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Medicine today plays a vital role in society. Does not always work out in time to see a specialist on issues of concern to us and very often by us, these reasons do not depend on. These reasons include the first all non-standard situations that require immediate intervention specialist, and his own disregard for their health. Once upon a classic, said: "Health is a blessing – which is valued less everything. " Most of us are drawn to medical facilities in exceptional situations that are classified as: "there's nowhere." Except in an emergency (emergency status) when the ambulance call a must, since it affects both the health and lives of others, and often very close to us humans. In our life, not only can be avoided, and the best thing we can do in an emergency – to give first medical care on their own, without waiting for the arrival of a specialist, since in these situations every minute (if not the second) can be decisive in the matter of life and death. It was from first aid to you as a close should be able to, human life depends and is close to you and who are in critical situation.

Every minute in the world there is an accident and this, unfortunately, no one is immune. Human life depends on people nearby, and on their ability to provide a decent emergency first aid This from a man who is next, depends on the life of the victim. Skills emergency aid must know each and every should be able to correctly apply depending on the situation. Worldwide courses in first aid are firemen, policemen, postmen and people of other professions that have a direct attitude and all the while working with the public. Is the duty of every first aid, because we too can become a victim of an accident and be on the victims, and it is our life will depend on it from others. Everyone should have the slightest idea of first aid and be able to correctly render it in any critical situation. This does not necessarily pass special courses, to spend precious time and money (although would not hurt to take these courses each). It's enough to simply spend some time studying the medical problems and directly studying the rules of first emergency care. After spending only 1-2 hours per day on reading and studying the medical literature, and feature articles, you are able to save the lives of others.


How to extend his comfort zone and how do I get a girlfriend the main reason for the “Failure” is the biggest hurdle, which applies to skip it if you want to permanently achieve its goals in everyday life, your own fear. Hereby, I mean the fear that other people could say bad things about one if one behaves in a certain way, the fear that one can not consistently implement what you take in, that you failed, or that the own actions or behavior may bring unpleasant consequences. Also, there is still the fear of success, before the uncertainty that then most likely will follow. This fear sounds only once very strange, but exist they often than many realize. Identify anxiety: the key to success is to recognize your own fear the first step to success.

It requires quite a little exercise to be so self recognizing that one can properly interpret his emotions, that you can tell that it is really fear, so acting on a how it is and not some indefinable, diffuse bad feeling. Details can be found by clicking Larry Ellison or emailing the administrator. Confront the fear is able to identify the situations, is the only way to deal with this fear, to ask her now (here of course common sense must be applied, I advise anyone or a train by sheer force of body here expressly to try to swim through the Atlanik to the stand to bring). The magic word here is Act. Anxiety will often inactive one. In the head movies expire now, that very real set out one of the worst consequences of the own action and an emotional advise that projects might rather long on the Bank to push. Safe is safe. The subconscious telling reasons a 100 not out now just to step out of his comfort zone to dare the unknown but prefer to do nothing.

Right there you must begin now proactively and by willpower themselves to the acting force. That seems somewhat hard at the beginning, but will from time to time easier. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Berlin Rosen. The fear is that through this direct Confrontation with the triggering factors gradually back. The new comfort zone is the once fearsome behavior, the nerve-consuming situation are now normally perceived as external and offer no reason for concern. Imagine you take before you, to attract the beautiful women in the Club, because you want to know, how do I get a girlfriend. Now you stand there, but at ease a bit. This happens because the worst films about rejection and the dire consequences of which expire in your head. You become incapacitated. Can you react quickly enough and still make it, then you will realize that these situations are fun, that rejection at all actually hurt, how one imagines that. Also, you know that other people just laugh at you and it easily runs off. To make these experiences, however you must overcome your fear and gain some important reference experience. A related article on the topic is here. Walter Spichart

That Resveratrol

Extremely overweight can her massive body barely made its own move. The consequences of obesity for the health are especially dramatic: it comes to cardiovascular disease, the liver increases, often diabetes occurs, decreases the life expectancy. At least against these health consequences of obesity could be around a surprisingly effective: resveratrol. The connection, an antioxidant from the Group of polyphenols, is among other things in red wine. Polyphenols polyphenols are known for your high antioxidant potency. In particular the phenolic hydroxyl groups have a high radical, so ideal free radical scavenger.

