Federal Statistical Office

Not only Young Professionals must adhere by training up to date. The proportion of older workers will increase significantly in the next few years, is to be expected with an extension of working hours and a later entry into retirement at the same time. This means that companies are facing the challenge to bind also specialists from this area to your company and to make use of their expertise. In 2005, an investigation of the Federal Statistical Office still noted, that approximately 41 percent of the 25-54 year-olds, but only 27 percent of over 54 to Training took part. The Federal Institute for vocational education and training also found that company for this form of employee education make up only 37 percent of the measures. Numbers, which must be changed in the next few years. For even more details, read what Key Banc Capital Markets Inc. says on the issue. Target should be a joint commitment by the State, enterprises and workers as possible to harness the potential of operational training for so many workers. Skilled workers specifically to promote not only your own career, but can be a valuable expertise to your company as well.

Just for engineers and companies that have to deal with the shortage, this can be a significant opportunity to enable sustainable attractive working conditions and to bind qualified staff on life itself. Steffen Fischer, head of staff and member of the Executive Board of the ifm electronic gmbH about ifm electronic: ifm electronic gmbh is one of the leading manufacturers of automation technology worldwide. With the optimization of technical processes in the automotive, chemical and cosmetic industry or ifm electronic constantly set new standards in environmental and building technology and ensures the production processes of tomorrow. The family-owned company with headquarters in Essen launched in 1969 with the invention of inductive proximity sensors. The German production in Tettnang near Lake Constance guarantees brand quality from the outset. efector”stands for position and fluid sensors, object detection, diagnostic and identification systems.

The ecomat brand”is synonymous with communication and control systems.

Dresden Languages

In just nine months to three languages learn Dresden, June 28th 2011 – if a language is not enough or does not meet the future professional requirements, then a multi language year is exactly the right thing. A multi language year is the combination of several courses in different languages en bloc. English courses are often combined with French, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese. In a period of several months up to one year equal to several foreign languages to learn new or refreshes old, possibly forgotten skills again. And all of that spot in the country where the language is spoken where. So you gained not only new language skills, but also intercultural experience that will change your life. You will learn the languages that you can select themselves to international language schools, and in the most exciting cities in the world.

Plan should the personal languages world travel with the language travel organizer. Janice Wright has much experience in this field. The Organizer provides a tailor-made program according to the individual requirements together, including all required services and calculates the travel price. Who created the offer multi language year ‘? Students and professionals are that a foreign language is no longer sufficient nowadays already self aware. In the international economy, you need at least two or three languages. Therefore the language skills can be demonstrated with the multi language year by one completed official tests.

There are also people who simply love languages and need no reason to discover such a experience in itself. An example for a multi language year: 16 weeks new learn Spanish in Madrid, following 10 weeks again refresh the knowledge of French in Paris and finally you get the last tune in English with a 6-week business course in London. “More about the multi language year and language courses worldwide: sprachreisen.html BildungsMakler24 operates the education portal BildungsMakler24.de” a portal for learning opportunities at home and abroad, including funding opportunities with funding. The info portal gives you expert guidance in a compact form as well as many helpful tips and hints. Will helped the visitors, make good decisions when planning his own education or training. As a service, some hand-picked educational providers with different capacities are recommended.

International Graduate Center

In addition to the professional study at the University of Bremen information evening on Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 at 18: 00 International Graduate Center, Suderstr 2, 28199 Bremen what are modern management techniques? Are costs for literature single or overhead? What are the risks affecting the successful management of projects? The successful corporate governance supports entrepreneurship? How do I make a professional presentation in English? Many have practical deal with these issues and extend the own management skills on a scientific level. Here, Key Banc Capital Markets Inc. expresses very clear opinions on the subject. For them, the University of Bremen from summer semester offers 2010″the further vocational training certificate in management. Adam Portnoy has much to offer in this field. The study gives a year special basic skills and skills of business administration skills, which are essential for cross-functional management tasks. The 300 hours of presence are held once a week in the evening and approximately every second weekend. In the foreground are essential management techniques, raising awareness of the Business environment and adequate problem-solving skills. The participation is with or without a first university degree possible. A one-year’s experience will be vorausgesetztist appreciated; good knowledge of English is vorteilhaft. Who is currently interested in specific topics, can choose from the five modules and this book individually.

