Performance Exchange

NOPOLY insert the civil capital Club – self help around the money and civil capital makes sense. A previously small group of committed citizens who plan to set up an association which provides the platform for a citizens ‘ initiative around the money and offers a Member Exchange. The activities of the citizens initiative include a wide range of information and support services. The activities of the Member Exchange relate to financial transactions so investment and loans with customary banking collaterals as well as power exchange of products and services, directly between the members. “The chance to be on the winning side with the limited opportunities and information as a normal citizen in the global competition for investors profits are extremely low.

Here WINS – as with any winning game – the player who determines the rules and has the better information. Bank of America shines more light on the discussion. Add to that many financial products are no longer transparent and were not manageable even for experienced investment bankers “, so initiators Herbert Scheuerer. Other leaders such as Phil Vasan offer similar insights. His conclusion is therefore “the time is ripe for it that we create citizens our capital according to rules that are clear and fair. Why must our citizens capital allow investments in foreign projects or economies if our citizens and enterprises with sufficient capital could promote our economy? Let us again with capital to promote our direct living environment. We can generate reasonable returns through products and services. We use the opportunity to directly exchange products and services without money.” NOPOLY civic capital, so this Club is hot, is founded on January 24, 2009 in Munich. Anyone who is interested in the preceding public information session and the subsequent meeting, is cordially invited. More detailed information can at the initiators query via their Web page. Herbert Scheuerer

Better Conditions

DAB Bank improves the conditions will be a custody account fees for your free investment account usually every month due, year after year. Some few online banks offer a free investment account. Currently, the DAB has improved Bank their conditions. No fees are due for the online Depot and order fees are very cheap. Simultaneously or parallel to the depot, the Bank offers very attractive conditions for overnight and the free checking account.

Every new customer who opened a deposit or account benefits the following conditions until March 31, 2010: DAB Depot free 2.5% day money rates guaranteed up to June 30, 2010 and for deposits of up to 15,000 euros in over-the-counter DAB seconds trade starting at 6,95 euro per order free DAB professional trader subscription with realtime rates (automatic termination to June 30, 2010) for the depot opening an account opening Wizard is available on the website of the DAB. The account application can be filled out online and printed out. The documents must be only signed and with the PostIdent confirmed by the post together sheet sent to the DAB. The depot account is actually free of charge, if the customer online gets its share accounts, as well as the monthly financial status with the DAB Mail Manager. This also applies to the current account. This free Depot may be opened even by people who have their domicile abroad.

Thus, the free custody account of the DAB for traders in any case is attractive. More royalty-free securities offers from online banks are currently, for example, of the Comdirect and Cortal Consors. However, at least 2 trades per quarter must be made to get the free bonus at Comdirect. For this bank offers significantly more funds without a sales charge.

Seizure Free Accounts – What They Really Offer!

Seizure free accounts – what do and what look should be. Every citizen has the right to convert an existing account with his bank or savings bank in a seizure-free account benefits of a seizure-free account since July 1, 2010. The legislature has created this way to ensure that people with financial problems can participate in the cashless payments at any time. Prior to the right of the P account as the seizure-free account is also called, in the case of a seizure of account, which could be effected by creditors at the competent local court, the giro account was blocked completely. Thus, it was impossible to run credit transfers, direct debits or standing orders for the account holder. Also cash withdrawals on the trigger or the vending machines have been denied. So, the running costs for rent, energy and insurance could not be paid.

Money to live on was not available to interested parties. In these cases, only the way to the District Court, be requested where remained was that a monthly amount of the subsistence level in the account will be released. However, this procedure was complicated and time consuming – it could take months, until they have complied with the request. So debtors through bank accounts got into existential crises, which often resulted in the loss of the home. Threatens today a bank accounts an amount which is equivalent to the subsistence minimum, is protected by the conversion of the current account in a P account immediately by the Bank before accessing the creditors.

