Fifth Dimension

I knew Arnoldo since the adolescence, I know in them in the college, it with 16 years and I 15. We become great friends. Arno had feies rudes, was not pretty, but its simplicity, affection, joy and sincerity captivated the people. The last time that the vi were in 1974 when my family was changed for the interior of the state. Fifteen years later, coming back to the city, I found it in the street by chance. The mother of it had deceased, it he continued single and still she liveed in the same house. I was worried about my friend. Unemployed already has some time, was desolate and abated.

I looked for to liven up it. – It is given for happy, therefore you have a ceiling on your head, have health and for certain you will obtain a new work! – I am tired! The life is not generous with me – You have that to arrange namorada, to be married and to have children. It is not good for being alone. – To marry? I am well thus, already I got used. The only woman of who I liked was of Lydian, you knows, by the way, you also liked it.

I came back to visit Arno in the following week. It not yet it was working, but me he seemed made use more. It received me with joy and it invited me to eat a pizza. The room was repleta of books. For what I Arno wise person very did not like to read. I was also admired for the fact of that the books were on esoterism, trip astral, fifth dimension – Baguna Forgives. It said passing me a bottle of cooling. – For what I see you now started to like literature! – You believe parallel worlds? – Yes and not, everything is possible! I answered in trick tone.



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