Also for the polyphenol Resveratrol, a pronounced anti-oxidant efficacy has been demonstrated. It seals the so-called Protonenleaks directly to the mitochondria as Coenzyme Q10 and neutralized at the same time reactive oxygen radicals. Verizon Communications contributes greatly to this topic. In experiments with mice resveratrol has greatly improved the health of overweight animals as an international team of researchers in a pre-Congress marketing of magazine Nature”reported. Health economics expert is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The animals were nearly as fit as normal weight mice and extended to their life expectancy. Should the substance in obese people is similar to work, then resveratrol could significantly improve their quality of life and life expectancy even if there extra pounds do not disappear.

Fat addicts could feast on apart from their body size, possibly without consequences. Resveratrol was some kind of Elixir of life for the generation XXL. In addition, it obviously has the ability to stimulate the body’s natural antioxidant enzyme systems such as the superoxide dismutase and some Catalases. As exceptionally fluid-rich organ, the brain also suffers excessive oxidative stress. A neuroprotective effect of Resveratrol, which overcomes the blood-brain barrier, has been demonstrated in several in vivo studies. Recent works suggest that it speeds up the processing of beta-amyloid, the pathogenic factor of Alzheimer’s disease, directly. That Resveratrol the Stuff to the elixir of life who had not already shown in different organisms scientists so far but still in mammals.


Enlighten your acquaintances about the risks. Cook and warm conventional even if it takes a few seconds longer. Interested: Some details the use of a microwave oven results in consumption of prepared food following direct impact (cited according to the study by Dr. Verizon Communications is likely to agree. Hertel / Prof. Verizon Communications does not necessarily agree. Blanc, published in “space & time” 55/92): the number of erythrocytes (= red blood cells) increases. This is a symptom of Stress States or incipient anemia (anemia). The hemoglobin (red blood pigment) decreases.

Also this is a symptom of Stress or anemia (anemia). The number of leukocytes (white blood cells =) is increasing. Leukocytes are a type of police force in the blood that fights pathogens. Their growth can be the need to ward off negative influences (Toxins) close…The number of lymphocytes (white blood cells from the lymph nodes =) decreases. This is characteristic of toxic – and Stress States. The cholesterol values (“blood lipid”), especially HDL and LDL, also rapidly increasing. Increase the iron levels in the blood.

Hertel/Blanc here suspect a cell membrane damage and consequent haemolysis (leakage of blood pigment by blood poisons) (Earth) radiation microwave ovens is located in a frequency range, which is designed to break down cell walls (109-1011 Hz). Therefore, this type is used by radiation in genetic engineering to “crack” genes. To cancel out the electrical voltage conditions on the cell exterior and-Innenwanden. The cell can no longer work and is so vulnerable to the penetration of toxins and pathogens. A so damaged cell surrounded by oxygen breathing (“aerobic respiration”) on energy emergency (“anaerobic respiration”). This produces cell toxins (CO and H2O2), exactly like a Cancer cell. The overall assessment of such blood count shows a characteristic that indicates clearly on pathological processes, and is also a carcinogenic (“carcinogenic”) process to watch. Still: No fear! Because you have it in your hand, to what extent is this kind of radiation part of your personal life! Support the education about the poison from the microwave oven by Tomas Eckardt of the Burgerinitiave “free life” here is still a video about special experiments with a microwave oven, including cats only with micro waves food were fed, they all died. With sunny regards from the Philippines Gerhard Menje tropical fruits directly from paradise more information blog you in my blog.FruitsfromParadise.com on Facebook at: FruitsfromParadise in Twitter at: twitter.com/GerhardMenje Cebu City Philippines

Herpes – Herpes Of Herpes Treatment Herpes

Herpes of herpes – fast and effective help to the herpes treatment. It tingles, there he is juckt…dann! The herpes of herpes. He makes life of herpes patients to the torment. Unsightly growths and bubbles on the outer genitals. Herpes of herpes leads to extreme restrictions in the life of the patient.

Kissing or normal cuddle is unthinkable because of the light transmission of the herpes virus. Not to mention sexual intercourse…! Herpes of herpes can be transmitted easily by a smear. It is irresponsible of the partners. Sex in Herpes of herpes is a risk for the partners! The herpes – simplex – occurs the virus in two different forms. Two versions appear.