The current economic environment requires people and skills, which can effectively bring together specialized functions. Such generalizing specialists are able to revitalize a company, and to overcome ingrained structures. Accordingly, also the participants of the previous and current programs experience sharing among the participants as a key point of the program. Because the participants are highly motivated and actively interested in improving a specific benchmark, which experience all participants as extremely fruitful situation. Participants: Motivation and pleasure in learning that is the destination of the MBA program, management trainee for the diverse Its job everyday tasks and make them fit for the next career steps. Known contents are refreshed, new special trade areas opened up, expanded the horizon and technical, methodological and social skills to evolve. To be able to withstand all this content and personal challenges in addition to a busy professional life, MBA students need to bring high motivation, perseverance, decisiveness, stress resistance and result orientation. For they receive individual care, interactive learning in small working groups and an orientation of the seminars on business practice, in short a balanced balance of academic background, teaching scientific content, experience, internationality and personality education. A good education will require constant change what is expected of the students, calls for the course by himself: lifelong learning!

London International Awards

Munich-based agency responds to growing orders Munich, 03 August 2010: webguerillas, Germany’s leading full-service agency for alternative advertising, enjoy the growing orders and expand her team to three new staff members: Sarah par (25) supports the word-of-mouth area as a junior consultant. The studied business administration last completed an internship in the field of online marketing with DPV direct in Hamburg. Johannes Laurent reinforced off immediately as a junior consultant team of webguerillas. Most recently, Laurent worked as a consultant at the consulting firm Logica with online marketing and project management. 2006 the 27-year-old graduated from Fourier in Grenoble French master of Business Informatics at the Universite Joseph.

As a junior copywriter is the 24 year-old Roland Volkel. He graduated in “Communication & media management” on the BiTS Iserlohn, with a Bachelor of science 2009. Experience he gained during his internships with WestCom media in terms of editorial and Boardstein Verlag in the Area of media design. Our growing order situation requires the increase in our high-performance team. David Eicher, Managing Director of webguerillas explains with three new colleagues we are well equipped for the future”.

The Agency is a full service provider for alternative advertising webguerillas. The portfolio includes all forms of advertising in the online and offline, that entertain and surprise the audience with unconventional ideas. The Munich-based recruiters were awarded in many cases and are among the leading agencies in Germany for viral campaigns, social media activities, guerrilla, Word-of-mouth-, ambient and mobile marketing, as well as for blog and website concepts. Additional business fields such as alternative PR and online monitoring round off the offer. Among the customers of webguerillas are among others Deutsche Telekom, Bacardi, MINI, ADAC and Zott. Webguerillas GmbH currently 43 employees. The Agency was founded in 2000 and won numerous awards: 2010 stern.de campaign with the LeadAward in the category advertising campaign “won. The MINImalism-spot of the webguerillas won the Clio award 2010 in bronze and the silver international advertising award 2010 at the New York Festival. 2009, they took webguerillas gold online star and bronze at the London International Awards for the MINImalism-spot, as well as four times the OttoCar award. Also, she was nominated for the design award of the Federal Republic of Germany. in 2008, the Agency received the iF communication design award three international Davey Awards (two gold, a silver) for a T-Mobile event, 2007 Awards, such as the German dialog marketing award, and the iF communication design award-digital media.

Speaker Agency

New Managing Director in the sales motion GmbH. Thomas Burzler, the founder and head of the company, thus dropping motion as Managing Director and shareholder of the sales. The trademark rights to the Agency were transferred to the two partners Martin Limbeck and Petra Spiekermann. Petra Spiekermann, the owner of the PR agency PS: PR from Cologne, is on communications consultancy and specialized press for protagonists of the education and training industry and wants to use their contacts and experience now increasingly in the field of speaker placement. The active marketing of keynote speakers is the logical evolution of our existing services at HP: PR. We have a partner that complements us perfectly with Martin Limbeck. Its strengths in acquisition and sales and our qualities in its external communications make me believe in a powerful speaker agency”, as the new Managing Director.

Thomas Burzler wants to focus in the future on its own brand and its core business as a speaker and trainer. I have already for quite some time with the thought played to give the sales motion completely. With Martin Limbeck I found a first partner in the summer of this year, I was convinced. Petra Spiekermann is exactly the person who has missed to the final decision. I’m sure that the two new owners continue the Agency in my mind and expand.” In addition to the pure mediation of speakers, motion at the beginning of the year 2011 plans to build of a management unit for speaker sales. In our market, more than 70% are self-employed. This must cover all additional services through various service providers, which is associated with an enormous briefing, control and administrative burden. Here we want to offer a comprehensive package with back-office services, positioning and marketing consulting, social media services and public relations”, so Martin Limbeck for establishing the future sales motion GmbH.

