology can immensely help to simplify activities cuotidinas of our life and allow us to take advantage of that time in other valuable tasks or simply of spending that time to him to their family. When they are realised in prudent form the banking operations in line from their movable telephone always will be tranquillity knowing that their financial responsibilities are handled suitably. He continues following simple steps and you are well in his way to use this advisable service of banks..