Postal Bank

Start also a Schufa entry can be opened a checking account. Sometimes also a misunderstanding or an undeliverable invoice sufficient. For most consumers, the problems begin with the entry with the Schufa. Since then, many everyday things are made more difficult. This includes the opening of a bank account. But even with a negative entry a giro account can be opened. In a question-answer forum Southwest Airlines was the first to reply. Banks can refuse the account a fundamental right to a bank account at present in Germany doesn’t exist. However, there is a commitment of the savings banks and some banks such as the Postal Bank to offer everyone a checking account.

If you want to open an account, you should try (an overview see also here) it initially also by the providers of free accounts. Because it is not said that you are rejected with your request. Here it’s in the way of the Schufa entry and the amount of the outstanding claims. If you have a regular income and adequate collateral, you are possibly still can open a regular checking account. However there is no guarantee, because not all banks have signed voluntary commitment.

Have the right to an account, usually only when savings banks, the banks and the Postal Bank. You have the account on a prepaid basis as an alternative if your requests are rejected after a free checking account, still the possibility to open an account on a prepaid basis the mentioned banks. An overdraft is not given in a negative Schufa entry. Unfortunately, these accounts on a prepaid basis are not free of charge, at least the usual accounting fees. Otherwise, the so-called account for everyone differs”from the classic giro account. You can make payments and receive money. Of course, you get a card with which you can pick up cash at the ATM. Online banking is of course possible for these offers. Unfortunately some banks however refuse an EC card, with which also the cashless Pay at home and abroad is possible. You get just a normal savings card, which can be used also as ATM card. Recharge and to cashless paying in shops, for example, use the ATM card with any amount.

Credit cards are not issued entry normally at a Schufa. Consumer advocates also criticize that the accounts on a prepaid basis are often far too expensive. First compare the prices, because some banks charge oversized high accounting for the balance. Charges also apply if money is taken and the necessary balances not available. The corresponding demand is then rejected, resulting in charges for the account holder. Also check whether costs for transfers, because this can be quite common. Make always honest information at account opening the Bank has the right to cancel your account, however at any time if you breach the terms Have breached the terms and conditions. When submitting, you should be basically honest. Who is attempting entry due to alleged capacity amends an existing Schufa, must expect that the Bank terminates the account, if the hoax is blown. So no real estate, specify that you do not own and forge also no proof of salary. In the worst case, this can be even punishable.

Safe Online Banking

So protect yourself against abuse in online banking from the online account at home who pay rent, check the account balance, or just a few bills without having to be at the bank counter easy: the advantages of online banking to sound so good. About half of today’s Internet users controls its finances via online banking. The use online banking is so convenient and advantageous, can be so insecure, if you meet not the necessary safety precautions. Banks make today with a series of security measures to ensure that their Web portals, as well as the data transfer are as safe. Most abuse cases occur but around the own PC at home, so this represents the biggest flaw in online banking. 8 tips for safe online banking the following remarks refer to the PIN/TAN process most commonly used in online banking.

A virus scanner and a firewall to secure your own PC should be on every home PC to the standard equipment include. Modern firewalls today also offer protection against phishing attacks (password theft). In addition, use an anti-spyware. This prevents malicious programs to install itself on your PC that send personal data to recipients on the Internet. Regularly update the programs. Switch the automatic update service (update function) of the programs, so that you can not forget the updates.

Secure password use when choosing your password do not use in their personal environment-known names or numbers, such as the name of a family member, the telephone number or a date of birth. Use therefore at least achtstelliges password, consisting of both numbers and letters. No automatic storage use save any passwords, as well as PINs and TANs in your browser window. Enter your personal data by hand better each time even if it seems complicated. Private data in the browser delete delete also regularly the private data in your browser.


Fidor AG shows with and the Bank advice form of the future study: every third customer wants his bank online advice. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Phil Vasan has to say. The Fidor AG offers the intractable approach of the future with Web 2.0 financial platforms: open, easy, quick, Web-based communication and consultation on financial issues by independent consultants and users customer monitor banks 2008 \”study finds: every third customer wishes online advice from his bank almost every second customer of the Bank engages in finding financial products on the Internet back Fidor AG implements: with the intractable approach of the future\”: Open, easy, quick, Web-based communication and consultation on financial issues by independent consultants and based on the experience of users with the stock market game model of tomorrow: banks and financial service providers offer new customers a playful approach to the capital market Munich, December 18, 2008 already every third bank customer wishes to be advised by his bank online. And almost every second attack when the Search for the most suitable financial product on the Internet back this the current proven \”customer monitor banks 2008\”, the market research institute psychonomics AG issued. \”The different websites of the Munich-based FIDOR AG already meet the needs documented in the study and demands of the new generation of online affinity bank customers: with the stock market game community ( or the personal finance community together more money\” ( offers the Munich-based company around the former bank directors Matthias Kroner (formerly CEO DAB bank) and Martin Kolsch (formerly Board of HypoVereinsbank) users free, modern web 2.0 financial platforms around the issues financial advice, exchanges of expertise and financial products. \”Websites of Fidor set new benchmark for the financial industry that together more money community\” ( the new possibilities of the Internet combined with independent online financial advisory services: user access at free to several hundred registered and evaluated by users, independent financial advisors which online every conceivable financial question.

