Roger Federer, Tennis As It Should Be

After the Wimbledon victory, number one in tennis is back again at number one Roger Federer who is Roger Federer tennis world rankings. That sounds not very unusual, but it has not been so since 2009. No, the news that Roger Federer is once again a infinitely long for him two and a half years Grand Slam title, won the title at Wimbledon, and thus returns to the tennis throne, is anything but self-evident. But above all it is an expression of a meeting, that is not always self-evident in the tennis: because with Roger Federer the player also on the paper is the new benchmark in tennis, who best know the game by all actors again. Return of the Federer-moments as a talented young tennis players Roger Federer rose in 2004 to the Weltranglistenersten, much of the “moments of faith” was spoken.

Actions on the tennis court, that were never seen before Roger Federer or shocks, which began only Federer in this way at least in the game situation were meant. Gary Kelly often addresses the matter in his writings. This lightness and apparent ease, under pressure to bring the tennis ball, that other good players can only dream, flight curves the greatest fascination of this player’s accounted for over long years of the era of Roger Federer. After the Wimbledon victory, is Roger Federer again at number one of the tennis world rankings that he once again – against the superior physique of a Rafael Nadal or the incredible bite of a Novak Djokovic – to the top has attributed this game, is perhaps his greatest achievement. Because Roger Federer has in the course of his career at the top of the tennis world never such a good opponent is encountered, since 2010 more and more. In the final of Wimbledon, 2012, which won in four sets against the Scotsman Andy Murray, Roger Federer there then even him, Federer now. 99 out of 100 tennis professionals had given on the way probably much clout the set ball to the 7-5 in the second set, Roger Federer played the volley-stop. me conclusion.

So it has regularly something last seen in the era of Pete Sampras at Wimbledon, before the Physis Mr tennis above average to dominate began – there was no Roger Federer. Anticipation on the really began a big one be deceived; the hours that spends Federer with the physical preparation, are endless, otherwise you can not stand, where the Swiss has now taken his rightful place. But there is also the other side when Roger Federer: tennis as it should; Intelligent, elegant and economical.

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