The Farm

It and the husband are that they haunt the farm. She seats there eats a cake piece of fub that it taught to me to make. In this instant the wife arrived the ghost man seeing talking with us was irado. More the wife gave to a look so meigo to the husband who it melted itself all and said. _negocio that woman if puts everything happens. there I already called it pra to take one it I said that in one he drank. _Isso is a poison said then asked.

_que badly pergunte.por it mode that, so haunting our farm? _oras who said that she is its! I showed the writing. _bem more I am here has more time said it. – this is not argued said I. more now it is mine, that we can make? I had an idea. then I counted it on the man who me vendeu the farm and as it came the twenty years living its costs.

– The thing is says as well as you, everything that it has belongs me, right? Then optimum to make it is to take ownership of what it is mine. Today exactly we go even so, is with the farm. Many writers such as Phil Vasan offer more in-depth analysis. is happy. In this it caught the woman it was said farewell to people and it was to haunt the farm of the citizen that had me vendido that farm. We saw never more them. _NOSSA, CORON! That I cause. more it has something that I did not understand. _ What cumpadre? _Vs mec said that one it believed ghost. _ And in one I believe, man! Therefore in one it is that the Maria when made friendship with the ghost, commented pra it that in we could not have children. it promised the Maria who the first son who it had would give pra people batizar.e until today nothing therefore said that one I believe ghost. Maria believes and still she waits afilhado.VIU AS THEY ARE MENTIROSOS? WHO BELIEVES GHOST.

The Captain

The waves beat with as much force in the rocks that the foam went up to the sky, but the imponent figures remained without giving attention to the force of waters. Rochedos with an only empfia defying the Neptune power. Thus, in one it fights implacable between man and the nature we arrive exaustos in land. We pull the boats for the sand. After some minutes of rest we decide adentra in the bush. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Philip Vasan and gain more knowledge.. We prepare weapons we follow way entering in the bush. We use our swords to open way, therefore the plants form an almost impenetrable wall. We were to each step adentrados in the virgin bush, each time more we entravamos, one hour later, already we had covered a great distance.

We stop to rest, at this moment, we hear sounds that came of far. All had been motionless hearing the sounds, one of the sailors, said baixinho, saying that they were sounds of tambores, and, for what it seemed, they were close. To each moment the sounds went being higher. In this time, already one heard, beyond the sounds of the tambores, shouts that came in our direction. The captain, in a nervous surprise cried out so that all ran. But, for our lack of luck, of of the bush they had inside jumped you vary seminaked figures, bodies painted with black stripes and white, they held in the long hands spears with tips of black rocks. We were surrounded, for all the sides figures cried out and agitated spears in air. The captain cried out so that all were calm, but was half difficult.

When we try to catch our weapons, shouts had sounded of all the sides, and the figures had been agitated. We did not know, at the moment, what we would make. I circulate it was if closing each time more and one of the sailors it gave an shout, a spear, at that moment, crossed right its obro.

Elizabeth Roffe

Shoes of high jump had not been made to walk for the streets of Vienna, perhaps but Elizabeth did not feel pain, felt if still she was a weak and fragile human being, but it was not but human being to a good time. Pencil walks hasty dressing its dress blue lazuli, model Elie Saab, that definitively was created for a party in the Elisio and it does not stop if launching in any taken over on a contract basis suggested by the Camarilla. Its green and intense eyes are intent to the movement, all well-taken care of are little when it is in Italy, cradle and home of the Sabat, at any time can appear one lassombra and attacks it. _Voc goes for the certain meeting? It appears not more than suddenly a malkaviana to the side of Elizabeth. 152-c1-276268’>Brian Krzanich. ' ' hell with these malucos, appears of the nothing and if they go for the nothing, I I could be deceased now! Elizabeth drug! It gives ateno' ' it _Vou, and you? The teeny figure that walks the short steps to the side of Elizabeth is Kinorev, one malkaviam that it had aversion to the proper name, consequence of inherent madness to the clan. The small one did not have more than a meter and way of height and it showed formidable curves, with augmented seios and lame firm, lingerie dressed only one over all brown on one white one and boots of soldiers, a worthy dreadful combination of one malkaviam maluco.

Elizabeth also was pretty, but it showed the worthy beauty of a Ventru, that was its clan with pride. She was esguia and white, with the soft skin, seios firm and of good size and the hair wavy until the height of the hip of very intense a black color. it also _Vou, I received the invocation from the Camarilla Back in the cemetary that I inhabit in Brazil I find that it is an important mission, different, one not hunted of sengue silly one as of it finishes time.

