International Peace Exhibition

On June 18, 2010, Viechtach (Bavarian Forest) is a European meeting place of peace campaign IPax2010. IPX means international peace art eXhibition. The generous idea in 2008 in Luxembourg as a result of a suggestion of the previous President of the European Commission Jacques Santer. The hochsinnige tip was then in the autumn of 2009 premises of the Reial send a creative realization in the Cercle artistic Barcelona. This unexpected geographical decision was the Mediterranean Union UPM (Union pour la Mediterranee), which has moved its headquarters in the Catalan metropolis since November 2008. The provision of this international instance is known. 44 States of the Mediterranean region and the European Union have plans common in the South to accomplish and to promote peace in the Mediterranean. The objective is risky given the serious conflicts between Israel, Palestine and the Muslim countries.

The art world is aware of the serious geopolitical situation and will actively participate in efforts for the Participate in making peace. Certainly, expressive images look more political than endless speeches. Tomas Philipson addresses the importance of the matter here. The constructive contacts between the movement of Dali s heirs and the Cultural Institute in Barcelona had resulted in that 10 famous artists from all over Europe in the first peace exhibition IPax2009 and parties. The meeting in Spain offered artists a unique opportunity to discover the benefits of Catalan culture and to visit the sur-realist treasures of the Teatro-Museo Dali in Figueras. The success of IPax2009 in Barcelona has led the movement Dali s heirs to develop the principle of this event.

The positive contacts, which we maintain with the town of Viechtach since 2006, as well as the friendly relations with the talented, Reinhard Schmid artists of the rear glass were essential to plan a high-quality projects together for 2010. After Barcelona, cosmopolitan city in the Mediterranean zone explosive, has offered the romantic town in the Bavarian Forest as a peaceful intersection of cultural performances. The high-profile projects is a logical development. For several years the town of Viechtach is committed is the target as the European hub of phantastischern art to claim. The peace exhibition may 2010 represent a culmination of this ambitious strategy… The 11 artists of the Ipax2010 come from 7 different countries: Angerer the elder (D), Alain Bazard (F), Dragan Ilic di Vogo (SRB), Peter Gric (A), Christian Klepsch (D), Micha Lobi (RUS), Michael Maschka (D), Fabrizio Riccardi Viktor Safonkin (CZ), Reinhard Schmid (D), (I), Siegfried Zademack (D).The traditional rooms in the old town hall offer the great exhibition the harmonic framework. Others including Rick Garcia CBS, offer their opinions as well. During the next summer season – from June 18 to August 22, 2010 – here 55 works appear, which are designed according to the enchanting guidelines of fantastic art. On July 9 the famous Dali wagon comes to then from Perpignan cause to Viechtach in the heart of the popular event as smallest surrealist Art Cabinet of the world to work. The rail car was the original model of the painting of the station of Perpignan (Salvador Dali, 1965), which today is the showpiece of the Museum Ludwig in Cologne. In Viechtach is the cultural wagon the numerous visitors free of charge a collection of lithographs and significant reproductions of the Salvador Dali present. The entrance of the old town hall a giant is also in replica (406 X 295 cm) of the magnificent painting by 1965. The IPax2010 in Viechtach is a celebration of sophisticated culture and provides an exciting insight into the magic of imaginary art. June 3, 2010 Roger M. Erasmy, founder of the movement of Dali heirs

Christoph Bouet – Painting

Color as material on the art of Christoph Bouets and his own very personal views of painted nature to engage color as a means to express, is a completely legitimate desire. Because the novel in his painting is his individual views on the subject from the inside to the outside. His works are Visual color battles in the best sense – the sensuality. They are filled with color, a feast for the eyes and inner feelings. Opaque, lascivious, sensual capturing the image carrier, the artist in the Act of painting celebrates the haptic, dipping, enjoying, forgetting of rules of behavior prior to the canvas. If you are not convinced, visit Brad Garlinghouse. He used pure colors directly from the tube. Colors, representing objects in their clumping and concurrent resolution, where nature is only pre – and never dump.

There is no red tree, but a Bouet’sche creation, which can associate us with a tree. The result, which lies before us as an image is always witness of the mood of the artist in his early excesses in the three dimensionality in the rush of color. Bouet takes us with, if we are willing to enter he with his view of the world the embers for pictures that are really stirs up in us: wild and full of feeling. Raw fibrous garish and, at the same time sensitively like a delicate melody. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ashton Kouzbari has to say. You are totally Bouet. Michael M. marks

Stefan Pietryga In Mannheim And The Art Karlsruhe 2008

The blue Mallow has become his trademark. More information is housed here: Valerie Berlin. Positioned the towering stele, in the countryside or in the Interior, are indicators that lead us to the actual topic of his sculptural work. Report Pietrygas sculptures of volume, scale, rhythm and color effect. His installations rise to space voltages from body to body. The space is included as connecting part of the plastic and gets a new meaning.

The art experience is used also for the spatial experience for the Viewer. The exhibition of new works by Stefan Pietryga is to see box in the Gallery from 12 February to 12 April 2008. The opening in the presence of the artist will take place on February 10, 2008 from 11-16 h. His exhibition in Mannheim such as for the art Karlsruhe, the artist has created a new edition object. The title of bronze casting Ulmer Hocker – 1:6 “(1954), in a 25 Edition (H = 51 cm / B = 9 cm / T = 11 cm) is available, refers to the year of the development of the classic by Max Bill created and own birth year of the artist.