Banking Crisis

Diversification in the financing structure ensures the SME liquidity and creates scope for investments liquid despite the banking crisis: diversification in the financing structure ensures the SME liquidity and creates scope for investments Munich, February 12, 2009 – the German medium-sized companies was Bank and that bank overdraft in the past decades. But since the onset of the financial crisis and in the context of Basel II trust in the two standard solutions is clouded for the financing. In many cases, the medium-sized entrepreneur can no longer rely on cheap lending rates. Banks became so more and more a factor of uncertainty not only for investments. Because even healthy companies with good, innovative products and a reliable customer structure can quickly from the financial crisis be obtained. If the Bank can grant no attractive credit conditions, the equity position is getting shorter”so Claus Durr,. Managing Board of the Munich Vantargis, then tight it will even for these businesses. That’s why the middle class must diversify its financing structure!” In company financing not only to a card “Of course, it makes no sense to abandon the long-standing business relationship with the Bank for a reputable contractor”, emphasizes Durr.

At the same time he should but look around in the market, and in addition to Sparkasse and Volksbank seek also financing with commercial banks and independent financial service providers.” “Liquidity and investment margin make themselves through proven, flexible solutions: sale-and-lease-back or the factoring to sales finance are just two of the instruments offered by us, which reduces the balance and thereby better conditions in the lending reached”, explains the Vantargis Board of Directors. Action, before it’s too late yet the German middle class against the crisis tackle themselves. Many companies expect a slowdown, but hope that “they themselves spared this hope will prove but often a deceptive”, Peter has English, partner at Ernst & young for the conclusion of the current SME barometer 2009′ the audit and consulting firm. That is why Claus Durr advises especially medium-sized companies, to act now: we analyze the financing situation together with the entrepreneurs and develop tailor-made solutions for our customers. Because the medium-sized business financing instruments, permanently securing the continuity of its operations will only through an honest, personal, and geared to the actual needs of advice.” Profile Vantargis AG Vantargis AG, Munich, provides intelligent capital market-oriented financing solutions for SMEs and investors.

Bank independent and a separate ABCP program amounting to EUR 200 million are asset-oriented long-term financing solutions as well as allows the capitalization of intangible assets. The Vantargis AG Group comprises currently 6 subsidiaries: below are the medium-sized leasing companies AML Leasing GmbH and Sigma Leasing GmbH, and the factoring company Vantargis factoring GmbH. Furthermore are essential investments in the Vantargis Wabeco finance GmbH (funding and grants), the SFC structured finance consult GmbH (structuring of financing projects) as well as on the active) lease Vantargis finance GmbH (leasing of power and commercial vehicles). Questions or more information: Vantargis AG Widenmayerstr 28 80538 Munich Sebastian Seibold phone: 089 2429373-17 E-mail: Web:

Elixir Services

Money and capital for acquisitions and investments employs worldwide all private individuals and companies in times of the banking and financial crisis financing purchases and investments. Money and capital serve the exchange of services and thus are the existential life Elixir. Dr. Werner financial services AG ( has devoted three decades ago this subject and helps in financing and capital raising from the micro-financing from Euro 50.000,-to much financing about the investments and capital markets with a volume of up to EUR 200 million Focuses on raising independent capital mezzanine financing is free of creditworthiness and rating alone aligned on a good business model. Dr.

Werner financial services AG operates raising independent capital for companies of all industries from small silent participation with competence and experience to industrial loan corporations ( Founder and start-up entrepreneurs we provide Ready stock companies to the immediate start of company. On request this new company with additional capital to finances further. We carry out the further fund-raising activities. The investors yields are expected p.a. from 8% to 9.5%. The profit distributions contain an appropriate risk premium that they make risk capital without any protection available.