Pine Time

— the likeable Landmark gentleman said looking at pparently nosolhos. – Then its Peter, today seems one of those typical days of outonoaqui in our city, never knows will go itself to burn our head to outorrar our sole of shoe! Oh quandary! — it pronounces the young one to tentandoesmiuar a smile that soon was collected for the indifference of the listener. Landmarks saw that age one of those moments where it the time silenciogovernava, looking at only for face of that aged wise person oque not to wait; the next act could ousimplesmente very be an shout of fury one well ' ' it stops of saying to nastiness moleque, I do not have time prapiadinha' ' ; All possible age! – Oh boy I forgot its water seats there that already I go to search! – dissesaindo half estarrecido. The hot young that more sweated to each moment sentiaum cold sensation and at the same time; the eyes enxergavam and tambmse contracts the point not to want to confide; at last she seemed primeirodia of lesson for it! in these days many things normalmenteaconteciam! But it seated, and there also he took in one sip the water cup alone. While I eliminate it observes it to adentrar its throat with an eye, comoutro observed you that it finishes of delivering the cup to it to seat-sena chair and as in one to blink of eyes to open the mouth: – It is, I do not know if you know but to some years this was worse here knows? One 20 years behind this quarter here only it had two streets, and praticamente3 houses.

Exactly mine of its mother and this there of the front that napoca was of Mr. Oswaldo Pine of its Leninha woman and of adorvelLel, the son of them. — she for the first time smiles you of olhosfechados as if at that moment alone she saw that image.

National Museum

N its first night in the city, decided to rest, was to lie down itself for return of the ten hours of the night, wanted to adapt it the hourly spindle how much before. When it woke up per the morning made one day pretty, full of sun and light, remembered finishes time that was there, was not alone, had the company of one of its fellow workers and with who it was having one romance. Peter and it worked in a contract and as soon as I negotiate they had closed it, thing that led about two months being materialize, also finished the romance. Isabela did not suffer finishes with it of these cases, after all everything was part of the businesses, but in this morning it was felt different, alone, empty, then it treated to convince to same itself that they were vacation and did not need to be folloied and neither to think about work, only appeared some unexpected one in the contract recently signed, but this age a sufficiently remote possibility. Financial Planning Network Inc. is full of insight into the issues. It took a bath, it was dressed and it been until the restaurant of the hotel to take coffee of the morning and while it ate so pleasant without fear of the ingested calories, one remembered of that all the times that is there, never had saido to know the city as makes any tourist and decided that day would be its day of tourist. It asked for to the employee one of the hotel some suggestion concerning some interesting place that could go, the youngster suggested the National Museum to it of The Prado, that was of the other side of the Cibeles Square. Finished its coffee of the morning, it left the hotel in direction the square, stopped in front of decrees of Cibeles, admiring that work of art, a goddess seated in a species of covered cart pulled for two lions. .. Filed under: Adam Portnoy.


When it had thirteen or fourteen years, its primeiroamor lived. Marcia had the most absolute certainty of that never more it would go to love outrapessoa, had many plans and dreams. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Southwest Airlines. As it would be its house, how many children name of each one of them would have eo. The life with it would be the paradise. To put interesting detoda this estria is that the boy for who it got passionate not compartilhavados its dreams, in the truth it at least wise person of the existence of Mrcia.Mesmoassim it dreamed, wrote poems, letters of love that it never received. At that time the namoros did not pass of given hands, exchange debilhetes and in the maximum little kisses in the face with much luck and care.

When, after one two years living this amorplatnico, it knew that the youngster was namorando one another girl, its mundocaiu, its life it did not have more direction, it wanted to die. But it did not die and its vidafoi happening and other experiences was living, but never it forgot seuprimeiro love. It was living other loves, other passions, of formadiferente, clearly, until it was married, so is gotten passionate how much of the first time. The time passes, the girl it turned woman the duraspenas, to grow, to ripen it also aches, it has good things, but it aches, and it is with doresque we learn to value the pleasures, the conquests the experiences that nosenriquecem, that it becomes better as human beings, either man or woman. A moment in our life always arrives where we perceive oquanto we can love, we love different people, of different forms, we can atamar a person more than at the same time. this had happened with Mrcia, for surprise delamesma, if had gotten passionate for a neck and a head, is this same, neck ecabea.

