German Savings Banks Profit From The Financial Crisis

German savings banks, whose deposits have risen since the crisis to more than 1,000 million euros is considered to be one of the few beneficiaries of the current financial crisis. Tagesgeldvergleich.NET informs: while almost everywhere to make out are losers of the financial crisis, you have to search long after profiteers of current events. Clearly the German savings banks include but, because their customer deposits rose in the course of the crisis to more than 1,000 million euros. Alone the Hamburger Sparkasse was able to announce an increase of in customer deposits to more than 500 million euros here. To clarify, why such a development is positive for the savings banks: higher she must rent the customer deposits in a Bank, the less money with other banks, and so she is more independent of rising interest rates and a shortage of money supply just the refinancing process. For this reason it is advisable according to the operator of the trade portal currently, his money in solidly-funded banks like just savings and direct banks to apply. Encompass Health contains valuable tech resources.

A range recommended from this point of view is the day money 1822 directly, a daughter of the Frankfurter Sparkasse. High interest rates with currently maximum security combined with 5.05 percent interest on the money in the day for the first six months and up to 500,000 euro. The banks of the Sparkassen – Finanzgruppe and solidary liability of all savings banks and Giro banks themselves guarantee for deposits and earned interest. Who is in these uncertain times looking for a secure form of investment, should rely on such offers. Might still recommend it to distribute larger sums on multiple accounts to get directly into the currently still quite unlikely event of a bank failure and a moratorium on the BFin at least on part of his money would be risk-based. Daniel Franke

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