Self-knowledge Through Tarot

The tarot is a specialty of a purely spiritual nature. The purpose of the trip that made the Tarot cards is to obtain maximum wisdom which means knowing himself. It is a wise advice that us gives the tarot when it shows us that the solution to all our problems is in ourselves. And who summarizes these teachings is the hermit. When they begin the questions about the nature of existence and the purpose of life, will be a big mistake to try to look for an answer in the material world. These are only in our responses.

The hermit recommends us to leave behind the wishes and emotions. If you like, is a deck related Eastern philosophy that invites us to find nirvana, that perfect state where there are no requirements or passions. We know that not all humans the sages who have managed to leave access to nirvana, but only after Yes the passions of life and emotions. The hermit is an invitation to discover the intimate nature of each. Only the whisper of your inner voice and the light of his lamp will be the necessary guidance. If we observe carefully the illustration, we stop in the detail that the background image is stripped of any type of object. It is an old submerged in greater darkness, illuminated only by a modest light.

With the passage of time, the lamp will also unnecessary, since you can arrive at the knowledge you want to reach, just close your eyes. If we focus our perception in the concerns of the world, small or insignificant they may seem, the internal voice will be drowned. It is necessary to get rid of internal confusion, and the first step is to turn off the outer voice. It is necessary to then get rid of outside agitation through the isolation and withdrawal from the world. This is the true road to the Hermitage. But this insulation shall not last forever. Once the hermit is the truth, returns to the real world was renewed, with a superior knowledge which will strengthen it. The hermit It is not a teacher, because it knows that nothing of his own personal experience may serve their students. Each must find his own way, and listen to your own inner voice that is unique and unrepeatable. Wisdom is not a gift that one receives, but is the fruit of hard work, and a process that this arcane of the tarot invites us to travel. Meant major arcana Tarot The force meant major arcana Tarot truck newsletter.


The referring contents to history and culture afro-Brazilian must all be given in the scope of pertaining to school resume e, mainly, in the areas of artistic education, literature and Brazilian history. The promulgation of Law 10,639/03 was preceded by municipal laws in Belm, Aracaju and So Paulo. All are resulted of a long process of ativismo of the black movement. These first initiatives had been stimulated by the constatao, on the part of the movements black and aboriginal, of that the National Curricular Parameters (PCNs) approached thematic the racial-ethnic one in the cultural plurality in form of generic orientation, without bigger consequences in the production of the educational politics in the different spheres of government. Segments black and according to aboriginal, this type of orientation opened edge for the lack of commitment in the treatment of the subject or the maken a mistake boarding that strengthens esteretipos and folclorizaes. Law 10,639/03 is regulated for seeming homologated in 19 of May of 2004, that it establishes the national curricular lines of direction for the education of the ethnic-racial relations and brings orientaes of as the law must be implemented.

It also is part of the roll of affirmative actions in the area of the education that must be implemented by the federal government as signatory of international commitments in the combat to racism. The measure takes care of a demand generated for the unfamiliarity, on the part of great parcel of the Brazilian population, of the relative questions to African societies e, more specifically, on the marcantes influences of the African people in the formation of the Brazilian society. Seeming was elaborated to contribute with the efetivao of this measure of affirmative action and to establish the national curricular lines of direction for the education of the ethnic-racial relations and for the education of history and culture afro-Brazilian and African in the country.

Natural Way

We believe that the child, through the poetry, it transforms the word into toy and the dream in reality. Everything this in natural way, stimulating the taste and the pleasure for the act to read. Manuel Flag was born in Recife, in 1886, and faleceu in Rio De Janeiro, 1968. He was professor, poet, cronista, critic and literary historian. One is about a great modernista poet, wrote its poems with aesthetic quality.

It knew to conduct itself the child with the poetical word, granting to it treatment magical. The poet, when writing its poems, remembers its infancy, therefore at diverse moments he speaks of its life for the infantile public. Flag became capable of in them convincing all our devaneios and children and in accordance with deserves to be remembered the estimated ones to them of Alfredo Bosi: Reply to the present ingrate it is, in the mythical poetry, ressacralizao of the memory deepest of the community. when the mythology of traditional base imperfection, or some way already does not enter in this project of refusal, is always possible to investigate and to rummage the layers of psique individual. The poetry will work, then, the language of stressed infancy, the metaphor of the desire, the text of the unconscious one, the grafia of the dream: … The poetry recompe each time more arduously the magical universe that the new times renegam. (BOSI, 1977, p.150). Infancy discloses to the poet a magic, loaded world of joy, inspirer that recoups a lost time.