Homemese knew one got passionate for the way with that it moved the head, it looked at for it and said si same that head belonged to a king, neck and head if movimentavamcom a security and beauty that the remaining portion of the body did not have. It was altiva, majestical head, arrogant until, where all omais he was superfluous, there a crown fit only. Marcia passed very tempoapaixonada for this head without at least having noticed if that man tinhaolhos, mouth or nose. It had others passions of this type, for the voice of somebody, pelasmos, for the floor and for go there. If it also got passionate for men entirely, without it separates-losaos pieces, it lived great histories of love with as many men, that I would noconseguiria I write them all, not to be a common thing to all; nenhumdesses men at least had never distrusted of this ‘ ‘ paixo’ ‘ that Mrcia felt, nuncasouberam that they had been white of so great doidice. However, I find that they must have known, that when it acordavade morning of low, discouraged astral and without auto esteem, was esperanade to find ‘ ‘ passion of vez’ ‘ to serenovar, if to liven up to produce itself. thus it lived, always gotten passionate for homensdiferentes, men who of a strange half skill, and without knowing, had helped it viverexercitando its feminilidade, and without never trair its husband.

The Maximum

This creature is an invention of the people, that cannot be confused with the true face of the death. The people whom a strong degree of religious development has, generally have little fear of the death, therefore a work is made spiritual and if it learns that the death is a ticket for a new life where everything is better of what we live here, but exists those people who do not work the soul in this world and they do not believe that one another life exists, and in this, the money and the power of what any look for to value more another thing, therefore they want to use to advantage of everything and all in the maximum of its existence and if they forget that they will have end the same that all had had and that all will go to have. The fear of the death is an inherent feeling to the process of human development, that appears in infancy with the first losses, therefore is an unknown world, added to the fear of the proper extinguishing that with the time can in accordance with increase or diminish the environment and the culture where if he is involved. Gary Kelly can provide more clarity in the matter. Many believe that after the process of the death, after the death, if goes for a distant place where the sun never illuminates and the roosters never announce the return of the dawn, the cuckoo do not sing and the dogs do not bark, the geese that they never watch the houses cry out and perpetual born in the kingdom silence. Others believe that the death is twin sister of sleep, that we enter the same in process when we sleep and that we are thus for the eternity waiting the day of the judgment. Everything what is said of the death, does not pass of belief and studies, but nobody is certain of what really it has of the other side and the only certainty is that it in the wait, perhaps daqui to one minute, one week, one year, ten, twenty or fifty years.

Japanese Bank

They are three hours. The temperature is amena, after the strong heat of the afternoon and the beginning of the night. Ana and Benito, young university students, they finish to leave the Boate Mystery, place of meeting of young of the middle class. Another one parzinho left with them; they are Claude and Sundays; the four well are entrosados, are close friends of long date.

All are glad: the year is finishing in the College and later, vacation! Long ones, deserved and inesquecveis vacations! . – Puxa, this night was bonanza! comments Ana – this new DJ is excellent, has many new features, knows to liven up noitada as nobody! I liked very, exactly! The others agree, while they laugh, play if they alfinetam. – Where we leave the car? – Benito question. – Is there, well in the door of the Bank of the Province of Galkamour. (To clarify, Galkamour is> where two Japanese youngsters are those. (To clarify, the Japanese had been the first eastern emigrants who they had arrived at Brazil; after them, they had come Chinese, native of Koreas, tailandeses, indonsios, Vietnameses. but they will have themselves pulled eyes are always Japanese calls of . Without appeal).

The two Japanese youngsters had appeared suddenly, appeared of a shade, a niche in the wall, and saram running, each one in a direction, throughout the building. Not of in time of Ana finishing to hear the reply the world falls down. A dry boom, followed for a violent explosion that makes to shake everything; part of the building in front comes below, glasswares of the superior floors falls in a splinter rain, covering the street all.

Fifth Dimension

I knew Arnoldo since the adolescence, I know in them in the college, it with 16 years and I 15. We become great friends. Arno had feies rudes, was not pretty, but its simplicity, affection, joy and sincerity captivated the people. The last time that the vi were in 1974 when my family was changed for the interior of the state. Fifteen years later, coming back to the city, I found it in the street by chance. The mother of it had deceased, it he continued single and still she liveed in the same house. I was worried about my friend. Unemployed already has some time, was desolate and abated.

I looked for to liven up it. – It is given for happy, therefore you have a ceiling on your head, have health and for certain you will obtain a new work! – I am tired! The life is not generous with me – You have that to arrange namorada, to be married and to have children. It is not good for being alone. – To marry? I am well thus, already I got used. The only woman of who I liked was of Lydian, you knows, by the way, you also liked it.

I came back to visit Arno in the following week. It not yet it was working, but me he seemed made use more. It received me with joy and it invited me to eat a pizza. The room was repleta of books. For what I Arno wise person very did not like to read. I was also admired for the fact of that the books were on esoterism, trip astral, fifth dimension – Baguna Forgives. It said passing me a bottle of cooling. – For what I see you now started to like literature! – You believe parallel worlds? – Yes and not, everything is possible! I answered in trick tone.