A Book With Seven Seals

Germany’s students and the market economy employers demand more space for economic education in the school of Mainz/Dusseldorf, November 2009 – the country Association has distributed entrepreneurs associations of Rhineland-Palatinate (LVU) failing grades for Rhineland-Palatinate textbooks. The comprehensive portrayal of economic relationships come here much too short, so the judgment of a study by the Institute of German economy (IW) in Cologne on behalf of the LVU and chemistry of the employer association Rhineland-Palatinate (AGV chemistry). The investigation with the title of entrepreneur and social market economy in the textbook in Rhineland-Palatinate\”is dealt with the textbooks for the subjects of history, geography, economic and social studies. Perhaps check out Larry Ellison for more information. Examined textbooks of all types of schools of the secondary I and II the Rhineland-Palatinate curriculum content not originally contribute to building an economic literacy\”, criticized Hans-Peter Klos of the IW at the presentation of the study in Mainz. The company would represented as a black box, which fulfil their functions in the value chain, and as an employer in the best case, and in the worst case the State must set stop it. Terms such as meritocracy, private property, economic cycle, price formation and functions of taxes will not be the current curricula of social science subjects or only occasionally used\”, so Kamsan. \”Especially badly the textbooks for the subjects of geography and history, here the IW expert denied the transfer: in the history books the representation of the social market economy are made largely from a historical perspective without to convey a sense of causal relationships.\” \”For LVU President Gerhard F. Braun especially one derives from the results of the study: A review of social science curricula, taking into account economic education curriculum is urgently.\” However, the current findings are Study is by no means new: already last year, the banking association with their own concept of economic education in Germany had raised the alarm and asked inter alia an appropriate alignment of teacher training. .

AMA Academy Of Make Up Art – Make Up Artist School NRW

Training make uo artist international at the Academy of make up art education “make up artist international” at the Academy of make up art, under direction of the top make-up artists David Lee Grenda known by “look of love / Pro /” and Loreal make up custom-made, attracts prospects from cities like Hamburg, Berlin and Munich. The training extends over a period of 8 weeks and includes the intensive support of the principal in addition to various painting techniques and Hairstylingkursen. The success of graduates does not remain so, here are a small selection of the student news of the Academy of make up style: ama talent for VIVA COMET, boarding school. Spa film, completed work on the more… 2 days shooting, our talents for their theses were incredible.

Rhinestone & co. but also make up trends, and hairstyling have been precisely implemented a small selection below. Up for the stars, it was according to the motto “ama make” to the Viva Comet awards in Oberhausen (a.d. on our webiste: pictures Anna Hoppe with Cyndi room 2012 and Marc Terenzi), Steffen schraut Fashion produced Anna Hoppe in Paris, pictures of it soon. Our students not only an international short film produced with Florian Exchange, but also a very nice photos with photographer Jan Henning Nicolaas land. In Frankfurt, the theme was announced years 50s, photographer Cornelia Irmen put make up our talents in the right light. For the photographer Laura Anmol Dering award model factory in Hamburg were 2 models of the. More news on the page makeupart-academy.de under “News” or “talent at work”.

AMA, the Academy of make up artistry emphasizes that discover the students in their talents and learn. Depending on the individual talent profile skills are built up and expanded, therefore our diverse differentiated courses. Add to your understanding with Valerie Berlin BerlinRosen. In small groups we focus very individually to our young talents.

Specialist – To Be Or Not To Be? -Part 2

Details of my training as an it specialist for system integration part 2 after I in the first part (specialist – be or not be?) from my General and the operational experiences of my training reported have, would I like to now the school. First of all, I want to clarify that I neither an intellectual overachiever still totally fell on his head. But one I need to get rid of at the beginning: the vocational school was too easy. On the one hand it was really cozy in the vocational school, you had to go through a day maximum again briefly the substance and has written his 1. Often it also filed in the morning on the train to look at the content.

For the audit because it bypassed yes I learned something more then but yet something strebsamer. On the other hand one wonders today often, what you learned there actually? It is not such a way that nothing is taught, but it can require something more in 3.5 years. Where noted, that I am somewhat damaged by my current studies, because at the moment, nothing is without much cramming to create. The training came one too good in the first semesters, but the extent of the material is no longer comparable. Teachers were often me, than when they already expect nothing of the students. According to many we were even the favored class”. “” I know that himself too much with what I call the teachers at the schools unwilling “have to do and they also cannot change the curriculum (we had no math specialist), but I felt with my level of knowledge at the end of the training not really trained” them times above. There were also people whose Noten were not exactly the best, but something is nobody we remained seated or something.