This infantile world in remembers the proper infancy to them of the poet, who lived its meninice in Recife. The Brazilian infantile poetry if initiated in century XIX and was become enlarged in the first years of century XX. It enters the Brazilians who at this time had written poetry for children, we can exemplificar Olavo Bilac. The instructive verses that composed its poetries, considered ‘ ‘ edificantes’ ‘ , in the direction to contribute to form citizens of good feelings, compromised to the educative task of the school.

Aegean Sea

According to local meteorologists, the plains of the country over the past day dropped an average of 20-30 cm snow, a record for the past 40 years this season. As a result of the fact that last Wednesday night at the Polish capital hit a blizzard in Warsaw was almost completely paralyzed traffic. And in Greece vagaries of nature presented two unpleasant 'surprise': the strong forest fires on the islands in the Aegean Sea and heavy snowfalls in the northern mountainous regions. Oddities of Nature in Russia: the 'plus-' temperature records, flying cats and yellow snow was no exception quirks of nature, and Russia. At a time when Europe came the cold and snow in many regions of Russia in the record were recorded with the sign 'plus': the temperature went beyond season scope at 10-15 degrees! In Siberia, on the eve broke all temperature records. In the south of Evenkia temperature over 15 degrees ahead of climate framework. Abnormally high temperatures recorded in the Gorno-Altaisk.

Southern the cyclone moving into the European territory of Russia a powerful stream of warm air, setting a new temperature record in Sochi: March 24, at 12:00 am the thermometer stood at 25 degrees, while the daily maximum for this time remains equal to +23.7, established in 1975. The new temperature record for March 25 is set in Moscow – to warm up the air is 14.00 to 12.4 degrees plus, which is 0.2 degrees above the previous record of 1973. Hurricane storm wind raged Wednesday in Moscow and Moscow region.

Learning a Foreign Language

Very often from people who are going to learn a foreign language, you can hear: "I am, please, just conversational." I would like to understand these people. What is the meaning they invest in the word "colloquial." We talk, we all differently. Do a university professor a "spoken language", and a plumber – another. Although, of course, there are exceptions. And a university professor can speak as a plumber, a plumber – as a teacher University. But this is still the exception rather than the rule. In addition, when only interested in "spoken language", referring to the minimum knowledge and possession onym. Well, take a look at what the minimum amount of knowledge and skills needed to be explained in a foreign language.

In my opinion, it depends on the needs and intellectual level of the student. As you know, Ellochka-lyudoedochka crawl if I'm not mistaken, thirty words. But most potential students that amount, I think, are not satisfied. In general, most people do not know what they want specifically. I do not want to condemn people in any way, but in all honesty, I must say that many who wish to learn foreign language, even if they have a higher education, and speak their mother tongue very badly. I mean not only the written language, and even vocabulary. And, by the way, even in their specialty, many have very scanty vocabulary luggage. Hear how and what they are talking in the streets, public places, but what's there, listen to the speakers of the Central Radio and Television, for which the right and the rich, figurative speech is extremely important.

National Curricular Lines

Such element, in the Course of Formation, has the intention to collaborate for the formation of the identity of the searching, reflective and operating professor in the society. Having the practical one of formation to be understood as space that oportunize the efetivao of the knowledge and knowing necessary the professor to problematizar pedagogical practical its, a place of knowledge production, in such a way cannot occur in way any they need to be supervised and based, thus it will only be possible to carry through the joint between practical theory and. (…) the practical one was being each time more, theoretician, that is, distanciada of the reality. Nor if could here more speech in practical as experience, as reproduction of models – that models? Where they were practical the successful ones? What it meant a professor successful? What one expected as purpose of primary education? of Normal education? Which professor was necessary? (PEPPER, 2006, p.44) the Supervised Period of training, therefore, consists in a chance it pupil to exercise the reflection, to relate curricular components and practical and of this to surpass the dichotomy between practical theory and, making possible a notion to it of the future profession. According to Freire (1996, p.24), ‘ ‘ the critical reflection on the practical one if becomes a requirement of the relation practical theory/without which the theory can go turning blblbl and the practical one, ativismo’ ‘.

Eric Cespedes Autor

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The Subject

In the present project, for example: we elaborate all the lessons aiming at the form education to interdisciplinar, you discipline contextualizando them, working of scientific form the subjects. The subject can be given as example ' ' Our star, the Sol' '. In this lesson, was approached: the importance in agriculture, navigation, localization, source of radiation, survival, the layers of the Sun and other subjects. We not only try to work of theoretical, but practical form, searching to visualize the layers of the Sun (fotosfera, cromosfera, nucleus). For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ripple has to say. As product of the activities, it was proposal the elaboration of a text and exposition in the mural of the school. FINAL CONSIRERAES Throughout this study, over all verified that much has been said on the education of Sciences, forms so that the professor works the content in classroom, demonstrations with experiments and visits the institutions that are divulgadores of Science. The focus of this work was to argue the education of Astronomy, over all by means of the methodology of projects. Therefore, when approaching it, we need inquiring in them on the meaning of Science, the reason to teach it, its demand in the present time.