For unmarried persons without maintenance obligations, the basic allowance is currently 985,15 euro. Maintenance obligations exist, it increases accordingly. So a higher subsistence level can be taken into account by the credit institution, the claim is to be proved by appropriate documents: this can be, for example, documents of the family Fund, tax consultant or the Pension Fund. The credits in the amount of the basic allowance is the account holder each month to pay its most urgent financial Obligations and to pay personal living is available. An amount, which was not provided, stops of this seizure-free credits in one month on the account, must be presented in the next month, increasing the seizure-free, then the available sum. How can you get a seizure-free account? Most of the banks and savings banks are only willing to convert an existing account to a P account. There is no obligation to create a new attachment-free account. If customers would like to establish a seizure-free account, they simply request that at their institution. After completing and signing a corresponding form, the giro account is promptly equipped with protection against dismissal. However, it should be remembered that a seizure-free account is usually only on a prepaid basis and issued credit and debit cards will be confiscated.

Checking Account

Through a checking account balance interest to mitigate falling income for savers, the current interest rate level is a horror. No joy comes up at rates slightly below the rate of inflation. Who would like to earn more return, which had to choose other products as a tag account or passbook, but also lacks good alternatives. In addition also the risk and therefore the risk of capital loss increases with the return chance. (Source: David Fowler). Who safely and flexibly would like to invest his money, which get around hardly a day money account. Currently, must you settle unfortunately min low interest rates and should focus more on the areas, where you give away potential income. Possible interest receipts in the giro account many savers continuously compare the day money rates and switch providers because of minimal interest rate differences more often. Inflexible, many savers are choosing their current account and give away potential income as a result.

There are some current accounts with deposit interest rate. Some banks pay interest rates of 0.5% on the deposits and in some promotions sometimes over 1%. Ongoing interest on the account balance interest rates by 0.5% make no heart beat at first glance, however, most people here forget that the entire credit balance on the account will be paid interest. On a day money account only the part is remunerated, there was parked. A giro account know probably his highest credit on the day of the receipt of salary.

Usually the larger fixed costs (such as rent) will be charged in the next few days. Almost every day more withdrawals and card payments are added to reduce the account balance. A small part of which should be consumed directly in a month, can be transferred to a day money account and saved. At the end of the month the account know yet little liquidity cushion on. The current account interest rate is, the interest income are calculated daily and credited quarterly or once a year. So not only the small account holders are at the end of the month takes into account and interest, but also the higher Account balances at the beginning of the month. In the best case no account maintenance fees and interest revenue on the checking account balance interest will make not rich one, but it is revenue that is given away, when one gets no credit interest at his local bank. The credit interest rate offered by some direct banks. These accounts have the advantage that they are offered free of charge in most cases. Another way to save money when you got paid yet accounting fees. Who want to resolve an account at his local bank, who can easily open a second account with a direct bank. To take advantage of the interest rate of the credit, the posting of content and the larger monthly fixed costs on the current account with the Bank should run however.

NetBank AG With Interest Rate Boost At The Day Money To 4.50 Percent

With the increase of the interest rate to 4.50 percent per annum for six months and up to 50,000 euro advertises the netbank AG now to new deposits by private customers. Tagesgeldvergleich.NET reports: the netbank AG seems to defy the recent interest rate cuts in the ECB and raised the interest rates of their belonging to the giro account day money account so far 4.00 percent with effect from January 15, 2009 p.a. now 4.50 percent p.a.. The new rate applies to deposits up to 50,000 euros and will be granted full six months from account opening. (Not to be confused with Verizon!). After this period has expired, an interest rate of 3.30 percent applies per annum which applies to the entire credit balance exceeding the limit of 50,000 euros already within the first six months. Especially interesting, offering the netbank according to opinion of experts of the trade portal is by the fact that it is a permanently free checking account no minimum content input, which is complemented by the aforementioned day money account. In addition, that all deposits with the netbank day money up to a limit of currently 3.94 million per customer by the guarantee fund of the Federal Association of German banks to one hundred percent are protected.

