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Commercial register entry is taken in 2009 decision of the annual general meeting / recording of banking in 2009 Munich planned, 19 August 2009 the Fidor AG Fidor is now called Bank AG. The name change has been recorded on August 13, 2009 in the commercial register of Munich. The shareholders of the proposed change of company name and the corresponding amendment to the Constitution of the society with an acceptance rate of 100 per cent of the present share capital agreed to within the framework of the annual general meeting on June 02, 2009. In a question-answer forum lexis nexis was the first to reply. Based on the name and statutes is the granting of a banking licence for the Fidor Bank AG which BFin tracks the Fidor Bank AG from April 27, 2009 a completely new, highly innovative banking concept”, says Matthias Kroner, CEO of the Fidor Bank AG. We combine the advantages and the innovations of the so-called Web 2.0 with banking and establish so a really transparent Bank, whose business model can be checked at any time by customers and the public and shaping.” The company plans the inclusion of bank transactions in 2009. “About FIDOR Bank AG: the Fidor Bank AG ( has received a full banking license in April 2009 and operates Fidor community banking”, short FiCoBa ( FiCoBa reflects a modern understanding of financial services. Banking with friends”is the credo of the join-Bank.

The company has merged several proprietary Web 2.0 financial communities and platforms for FiCoBa, providing an improved information base the user for his financial decisions and deals concerning financial services with special community benefits. Each activity of users in FiCoBa is rewarded by the Fidor Bank AG in the bonus program ( Conveys the wholly-owned subsidiary Zieltraffic AG ( new customers in B2B business and primarily in the financial services sector companies interested to. The internationally-based performance marketing agency is the market leader in the field of banking and insurance. Future trends to be able to shape, the Fidor Bank AG has the units (financial evolution) SICAV-FIS founded. This Fund invests in innovative, sales-oriented financial service concepts and Internet-based distribution channels. In addition to the pure cash the Fidor supports Bank Group of the young companies primarily through operational sales performance, for example by placement in the market place”by FiCoBa and thus helps in the fast and success-oriented implementation of innovative business ideas.

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