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A difficult name for a method, the teaching and learning makes it easier Drolshagen, June 28, 2011–Suggestopedia is a holistic teaching and learning method in which all the senses involved in the learning process. It is working with elements of games, music, movement and relaxation. While different types of learning be taken into account, so that own optimal way can learn. You can also say: teaching is the art of teaching. Methodology is the art of good packaging learning content. And the learning packed this content on their way to learning is sustainable, accelerated, effective, creative and entertaining. Not learn English as a science and is an end in itself in the foreground.

I’m trying to satisfy the desire of most English learners in my courses: spontaneously speak English without in the linguistics to drift. “, explains Silke Rische, language trainer and Suggestopadin of Drolshagen. Since the coinage of the term learning over 40 years ago by Georgi Lozanov in Bulgaria are many new experiences with this Method has been made and it has been developed steadily. The needs of the topic, the teacher and that the participant be taken into account in the planning of suggestopadischen teaching. Arise again and again new choreographies”the teaching or training design. “Active factors of this methodology are: use of music and movement changing social forms that promote the Group climate use of playful members of multi-sensory learning with all senses appealing stress-free seminar atmosphere proved spaces and corresponding learning relaxation techniques benevolent attitude of the trainers themselves and the learners towards rhythm of teaching all this contributes that students faster, more comfortable and more sustainable can absorb the course material.”, Silke Rische knows from experience.

The German society for Suggestopadisches teaching and learning com. e.V. (short: DGSL) is the Trade Association of the Suggestopadinnen and Suggestopedian in Germany. Their goal is to show how easy and yet Teaching and learning can be sustainable and how much joy can have all of the contributors. The DGSL was founded in 1987 in Siegen, and has its headquarters in Pastetten in Munich today. Nationwide, the DGSL has approximately 400 members who operate holistically and work in the areas of school, University, industry and economy. In addition, contacts and partner associations are in various European countries and the United States at the disposal. An Education Committee ensures that suggestopedic courses are uniformly designed and developed quality standards for the individual work areas. Suggestopadieausbildungen be offered nationwide. The regional forums are an important pillar of the DGSL. You are the point of contact for all persons who provide knowledge and are interested in creative and active teaching and learning: coaches, trainers, multipliers, speakers, lecturers, teachers and people involved in education and training. At present, there are two regional forums, in Bergisch Gladbach and in Munich. Rische’s seminar & business center in Drolshagen regional forum for North Rhine-Westphalia (region of South Westphalia) is in October 2011. Who wants to experience the method particularly intense, can do once a year on the DGSL Congress. This Congress takes place alternately nationally and internationally and is used for the Exchange and training of members and non-suggestopadie interested parties. In workshops, seminars, lectures and discussions, Congress participants will receive numerous proposals to the lively design of their teaching. In the next year the DGSL celebrates its 25th anniversary with a Jubilee Congress and a fireworks display on methods: date: 20-22 April 2012 in the Cardinal Dopfner – education centre in Freising (near Munich).

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