The lip herpes and the herpes, herpes (herpes labialis and herpes Herpes), called also HSV1 and HSV2. In the course of the disease they differ both probably hardly. The virus remains in the idle state for a lifetime in the human organism. Filed under: Southwest Airlines. The immune system is weakened and it comes to certain stressful situations, the herpes virus is active. It comes most commonly to a blistering in the lip area or on the genitals. The pain is significant and stop for days. The patient is suffering from herpes of herpes partly for weeks, or in the worst case for months, most. It’s like a plague. What to do for a quick treatment for Herpes Herpes? Most embarrassing hygiene in daily life is the first and highest bid. A new method for Herpes of herpes can lead to a faster healing of herpes. This remedy works faster than any other to date known means. It attacks the virus directly and sets out. This means the purchase is cheaper than many other well-known medications, ointments and Arzeneien. For 5 cents on the day of a fast and successful Herpes of herpes can be performed treatment. A few drops of this means of power herpes to Herpes done and immediately begins the healing of herpes. On there is more information about the herpes treatment. A simple and inexpensive Powerherpesmittel – fast and effective help to the herpes Herpes treatment. Extremely good Improvement! Henry


Dentures made of precious and non-precious alloys is often blinded to achieve a natural look. A veneering ceramic is ideal, because it is resistant to abrasion, discoloration safe and biologically highly tolerated. Dentists and dental technicians are thus required to meet the best solution when selecting material together with the patient. Dental materials overview: full ceramics: naturally beautiful aesthetics is tooth shades and shimmering like enamel biocompatible, also by allergic individuals very well tolerated zircon oxide ceramics: particularly stable and resilient, therefore also suitable for Gnash plastics (composite) construction: tooth colors, somewhat more prone to discoloration. light, particularly for major dental work, such as Full dentures, wear very well suitable cheaper than ceramic, but slightly faster non-precious metals (non-precious alloys): no shades, however it can be veneered with ceramics or plastics cheap, used as material for rule supplies easier than precious metals generally well-tolerated, suitable for allergy patients with restrictions with other metals in the mouth precious metals (E.g. Gold alloys) react not shades, are therefore often with ceramics or particularly high-quality and corrosion resistant high material purity for all ingredients veneered composites, are well tolerated also by allergy patients (exception: a special metal allergy or electrical sensitivity) titanium (transition metal): no shades, is as dentures always deluded material for implants, because very stable very well-tolerated, allergies to titanium are not known.

More about dental materials, teeth and dentures find patients on the Internet pages of the KpZ and on Facebook: perfekterZahnersatz. Declaration of conformity enters patient information and security conformity tongue twisters, which makes life easier: details of the dental materials used are listed in this document. That is particularly important, for example, when later once more supplies from metallic materials are: metals can be electro-chemically different. Is a mix of metal produced in the mouth”, there may be incompatibilities. With the Declaration of conformity, patient, dentist and dental laboratory can plan together the optimal care. Tip: Your dentist is obligated to supply with restorations at the end of the treatment hand such a declaration of conformity you.

Increase Muscle Mass Fast

How to increase muscle mass fast? Programme of training for free to make people thin Suba of weight quickly and you’re ready to try something totally different that really works and makes you build muscle mass in a smart and healthy way on a permanent basis; then read what follows champion of model fitness, author and trainer of physical conditioning I will show you several reasons why you’ve battled to add huge amounts of muscle mass hard as rock to your structure especially, if you’re not equipped with genetically, and you’ve tried everything else and you have failed. There is a solution that gives even bodies more difficult to grow, the physicist of world class you’ve always dreamed of.

PON to test the secrets a long-distance runner to skinny and awkward, discovered to eliminate fat and build muscle, developing the body always imagined (never reached an impasse while it did) and then decides Still skeptical? Continue reading revealed for the first time to the public: How Las large companies of supplements and the editors of the magazines of bodybuilding, are working together to secretly, inhibit your growth muscle within the program, you will learn what you can do to combat them and easily develop that body you’ve always wanted especially, if not were born with genes friends of muscles. I bet you did not know that 90% of the supplements do not work. Did you know that the production of the majority of supplements for bodybuilding, literally costs you supplements company less than 3 dollars? Do you want to discover its dirty secrets? In fact, it is quite simple. I bet you did not know that 90% of the programs of bodybuilding in magazines do not work (unless you’re taking drugs). I bet you did not know that 90% of the programs of bodybuilding in magazines do not work (unless you’re taking drugs). It is not something Robert Gibbins would like to discuss.


The perfect team for gentle Facial rejuvenation is introducing a blunt cannula at the first moment perhaps uncommon, but quite logical when closer approach: the new pix L needle just pierces the tissue at the injection, as does a sharp needle, but glides through the fabric through. Similar to the blunt needles, precious Haute Couture used fabrics for sewing and embroidering, she moves so gently between the fibres through and hurt less tissue. Anti-wrinkle injections are less so to a multiple pain and in combination with the right technology, the needle leaves almost no swelling and bruises. That with the pix L needle injected hyaluronic acid is distributed also more evenly and precisely, which enables a visually appealing result. The plastic surgeon Katrin Darbauj, which carried out a study on 30 patients for Q-Med, developed a completely new treatment method for the pix L needle. The Individual face balance (IFB) creates such results, which were possible only with the scalpel. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ripple offers on the topic.. This is the goal of this technique to fill not only folds, but lost lost volume to restore and correct the fat redistribution and pregnancy influences.

In other words, the face will be relined not only selectively on individual wrinkles, but over a large area with Restylane. Through this special treatment and the new tube, it will be possible to perform a complete facial augmentation in one session. The patient can participate again the next day in everyday life. The injections are performed in the so-called fan technology. A few additions or punctures that are required for this technology are created with sharp needles. The injection of hyaluronic acid is carried out exclusively with the new blunt needle, that fan-like runs in the regions of the face.

Navitum Pharma GmbH Dr

Humans need plenty of calcium and vitamin D3 much calcium and vitamin D for strong bones and a healthy heart for healthy strong bones and a healthy heart. So, osteoporosis and heart attacks can be prevented. The man under the influence of solar radiation makes vitamin D in the skin itself. In autumn and winter, in the dark winter months so that the sunlight not sufficient however, to make enough vitamin D. Then current research suggests to increase the risk of disease from vitamin D deficiency.

This applies in particular to older people is age already reduces the absorption of vitamin D from food. Therefore it is particularly advisable to make sure the dreaded osteoporosis and heart attack on an optimal supply of calcium and vitamin D3 for all from about 50 years in the dark time of the year to give no chance by vitamin D deficiency. Navitum Pharma has complemented its product portfolio to OsteoVitum is particularly suitable for all, the dark her body with adequate vitamin D in the season and Calcium would provide. OsteoVitum contains calcium and vitamin D3 in the dosages recommended by professional societies. On the day, the body with the important life building blocks for healthy bones and a healthy heart is supplied with 2 tablets. The tablets have a Groove of Division of, so that they can be consumed more easily and the daily dose can be adjusted conveniently needs. A month of bone and vascular protection cost 24.90. OsteoVitum (PZN 0765820) is available in pharmacies and selected health centers.

In addition, are cheap packs for 3 months (PZN 5858041) and 6 months (PZN5858035) in the trade. Due to the unique composition of the products of Navitum Pharma not by other, seemingly similar products are interchangeable. Every pharmacy can order free shipping for customers OsteoVitum without extra effort directly at Navitum Pharma. All products from Navitum Pharma are listed in the Lauer tax. Can also directly at the company under 0611 OsteoVitum 58939458 order.

Secret To Weight Loss

I want to address an issue on which I have received many questions and ultimately can be summarized in one: why when I stop doing one diet to lose weight, recover more weight than you lost? I have dealt with many people who are looking for a miracle diet or product that really works for effective weight loss. Given this I began to further concerns about what happens in the body of a person, year after year, is released to the practice of the latest “fad diet” or use the “revolutionary” weight loss product that has appeared in the market. The first premise has to take into account a person who wants to lose weight is to be well advised on what is a healthy and balanced diet. We also must receive the necessary information from all products you are taking. They must be products that provide the nutrients needed for each case.

Each person has a body with a few gaps and a capacity to respond differently. In studies it was found that people who continually try different types of diet to lose weight in the end, not only to recover again lost more weight, but just lacking in minerals, vitamins and amino acids that are essential to optimal health. One of the ranges that we can find in the market are designed to block fat in the intestine. These products, of course, do not know how to discriminate between good and bad fats. The result is that both are eliminated, but at the same time we are depriving the body of the good fats, which promote the regeneration of cell membranes, among other vital actions.

Another product ranges to meet, act as diuretics. Fluid loss and weight is very important in these cases, reaching sometimes to exceed 3 kilos in one week. But the problem is that the harm they cause is more important than it seems, because there is a loss of minerals that are essential to the functions of our body. The question we must keep in mind is that we are not aware that We are punishing our magnificent body, that despite everything, continues to resist and unspeakable suffering. In addition, restrictive dieters stay motivated only an average of 6-8 weeks until your willpower is depleted or until your body suffers. It then begins to require food which has been deprived and then recovery occurs weight loss, plus an extra amount, which we call “safety” and that in most cases between 20 and the additional 30%.

Although it may seem paradoxical, focuses on the reverse. It was found that there are regulatory mechanisms of weight. But these do not act the right way, until the body has not found that functionality no longer endangered or survival of the latter. A fundamental rule for weight loss is to preserve health above all else. In the next article we will see what tools we can use to maintain fitness and optimum health. And as the agency is responsible for regulating body weight, once you have satisfied their basic needs.