Real Marriages

The marriage of Kate Middleton and Prncipe William of the United kingdom was commented of the decade and probably of the century. But, they had not been only who if had detached in the royalty. Below some of the marriages in the decades of 70 and 80 of the royalty around of the world. Silvia Queen was wanted of the Brazilians, for it to be a Brazilian, being Brazilian son and to have mulberry some years of infancy in Brazil. It was married just crowned at the time the king Carl Gustaf (in 1976). In the occasion, Silvia queen used crown of camafeu that, years later she was used for its son Victory in its marriage; one mantilha. The dress was super simple, of long sleeves, well straight and with a well long tail.

Although the marriage was disapproved by the parents of the fianc, for the age of the fianc, Philippe Junot that if married Caroline de Mnaco. It was married in 1979, with the banker and if she divorced two years later, in 1960.O marriage dress she was drawn by Christian Dior and it was a model common good in the decade of 1970, sleeves in style have beaten with transparency and embroiderings throughout the dress. In hair, the princess opted to flowers. Caroline still would be married more two times and currently it is married prince Ernst August V of Hanver and the main one in the line of succession of the throne of Mnaco, since its older brother does not have children. But the royalty is not alone of marriages of young is made. Lilian Davies and Bertil Prince of Sweden if had married in 1976, 30 years of after long one namoro. The history of the two is impressive: they had known themselves at the time during World War II and, were not allowed a nobleman to be married a plebeian, unless it renounced its heading.

Therefore, it remained in the anonymity the romance. Thirty years later, with the crown of Carl Gustaf a nobleman allowed itself married one the plebeian (what Carl made when being married Silvia, the half Brazilian queen). Bertil prince was married Lilian Davies. For the occasion, the fianc chose dress more condizente for its age, but not less elegant. She chose the blue color that of certain serenity to look and a discrete hat. The interesting one of to observe the marriages they are the fashions of each time and the customs of each culture. Beyond if knowing a little more than history.



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