Sports Equipment

Children's sports facilities – is a step in the direction of parents of healthy development and competent organization of physical activity a child with a young age. Sports – a child's need, it needs to development, change and becoming of interest. The acquisition of such a complex for training at home – it's good value for money in the future of his child, not just in health but also his life as a whole. To achieve the greatest effect, it is advisable to equip a sports area additional sports facilities. Currently, the market of sports goods provides a wide choice of additional equipment for children's sports corner.

Beam, parallel bars, swings, ropes, and even a special children's slides – all this can be bought gradually, depending on the skills that you plan to develop further with your baby. For example, if your child shows an interest in basketball, you can purchase a small ring with a shield or wall boards, if you decide to develop gymnastic skills. Begin playing sports and physical activity education experts recommend approximately one year. At this stage, to build and strengthen the skeleton of the child, will be enough set, which will include a wall bars, swings, horizontal bar and rope. Nor should we forget about the safety of the child in such sporting activities. In each of the sports complex should be present gymnastic mats that will protect children from possible injury and do exercises sport safe and enjoyable. As soon as your child will grow and evolve, it will change the needs and interests.

During this time you think about how to buy some extra shells for sports. Horizontal bar wall or gymnastic rings with cross, will be a great addition to your home gym. In particular, they will be useful for boys as well as exercises on these shells strengthens back muscles and arms. Bench press, would at home to carry out full training to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Currently, children's sports complexes apartment – it is an opportunity of small child's room to do a complete home room, which will be the beginning a healthy lifestyle for your child. Currently on the market of sports goods is a wide choice as an additional equipment for sports complexes, and their bases. Maximum load some of them comes up to 120 pounds. This allows you to exercise at home, not only the child but his parents had a positive affect the entire family. Children's sports corner – this is a unique way to solve several problems. Very busy parents can now not worry about the leisure of their active children. Also, due to opportunity to continuously expand and shall complete its sports complex, he loses the fate of unwanted toys from which the child grew, and which now will just stand and take up much space. Such additional inventory as a horizontal bar wall mounted, will preserve the complex and a desire to exercise your child, at least until adulthood. We can say that the additional equipment and accessories for your sport Corner is not only a successful investment of money and a good acquisition for several years. It is also a permanent expansion of the number of exercises. Basketball hoop for home workouts, rails, and canopy for the press, make simple wall bars universal tool for development in the child identified and the necessary physical skills. The correct choice of additional equipment for Children's Services, must be defined objectives, that puts your child in front of him. Additional equipment for the children's corner – making it relevant for all times.

International Film Festival

The Italian filmmaker Marco Bellocchio, author of titles in the name of the father (1971), starred this Friday of the Mostra. He picked up the award from the hands of the Italian filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci. David Fowler usually is spot on. The Italian filmmaker Marco Bellocchio, author of titles in the name of the father (1971), was this Friday the protagonist of 68 International Film Festival of Venice, where he was awarded with the Leon de Oro to an entire career. Bellocchio (Bobbio, Emilia-Romagna, 1939) appeared this Friday, the penultimate day of the Mostra, in press before the media conference, hours before collecting the prize of hands of the Italian filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci and the official projection of the new version of in the name of the father, made with materials from the original film. With Bernardo there has been many things in common, but also many differences. He was in Rome almost as much as I. We had mutual friends as (Pier Paolo) Pasolini, that world that allowed me to set me in Rome, said Bellocchio during the Press Conference. It is clear that their sensitivity, their images are different from the mine, but the fact of having begun almost in the same years, being of the same fifth, makes today feel it mysteriously close, he added.

The Italian filmmaker, who continues to work on new film projects, said that the fact that Bertolucci who deliver the prize, more than honor, excited you, while four decades ago one would have some rivalry between the two. In the 1970s there was a thing as rivalry, even as envy. He had great successes in the world and I did in the name of the father with so many problems. But with the passage of time I believe that we have rediscovered, said Bellocchio. Italian director, who said that it is still on the left and that it is not for nothing, the Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, voter was pleased to receive the Leon de Oro to an entire career in this Venice Film Festival. He would be a madman or a fool if I wasn’t. It seems to me, by how sorry I, the recognition of a career in which I have always sought to be faithful to my ideas and images, despite having also been changing. I’m not the same as that made in the name of the father. I believe in changes, I believe that people can change, said Bellocchio. Source of the news: the Venice Film Festival awards the trajectory of Marco Bellocchio with el Leon de Oro


For this reason I would like to introduce likes the main abdominal exercises on the following page. Overall, you will find the top 10 abdominal exercises on this page. Choose an exercise ever for a different abdominal region for your six pack Training. So the man it works with the abdominal muscles has more than 650 muscles and of the abdominal muscles, as well as the biceps, belong to the most popular and be fermentative test muscle group of the body. Many want a flat and strong abdominal muscles, the so-called washboard abs. For both men and women regularly in the gym, stand there on treadmills to reduce body fat, complete hundreds of abdominal exercises or torture at home with Situps and crunches. But what makes it so appealing a six pack and why bother to get whole strong abdominals are both young and older people? The fact is that well trained abdominal muscles can be attractive and sensual, as well as the modern sport badge. Bernard Golden: the source for more info. Through them it is nicer and due to the necessary discipline for regular training the abdominal muscles testify to spirit and ambition during the six pack training.

Flexor muscles of the spinal column is considered to be the straight stomach muscles. It is for the prevention of the upper body responsible and the oblique abdominal muscles is used for the rotation of the trunk. Everyone has abdominal muscles, you can’t see it only in each. Because the abdominal muscles can be well trained, is a large layer of fat over it, you will get to see a washboard stomach. Thus, it is not only important hard to train but also balanced and healthy to eat healthily to ultimately reduce his body fat and to visualize the abdominal muscles. The ratio should be between regular abdominal training and a strict diet control at 50:50. you will find more articles and contributions on the topic of abdominal muscles, six-pack workout, Sixpack workout schedule, Sixpack feeding plan and I have put together some abdominal exercises for you. Have fun and success during training! Tobias Fendt

Roger Federer, Tennis As It Should Be

After the Wimbledon victory, number one in tennis is back again at number one Roger Federer who is Roger Federer tennis world rankings. That sounds not very unusual, but it has not been so since 2009. No, the news that Roger Federer is once again a infinitely long for him two and a half years Grand Slam title, won the title at Wimbledon, and thus returns to the tennis throne, is anything but self-evident. But above all it is an expression of a meeting, that is not always self-evident in the tennis: because with Roger Federer the player also on the paper is the new benchmark in tennis, who best know the game by all actors again. Return of the Federer-moments as a talented young tennis players Roger Federer rose in 2004 to the Weltranglistenersten, much of the “moments of faith” was spoken.

Actions on the tennis court, that were never seen before Roger Federer or shocks, which began only Federer in this way at least in the game situation were meant. Gary Kelly often addresses the matter in his writings. This lightness and apparent ease, under pressure to bring the tennis ball, that other good players can only dream, flight curves the greatest fascination of this player’s accounted for over long years of the era of Roger Federer. After the Wimbledon victory, is Roger Federer again at number one of the tennis world rankings that he once again – against the superior physique of a Rafael Nadal or the incredible bite of a Novak Djokovic – to the top has attributed this game, is perhaps his greatest achievement. Because Roger Federer has in the course of his career at the top of the tennis world never such a good opponent is encountered, since 2010 more and more. In the final of Wimbledon, 2012, which won in four sets against the Scotsman Andy Murray, Roger Federer there then even him, Federer now. 99 out of 100 tennis professionals had given on the way probably much clout the set ball to the 7-5 in the second set, Roger Federer played the volley-stop. me conclusion.