Something is certain: who is unaware of the world encircles that it is unaware of simple elements day to day. The necessity generates questionings, making the man to acquire the knowledge of its time. However, it does not have neutrality and, of this reason, Science does not consist of an absolute, ready and finished truth. Science with instruments, experiments and scientific theories is not only taught, in practical and utilitarian way, but these must be complemented, based on logical arguments. Although the demand for tools logical to deal with facts day to day is a factor that motivates the acquisition of knowing contemporary, many still leave the school with broken up knowledge, insufficient. Many do not know why the Moon appears during the day, if the Sun is a star, what one is astro luminous or illuminated, why the sky is blue, that is, simple knowledge that in them take the new investigations.

National Curricular Parameters

Work presented to the Course of Pedagogia in disciplines of Special education in the year of 2010. 2 – Graduated Physical Education for the University of the South of Santa Catarina in the year of 2008. Pautaram the quarrels in the meetings of these related groups, the agreement of which the theoretical referenciais that base the proposals of the courses, the coherence with the type of activities proposals and the boarded content. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Litecoin. AS the form IS GEOGRAPHY IN the INITIAL SERIES as she is being worked Geography in the initial years of Basic Ensino, it allows to evidence the great distance of what it is praised by pertaining to school Geography and the Geographic Education ahead of the reality of the school. The legislation that deals with the education, through the PCNs- National Curricular Parameters, considers that ‘ ‘ To acquire basic knowledge of Geography is something important for the life in society, in particular for the performance them functions of the citizenship: each citizen, when knowing the social, cultural and natural characteristics of the place where she lives, as well as of other places, can compare, explain, understand to espacializar the multiple relations that different societies at varied times had established and establish with the nature in the construction of its space geogrfico.’ ‘ But the little is evidenced that Geography (as pertaining to school content) in the reality of the school currently inexists, therefore that is worked if it inserts inside of the Social Studies that generically it approaches thematic that they say respect History and to Geography. The difficulties to work with the contents are accented by the decurrent characteristics of the type of formation of the professor who acts in this level of education. In the case of the abilities and abilities one evidences that those are worked that say respect to the acquisition of the time and space slight knowledge, but do not have orientation of as to work the specific contents, and nor of as to work with these concepts.

Global Aphasia

Introduction. Global aphasia is an acquired disorder of communication, the product of an AVE (cerebrovascular accident) that affects both the spoken language (receptive and expressive) and in writing. Apraxia complexity it can coexist with the box and hamper gesture and drawing skills. Global aphasia is one of the most severe disorders of language, as there is a total loss of linguistic structures and cognitive functions necessary to operate the language. Visual Action Therapy (TAV). (A valuable related resource: Larry Ellison). During the 70s, a study on the grammatical competence of the patients global aphasics through visual symbol systems and concluded that global aphasic patients may retain concepts and basic cognitive operations to communicate. Features that should have patients for TAV. The bird must be unilateral left hemisphere.

Aphasia must be global or near global presenting virtually no expressive and receptive language both. The patient should be directed and with proper attention to the environment. There may be moderate type bucolinguofacial apraxia, but not in their limbs. Characteristics of the TAV. The TAV is organized on three levels and covers the proximal extremities, distal and orofacial. Among the materials, the therapist must have real objects (not toys), silhouettes of real objects and pictures of action that demonstrate the use of real objects.

You should also use contextual support for the selected objects, such as a nail in a wooden block to use the hammer. Recommended 30-minute sessions twice a day to speed the patient's progress. Stages in the TAV (level 1, proximal extremities) Matching real objects with their respective shapes. The patient should match up real objects with their corresponding silhouettes. If the patient is unable parearlas be encouraged, with the help of the therapist, to mark the outline of each and see if after that the patient achieves the corresponding matching. At this stage assesses visuospatial skills and symbolic of the patient. Then to achieve the previous step, the patient must match up the shapes to real objects. Then rearrange the real objects and displaying the patient is going one by one and he should target silhouettes (point with your index finger) to the real object. We carried out the reverse process, ie, are displayed one by one, the real objects and the patient must point to the corresponding silhouettes. Using real objects. At this stage provides the objects and calls the patient to execute the right move with the object. Initially it can give an example, but the idea is that the patient can perform the movement without any assistance. Demonstration of action films. Are you interested in this item? Download here: Visit: