Super Talent

History in pictures: pages/max Bryan/161102710574227? = sk photos the texts for the photos are very instructive and what many until now do not know the Super Talent auditions are divided into several stages. Already in May and find the so-called preliminary auditions in June”, in which the editors of the producers (Grundy light entertainment) do nothing, than select. There is also a legend that Dieter Bohlen look at 30,000 candidates. Planks are at most 500 look at, just the best, which already has chosen previously Grundy for him. All this is happening long before Dieter Bohlen emerges at all. He is up-to-date even vacation on Mallorca and as is known, the auditions are already – in the case of so without Dieter! also the homeless Max Bryan had successfully passed pm/7847/2034470/who is the Super Talent-2011-start the open auditions am-1-may in-hamburg two of these said preliminary rounds last year and in July, then he got the call that he should occur spectators at the Wiesbaden State Theatre in August against Dieter Bohlen and before 1400, and Max was huge. What he didn’t know that the creators seemingly only therefore invited him, camera-effective back to unload him, also Bryan describes this as follows. Quote from his diary: 95% of the “Candidates, by RTL and Grundy in the broadcast got talent” are invited, have to be a real chance on this stage.

Their fate is clear before entering this stage”. “” And further: humiliations and insults are part of the business “and the business is entertainment”. People will be demonstrated for the amusement of a million audience who want to see that. Not all, but many! “, stated the former Super Talent aspirant finally and is even more advice to people who believe anyway and still attend these auditions.” Was essential to ensure, to hold their own life history, not to explain them in detail”, advises the future candidates of this show of last year’s participants.

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