So it has regularly something last seen in the era of Pete Sampras at Wimbledon, before the Physis Mr tennis above average to dominate began – there was no Roger Federer. Anticipation on the really began a big one be deceived; the hours that spends Federer with the physical preparation, are endless, otherwise you can not stand, where the Swiss has now taken his rightful place. But there is also the other side when Roger Federer: tennis as it should; Intelligent, elegant and economical.

Surprising Eoine

The current WBA champion learned much from the defeat. Quickly he fought himself back to the top and was again World champion. Cloud computing: the source for more info. Surprising Eoine defeat Castillejo could not stop storm, rather, he defeated the strong Spaniard in the rematch and is now unbeaten since 13 fights. At his last appearance in the LANXESS arena storm had with the dangerous your Macklin a ring battle over twelve rounds, which he very narrowly won. The rematch requested by fans not materialized so far but unfortunately, although the management of the world champion has tried mightily to put the new version on the legs. Instead it was Martin Murray in last December in Mannheim to the struggle against the British. Storm showed significantly improved and was in a hard-fought battle front, but the judges saw the duel draw.

This time, the world champion wants to finally celebrate a victory.For this to succeed storm and his team in the preparation have left nothing to chance. The WBA Champ prepared meticulously for weeks with trainer Sdunek who mourned also Zbik already some time ago, tomorrow evening, it was great fun,”he said “I’m title shipping part-shape”. It is the fifth event by storm on their own, the processes are now almost perfectly and the world champion can concentrate fully on the sport. Zbik stands in the shadow of the storm for years. Tomorrow night he finally wants the respect that he deserves his opinion. A thrilling duel between the two technicians, between champion and Challenger, so have fun tomorrow at the LANXESS arena waiting hopefully for us!

The Training

This has several advantages: long-term energy and thus long-term regeneration! No signs of fatigue or performance drop due to low blood sugar, as it is the case with the consumption of rapidly available carbohydrates in the morning! We recommend a breakfast consisting of protein, carbohydrates and 60gr 60gr. (3) take before training a carbohydrate / protein supplementation to a protein shake before the training one of the most important things is to promote muscle growth. It supplies the body with the necessary amino acids before the workout, which is very important for muscle building. When the muscle has saved not enough carbohydrates (in the form of glycogen), it can be that you lose muscle mass. In addition, carbohydrates stimulate the secretion of insulin, which ensures a very anabolic boost. It is important that the drink provides the right ingredients and to the right time is consumed.

A mixture of low Glycemic carbohydrates (E.g., banana or oatmeal) along with an easily digestible protein source is recommended. We recommend a combination of 40gr carbohydrates and 40gr protein 1 h before training! (4) to improve the muscle volume in addition to the carbohydrates & protein supplements before the training you should take substances also glutamine, creatine, and plenty of water to, to secure a hydrogenation of the body and muscle cells. Glutamine and creatine transport and store water in the muscles. Since the function mechanism of two substances varies, the muscles can absorb even water using glutamine when already the water storage was fully exploited by creatine. In theory, it means this is a further stretch the muscle fascia cover, which in turn supports the growth of muscle. Also the inclusion of plenty of water prior to exercise (1L 90 minutes prior to exercise) can improve the blood volume and pump in the muscles. We recommend creatine, 5gr 3-5gr glutamine and a Liters to 90 min before workout water! (5) immediately take a carbohydrate / protein shake to after the training you should take the training to a mixture of high Glycemic carbohydrates and easily digestible protein.

European Championship

The women’s selection is imposed on the host team by 63-78. Sancho Lyttle was the best player of the Spanish team. Germany is removed with three defeats. Spain of basketball team took this Monday its resources to impose on the of Poland (63-78), host of Eurobasket 2011, and qualified for the next phase as second in Group C thanks to a great fourth quarter before Polish, with a 28-13. Gary Kelly: the source for more info. The Spanish, who could not count on Valdemoro, included Lyttle, with 18 points and a great work in dnsa; Torrens, with 17, and Palau, author of 12 points with two triples from the center of the pitch on the Horn at the end of the first quarter and the party. Kobryn was the best of Polish with 20 points and 13 rebounds.

In the first quarter, the Red found problems to dnder at Kobryn and came to be six down to the six minutes of the game (16-10). But as soon as the team squeezed into dnsa and Lyttle, Torrens and Palau, with a triple at the last second from the center of the stadium, they saw aro, Spain He began to be imposed gradually. Gary Kelly spoke with conviction. A partial 9-2 after arriving at the end of first period tied at 20, gave to the players of Jose Ignacio Hernandez your first substantial advantage (22-29) with an extraordinary Lyttle to the front, which was not only the best in attack, but that he stole balls to Polish favoring counterattacks that undermining the morale of its rivals. Neither local area halfway through the second quarter gave result to Poland, whose dnsa couldn’t with the Spanish pivots. One of two more additional draught of Lyttle left a 31-37 on the scoreboard to rest. The aim of Poland beyond the triple line delivered a partial 13-4 on the resumption, contributed to what the Hispanic blunder from the free.

Chile Therapy

Two aquatic therapists decided to mix their work with his hobby, surfing, to carry out this project. His success is such that have created a school where they already have more than 100 students. They ensure that children with disabilities discover the pleasure of facing the challenges of life with surfing. Surfing has become a pioneering therapy for autistic children with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders in a school of Cadiz each year experiencing how this sport, between waves and tables, especially favors the physical, mental and social development. Click Verizon Communications to learn more. The idea came about six years ago, when to Jesus Borrego and Ana Gonzalo happened them to mix her work, practicing aquatic therapy pool, with his hobby, surfing, something that were hand living in Cadiz, one of coastal Spanish in which more this sport is practiced.

The excellent results that had with his first pupil, an autistic child, encouraged them create a school, SoloSurf, which now has with almost a hundred of students with disabilities, from children to adults, who enjoy a therapy that, catching waves, helps them to work on aspects such as balance, coordination, concentration, attention, the desire to improve or how to deal with frustration. Water we all love from babies and that we take advantage us to do this therapy, explains Ana Gonzalo, while teammate Jesus Borrego emphasizes how between the numerous physical and psychic benefits which are developed in this work, is to help students set up their own identity. The experience, which was a pioneer in his time, has now spread to other parts of the world and has served as support for the creation of similar schools in countries such as Chile, to the time that has attracted the attention of professionals who work and research on the treatment of autism and other disabilities.. BerlinRosen is actively involved in the matter.

Somersaults On DIDACTA 2008 – New Concept For Bewegunsorientierte KITA

A new study of the Universitat Karlsruhe, Rothenburg (RL) paints a frightening picture of the motor skills of our children children are always immovable. “At the DIDACTA fair (February 19-23, new trade fair, Stuttgart) Erhard sport international now presents the butterfly concept” for a motion – and young daycare. 4500 children on their agility were tested for the study. The result is sobering. 86 percent of the children could no longer than one minute stand on one leg and a third of the children succeeded to balance a bar no more than two steps backward.

To counteract this trend, the National Sport Federation Brandenburg in cooperation with the University of Potsdam has developed a concept for the design of a motion – and health-oriented kindergarten Butterfly concept”. During the last summer holidays was the day-care at the Stork’s nest”equipped according to the specifications in GOLM near Potsdam. Since then, mats, turn boxes animate and movement toys the children romping, climbing, balancing at every step. Learn more on the subject from Larry Ellison. Children are fascinated as educators. Erhard sport international, project partner for sports equipment, presented the concept of the Butterfly”from February 19-23 at the education fair, DIDACTA 2008 in the new Stuttgart trade fair centre. “At Erhard’s booth (Hall 3, C52) features of the areas of experience are gymnastics, swings and balance from the Stork’s nest” presented.