The terms of the capital are regularly between 5 to 20 years. Shorter periods are possible. With maturities under 5 years of age, but not as equity capital can are accounted for. Regularly, notice is also agreed by 2 years as this is account legally required. In a crisis or facing insolvency will be Auffanggesellschaften with new credit to the immediate restart and corresponding remediation capital. In a given situation, we help fend off insolvency. This can be caused E.g. by a conversion liabilities into equity. This is called a Debt-equity swap. We make available the conversion contracts. It is so helpful as shareholder loans in silent capital or profit participation rights to convert because it significantly improves the equity ratio of the company. Interested parties can free the 64-seitige brochure for capital supply and capitalization strategies of companies’ request of Dr. Werner financial services AG.


Tips on how to compare the current accounts and what to pay. At the latest at the first employment, a checking account is mandatory. Every employee must have a salary account, cashless direct salary payments can allow the employer. Also, everyday payment is handled via the giro account. At the ATM or at the counter of the Bank cash can be debited from the account. Conditions compared with bank giro account through a comparison of bank giro account can buyers compare different institutions and their conditions. In the Internet you can find numerous compare calculator, which facilitate a first selection. Only banks with a branch network and direct banking, online-only be distinguished.

Customers who don’t need a personal consultation, have the choice of countless online banks that require little or even no charges for the current account. Sometimes be the customers free credit card provided, receives a few banks the customer even interest on credits. Some direct banks require no monthly minimum payments, give a certain amount before the opening, must be demonstrated before the other. Giro account with a bank comparison can be easily across all fees, interest, and other important conditions. Current accounts compared the fees and any interest on a checking account the cash withdrawals should be customer-friendly.

No one wants to drive all over town to withdraw cash free of charge. There are money houses where the use of all ATM, no matter by which providers throughout the world, is free. There is an offer great advantage for frequent travelers. Others have joined together in a Federation, and have numerous ATMs scattered throughout the country. An EC card is free provided generally by all banking institutions. Credit cards, there are many variants, or they are permanently free of charge, free of charge only in the first year, they cost a Annual fee. Customers at some party bonus payments will be credited for the use of the credit card. Who experience shows that often covers his checking account, should compare various high interest rates prior to the opening, there are significant differences.

CreditPlus Bank

The CreditPlus Bank can a very good rating of their new customers enjoy compelling CreditPlus Bank with fair terms and a very good customer service. This is confirmed by the numerous positive reviews that now can give customers of the CreditPlus Bank about eKomi. New customers have the opportunity to rate the CreditPlus Bank, namely and marks can while on a scale of 1 to 5 be complemented by a comment. Total 895 reviews were given until March 3, 2011. CreditPlus Bank receives a very good rated 4.7 out of 5 points.

EKomi is a neutral and independent service providers. But not only in the customers favor CreditPlus Bank stands far above. Due to the very good conditions, the direct bank is also compared with the credit among the top sellers. CreditPlus under of the leader is with an initial interest rate of currently 2.99% p.a. effective. To 2.499 euro credit independent fixed interest apply amounts for all periods.

From 5,000 An interest rate which is based on the creditworthiness of the customer then picks euro. The reviews of new customers according to the processing of loans is usually quickly and without hassle. Because it is tied to the payment of the loan to no purpose, this can not only but also as a car loan or holiday credit instant credit be used as. Given the fairly low minimum loan amount of EUR 500 interested consumer can take even a small loan. All other information and a representative example interested consumers under get… . But not only consumers can come at the CreditPlus Bank benefit from a favourable financing. Also self-employed and freelancers have the chance of a loan, which excels in favorable conditions.

Krause Loan

In a letter the customer that the agreed interest period run off (‘interest binding end’) and new terms of the loan are compatible tells. Munich, the 26.10.2011 customers who had taken on a loan at the Bayerische Landesbank (BLB) around ten years ago, to a so-called lever model”, to invest money in the clerical medical life insurance these days post received from the Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB), which has in the meantime taken over the loan. Herein is the customers that the agreed interest period run off (interest rate binding at the end”) and new terms for the loan to agree are communicated. Offered is the agreement of a relatively moderate rate of interest. Lawyers the interest rate according to the law firm investor protection Cape will be reduced now for the remaining years of the loan, because according to the decision of the Federal Court of justice by March 2011 the BLB for incorrect indication of the total amount in the loan agreement, only 4% are entitled to. “Before this Background, is present in us cases, therefore an interest for the remaining loans after the interest period in amount of 4% called”lawyer Thorsten Krause of Cape tells lawyers in Munich. “Lawyer Krause continues:”Aside, of the refund of paid too much interest for the past, to demanding investors against the DKB AG and Bayerische Landesbank from these loans can, often in connection with a so-called EuroPlan intended as retirement”or a similar lever model were completed, derive more claims.” According to Attorney for banking and capital market law Anja Appelt, the errors are often in the original loan agreements, which allow the investor to revoke the loan under certain circumstances even today.

