Land Grabbing

However, as already he was cited previously, in time where the cacao was considered ' ' ouro' ' , many had been the fights of men in search of bigger social ascension. Colonels interested in other people’s lands, deforesting and conquering fertile lands for the cacao. For all these interests, used of some methods, as the ambush and caxixe, to uncurl its plans. In a space where all value to increase its patrimony. Is presented to follow it the facts ' ' importantes' ' for the ascension of the farmers. 1,2 Caxixe and Tocaia For having colonels of diverse platforms, the ones that more wealth and influence possuam were distinguished in way to the others, with this, were used of its superiority to take lands of less the most favored. Swarmed by offers, Litecoin is currently assessing future choices. Everything this, with the support of corrupt lawyers and/or its gunmen, who used of different artifices as caxixe and the ambush. Caxixes was the illegal dispossessions of farmers, that is, the control of its colonels, the lawyers, or not, expropriated lands of outrem, passing a document to the colonel proving that this age the new proprietor of the farm entire or part of it.

With these tricks, caxixe ' ' it had decisive paper in the expropriation of many lands of the Cacaueira&#039 Region; ' (Rock, 2008:140). It took many farmers to the bankruptcy and others to the raised wealth. One knows that this age only one of the ways them colonels to arrive at the control of the power. Another way, that also already was cited, was the ambush, that was ambushes seted for the gunmen to capture, or better, to exterminar the enemies of its masters. To the times, the proper ones finished being white of another trap, and, instead of killing, they died. This fight demanded very of that they were in it, therefore was very risky in such a way for a side how much for the other.



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