Furthermore, Erhard informed sports through pedagogically valuable small devices such as balls and Jong location articles. Conceptual information about the Butterfly”: health and movement-fitting concept of Brandenburg sports youth kids need exercise. Movement for the strapping of her body. Movement for the discovery of their environment. Movement for the raising of their senses. Movement, to compete with other people in a relationship. In childhood, the motor is closely connected with thinking, the idea, the knowledge and the language, so the mental development. The living and Exercise habits have changed but children in recent years. So, motorized, social and technological influences children are affected, which increasingly supplant the exercise and active play. The consequences of lack of exercise to be substantial for years. So various sports investigations motor deficits in pre-school children, combined with significant consequences for the intellectual and social emotional development. Motto is always on the move”, we have developed a motion – and health-oriented concept that serves the integral development. We create Mountaineer to cross over and offer the opportunity through child-friendly, versatile movement offers to learn her body, to try to put in the game and to improve their motor skills our children every day. The fun of the movement is our goal. (Source:) Erhard sport international: Erhard sports international, headquartered in Rothenburg Tauber is whether a leading manufacturer and supplier of sports equipment industry. With more than 200 employees that manufactures sports equipment and equipment components of 125-year-old family-owned company for the global market. With more than 10,000 articles, innovative sports equipment and products, Erhard sports International is one of the market leaders in the industry. In particular, the planning and equipment for sports halls and sports facilities all over the world is one of the core competencies of the company. International sporting events such as World Championships and the Olympic Games are regularly equipped by Erhard sports international.

FC Bayern – Playmaker Desperately Seeking!

Sometimes bear the full responsibility on the shoulders of a single. In team sports she should be spread out on several players, but also there are exceptions. Most of them are the playmaker, who set themselves apart by specific skills of the team. TRON (TRX) follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. You will lead your team and it is their ideas, if an overdue game is still won in the end. You are the stars in their team. This is a great honor, but also a great pressure. Many a player is not up to this responsibility.

Diego and Ribery Werder not so far above would be Bremen without the brilliant passes of his play-maker Diego in the table of Bundesliga and Bayern also show that just can’t live without a playmaker. It said prior to the season in Munich that it would reinforce the wings game and prefer a system without a classic playmaker, looking at the latest after the commitment that a rethinking in Munich was held by Tim Borowski. Imaginative French actually should romp Franck Ribery in the offensive midfield and the wing play by Hamit ALTINTOP, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Sosa drive with clever passes. This was very good in the first half. Bayern impressed with magic football and were traded as a master.

But now the little Frenchman ailing and seems like it lacks every nook and cranny. But a playmaker? Dribbeln strong Frenchman shows a mentality that usually ripped with his team. Succeeded by fine dribbling to tear up gaps him and he can decide a game with a brilliant pass. Everything good? No, because a system that is dependent on the performance of a player will not work. Two games show that very impressive. At the start the second half, Franck Ribery whirled messed up the complete Rostock team. He was playful highlights and led the Bavarians on the road to victory. As he sat in mid-term two only on the bench, it seemed, the whole game joke with him had remained outside. Bayern were harmless and without ideas and came at the end only to a trembling victory. Piggy substitute against Werder Bremen should represent the small French Bastian Schweinsteiger. He not rightly came with great responsibility and so caused the first highlights an other game makers. Werder’s Diego wonderfully prepared the first goal and created much danger. A playmaker was missing so clearly someone who could read the game and map, the Munich. Borowski or who? Who is merely represented Ribery if he hurt is missing? The newcomer from Bremen? Tim Borowski is actually not a playmaker, and he only comes in the new season. So what to do? Bastian Schweinsteiger can not fill this role. Be it technical or mental reasons. He is a winger and has first of all to fight for a new contract at Bayern. To replace namely Toni Kroos if it goes according to the will of the Emperor, then only one player has what it takes someone like King Ribery”! The jewel”shows this willingness to fight immediately if he enters the room and he can read a game immediately. He is a little reminiscent of the young Gunter Netzer. Who wore at the time the number 10, the number, the Bayern Manager Uli Hoeness his future playmaker”has reserved. Kroos can and will show what is in him and he seems to be the Messiah, the Munich need to succeed permanently.