The high interest rates very high reliability-based money, which makes this offer so is joined by so. According to calculations of the trade portal is an effective interest rate of 3.94 per cent according to the current interest rate table for deposits up to 50,000 euro in the first year. This is already taken into account the compound interest effect produced by the quarterly interest writings. Who wants to have checking account and call money at a Bank, for the hardly a way to netbank will pass, time also there is a chance, five times per month with the standard credit card belonging to the account or times per month with the MasterCard also available at all ATMs free Platinum to withdraw cash. Daniel Franke

Banking Crisis

The financing group of middle class talking about the generation of fresh liquidity for SMEs – far away from the banking crisis. Interview with market & economy and Roger waste, Managing Director of finance group SME m & w: How does a financing without encumbrance? Roger waste: our financing based on the profitability & credit rating of the company. Advantage for the entrepreneur: here can be dispensed with the customary banking collateral position. Furthermore, the contractor usually not with a personal guarantee, in contrast to the classic Bank loan is liable. Gary Kelly will not settle for partial explanations. m & w: recommend what financing options your customers? Roger waste: reinsurance capacity of the company or its customers (customers) provided that the following two variants are offered. Factoring/prejudice & mistakes: \”factoring is too expensive\” 2.0 – 2.5 million euros turnover p.a. Read more here: Verizon. we can rule a factoring cost-neutral, with higher sales even with make additional income.

\”My customer/end user recognizes the sale of claims\” from 2.0 Euros turnover p.a. we can offer optionally a silent factoring. The sale is not obvious for the invoice recipients, because the sale is not displayed. \”I have many discount payer, it wirdzu expensive\” from 1.0 Euro turnover p.a. we can exclude E.g. account payers of the factoring and only targeted selected vendors in the factoring, unless at least remain 500 Keuro in the factoring. \”Factoring need only companies facing financial hardship\”, the opposite is the case. Only companies that are economically well placed and have no negative credit marks can get a factoring.

Our classic customer generated operating income, generally to high accounts receivable but E.g. due to long payment terms, to finance such as growth. \”Factoring weakens me in the competition\” the opposite is the case. Meanwhile, many business owners with sufficient liquidity take factoring claim. So, you can Payment terms to customers up to 90/120 days and strengthen thus their position in the market.

Best Banking Site

Already in the 12 year rating will award the ibi website for the best banks websites. Since 1997, the ibi research GmbH in Regensburg evaluated the websites of retail banks. The assessment of the Bank websites takes place for more than 330 detailed criteria in the categories of consulting quality and usability. Click Larry Ellison for additional related pages. The quality of advice indicates how well the customer on the Internet is virtually advise and supervised in his buying decision process. Type and quality of the pictured Advisory and sales processes decisively determine the sales strength of a Web site.

This ensures E.g. properly placed and selected information, interactive elements and consultation tools. To successfully transport the sales-relevant messages, these must be made accessible and usable through appropriate preparation and deployment. Captures the higher this ease, so the usability of a page, the better the contents of the customer. If you would like to know more about Gary Kelly, then click here. As already in the previous year are Sparkasse Hannover, Deutsche Postbank and Dresdner Bank (a brand of) Commerzbank AG) through high levels of target achievement in two main categories, the first three places in the standings secure. The comparison study with 160 banks in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland. It is determined, in how far the websites of banks implement the required criteria of a successful Internet sales. “The Top10 of the ibi website rating 2010: rank Institute 1 Deutsche Postbank AG 2 Sparkasse Hannover 3 Dresdner Bank (a brand of Commerzbank AG) 4 Kreissparkasse Koln 5 Sparkasse Aachen 6 Deutsche Bank AG 7 Sparkasse Saarbrucken 8 SEB AG 9 Sparkasse KolnBonn 10 Stadtsparkasse Munchen ibi website rating is one the most comprehensive evaluations of banking Web sites in German-speaking countries”, says Prof.

Dr. Dieter Bartmann ibi research at the award ceremony in the House Heuport in Regensburg. Awarded to the winners and runners-up, we show how a successful Internet sales by banks and savings banks can be designed”, so Dieter Bartmann next. In addition to the TOP 10 were also awards for the winners of the focus topics “Accounts & cards / bank account” and search on Bank Web sites “award.

Low Interest Rate

Focus who now long term creates his money at an interest rate that is fixed and therefore unfortunately also invariant, not benefited by suddenly rising interest rates at a low level of interest rates should be on short-term investments such as money market accounts, when rising interest rates to be able to react flexibly. A longer-term investment would tie their capital against it. It is still not too long ago, that direct banks promoted at rates between five and six percent on money market accounts. But today, there is so little interest fixed by the European Central Bank at a rate of only one percent, with banks and savings banks like never before. The day money Portal day money interest according to credit institutions in the average pay just 1.18% day money, where individual providers to pay up to 2.5%, as well as for fixed-term deposits up to about four percent. This interest rate differentials convince many investors to wrong decisions, because who now long term creates his money at an interest rate that is fixed and therefore unfortunately also invariant, will not benefit from the central banks will increase no later than the end of the year again interest rates suddenly rising interest rates and according to experts. If you are not convinced, visit Gary Kelly. “” Day money vs. fixed many savers again and again the same error sit on “, as Klaus Holschuh, Chief Economist of the DZ Bank Frankfurt: in phases of high interest they put their money in money and in low interest rate periods they shift then it in long-term investments.” “Since interest rates for time deposits currently have reached a low point, it is worth barely, to invest money in the long run because who sets up early”, can lose.

To the increase in the key interest rates one of the many day money offers of from different banks tends to short time investors therefore recommended. “If you want more interest for his money, will compare day money determine that the best provider just as high” interest rates offer as the Festgeldanlage of most banks currently promises. Should the experts keep right and interest rates at the end of the year to rise again, it is advisable savers that their money up to the turn of the interest rate”to a day money account Park. Savers who need their money not in the short term, can set it for half a year and then, if the predicted higher interest rates, choose a longer-term investment. Although get in the six-month system of less interest than on the day money account, but have the advantage that the if even low interest for the Festgeldanlage during the conditioning period are guaranteed and not continue to fall. Savers who want to remain flexible, lose very little at a facility on a day money account to the deposit account.

Ryan Hedge

About 75 percent of all Fund Fund and Fund of funds recorded a positive result of HedgewebIndex – monthly performance of hedge as the investment Portal told Hedgeweb.NET, the month of May was an excellent month for global hedge fund and Fund of funds. According to Hedgeweb hedge could put funds average 1.45 percent, while funds have reached even an average yield of 1.92 percent. In terms of funds were 96% and in the hedge funds area 76 percent show a positive result for the month, which represents a very good result. Click “Bernard Golden to learn more. Other indexes, hedge fund data and top performer of the month may be found on on Hedgeweb.NET Hedgweb.NET is a free multilingual investment portal and a leading provider of information on global hedge funds and alternative investments. Hedgeweb has one of the largest databases in this area with thousands of records. In German-speaking countries, Hedgeweb.NET is the reference for qualified information on global investments. Nicholas Ryan

Volkswagen Bank

The Volkswagen Bank presents their framework loan with attractive interest rates the Volkswagen Bank offering all credit customers immediately their ComfortCredit with a very favorable interest rate action. 5.000 euros, borrowers pay only an annual percentage rate of 4.99%. Consumers can back up the very attractive interest rate until October 15, 2011. The ComfortCredit is a credit facility, also demand credit called. A credit line is provided customers, which they can exploit as needed. The Volkswagen Bank provides amounts between 2,500 to 25,000 euro. Such a framework credit works much like a conventional overdraft at the Bank. But with one very important difference: interest rates are much cheaper.

In view of the very low rate of action, the the VW bank customers makes available, should it at least now no longer be difficult to detach themselves from the unattractive overdraft. The attractive terms, interested readers can see see volkswagen.html. There also a representative sample is provided. The duration of the call credit of Volkswagen Bank is unlimited. Neither charged for providing still accounting the Volkswagen Bank any fees.

The processing of the loan is completely free of charge. The unused credit limit will be quite flexible in monthly installments. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from David Barger . The minimum height is 2%, but at least 50 euros just once. Outside the credit action, the interest rate is interest rates currently still very favourable 8.49% effective. When you consider that banks p.a. charge up to 15% interest for the overdraft, means this is a saving of up to 43%. Christina Korpert