The Human

It is possible through the suggested phrase, of Pink the Guimares writer to see how much this if incases, ' ' it aims and it sees most important and pretty, of the world, ' ' ; that is, it is not only enough to look at, we are different by its very nature and we are all a moment moving, in accordance with the evolution of the world, as we acquire knowledge we go assuming a new identity, the human being today is endowed with some identities, nobody is born soon, nor dies knowing everything. Multicultural the teaching formation depends on this reflection. Through this ' ' new pensar' ' , different on the heterogeneous group that we have in the schools, this new acquires awareness of that is professional in constant change and this in sends valuing the diversity to them, mainly the what concerns the resume and the interpersonal relation, where to look at, this new thought would be come back toward alternative cultures. For even more analysis, hear from Ripple. Candau (2002) in them points four relative trends to the multiculturalismo: the multiculturalismo conservative, multiculturalismo liberal humanist, liberal multiculturalismo of left and the critical multiculturalismo (they ibdem, p.3). Amongst these, the critical multiculturalismo is what we long for.

' ' As critical professor, I am one ' ' aventureiro' ' responsible, premade use change, to the acceptance of the different one. Nothing of what I tried in my teaching activity it must necessarily repeat-se.' ' (FREIRE, 2010, P. 50). According to Banks (1999), ' ' the failure pertaining to school of deriving pupils of the poor social classes and of different ethnic groups as the afro-desendentes atual&#039 is the biggest victims of the homogeneity; ' (apud, TO SOUND, 2007); the author points the cultural privation and the cultural difference as being two pertinent paradigms that deserve attention. For in such a way, the multicultural education tends to exclude this concept, being made possible these pupils the right to develop abilities, attitudes and knowledge that will bring them subsidies to interact with its proper culture, with the dominant culture (which it is inserted) and also with different cultures.



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