The Properties

For example, the properties of a material point is the weight and the ability to be in space and time. Except addition, the theory given by the relationship between ideal objects, described by law. Of the primary ideal objects can also be derived to construct objects. As a result, the theory describing the properties of ideal objects, relationships between them and the properties of structures formed from the initial ideal objects, can describe the variety of data. The main methods by which theoretical knowledge is implemented.

These methods are: axiomatic, constructivist, inductive and hypothetico-pragmatic. When using the axiomatic method of scientific theory is constructed as a system of axioms (provisions adopted without logical evidence) and inference rules that allow, by logical deduction to get approval of this theory (the theorem). Axioms do not contradict each other, it is also desirable that they are not independent of each other. Constructivist method, along with the axiomatic, is used in the mathematical sciences and informatics. In this method, the deployment of the theory does not begin with axioms, and with notions of legitimacy which is intuitively justified. Also, set the rules for constructing new theoretical constructs. Research are only those designs that really managed to build. This method is considered the best remedy the appearance of logical contradictions: a concept designed, consequently, the way of its construction of non-contradiction.

In the natural sciences is widely used hypothetico-deductive method or the method of hypotheses. The basis of this method hypotheses are generalizing force of which all other knowledge displayed. While the hypothesis is not rejected, it serves as a scientific law. Hypothesis, in contrast to the axioms need experimental confirmation. In technical sciences and the humanities is widely used pragmatic method, which essentially amounts to the so-called logic practical conclusions. For example, an entity A wants to do A, while he believes that he can not carry out A, if not carry out with. Consequently, A was adopted for the commission to. Logical constructions with looks like this: A-> p-> from. At the same constructivist method of construction would be as follows: A-> C-> p. In contrast to the hypothetico-deductive, in which information about the fact brought under the law, the practical conclusion from the information on the means to meet the goal p, which is consistent with some values. For descriptive methods treated If the above methods are acceptable. Description of the phenomena can be verbal, graphical, diagrammatic, formal-symbolic. Descriptive methods are often one-stage research research that leads to achieving more advanced scientific techniques. Often this method is most appropriate, since modern science often has to deal with such phenomena that are not subject to too rigid requirements.

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