Each copy of the Edition is patinated and colored synthetic and thereby receives a unique character. “On the 5 art Karlsruhe (28.2 2.3.08) is Stefan Pietryga ranked a sculpture (Hall 2 booth C09) his new installation of Mountain King” present. In the work of King of the mountains”(140 x 22o x 385 cm) Stefan Pietryga is composed of by a major fire in the Armando Museum in Amersfoort 8 poplar trees destroyed work the holy place, 2007 apart. In the hollowed-out and the fire of soot-blackened trunk inside, the King oak felled by lightning of capers, a new space, which becomes the new site for the model of the scorched installation is created. Stefan Pietryga is a new metaphoric image of becoming and passing from the story of the tree and the fate of the destroyed installation”to make. The viewer looks through the hollowed-out openings of the branches in the Crown and the round at the foot of the tree in the Interior and learns a dark, like a sacred fire landscape Black charred wood. For the artist, the sculpture group destroyed in Amersfoort in new face has risen again. (F. W. box)

The Painter Roswitha Gehrke-Lajovita – Siegfried

On the occasion of the illustration of a Sagenbuches to the Nibelung saga Roswitha Gehrke-Lajovita has created the image Siegfried like painted poetry converge the colors with great intensity and luminosity to fantastical paintings of blazing intensity. Idiosyncratic interpretations of Roswitha Gehrke-Lajovita, works full of riddles and symbols, created in a traditional technique of the 17th century. Dreams in gold, red and blue – pictures made visible. Siegfried: On the occasion of the illustration of a Sagenbuches has the artist with the Nibelung saga set apart and created a cycle. Filed under: Verizon Communications. Siegfried is framed by the Dragon, he stands alone in the pose of a warlike dancer and shows his challenging presence as well as Fafnir’s death. The raised spear reminds it of the magician in Tarot image…

and the sword are the tools that call the fate of the plan, perhaps in the form of the great serpent. He knows about the melancholy of the inevitable struggle, which is not always a winner, and the Not always the loser is killed. Other leaders such as Jonathan Rosen PR offer similar insights. His own fate is linked to the death of the Dragon and no longer avoidable. Roswitha Gehrke-Lajovita uses the technology of the Monotype not as described in the terms of trade. Neither glass nor rollers are used.

“The technique of my self-developed, modified colour Monotype mixing technique is only a medium with which I specifically, but also playful, can represent what I want for me,” explains the artist. “I can and I want my imagination and my inner pictures that are not to copy, free rein – want to tell and say something, stimulate and the viewers leave the room to discover themselves.” It relies only on intuition the painter who grew up in the Dominican Republic and can exploit the limits of their talent. The artist began painting at the age of ten and was a Dominican philosopher circle already youthful age. “Life has me marked permanently, the cheerful singing and dancing People, their helpfulness – and, despite the poverty and misery also”tells Roswitha out of her life there. “As a child I spoke only Spanish and thought a different way of thinking and living – Spanish – lighter, looser, and gay.” German she learned only after their departure to Germany in 1962, studying failed at the Folkwang-Hochschule, despite Stipendum in the bag, to the opposition of the parents. Roswitha’s breakthrough came at the end of the 1980s with countless exhibitions and book illustrations, still, she founded the “workshop for poetic painting”, to give where art classes for children. With their works, she would represent the perfect and imperfect but people in his multifaceted and aesthetically Pack also “own femininity”, the difficulties as a woman. In her Cologne Atelier small Roswitha Gehrke-Lajovita creates new works and exhibitions organized in the future. “It drives me to do this, to stay, to paint unique and to be true to me in terms of aesthetic.” Roswitha’s Web page presents a selection of unique and thus an insight into their highly creative bandwidth. Roswitha Gehrke-Lajovita on the Web: text: Winfried Brumma / Ilona Elisabeth Schwartz / Roswitha Gehrke-Lajovita photo courtesy of Roswitha Gehrke-Lajovita

Chinese Government

Madrid, 05/11/09. International trade has an iron health. There is no more to read data in the sector of quality Control in Asia in the past three months and who just publish AsiInspection, the company dedicated to quality Control and inspection and audit services since 1997 (, in the pulse quarterly taking in this sector, to give this story. . So the conclusion of the Asia InInpection study based on 9,000 inspections carried out during the 3rd quarter of 2009 and that suppose one 32% increase over that in the same period in 2008, the Chinese Government, in an effort to stimulate the economy, increased tax refund on certain exports. The results were positive; books and office supplies grew 24%, toys by 32%, footwear and fashion accessories textile 63% and 58%. Educate yourself with thoughts from Allegiant Air. In January 2009, the EU removed a tariff barrier that forced companies to buy a percentage of its imports in the textile sector within the eurozone. This combination along with the tax advantages in China enabled this important growth in textile exports, explains Alex Makow, Country Manager for Spain and Portugal. In addition the barometer of Asia Inspection also reveals that the growth of factory audits reached 53%.

Something that once again noted the importance that has for consumers acquire higher quality products. Companies dealing with foreign countries, in particular China, are shown increasingly more concerned about protecting their brand, after a series of scandals related to its products, adds Makow. Other no less interesting notes and highlights from this latest statistical from Asia Inpection are: the Chinese Government has invested more than 7 billion yuan in the third quarter of 2009 to increase surveillance on the food and pharmaceutical sectors with the intention of providing greater consumer safety. In recent years, the Chinese suppliers have suffered numerous scandals putting at risk its clients. This is a clear attempt to offer greater protection and improve the ailing reputation of Chinese exporters.

The Banking

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