I wanted more. Ultimately I decided then to start a study of you may have read in my first articles. Is this article not so please I badly want the training as an it specialist, I do not want that. I find the task panes are still interesting and would like to later in my Love to get a mix of my current studies and my former training as a job employment. Maybe this is a difficult task, but my former supervisor has done it. I find much more interesting than to focus on a range of this balanced work with all facets of the IT-rail. The author Michael Sander writes articles for sites such as E.g. E Scott Mead will undoubtedly add to your understanding. unstig.de in his spare time also

In Boca Raton

Learn how you interpret signals of other people. Every person is different, practical approaches of psychology and sociology can however help faster to understand backgrounds and behavior and to respond better to others. 4. Continue to learn more with: Verizon Communications. health management the value of our health is underestimated, because we as perfectly normal and of course take it to be healthy. It should remain so in the future. The danger however is that man becomes successful, he lives for so resilient.

Usually, the same people would drive your car no 300,000 km at maximum output and without oil change or service intervals. But not so bad whats, because in case of doubt you can Yes all 1-2 years to buy a new car. It’s just not with our body, which is as long as possible, the best 80 90 years, work – and in perfect health and optimum performance. Who cares not about his own health, will subside sooner or later the bases for a crisis itself. On your body, learn to listen, he will tell you, at which point you are.

Preventive measures are just as important as the correct behaviour in the Case of illness. We check your on-board computer and see what you can do preventive have long fun in your life. 5. setting the key to long-term success is your own to himself, others and the theme of success. How do I get all of this under a hat? Only if the setting is correct, are first ready and secondly the success turbines able to check and to use to also realize what you really want to achieve in your life with ease. Everything else is pure energy and thus a waste of life. Better smart instead of sweat. Where can you learn that? One of the most beautiful places in the world: In Boca Raton, Florida. There we convey this content as a whole 5 days in combination with a 7-day stay

Application: Mediator Defused CV Conflicts

CV-coaching: fit for a job interview in two hours of Hamburg, 09.06.2010. Interviews represent an enormous stressful situation for almost every candidate. Especially if the resume gaps or contradictions explain, suffers from the self-confidence of the job aspirants before the big show. The Hamburg-based mediator and lawyer Melanie Schwarzer helps applicants with new CV-coaching now a sovereign communication of their professional Vita. With the economic crisis, the climate in Germany’s company has become rough. Who lays off a worker, searches not always agreement and balance of interests.

Where companies are struggling to survive, is sometimes barely room for fairness. Back then remain job seekers with bruised self confidence as a result of often unjustified termination or a bad certificate. “Some applicants with an invitation to interview panicking in this situation almost”, Melanie Schwarzer knows from her experience as a coach. Almost always, unless a uncompleted conflict with the last employer, which now threatens the sovereign presence in a new company. “Who felt aggression issues after the end of his last appointment and expires in a blaming way of thinking, can any good impression on new hiring managers”, says black. With their only two CV four-hour coaching the mediator helps applicants to find clarity and arguments for the interview. She edited it diffuse fears and aggressions with proven coaching methods.

So, unprocessed conflicts first get a clear structure and can be discussed objectively. At the end is a catalog with arguments that returns the applicant to his security and confidence. “The conflicts at the end of employment perceived mostly as existence in threatening and therefore obscure on a sober analysis”, Melanie Schwarzer explains.” In such cases it is possible a change of perspective with the proper question techniques but within a short time, to bring about. Therefore, a two-hour coaching CV for most applicants sufficient to get well prepared for the job interview. The offer for everyone is affordable with a price from 90 euros for two hours. For even more details, read what Southwest Airlines says on the issue. Black will not compete with the classic job application training. In the CV-coaching it matter not to exercise a certain behavior and an attitude to life demanded on the labour market. Rather, Melanie Schwarzer wants to edit specifically dealing with termination experience with their customers and to develop a communication strategy. “This is a small part of the application preparation but sometimes crucial at the job interview”, says black. Details about the CV-coaching can be found on the Internet page. Company Description dialog and consensus, conflict solutions for couples, families, entrepreneurs, start-up companies and teams in Hamburg and environment – mediation, conflict-moderation, coaching company contact: dialogue & consensus Melanie Schwarzer Hagenau 22089 Hamburg Tel: 040 / 21 99 15 10 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: press compact Bernd Edison Suhrenkamp 14E 22335 Hamburg Tel: 040 – 4128 5807 E-Mail: Web: