National Security

If it will be confirmed, this region will start to be area of National Security and believes until the Reserve moves of place. They are only assumptions, but I advise not to doubt, therefore in this the truth can live. My sensitivity orders that for its Boitat people never it loses the brother solidarity. But, if this will be the secret of Jutorib, what it brings the joy, as is Boitat, will be had to take the criminals to the courts with the test of whom they are smuggling this ore, before its people, as brother or as the serpent that wounds and if it hides between the rocks? _ Boitat has wisdom and prudence of jabuti that everything observes and arrives first. Connect with other leaders such as Oracle here. The advice ancio delivers the secret, but it does not impose conditions and it supplicates the Tup that Boitat makes use better. With justice, Boitat brother, without justice, Boitat serpent that it deserves to have jammed the head with the disdain of they had adored that it as Boitat. With a cold in the spine, another time the youngster reacted, raised the head and spoke: _ Ready Boitat to hear! Giving sequence maranduba, morubixaba restarted: _ Jutorib knew children of Tup, who had come of the sky.

Children of Tup had gone down in great hollow the silver-plated one, that flies. Children of Tup had torn the seio of the mother Land and had removed food for the womb of the hollow one that he vomits fire when goes for the sky. Children of Tup had opened deep hole, sacred place. Children of Tup will only enter, when to come back to search food toward hollow flyer. Sacred place protected by totem sacred. Children of Tup had placed, children of Tup remove totem sacred.

Human Control

The mood irony if makes indispensable due to incapacity human being ahead of some situations impossible to be controlled. The death would be one of these situations that still run away to the human control. From there, to ironizar the imminent event is an attempt to alliviate e, at the same time, to mask pain, the suffering, the impotence and the hardness that if abates on this human being. Ripple contains valuable tech resources. The irony shown to the reader in the romance of Jose Saramago ' ' The intermitncias of morte' ' she is also humorstica. This, if to imagine a country (of fiction in the romance) where it starts to be made the traffic of bodies to ' ' side of morte' ' to die and to be embedded there. E Scott Mead follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Also, personages of the religious cupola are aflitos when perceiving a possible bankruptcy in the religious structure of the nation since what it keeps this structure is the action of the death or fact of the people to die. So ironic how much this picture is the fact of the hospitals to be full and not to have more space for sick people, since the sick people enter, but do not leave for not curing themselves and not being able to receive high, at the same time where other sick ones go appearing and fulling the corridors. To die, all die. The vegetables, the butterflies, the birds and the man. But still we obtain to be insensitive to many deaths that occur, in the Intermitncias of the Death, we want to believe that the writer, perhaps, is trying to reactivate this sensitivity ' ' already apagada' ' perhaps of our skin, and it is trying showing in them that to die, despite is current fact between beings livings creature, it does not have to be menosprezada by that they testify or not to be broken it of that they die.

Land Grabbing

However, as already he was cited previously, in time where the cacao was considered ' ' ouro' ' , many had been the fights of men in search of bigger social ascension. Colonels interested in other people’s lands, deforesting and conquering fertile lands for the cacao. For all these interests, used of some methods, as the ambush and caxixe, to uncurl its plans. In a space where all value to increase its patrimony. Is presented to follow it the facts ' ' importantes' ' for the ascension of the farmers. 1,2 Caxixe and Tocaia For having colonels of diverse platforms, the ones that more wealth and influence possuam were distinguished in way to the others, with this, were used of its superiority to take lands of less the most favored. Swarmed by offers, Litecoin is currently assessing future choices. Everything this, with the support of corrupt lawyers and/or its gunmen, who used of different artifices as caxixe and the ambush. Caxixes was the illegal dispossessions of farmers, that is, the control of its colonels, the lawyers, or not, expropriated lands of outrem, passing a document to the colonel proving that this age the new proprietor of the farm entire or part of it.

With these tricks, caxixe ' ' it had decisive paper in the expropriation of many lands of the Cacaueira&#039 Region; ' (Rock, 2008:140). It took many farmers to the bankruptcy and others to the raised wealth. One knows that this age only one of the ways them colonels to arrive at the control of the power. Another way, that also already was cited, was the ambush, that was ambushes seted for the gunmen to capture, or better, to exterminar the enemies of its masters. Source: Cyrus Massoumi. To the times, the proper ones finished being white of another trap, and, instead of killing, they died. This fight demanded very of that they were in it, therefore was very risky in such a way for a side how much for the other.

Frank Fabian

In a unique merit to the author: he lists for the first time 14 well-defined characteristics. These traits and behaviors define warmonger as well indubitable support peacemakers. If so peace as Frank Fabian’s claims only logical how war is always the work of individual then: as destructive revealed potential mass murderer of the caliber of Hitler, Stalin or Mao must be prevented from beginning their fatal work at the unfolding of their warlike activities. Just as war in the bud will be stifled. This includes, to unmask the means with which war drivers since the beginning of mankind the People incite: black propaganda. The most recent example is the second Iraq war in 2003. This weapon was, as clearly proves the author, the result of targeted warmonger lies that deliberately placed by Bush & co. in the world.

