The Training

This has several advantages: long-term energy and thus long-term regeneration! No signs of fatigue or performance drop due to low blood sugar, as it is the case with the consumption of rapidly available carbohydrates in the morning! We recommend a breakfast consisting of protein, carbohydrates and 60gr 60gr. (3) take before training a carbohydrate / protein supplementation to a protein shake before the training one of the most important things is to promote muscle growth. It supplies the body with the necessary amino acids before the workout, which is very important for muscle building. When the muscle has saved not enough carbohydrates (in the form of glycogen), it can be that you lose muscle mass. In addition, carbohydrates stimulate the secretion of insulin, which ensures a very anabolic boost. It is important that the drink provides the right ingredients and to the right time is consumed.

A mixture of low Glycemic carbohydrates (E.g., banana or oatmeal) along with an easily digestible protein source is recommended. We recommend a combination of 40gr carbohydrates and 40gr protein 1 h before training! (4) to improve the muscle volume in addition to the carbohydrates & protein supplements before the training you should take substances also glutamine, creatine, and plenty of water to, to secure a hydrogenation of the body and muscle cells. Glutamine and creatine transport and store water in the muscles. Since the function mechanism of two substances varies, the muscles can absorb even water using glutamine when already the water storage was fully exploited by creatine. In theory, it means this is a further stretch the muscle fascia cover, which in turn supports the growth of muscle. Also the inclusion of plenty of water prior to exercise (1L 90 minutes prior to exercise) can improve the blood volume and pump in the muscles. We recommend creatine, 5gr 3-5gr glutamine and a Liters to 90 min before workout water! (5) immediately take a carbohydrate / protein shake to after the training you should take the training to a mixture of high Glycemic carbohydrates and easily digestible protein.

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