Surprising Eoine

The current WBA champion learned much from the defeat. Quickly he fought himself back to the top and was again World champion. Cloud computing: the source for more info. Surprising Eoine defeat Castillejo could not stop storm, rather, he defeated the strong Spaniard in the rematch and is now unbeaten since 13 fights. At his last appearance in the LANXESS arena storm had with the dangerous your Macklin a ring battle over twelve rounds, which he very narrowly won. The rematch requested by fans not materialized so far but unfortunately, although the management of the world champion has tried mightily to put the new version on the legs. Instead it was Martin Murray in last December in Mannheim to the struggle against the British. Storm showed significantly improved and was in a hard-fought battle front, but the judges saw the duel draw.

This time, the world champion wants to finally celebrate a victory.For this to succeed storm and his team in the preparation have left nothing to chance. The WBA Champ prepared meticulously for weeks with trainer Sdunek who mourned also Zbik already some time ago, tomorrow evening, it was great fun,”he said “I’m title shipping part-shape”. It is the fifth event by storm on their own, the processes are now almost perfectly and the world champion can concentrate fully on the sport. Zbik stands in the shadow of the storm for years. Tomorrow night he finally wants the respect that he deserves his opinion. A thrilling duel between the two technicians, between champion and Challenger, so have fun tomorrow at the LANXESS arena waiting hopefully for us!

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