Add damages meet claims against the DKB AG or BayernLB, as these in the euro plan with the British life insurance clerical medical, we believe that institutional work. The transition from the Bayerische Landesbank to the DKB Bank is it harmless. The result can range from a retrospective and retroactive interest rate adjustment to the complete indemnity position of the investor. According to the OLG Munich a case can occur here, in which the Bank and the investor virtually change places. While the investors more from the loan can request from then no money Bank, they would have to reimburse that even his own capital employed investors in return would cede its rights from life insurance to the Bank. Alternatively, investors of the Bank can hold against claims for damages stemming from the conclusion of the contract with clerical medical. Just the judgements in recent times, about the OLG Karlsruhe, or of the OLG Munich against clerical medical, can thus serve as argumentation help for also claims the DKB AG / BLB. Lawyers recommend Cape affected investors to best the Council a lawyer specialized on these topics to catch up, before they make a decision, how they deal with the offer of the DKB. This Bank is not only because of the DKB deadline rush, but also, because claims arising from operations that takes place before or during the year 2001 (how about the end of the lever model) threaten to lapse at the end of the year 2011. Contact: Cape lawyers Krause Appelt Partnerschaft von rechtsanwalten Sonnenstrasse 19 D-80331 Munich phone: + 49 (0) 89 – 41 61 72 75-0 fax: + 49 (0) 89 – 41 61 72 75 – 9 E-mail: entered in the partnership register of the Amtsgericht of Munich, PR 1069

Comdirect Bank

Comdirect bank has screwed a little upwards the fixed deposit interest rates in the short – and medium-term maturities. From the House of comdirect bank is a good news for all interest hunters. The direct bank has revised upwards currently is a part of its fixed deposit interest rates. Also the conditions of the 6 -, 12 -, and instead deposits were increased in addition to the interest for the period of 3 months. In the fairly short term investors benefit from 3 months now of up to 1.00% p.a., the interest rate has been doubled so. Also the 6-month time deposit was screwed a little upwards, for new investors there is now 1.10% interest p.a.. The interest rate for a manageable period of 12 months has been increased by 20 basis points and is now at 1.60% interest per year. At 3 years, there are now 2.70% per annum.

The remaining terms remain unchanged. So savers with the deposit of comdirect bank is still getting up to 4.00% can get per annum interest. There are the top interest with a maturity of 10 years. Who his money on a manageable Creating a period would like to, can also opt for 2 years, then there is only the half, namely 2.00% interest per year. The remaining conditions and interest can interest-enthusiastic investors under… read.

To highlight the fixed-term deposit offer of comdirect bank is, that the minimum investment amount is 500 euros just. So, already lower sums can be applied safely and profitably. Towards the top, there is no limit of investment. Given the high deposit insurance, which insures customer deposits up to 108.3 million euros, saver of their hard-earned money at all need to worry.

Festgeldanlage Savings

As one multiplied his money easily and successfully saving has become a luxury for many. Attempting to make reserves with tiny amounts, seems to be an insurmountable hurdle. In contrast, those who want to have an amount available and love interest bringing put it on stand. Here the almost excruciating question however arises: where? However, it is clear: both sides are open so many doors, because money can be really simple. The savings book – the conservative oldie, it must be not the most complicated Fund or the most risky equity investment. The good old savings account does also not usually negative interest rates, that the attractiveness of this oldies years will decline would have only.

But the banks have responded to money market needs before an eternity and develops new products. You seem just as conservative as the savings book, but are neither boring nor unprofitable. “Both the day money account for the savings Geizhalse” as well as the Festgeldanlage for the Sparwilligen”are here to name a few. Day money – when small is big how do you best describe the day money? Basically it is nothing other than an account, on which can be any a – and paid, where the balances will be paid interest and where normally no payment is approved. There are no restrictions in this form of investment. Interest rates move in the good midfield up to the upper class and the saver sets the tone. He decides when he wants to pay how much, or again have. The latter is effected by bank transfer to a reference account (checking account) or cash payments.

The run time is unlimited, i.e. the end of the day money contract is open to the savers. Deposit – a celebration of interest this form of investment is one of the (interest rate) safest and kalkulierbarsten types. Interested parties to secure a fixed interest rate over the desired term, can see their capital grow and need to do nothing more than open the savings account.