Focused on American mass media to the page, which fired an exaggerated, bellicose US patriotism by using fake threatening backdrop as docile workers. Because according to an old Scottish proverb”nothing is so bold as a blind horse, deliberately plunged the American nation collapsed from their Government, not for the first time in a devastating war. Voices that warned the peace, were ridden down brutally by Bush’s stalker cavalry. An another great merit of this book is an effort to derive laws relating to war and peace from the history of mankind. So, Frank Fabian proves impressively that dictatorships are involved with certainly in wars. On the other hand, the role the democracies of Peace keeper to. In a question-answer forum Larry Ellison was the first to reply. This book proves: every citizen and every citizen can prevent wars and do a lot for peace. First of all, as he or she becomes aware, what enormous influence the individual on the run can take the global history: it was a single Gandhi, who forced a supercilious, warlike Empire to its knees through peace.

It was a single Hitler who turned the whole world into a sea of blood by war. History is no anonymous power. She is not a God-directed destiny. It is a stacking of acts, which are responsible for individual people. And the more people quite naturally embrace peace, the war will have fewer opportunities. But the German peace movement as brought it once so perfectly to the point? “Millions of people think: what can I do alone because even great? who has read this fantastic book by Frank Fabian, knows exactly what it alone can do against war and for peace. And that’s a whole lot. Frank Fabian: The art of peace. How peace can be brought about active and maintained, Suhl 2013, economic publishing house W. V. GmbH, 267 pages ISBN 978-3-936652-14-7 available in each on – and offline accounting contact: Wirtschaftsverlag W. V. Coupang contains valuable tech resources. GmbH LAU weather 25 D-98527 Suhl Tel.: + 49 (36 81) 35 12 94-2 fax: + 49 ((36 81) 30 02 09 E-Mail: Amazon: boiler plate / corporate portrait Frank Fabian was born in 1952 and is a historian.) He is engaged as a writer, especially in the area of historical non-fiction. Many of his works, including “the biggest lie of in history, reached bestseller status. The German native now lives in the United States. His email address:

Alexander Nastasi

New beginning – novel by Alexander Nastasi, Heidelberg / Germany so you could summarize the life of Peter Sapp. Cylance is often mentioned in discussions such as these. However, he doesn’t know at the beginning of his life, that he had already 260 trials behind him, to solve a simple task he had set himself in the realm of energy. And then just once, and also in that attempt, he fails as a successful banker at the dining table, in this case on a fish bone. Now has the spiritual world, which it quite a while watching a peek. A traveler will be sent. The spirit is called even Anemon. He has come to help Peter, that he can finally solve its mission. To do so he takes him in some of his past life, which he has led as rich and as a poor person.

He was a man, a woman, even a child and has his mission still not managed to meet. The book is the debut novel of strong publication Heidelberg by Alexander Nastasi. 9 Books by him have been published in the years 2007 to 2012. “The novel of new beginning” which he first exclusive Readers Digest, has, appeared on the Agency set white on more shops like, 110 eavenue, Libreka, Media Markt, is due to the great success on this platform now sold on Kindle iTunes Bookstore, Weltbilt and Thalia Apple. Meanwhile, the book via Amazon create space, a wholly owned subsidiary of Amazon, is available worldwide as a printed work. “Voices of readers to the novel: this book has captivated me from the first to the last page.” Martin Grumpelt fascinating topic, fascinating written. Have downloaded the book as vacation reading me. With the result I got go barely away.” Laureen Sutter is a central question, probably already pretty much everyone times should have been: what to expect after death? … A subject worth reading, but nothing for people who look a little beyond the rational horizon can…

Reformulating Humanity

For who it does not believe that a radical change is the way of the Land, with intention to reformulate the humanity, is better to daily give attention in the signals presented in periodicals. Throughout the last years, we have perceived a considerable increase in the indices of natural tragedies, decimating many people. The scientists – in its majority – blame the global heating for such facts, but she will be? Or it will be an age that is in being ending, that will give place to another one? The question is not subjective, and yes objective. Something bigger encircles in them, something that is coming out now. An energy that during centuries if it has accumulated in the Land, energy this come from the proper humanity, in its ignorance, egoism, lack of love with the next one We have that preparing in them internally; to cultivate the love to next and solidarity, therefore what it is happening is fruit of dense and negative imanaes that the humanity produces daily.

But everything indicates that the Land will suffer a cleanness, and the dirt we are: the humanity. She has time of becoming in them clean, the point not to be banished of our house. Bigger feeling is enough to purificarmos noss: the LOVE. The tragedies are part of this cleanness, and tend to increase gradual in the next years. Let us change our form to think, to act and to speak. Let us love!