Collective Bargaining

CiU and PNV abstained in extremis after having made a pact with the Government the prevalence of autonomic State level conventions. Reform is not supported nor by trade unions or by the employer. The outraged protest against the reform. All the keys of the text. The Government has managed to validate this Wednesday at the Congress the Decree on collective bargaining with 169 votes in favor, 159 against and 20 abstentions.

The Socialist Group has been the only one who has voted in favour of the reform, which now will be dealt with as a Bill before the demands of the different parties. The initiative has had the votes against the PP, ERC, IU-ICV, BNG and UPyD. Some contend that Jonathan Rosen PR shows great expertise in this. The parliamentary groups of CiU and PNV decided to abstain in the vote by the Congress once they interest with the Government and the PSOE maintained the prevalence of conventions autonomic on the State level in the event of concurrence, according to parliamentary sources have reported. In this way, the Government ensures that the standard is ratified by the Cortes with independence that along as Bill can be modified with the introduction of amendments. According to parliamentary spokesman of CiU, Josep Antoni Duran Lleida, has highlighted the Government is committed to include in the preamble of the Act the linkage between wages and productivity. Although he acknowledged that the incorporation of this provision in the preamble has no legal force, since the fixing of wages has to be agreed between employers and workers, Duran has stressed to journalists that this will enable marking a guideline for future conventions. However, the Minister of labour, Valeriano Gomez, has ruled out that substantial changes from the norm as a result of agreements with the PNV and CiU occur during the parliamentary handling of the reform of collective bargaining. In addition, the Minister said that these modifications may not affect the central themes of the reform: enhance flexibility internal in companies without losing the workers protection.


The Red Cross is a global entity that does not support their symbols to be used by any force to make war against another. Today this is marking a cross on Bogota following his armed forces used their logos in the operational check. Uribe will return to accuse of violating international law (such as in March was made by bombard Ecuadorian soil). He admits an unusual behavior though their rivals want to send him to an international court or be accused of war crimes. Gary Kelly wanted to know more. The anything goes against the guerrillas is claimed by various anti-Communist sectors, but is something that can undermine the democratic image that requires Uribe to win domestic and international legitimacy (and even to achieve that U.S. Democrats lifted the veto to the FTA with Colombia by accusing him of the murder of trade unionists). After Jaque Uribe became the most popular President of the hemisphere and got that Chavez congratulated him and re-amiste with him and the FARC retreat and accept to release hostages without asking to change a liberated territory (although if they insist on Exchange of prisoners). Now Uribe is strong because it offers win a great crusade against the FARC, but if he fails to do so or committing too many violations in that goal, it is he who could end up being crucified. E Scott Mead is actively involved in the matter. Original author and source of the article.

Inversion Bank: How Does It Work?

The inversion Bank appeared on the market recently. Many people ask themselves but what is it and what should you be good. The largest force that daily affects our body, is the force of gravity. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. has firm opinions on the matter. With inversion therapy reduces back pain quite naturally. Tension and stress are loosened and counteract the negative effects of gravity. This technique was developed even in the ancient Greece of Hipocrates (460-337v.Chr.). In many cultures (Arabs, Hindus, Chinese…) track mechanisms have been developed for the back to relieve the spine in order to relieve, used even today in the classic medicine pain. Credit: Larry Ellison-2011.

The inversion Bank now able to find the desired angle in which you still feel comfortable. It is important that you gradually makes it and it still feels. In our body, there are several mechanisms that ensure that the blood from the feet can flow up into the head and vice versa. Using the inversion Bank she will Reversed polarity of the body. This promotes the Durchblugung of the whole tissue, which we make sure that the energy can flow through every corner of our body. The head above posture, stretch, relieves and stretches the spine: reduces back pain, improves the posture and relieves the compression of the intervertebral discs relieves stress promotes blood circulation and eases heavy legs thus blood congestion in the veins win you in size again, stretching of the spinal column increases the oxygen levels in the brain, which promotes cell renewal also. (Rejuvenation effect) Anti-cellulitis effect improved blood circulation in the head, prevents hair loss V. Aubry more information about this great invention are available on the website of the company Befara Directo

Seminar Training

Seminar vibration training – gym news, Germany seminar vibration training for Studio owner, Athletic Director, and fitness trainer. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ron O’Hanley has to say. By antoniosilva gym news, Germany you offer vibration training, or plan for the future? Way of example in the form of a course or in individual training with a personal trainer? Do you know why your customers really come to your Studio and why in a Studio vibration training works better than others? Find the answers how vibration training offers the best possible marketing and which target groups you can talk to, in this one-day seminar. In addition to the exchange of experience between them, are the topics of the seminar: applications of vibration training for whom vibration training is suitable? Marketing of vibration training depending on size, structure and location of the studios of successful marketing for your Studio prevention courses with vibration training ( 20 ABS. 1 SGB V) fitness and Galileo vibration training together to success! “Training programs specially groups lose weight with Galileo vibration exercise joint training for a fantastic unhurried” concept Galileo vibration exercise and treatment of osteoporosis seminar is designed for Studio owner, Athletic Director, and fitness trainer. We ask for your commitment to 2 days prior to the seminar. The seminar fee is 49. Detailed Conference documents, certificate and lunch are included. S m i n a r date 1 date: 01.07.2009, 10:00 17:00 place: Studio Solarsport Philipp-rice-Strasse 9A 24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg lecturers: Torsten Willi specialist sports teacher, Antonio Silva MB sports management date 2 date: 04.07.2009, 10:00 17:00 place: new Galaxy sports and leisure park GmbH Talstrasse 1, 55232 Alzey lecturers: Juraj Gubi sports scientist, Antonio Silva MB sports management Natalie Ihne sports expert FORMEDO GmbH in the ZukunftsZentrumZollverein hangover Berger str.

107 45327 food Tel. 0201-890602-50 fax. 0201-890602-99 Health, fitness & prevention for me do – to do something that is the principle of our product selection and concepts. formedo is a unique concept package, that equally combines health, fitness, and prevention. formedo has its origins in medicine and science. The efficacy and safety of different products occupy numerous studies – we with well-known partners, like for example the Charite in Berlin, the University Hospital of Cologne, the Institute for prevention and health promotion of the University of Duisburg/Essen and preprocessor fit, the work community of health-fitness-wellness, work together. formedo finds application in medicine, fitness and health facilities, within the workplace health promotion and on the golf course.

It is suitable for users of all ages. Our concepts find wide acceptance in the market, because quick successes are recorded. We offer various products that you or your customers can do something for their health and well-being. Find out for yourself….

Save Studio

The vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables are useful for the general health and the strengthening of the immune system. As they often occur in bodybuilding, is at high intensity workouts a strengthening of the immune system an important factor. Sports nutrition products and taking just beginners in bodybuilding are often totally crazy when it comes to muscle building products. Adjust their entire daily routine on taking the products. Cloud computing has plenty of information regarding this issue. Small example, you should take product X on an empty stomach.

What’s up with it? As bodybuilders who want to build mass, which should never be able to have an empty stomach. Just to be able to take a product on an empty stomach should be be either a main meal or a snack. That would be counterproductive for the mass construction. I see that way; There are four important window of time when taking sports nutrition products: in the morning after waking up, before the workout, go after training and before sleeping. Taking as many pills and powder should be placed in this time slot. The rest of the time you should worry more about high quality food, which you can take in sufficient quantity to the meals and snacks. I’m testing the most new muscle while Products that come on the market and am always open for new, my base of products but always remains the same. My absolute base supplement is the animal Pak, then follow various protein powders, creatine, animal Nitro, linseed oil (for the supply of Omega-3 fatty acids) and UNI-liver (amino acid tablets).

This is nothing exciting, just the basics that have shown their effect for decades in numerous bodybuilding Pro BBs. Bodybuilding beginners aiming at mass to build many meals have difficulty is often that get used often and eat a lot. Throughout the day more or less big meal should be taken as far as possible all 2 hours a. It is no matter whether it is a real meal or a shake like for example a weight gainer. Normally you should with his snacks and enough shakes, power bars, try to plan etc. to take to work. One should eat during the drive or train ride in the school, University, etc. Hautpsache sufficient calories, no matter where. The strains can be in the Save Studio if one is not prepared to ensure the basic provision of the body for the desired weight gain. Who want to prevent muscle break down (catabolic) reactions of the body, which should eat an anabolic State preserve as much as possible. If you implement my suggestions, nothing in the way should be also a distinct muscle. I wish you much success in achieving your training goals.

Meetings And Team Building Events In The Sports School In Hennef 2012

Meetings and team building events in sports school Hennef 2012 TAKE A LOOK events & incentives location is sports school in Hennef the school since its opening in 1950 a Sports Academy of great importance. Various teams of the DFB are often guest, such as high-class teams in the sports of football, basketball, handball, boxing, and judo. Latitude and top athletes find the ideal training conditions on 60 hectares. Since the year 2011, the school is the seat Hennef-Weisweiler Academy, which is responsible for the training of the football coach of the DFB. The school is also an ideal venue for meetings, presentations or kick-off events meetings and presentations with their quiet location lined with forest.

Premises are guarantee for a successful event to 500 persons, an excellent technology, excellent cuisine, friendly and service-oriented staff. For many years, TAKE A LOOK events & incentives conferences and meetings with the appropriate sports programme complements. Football and team events 2012 TAKE A LOOK organized on the premises of the individual school and events tailored to the objectives of companies and incentives: Teamday or outing with programme, kick-off event, product presentation, corporate football tournament, customer event or team-building for 20 up to 500 people. In the year 2012, the focus on organizing events around the theme of football is: three natural grass and three artificial turf football pitches, measured art lawn Hall (indoor soccer), Auditorium, a 1,300 square meters triple Hall, small field soccer field, sunny open air terraces with the possibility for a barbecue and numerous open spaces can be included in the concept of the event. Continue to a beach soccer or beach volleyball can be integrated in team events as well, like football human kicker, goal wall, – bows and other fun and team modules. A newly developed measure team building for companies with the topic business-teambuilding-HAKA, known from New Zealand rugby, has recently been success in the program. Authentic sports and football-like atmosphere: following meeting or presentation can be achieved with the involvement of sports personalities a motivational or talk round.

Overnight 119 rooms with 232 beds, divided between four category offer optional comfortable accommodation for athletes and Conference guests. Check best connection to Cologne (25 minutes by car) and Bonn (15 minutes), Dusseldorf, Ruhr area (60-80 minutes). Station Siegburg (50-minute drive from Frankfurt) and the Cologne-Bonn airport (20 minutes) are reached in a short drive from the ice. Over 180 parking. More information:

Club Million

Madrid “Real” – the richest football club in the world. The new president of Madrid “Real” Florentino Perez began to fulfill the promises (buy Kaka for 67.2 million euros for Ronaldo and 80 million), which he recently gave the presidential elections in the club – once again a great team, worthy of the glory of “Royal Club”, which is nine (!) just won the Champions League. Where does the money the club at such tremendous cost? Most portion of the proceeds ‘Real’ provides a television contract with the company ‘Mediapro’, which paid $ 1.1 billion (!) euros for the rights to show matches “Real” for a period of seven years. Thus, the ‘Real’ in a single season earning 135 million euros only on TV broadcasts of their games, add more revenue from advertising contracts – 129 million euros. Revenues from the home matches of “Real” to “Santyagu Bernabeu” – more than 100 million euros per season (fantastic figure for Russian clubs). Despite the global financial crisis, the profits of Madrid “Real” in season 2007 – 2008 totaled 51 million euros.

In the 2008-2009 season the club budget for the first time in history, exceeded 400 million euros and operating profit 58 million euros. Budget “Real” is three times the budget of all clubs in the Russian Premier League put together. I must say not all is rosy in the financial position of “Real.” Debts “Real” in excess of 100 million euros, but they look very big on not Compared to other Spanish football clubs who have more serious financial problems. Collaborates Madrid “Real” and the largest bank in Spain and Europe – Banco Santander. Bank Banco Santander crisis has not spared too party. The volume of outstanding debts of the bank in 2008, has more than doubled – to 14.2 billion euros and operating profit in 2008 decreased by 2% – to 8.88 billion euros against 9.06 billion euros a year earlier. The bank has spent 350 million euros only for the payment of compensation to customers affected by the financial machinations of American billionaire Bernard Madoff. In general, the bank lost in the “pyramid Madoff,” over 2.3 billion euros.

But what would have been financial losses to the bank, and Soccer in Spain – is sacred! Management of the bank Banco Santander only in June 2009 provided the Madrid club a loan of 70 million euros for the acquisition of a player Manchester United and the Portuguese national team Cristiano Ronaldo. The remaining funds for the purchase of Ronaldo’s ‘Real’ isolated from the club’s budget. In addition, the “Real” bought out “Arsenal” for EUR 10 million Spanish winger Jose Antonio Reyes. Following the shopping Brazilian Kaka and Portugal Ronald, is preparing to purchase midfielder ‘Liverpool’ Xabi Alonso and striker ‘Inter’ Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Apparently, the club will have to refuse the services of nine players who played poorly last season. By the fall of 2009 , a new team of “dreams” will be created, and the season 2009 – 2010 is planned to the club, as the international season wins Madrid “Real”.

Spanish Republicans

According to Serrano, it’s a group is not numerically significant, but which does have a qualitative significance. The Gulag archipelago historian has highlighted the paradox of this episode in the history of the Franco regime which has as its protagonists a group of sailors and aspiring Spanish pilots of Republican ideology, that they ended up serving hard labor in some of the most significant fields of the 76 Soviet concentracionarios complex, known as the Gulag archipelago. It’s a group of young people arriving at the USSR with left-wing or communist ideas and who return to a dictatorship, Franco, but enchanted life because they had really punished them in such a way that they were happy to get out of Russia. The return of those who survived the gulag has two moments, one of them on April 2, 1954, when 38 of these internees came to Barcelona in a boat named Semiramis, which came aboard divisional 248, Blue Division, and these 38 Republicans, who gave a spectacular welcome. One million people from across Spain was to receive them, has told Serrano, who added that these young people had left the war singing the anthem of irrigation and return 13 years later in a boat which the soundtrack was the face to the Sun. He said, Franco’s regime used them propagandistically, received them when these 38 Spanish Republicans the same that to the Divisional and even has got a job to all.The second moment was when they returned to Spain with children of war, between 1956 and 1959. * You can buy books from Secundino Serrano at PopularLibros source of the news: A book reveals that 85% of the Spanish prisoners in the gulag Soviet survived